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At last. The time was up. All the moments she'd been waiting had paid off. It was done. Over with.

The operation was successful.

Mirana groaned, forcing her eyes open. The brightness didn't bother her, for she was used to it, and glanced down at her stomach. Looking down her hospital robes, she found a row of stitches crossing her lower abdomen. Smiling, she stroked the bulge gently, as if attempting to cradle the child inside. Slowly, she sat up with the help of the doctors and glanced over at the Hatter, whom was also awakening.

Tarrant looked around, his gaze resting upon the White Queen. "What happened?" he whispered feebly, coughing a bit as well. Stayne was let in the room just then, since the operation was over and done with. "Stayne!" he cooed. The Hatter's expression brightened at the sight of his knave and he reached for him. Ilosovic rushed over to him and the two embraced with a hug. Mirana's smile faded at the sight of them loving each other and looked down at the ground.

The knave sat on the edge of the bed and gently helped the Hatter into a sitting position. "How're you feeling?" Stayne asked him. Tarrant was about to answer, but something seemed to stop him. His eyes fluttered once more and he leaned on the taller man for support. Ilosovic felt the man's neck, astonished to find a struggling pulse. "Tarrant?" he said, a bit panicked. "Are you alright?" The White Queen looked on, wanting to help her previous love but knowing that it was his time. The knave turned to the doctors. "He was fine just a minute ago! What's happening?" he cried.

"I don't know exactly… But it seems that…" the youngest stammered. "I'm afraid he's… lost the will to live…"

Stayne froze, his blood running cold. He looked back down at his love. He held him tight, as if to prevent him from slipping away. Tears welled up in his eyes once more. Somehow, he knew this would happen. There was no way anyone could've survived such a poison. He knew that, sooner or later, his Hatter would slip away. "Is Victor alright?" Tarrant's rasp whisper.


"You're son. Is he alright?"

Mirana inched closer. "Yeah." She added. "He's fine." The queen rubbed her stomach gently as if to add to her statement. Tarrant turned to her, gaze shifting from her face down to her lower stomach. He smiled, eyes fluttering.

"Oh good…"

Arms still wrapped tight, Stayne bit his lip. "Does it hurt?" he asked. The Hatter shook his head. With that, the knave slightly smiled. At least his love wasn't in pain. At last, he seemed to accept the fact that he was losing him and loosened his grip on the man. "Tarrant…" he started, voice occasionally breaking. "Why is a raven like a writing desk anyway…" The two locked gazes, both with smiles on their faces due to the other's presence.

"I…" The Hatter whispered. He gulped down a lump in his throat and forced himself to speak a bit louder. "I haven't the slightest idea…"

With that, Tarrant closed his eyes and rested his head on Stayne's shoulder. The knave held him close, trying not to notice the fact that the other mans breath was getting shorter and body was going limp. A smile on his face. Tears rolling down his cheek.

At that moment, someone traveled to heavens in the arms of a one-eyed angel…

The funeral progression. A long line of sobbing and sorrowful beings. Some forest animals solemnly watching along. A group of unaware animals saw the event and became curious, inching closer. Together, they waited and looked for the casket, wondering whom had perished this time. The critters within the group; The Cheshire Cat, The March Hare and The Dormouse. Mallymkun leapt up and grabbed Chessur's tail, climbing onto his back to get a better look. She just so happened to be the first to see inside the casket.

The poor thing stood, frozen to the spot, and gawked at the person laying in the casket. The March Hare and Chessur also got a good look. The rabbit's face fell with sorrow and he looked away, unable to bear such a sight. The cat, however, gasped and simply stared, unable to believe such a thing had happened. Laying peacefully in the casket was none other than Tarrant. Chessur gently returned Mallymkun to the ground and suddenly flew above the group of people, looking for one in particular.

Stayne, whom was trudging along in the front, walked by Mirana, whom was on the verge of tears. He felt tiny paws on his shoulders and looked around, jumping a bit when he spotted Chessur. The cat glared at him, obviously pissed. "Ilosovic, what happened to him!" he cried softly, as to not disturb the others around him. The knave looked away, not really wishing to tell him. For once, Chessur was not wearing his trademark grin, but frowning. "STAYNE." He said in a demanding voice, floating along with the man. "WHAT. HAPPENED."

"I'll explain when we get to the grave site, ok!" Ilosovic softly growled.

Satisfied, Chessur followed the knave…

Hightopp village. The birthplace of the Queen's Hatter. Also soon to be resting place of the last remaining Hightopp. The old, dead trees reached to the sky like the gnarled hands of mourning widows, grieving the death of the last Hightopp. The funeral progression trudged upon the ashy ground into the Hightopp graveyard, stopping a newly dug grave. The casket was then closed and place just before the six foot hole. A priestess stood, reading off some things from a religious Hightopp book. Her words seemed to make the entire group sob even more. Finally, Mirana broke down, sobbing loudly into Stayne's shoulder.

The entire ceremony went by quickly for the knave, in which most of the time he simply gazed at the closed casket. Before he knew it, most of the party had gone and a couple of gravediggers were working on lowering the casket in the six-foot hole. Chessur rested on Stayne's shoulder, also staring at the casket solemnly. For the entire time, he never noticed the hat Ilosovic was holding…

Stayne looked over at the cat, breaking both of them from their trance-like state. "Chessur…" he said hesitantly. "Tarrant… He wanted you to have this…" The knave held up the hat he'd been holding. A handmade replica of Tarrant's own hat, just the right size for the cat too. Chessur stared at it, a paw subconsciously held to his chest as if to show he was deeply touched.

"H-He made this? For me?" The cat whispered, taking the handmade accessory.

"He'd made it a while back… before I even came to Marmoreal…"

Chessur held the hat gently, as if it were a living being, and simply gazed at it. He held it like it was a piece of the Hatter's soul. Something he could remember the man by. His eyes welled up with tears, but he wiped them away. He put on the hat gently, placing it just right. "Now, I have my own sweet hat…" he whispered to himself. "I will never thank you enough, Tarrant…"

Just as the casket hit the bottom of the hole, a wave of magic seemed to sweep through the Hightopp village. The three of them jumped, looking around to find that the ash had transformed into grass and the once mourning, widow trees were sporting leaf buds. From beyond the graveyard, tiny bunnies were seen hopping around. Ginger colored bunnies.

They leapt the graveyard fence and hopped over to the grave itself, looking down into it. The clouds above them parted, revealing the gorgeous blue sky. Stayne smiled, glancing up at the sky. "Only Tarrant…" he said. "Only someone like him could conjure up something like this…"

The bunnies then began to leap atop one another, stacking up to make something. There was a flash of light and the baby bunnies disappeared, revealing something entirely different. An angel. Large white wings. Flowing, sky blue clothing. Gorgeous flame-orange hair. Piercing green eyes. The Hatter.

Tarrant looked upon the three of them, smiling. His gaze rested upon none other than his love and he stepped closer. All around his feet, flowers popped up from the ground, curling around the grass or reaching for the newly revealed sky. "It was quite smart of you to bring me here…" the angel's divine voice, echoed through the grave yard as he glanced around. "This place was once loaded with dormant magic… only the released spirit of a noble Hightopp could restore it to its former beauty…" He curled his bare toes into the grass, smiling with content. "You know… I almost forgot how beautiful this place could be before…" He then frowned, his face falling as he remembered the past. "Before the Jabberwocky attacked…" Just a hint of a Scottish accent was hear at the word Jabberwocky, as if he still harbored a hatred for the beast.

Stayne stepped towards him, leaving Chessur to comfort the still slightly sorrowful Mirana. "So…" the knave started, his features going soft at the sight of the angel. "You'll have to move on soon, hmm..?" The Hatter looked up at him, smiling, and nodded. A moment of hesitation separated the two, until Tarrant broke it by throwing his arms around his knave. His large, white wings slightly wrapped around Stayne as well, as if to protect him from anything nearby. Ilosovic held the divine being tight, not wanting him to leave.

"Sadly, I'll have to go to the heavens in a bit… The travel with be quite tiring… So I think I'll rest with you for a moment…"

The two lovers locked gazes, such adoration between them. So much emotion, flowing from one into the other and back. All through a hug. And a kiss. The moment they kissed, flowers and other various plants burst forth from the ground, wrapping around them to form a sort of thicket of color. The plants weaved together, reached for the sky and incasing the two in love. Once the two of them broke apart, the flowers and vines ceased their growth.

In the middle of the graveyard was now a huge thicket of gorgeous flowers. No longer sobbing, Mirana stepped towards it, ignoring Chessur's attempts to hold her back. Leaving the floating cat behind, the White Queen strode up to the intertwined plants, stroking a leaf here and there. Pushing some branches aside, she slipped inside the thicket. As if letting her through, the flowers parted a bit and Mirana was able to slip into the middle of the thicket. Inside was a small clearing, about five meters in diameter. Smack dab in the middle was something quite odd. Two marble statues, locked in an embrace. Both now sporting large, angelic wings. Eyes both closed. Foreheads touching. A smile on their faces. Stayne and Tarrant.

Mirana stepped forward, arms hanging by her sides naturally. She looked over Stayne's statue and noticed that he no longer wore the clothing he'd had on during the funeral. Currently, a flowing, roman-like robe was carved in great detail into the marble, quite similar to Tarrant's attire. So, this was their final resting place. Two marble statues in the safety of a thicket. Sun suddenly streamed through the flowers above, casting what looked like a halo upon them, a sign that they'd finally found peace. She suddenly felt something kick in her low stomach and looked down to see what looked like a tiny hand press from underneath her skin. Smiling, she pressed area of her stomach up to the Hatter's statue. She could've sworn that the smile on the statue got wider as she did so. "Mommy says he loves you, Victor…" Mirana whispered, cradling the tiny bulge.

The entire room was silent…

"So… It's true then…" The lady looked back at her son, whom was staring up at her with disbelief. "Auntie Mirana always said you two had passed away… but I never believed her…"She stood and strode over to the boy, kneeling beside him.

"Yes, honey…" she cooed in a motherly tone. "Auntie Mirana was right… Me and daddy are actually angels… It's a miracle in itself that we've been able to spend so much time with you…"

Footsteps were heard and the door to the room suddenly opened. There stood an appalled Mirana. The young thing looked like she hadn't aged a day since the funeral. She stared at the angel with disbelief, mouth slightly agape. "Tarrant… You came back?"

The angel stood, wings now unfurling. "Briefly…" the Hatter said, striding to the window. "I'm sorry for the sudden appearance, but I must go…" With that, he leapt out of the open window and into the night. Wishing to see her Hatter one more time, Mirana scooped Victor into her arms and raced from the building, rushing after Tarrant's soaring figure. She called his name, yet he didn't seem to hear her and headed to the Hightopp graveyard.

Ignoring the pains in her legs, Mirana raced after the angel to his destination. Night enveloped the graveyard and the only thing that seemed to be giving off light was the thicket. The great white moonflowers seemed to be shimmering with their own phosphorescent light. The angel soared into the center of the thicket, not making any noise as he seemed to ram into the gentle foliage. The White Queen and her 'nephew' raced into the thicket and navigated to the middle. Inside were the same two statues, yet in a different position. Stayne was on his knee and taking Tarrant's hand in his own, lips pressed to those delicate fingers. The Hatter seemed to be giggling at the knave's actions and held his free hand to his lips. His wings were folded neatly against his back, as if they too were giggling.

The boy walked up to Tarrant's statue and touched were he'd touched before he was even born. "Mommy says he loves me…"


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