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Author's Note: Just some fluff I decided to write. I had to bust out my three year-old science chart to write this :D You should be proud of me, guys! Well, enjoy!



Wind Alias



The radiant monarch paused from her work and glanced towards the door. Alice peeked through the door, tentatively pushing it open completely as she stepped into what could only be called a laboratory. Mirana watched with a small smile of amusement as Alice fidgeted with her dress.

"Why hello Alice," Mirana said softly. "Are you here to help me fill in my newest phylum chart? It's actually quite interesting, if I say so myself."

"Actually, I came to tell you something-"

"The Agatha phylum, for instance, is one of particular interest. You see…"

"Mirana, I'd like to talk to you about something before I go-"

"…which includes fish such as eel, rainbow trout, etcetera. I still haven't figured out how Iracebeth has gotten them to be able to exist outside of water. But anyways, if you'll help me fill in the Amphibia section of the chart…"

Alice sighed and took the pen from the woman's outstretched hand. She tapped it against her cheek twice before setting it to the paper and writing as Mirana instructed.

"The Amphibia phylum has bilateral symmetry. They are vertebrates, members of this phylum…"

"Mirana, please." Alice said in aggravation, slamming the pen to the countertop as she straightened. "I have something to tell you and-"

"Yes, yes," Mirana sighed, waving her off. "We can talk later, but the chart, my dear…"

At this time, Alice realized that talking would get her no where. Grabbing the woman by the shoulder, she spun her towards her and slammed her lips into hers. Mirana's eyes widened as Alice's squeezed shut. After a moment Alice released her. They stood there, looking at one another in silence.

"Well. That was…" Mirana paused, groping at metaphorical straws.


"Yes," Mirana smiled. Taking Alice's battle-hardened hand in hers, she said softly, "But it's something you get used to in Underland."

Alice whole-heartedly agreed.