Welcome, everyone, to my first duology. If you're wondering what a duology is, just think of a trilogy, but with two parts instead of three. Mine is called Lavender Duology. Anyone who knows who I fangirl over can hazard a guess as to why. I'd might as well mention that this isn't my first fic, seeing as I'm also known on here as Rugrat247, the authoress of Change is Inevitable. Anyway, without further ado, please enjoy Essence of Lavender!

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By Jour Reveur

Prologue: Time To Say Goodbye

My brother always used to tell me that life was like an obstacle course, however, being the ignorant nine year old I was, I'd simply believed he'd been cracking a rip-off of Forrest Gump. However, now that I'm older, I can unriddle the knowledge his words possessed. Life is an obstacle course, some stages being more difficult to overcome than others, yet one wishes to tackle this obstacle course right till the very end... Well, at least my brother did, until he had to leave. He told me he held no choice in the matter, and as any simple-minded child would, I didn't understand his cryptic statements, just as he couldn't whisper that sullen word to me that everyone must one day face. Sure, he hinted to his impending fate in many ways, but he simply couldn't allow that dismal word to roll off his tongue.

Typically, I bombarded him with several useless questions. Stupid things like, "Where are you going, Jace? Can I come too? When will you be back?" and my 'personal favourite'. . .Why...are you crying?"

My dear brother, there's not a day that you don't cross my mind. Not a day that I don't revel high in clouds, dreaming up ways that we could one day meet again. Now, however, I must leave you here, resting peacefully beneath the lush, green ground, so plain and simple... So unlike you.

A sullen sigh left my lips as I flung my duffy bag from my shoulder, unzipped it, and carefully grasped a bouquet of lavenders from it. Then, I gently rested the bouquet against his simple grave. A grave I believed was far too serious and depressing to be considered my vibrant brother's, because he was just that: vibrant. Sadly, that part of me was slowly hindering along with the ticking of time; it had been ever since my brother's death, six years ago, and, unfortunately, this left quite the lonely shell in its place.

"I'm sorry, Jace," I whispered solemnly, "But dad's struggling here in Bordeaux...and mum's unable to find a job here to effectively aid in our financial issues, so we must make haste for America. He's been offered a job at a gaming company in a city called Domino, so..." Drawling off as my eyes scanned over his grave, I bit my bottom lip in a guilt-laden fashion. "We can't take you with us, but...your favourite flower." I flashed a small smile as I gestured to the freshly placed lavenders, although my smile was only weighed down by somberness. "I know I'm weird, but they smell just like you, which is why lavenders are my favourite flower too." Laughing lightly, I muttered to myself, "Here I go again, sounding majorly sappy, but..." I huffed sharply. "I'm gonna miss not being able to visit you, but I know that you're always with me, right?"

I paused for a moment, as if half expecting some abnormal sign to seize my attention, but obviously that was an insane concept.

My hazel eyes fell upon Jace's grave once again, hearing a car door slam shut behind me. My parents were here to say goodbye too; they already knew I was here. I'd immediately walked here after school, knowing this was the last time I'd visit this graveyard. I flashed a quick wave of my hand towards Jace's grave, and with a tone of hesitance and regret laced into one, like two ribbons entwined, I whispered, "Goodbye, my dear brother."

Turning towards my nearing parents, I suddenly felt something land onto my shoulder with a disgusting splat. I glanced at my shoulder to find it was covered in a runny, white and green substance: bird crap. "Oh, great!" I sickeningly spat with sarcasm, removing my black cardigan and scrunching it into a messy ball, before throwing it into my duffy bag. "Pray tell why people think birds crapping on your shoulder is good luck!" I hissed bitterly, flinging my bag back over my shoulder and, mood now exasperated, I practically stormed off for my parents' car.

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