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On a road not too far from Nakura High, a girl can be seen walking away from the school. She has long red hair kept in a high ponytail, bright hazel eyes, and very light skin. The girl also appears to be in good shape with her slim figure and well-endowed chest. The student is wearing the typical Nakura High uniform- a white short sleeved buttoned up shirt, a knee-length dark green skirt, and black dress shoes. The only difference between this girl's uniform and the uniforms of the other girls was the fact that she was wearing a pair of black shorts underneath the skirt though they could barely be seen because of the skirt's length.

Haley sighed as she began to walk back to her apartment. It was just another long boring day of school for the foreign exchange student. She thought it would be exciting to spend the last two years of high school in another country like Japan, but it turned out no matter what country you're in, school is always boring.

"Well at least I already finished my homework." The redhead thought. Most of the time Haley would remain quiet during her walks considering there wasn't much to the scenery of the isolated road she always took. "Man I wish something interesting would happen." She hadn't even realized she said her thought out loud until she heard chuckling behind her.

When she turned around, the girl grimaced after she realized who it was. "What do you guys want?" Haley asked though she really didn't care. This was the last thing the redhead wanted to deal with at the moment.

The group of guys behind her all wore mock-hurt expressions at her cold words. "That hurts, Red. And we came out of our way to see you. It's been too long don't ya think?" The guy-obviously the leader- in the center of the group remarked. He was a tall man around 6ft with a pretty muscular build. The leader had short brown hair that looked like it hadn't been washed in days along with dark blue eyes that at the moment looked very amused at the girl's annoyance. The group shared a large grin at their leader's question.

Haley studied the guys in front of her. If she hadn't already met them, she would've been able to figure out the boys were gangsters by the looks of their clothes. They wore the typical style of baggy clothes, chains, and piercings along with their gang tattoos. Each had the tattoo of a white wolf head surrounded by blue flames on their bodies. If the girl recalled correctly, the gang was called the Wild Wolves or something like that. Haley was never one for details about things that didn't interest her.

The girl shook her head. "Not long enough apparently. So what do ya guys want with me? Another beating?" The guys stopped smiling at her comment and began to pull out different weapons. The leader known as Vic sneered, "Actually we've come to teach you a little lesson, Red. You need to learn how to show respect to your elders."

She laughed, "I give respect to those who deserve it, and you guys definitely don't deserve it." Haley quickly got into a fighting stance similar to what those who practice karate would use. "Bring it on. I could use a good work out though I doubt you'd give me that much."

Vic glared at the redhead and shouted, "Get her!" At their leader's command, the group of armed men charged at the unarmed high school student. Haley sighed, "Typical, guys always have to show off their toys."

The closest guy to her attempted to punch her in the stomach, but the girl quickly stopped his assault and twisted his arm making the man cry out in pain. "What a wuss." She finished him off by kicking him in the head to knock him unconscious.

The next guy tried to stab her from behind with a short knife. Haley responded by crouching low and used her right leg to kick him in the face when he missed her. While still on the ground, the student swung her leg around to knock the men surrounding her off their feet.

She got up and dusted off her clothes. The redhead noticed the remaining three guys hadn't moved after she knocked the last four off their feet. They seemed to be wary to get near her, with good reason. Haley smirked,"Well? Don't tell me you're already done. Are you afraid of a little girl?"

"Not quite." Vic said from behind her.

The girl stiffened. She quickly turned around but before she could attack a round of electricity surged throughout her body. As Haley fell to the ground, she noticed Vic was carrying an electric taser in his hand. The redhead gritted her teeth as she tried to control her body's involuntary twitching. "Y-you bastard."

Vic chuckled as he signaled his men to grab her. "Now now Red that's not proper language for a lady. Though I do like my women feisty."

Haley gave the man a disgusted look. "I would never go out with a creep like you even if you were the last man on the planet."

The gang leader walked over to the girl and grabbed her chin. "Never say never, Red. If you behave properly, I promise to be gentle." He gave her a feral grin. "Or I'll try to anyway."

Her response was spitting at his face. "How's that for behaving properly?"

Vic retaliated by slapping her across the face. "You bitch! You'll pay for that!" He pulled out a knife. "Looks like we'll be having a change of plans boys."

The redhead glared at gang leader though internally she was feeling nervous as she gazed at the blade in front of her. "I will not be intimidated by the likes of him."

The brown haired man smirked. "Looks like it's the end for you, Red. This is what you get for disrespecting the White Wolves."

"The White wolves so that's what their name was. I knew there was two W's in the name." She thought to herself. "Yeah yeah whatever. If you guys didn't attack me all the time, then I wouldn't have to always kick your asses. It's not my fault that I have to go through your territory to get home."

Vic continued to smirk. "Well now we can solve that problem." He thrusted the knife at the girl aiming for her chest. "Say bye-bye, Red!"

Haley closed her eyes and readied herself for the pain that was soon to come. "When I said I wanted something interesting to happen, I didn't mean this!" She smirked despite herself. "Me and my big mouth."

After a few minutes had passed and she still hadn't felt the pain, the redhead opened her eyes. They widened when she saw the spectacle before her. To the right of Vic there was a guy, looking around 17 years old like Haley herself, holding Vic's right hand preventing him from stabbing Haley.

The teen gave the gang leader a bored stare. "All of your shouting woke me up from my nap. How about you guys scram so I can get some sleep."

"Is this guy serious?" Haley stared at the stranger trying to figure out if he was fooling around or not. When she saw his eyes, the redhead could tell he wasn't joking. "What's with this guy?" He looked like a normal teenager with his short spiky black hair, sapphire blue eyes, and lightly tanned skin. The teen wore a light blue undershirt, a black short sleeved jacket, silver sneakers, and dark blue pants that reached to his ankles. He looked like he was around 5'7, only an inch shorter than her.

Unlike Haley, Vic actually voiced his thoughts. "Who the hell are you?" The black haired teen yawned, "What does that matter? Look all I want to do is get some sleep so can you just leave already?"

This comment only infuriated the gang leader even more. "Why you punk! Guys forget the girl for now. Let's take care of this brat first!"

Before Haley could respond, the gang members had already surrounded her savior. "Hey watch out!" She tried to get up to help him, but her body still felt numb from the taser's effects.

The black haired teen simply sighed, "Is this really necessary?" He leaned backwards to dodge one of the punches thrown at him. When he realized they were going to continue to attack him, the stranger continued to move to avoid the attacks thrown at him.

After a while, it appeared that the gang members were worn out from all their attempted attacks that failed to hit the mysterious teen. Finally, the teen began an offensive of his own.

Haley watched in amazement as the black haired teen disappeared from everyone's view and quickly appeared behind each gang member. In a swift movement, he hit each of them on the back of the head rendering them all unconscious.

He began to stretch his arms as he yawned. "That's why I asked them to leave. If they had just left, I could've gone back to sleep without having to hurt them."

The redhead chuckled when she heard his comment. She stopped laughing when she noticed Vic silently approach the teen to attack him from behind like he did to her earlier.

Despite the numbness, the redhead pushed her body to stand and ran towards the men intending on helping the teen that had saved her. "Hey look out!" Before Vic could act, Haley punched him right in the jaw knocking the gang leader down to the ground.

The girl grinned when she saw Vic's body sprawled on the pavement. "Ha! Serves ya right!" She turned to black haired teen beside her. "Are you alright? You really saved me back there. I owe ya one."

He shrugged. "Not really you're the one who helped me"

Haley shook her head and smiled, "Nah that wasn't much if it wasn't for you I would've been a goner. Thank you."

The boy smirked, "You're welcome. I guess it's my turn to thank you for helping me."

She continued to smile. "You're welcome. So what's your name? I'm Haley."

"My name's Kai. Do you usually go around introducing yourself to strangers?" he asked keeping the smirk on his face.

The redhead laughed, "Well you're not a stranger anymore are you? To answer your question, no so you should feel honored. Not even those punks you just saved me from knew my name. They just called me Red."

Kai quirked an eyebrow at her. "So why were these guys trying to kill you in the middle of the street?"

Haley shrugged, "Beats me. They always come to mess with me claiming I'm in their territory like I really care. This is the fastest way to get to my apartment. I'm not taking a longer route just to make those losers happy. They were just upset that all the other times they confronted me I kicked their asses."

The black haired teen chuckled, "I see. That makes sense. You must've really hurt their pride. So why was this time different from the others?"

The redhead frowned, "I didn't expect them to have a taser. After the first two times I beat them, they began to use weapons, so I wasn't surprised by that. I guess the bastard just caught me off guard."

Kai was about to comment when a bright light began shining from his dark blue backpack he had left by the wall of a nearby building. Haley gave him a curious glance as he ran over to the backpack.

To her surprise, Kai pulled out a silver book with weird writing all over the cover. It reminded the girl of ancient hieroglyphics she had seen in her history book. The book continued to shine even after Kai picked it up.

"No way." Kai mumbled with an astonished look on his face. It surprised the redhead seeing such an expression on the black haired teen's face. The whole time since meeting him Kai had kept a bored look on his face even when he was fighting the punks from before.

She focused her attention back on the book. "What's with the weird book? I've never seen a book glow like that before." The girl thought it might be radioactive but quickly dismissed the notion. "I've been watching too much TV."

Kai studied the girl's face then shook his head. "You wouldn't believe me even if I told you." He tried to walk away, but Haley grabbed his arm.

"Try me." When he noticed the serious look on the girl's face, Kai knew there was no way to avoid telling her about the book.

The black haired teen sighed, "Alright but it's a long story. I don't really feel like having story time in the middle of a street."

Haley smirked, "Fine you can come to my apartment and tell me. Since you saved my life and all, I should at least give you a free meal."

Kai gave her a weird look. "You just met me and you're inviting me to your apartment? You really are a strange girl."

She hit him on the arm as they began to walk toward her apartment. "Shut up. You should be grateful I'm offering you a free meal. Besides, I can take care of myself. If you try anything funny, I'll beat you up."

The boy rolled his eyes. "Uh huh whatever."

While they were waiting on the food Haley had cooking in the kitchen, the two were sitting on the couch watching TV. The red head glanced over at her guest who appeared to be half-asleep. "Alright spill. What's up with the weird book?"

Kai shifted his gaze from the TV to the girl beside him. "Ok I'll tell you. But don't say I didn't warn you." When he saw her nod, he began his story. "I guess the best way to start is by telling you I'm not human. I'm a mamodo. In other words, you could call me a demon child from another world."

The girl raised an eyebrow at him, but before she could comment the teen had raised his hand. "I told you that you wouldn't believe me. Let me finish before you start calling me crazy."

When he realized she wasn't going to interrupt him, Kai continued his story. "Well anyway in the mamodo world we have a battle every one thousand years. In this battle, one hundred mamodo children are sent to Earth to fight to become the king of the mamodo world."

The black haired teen was surprised when Haley asked, "Why were you sent to Earth?"

It was Kai's turn to raise an eyebrow. "Wait you actually believe my story?"

She shrugged, "Why not? You don't seem like the type to lie. Besides, "she grinned, "I don't think you have the imagination to come up with something this bizarre."

Ignoring the insult, the teen decided to answer the question. "We're sent to Earth to find our human partners. You see each mamodo child has a book, and only one particular human can read each book. The books are like our source of power I guess you could say. We need human partners to read spells from our books in order for us to use our powers. And if our books get burned, we get sent back to the mamodo world."

Haley's eyes began to shine. "You have powers? Awesome! Wait since your book was glowing earlier does that mean I'm your partner?"

He nodded, "Yeah I think so. That's the only reason I can think of to explain why it was shining like that."

The redhead grinned, "Cool! Let me see the book. I wanna try reading a spell to see what kind of powers you have."

Kai shook his head. "You don't realize the seriousness of the situation. These battles are going to be incredibly dangerous. That was why I didn't want to tell you about the book. Just because you're my book owner doesn't mean you have to join the fight. To be honest, I have no interest in being the mamodo king. The only reason I'm still here is because I haven't run into any other mamodo yet."

The mamodo was shocked when Haley grabbed the book from his grasp and fixed him with a determined look. "Sorry but you won't be able to get rid of me that easily, buddy. If I'm supposed to be your partner to help you fight in this battle, then I'm gonna help. And don't give me that, 'I don't care' speech. I hate when people don't even try and just give up." She smiled, "You helped me, so now I'm gonna help you."

The black haired teen just stared at the girl with a surprised look before chuckling. "You really are a weird girl. Fine if you wanna fight, we'll fight, but don't complain if we lose our first battle."

Haley smirked, "Ha! Like that'll ever happen. We won't be losing anytime soon. I'll definitely make you the mamodo king."

Kai stopped his retort when he saw the determination in his partner's eyes. For the first time since Haley had met the mamodo, the black haired teen smiled-not a smirk, a real smile. "Yeah I'm sure you will, Haley."

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