Because I obviously don't have enough works in progress going at the moment, here's another one. Due to popular request, it'll be another revolving around clan relations and ninja family life. Also, if violence offends you, you will not want to read this. I cannot stress this highly enough. There will be gratuitous blood and violence in this fic. Very, very pissed ninja will vent some frustration on wholly deserving, very stupid people. People are gonna get stabbed, shot, punched, broken, kicked...yeah. Violent. Jack Inqu,, Karama9, willwrite4fics, you know what'll happen. It won't be pretty.

Oh. Smut will probably happen too. Because, as I've said before, I cannot write an SE/S fic without some sweet, sweet loving. Storm Shadow will probably get laid too. So if you don't like sex or violence, wrong fic.

Hell, if you don't like sex or violence, you probably wouldn't like about ninety percent of what I write, so what the hell are you doing reading this anyway?

Also, ten points to anyone who can guess who the 'crazy midget dictator' is. I enjoy imagining him getting stabbed by ninja. Ha.

When Snake Eyes landed his small plane and headed back into the Arashikage home and dojo, he didn't have to track down Tommy like he usually did upon returning from a mission.

This could be a difficult proposition, particularly if his sword brother was driving the trainees through endurance training in the forest or demonstrating stealth techniques. There was also Tommy's tendency to retreat to his private suite with Junko and Taro when he wasn't training the students, on a mission, or practicing himself. Snake Eyes didn't blame his sword brother for this…he tended to do the same thing with Shana and the twins whenever possible.

But right now Tommy was standing on the roof, watching whatever was going on in one of the outdoor training yards with some interest. Snake Eyes shinnied up a wall, caught the edge of the tiled rooftop, and sauntered up to his sword brother.

"That didn't take you long." Tommy said by way of greeting.

Snake Eyes snorted. *As much as the Pentagon was fretting over the 'dangerous situation' our dear crazy midget dictator posed, his security isn't that impressive. And apparently, his 'nuclear plan' isn't either.*

"That does not particularly surprise me." Tommy grinned. "I swear, the only reason they haven't had us assassinate him yet is because he secretly amuses the UN leaders."

Snake Eyes glanced down at the spectacle Tommy had been watching and raised an eyebrow. *Junko seems to be enjoying herself a little much, don't you think?*

Tommy's grin went hard. "Oh, I don't think so. One of the new students…the one from Hong Kong, goes by the name Chin …decided to let his friends know exactly what he thought she should be doing to him instead of combat training. In graphic detail. He also apparently doesn't really understand what 'the Ear that Sees' means...I was only on the other side of the training yard."

Snake Eyes winced. *And how did he survive long enough for her to get to him?*

"I promised her first dibs on the next one last time." Tommy was still smiling that tight, unfriendly grin. "I get him once she finishes, in the event that she leaves a limb or two unbroken."

Snake Eyes watched as the trainee in question went flying over Junko's shoulder, hit the ground with a grunt, and was promptly pounced on and wrapped up into a submission hold that he knew was just exquisitely painful. Junko seemed to be enjoying the pained yelps, but after a few seconds let the poor moron up just to launch him backwards another four feet with a thrust kick to the chest as soon as he staggered upright. *I somewhat doubt that will happen.*

"Me too, quite frankly." Tommy's grin softened slightly. "But then I do enjoy watching her beat the bad attitude out of stupid kids. Almost as good as doing it myself…and, well, the scenery is pretty good."

Snake Eyes, who counted watching Shana teach disrespectful students better manners amongst his favorite entertainments, smiled. Hell…Shana had first caught his eye when she'd easily chucked another soldier (who had, incidentally, been twice her size) across the training field with a really inspired combination leg sweep/hip throw.

She'd been pure violent, graceful, beautiful poetry. He still rather thought his fate had been sealed at that exact moment.

*Anyway, we've got a large sum of money being transferred into our accounts, and I'm going to go take a shower. Enjoy watching your wife kill students.*

"Always…and, by the way, tell Red thank you."

Snake Eyes raised an eyebrow. *I take it we're stuck with your little hellion right now?*

"Red agreed to keep an eye on him for the rest of the day so his mother and I could get in a little 'alone time' after she finishes breaking the trainees." Tommy sighed. "I swear, having that kid around is a more effective method of birth control than anything dreamed up by science…he had to inherit my hearing. He can be dead asleep, and the second Junko and I start fooling around, he's calling us for something."

Snake Eyes snorted in a distinctly unsympathetic fashion.

"I know, I know…twins."

*I haven't slept through the night in six years, brother.*

"I keep telling you. Tranquilizer darts. Good dodging practice for them anyway. I'll keep an eye on them after they finish their drills tomorrow for you and Red." Tommy grinned.

*Shana says I'm not allowed to shoot our children. She also said to tell you that if you ever try it, she's going to make it impossible for you to have any more of your own.* Snake Eyes grinned. *Thank you.*

"Anytime." Tommy glanced down at the sparring match-slash-beatdown taking place below them. "Junko says the same thing...Ah. Looks like he's just about done for."

Snake Eyes looked down. The mouthy apprentice was now struggling to get back to his feet, which didn't seem to be cooperating very well. The young man staggered semi-upright and attempted to block the immediate strike, but missed. Junko's elbow slammed firmly into his floating ribs, bending him double. A millisecond later and the trainee's face met the ground again, courtesy of an axe kick to the spine.

"That should do it." Tommy grinned nastily.

Snake Eyes watched the kid struggle in an attempt to get his feet under him. Unfortunately, the axe kick had pretty well shut down all function below his waist, and the attempt to stand just resulted in a whimper of pain. Junko planted a foot on the back of his skull.

Snake Eyes didn't have the Ear that Sees. He did, however, have better hearing than most, and he heard what Junko said as she leaned on the trainee's head just hard enough to keep him pinned.

"I hope we've learned a little something about respect." She glowered down at the young man. "Because if you decide to proposition me again, I'll let Tommy have you…and he'd probably kick you out after he put you in the hospital."

"I would." Tommy muttered darkly. "To both."

Junko stepped back and gestured at two of the other apprentices, standing off to one side and looking rather terrified. "Drag him back to his bunk and stop looking so worried; he'll be able to walk on his own again in an hour or so."

"Yes, Ma'm." The two young men bowed very deeply and hoisted their fellow student to his feet. He winced painfully and was half carried and half limped back inside.

"Excellent." Tommy looked satisfied. "See you later, brother…I'm going to drag my wife back to our rooms and see if we can't make my son a brother or sister."

"I heard that." Junko's voice floated up from below them. "What if I have a headache?"

"Take some Tylenol. It's been a week."

Female laughter. "Just kidding, love. I'll be in bed. Hurry up."

Snake Eyes grimaced. *Thank you both for the visuals, by the way.*

Tommy snorted. "I spent how long sleeping across the hall from you and Red? I could hear everything. You can suffer a little in return."

Considering the fact that Tommy had extorted more than a few favors using that leverage, Snake Eyes rather felt that they were even. He shook his head as his sword brother hopped casually off the roof, turned, and went to finally clean the dried blood (not his) out of his hair.