As Peter walked down the frozen corridor, his breath misted in front of him.

Just when he thought it would go on forever, the hallway opened out into a brightly lit circular room.

In the middle, was a slab of ice reaching form the floor to ceiling.

In the middle was a girl.

The girl was so beautiful, it froze him just as cold as the ice around him and took his breath away.

She was dressed in a gown of Ice, her blonde hair fanning out around her head.

On top of her glimmering hair, was a crown, the metal unwinding and spiraling like the branches of a willow tree.

Then, she opened her eyes, piercing his soul.

The ice shattered, and all of a sudden, a myriad of colors and places whirled in front of his eyes.

He saw a river, and boy holding a sword above his head, about to crack the ice. He saw a queen, similar to the girl in ice, but different. A great batte was raging, a drawn bow, a prince.

Clouds were rolling, a tree on the hill, a falling city, a gleaming sword catching the morning air, all whirling faster and faster until...

A lion roared, blending in with the sound of thunder in a colossal boom.

Then, he was being drawn back down the hallway, back the way he came.

"Help me Peter Pevensie. You must save us" The girl whispered, her voice filling his mind.


Peter woke with a start, sweat covering his body.

He gasped, taking in lungfuls of air.

That girl.

She seemed so familiar.

He got out of bed and looked out of the rain splattered window.

He'd had this dream every night since they moved to the professor's house.

It didn't change, just got more vivid each time.

He could play the whole thing out in his head, but it seemed like there was something he was missing.

There was something there...

He watched as the rain hurled against the glass panes, the bushes outside slapping against the frame.

He would find this girl, whatever it would take.

He would save her.


Little did Peter Pevensie know... This dream predicted his future. he was about to get hurled into a world of impossibly dangerous dreams.

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