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Chapter 1: A New Start

It had been a long, exhausting flight from France to America. Seriously, I didn't think I could be so tired after sitting on my butt for hours on end! I'm not the most patient of people...and I fidget a fair bit, so I think it's safe to say my mum wasn't really too keen on sitting beside me on the plane, but at least I got the window seat. It distracted me a little more than the plane's entertainment system had. Daydreaming was my favourite past time and so, on a plane flight, what more could a hopeless daydreamer ask for than a window seat and a clear, cloudless day? Yeah; not much, right?

"Elaine," my mother immediately seized my attention.

"Yeah?" I flatly replied, now slumped in the backseat of my father's little, second-hand vehicle. It wasn't very flash at all, plus it was a little cramped, however, I figured it was still better than nothing.

"We'll be enrolling you into that school on Monday," she alerted, gesturing to a huge, flash High School as we drove past. I looked out the window to my left. "It's called Domino High."

I sighed softly, remembering my old school, my old friends, and the fact that this was my new life. "Cool," I bluntly stated, although at this current moment, everything seemed to be anything but cool.

I explored the rather sad sight around be, which didn't take too long, considering it was simply tiny. I'd be sharing a bedroom with my parents in this crappy, little apartment. The largest room had a floorspace of around five square meters—that was the Lounge, which we'd be using as our bedroom, thus the room that was supposed to be the bedroom in this place was our Lounge. Peachy. Just peachy. But at least my parents had absolutely no sex life. After all, they were both forty four.

One thing that bugs me about this, which I know will always cross my mind while I'm here, is that this is an apartment, which involuntarily causes that peculiar phrase to cross my mind. "Why are they called apartments when they're joined together?" I murmured with an exasperated sigh. I dragged my small suitcase into the "bedroom" and shoved it in the closest corner, to the left of the door.

Then I made my way for the front door, knowing my parents weren't home, but visiting the local bank and all that jazz, so I didn't need to shout out an, "I'm going to look around the neighbourhood, so I haven't been abducted from my crappy apartment by rapists. Just thought I'd letcha know." I then realized they'd no doubt hear if anyone broke-in anyway, seeing as it took around nine or ten steps to get from the front door to the opposite end of the apartment.

I slammed the door behind me, and I wouldn't have been very surprised if a slab of concrete had dropped from the ceiling. This was so different to the life I was accustomed to back in Bordeaux...and I loathed it.

With glum steps, I bitterly left the apartment building's ground floor. Five small, concrete stairs led from the building's entryway to the sidewalk, which was stationed on a silent, secluded street, sky scrapers towering over me and blocking the fiery orb that is the sun. I had earlier heard heavy thumping upon concrete, so I knew it'd recently rained hard. "What a wonderful vie—" My heart jumped as I abruptly slipped on the first step, falling flat on my rear as I slid down the remaining steps with a groan. "Ah, bitch!" I cursed with an understandably negative edge to my tone. This day just kept getting better and better!

With a bitter huff, feeling oh-so-sorry for myself, I brushed my now-grazed hands on my black jeans. Now my stupid hands were stinging. "Just great!" I hissed, although as I rose to my feet, noticing the rear area of my jeans was rather wet, I was glad that they were black.

The sudden sounds of scraping upon concrete seized my attention, my hazel eyes snapping to a lone card that was skimming across the street. Curiosity getting the best of me, I scurried onto the street to grab the card. It took a few stomps, but I finally trapped the card beneath my right foot. I immediately knelt down and retrieved it, then examined the peculiar card in wonderment.

Upon the card was a picture of a butch, golden leg, which was chained to something unseen. At the top of the card typed up in English, I translated the words into my own language: French. "Right Leg of the Forbidden One." I sighed in slight relief. I've taken English for several years, and I suddenly felt a bit more confident about attending Domino High. It seemed I knew a bit more English than I'd first thought. Maybe making friends would be a bit easier than I'd first anticipated.

A sudden hiss jolted me from my thoughts. "Where the hell did you lose the damn thing, you moron?!" I gazed to my left, noting two men storming down the street...heading my way. They wore dark purple cloaks, which certainly made them look dangerous and intimidating. I wouldn't be surprised if they were; after all, my apartment was on this street.

"Hey!" I jumped at this, realizing the men were staring at me with lethal glares. "She has it!" My eyes widened in horror as he gestured to me. "Look! It's right there in her hand!"

At this, I immediately realized they were wanting the card, and I would've given it to them without a fuss...if they hadn't started sprinting my way with utterly insane looks on their face! "Holy shit! Take it!" I burst out, flinging the card their way with scream; a burst of adrenaline rushed through me, thrusting my legs into motion and I swiftly turned on my heel, then hastily began to sprint down the street—away from them—for the main road. I'd noted that the main road was nearby my house on the drive here. I glanced over my shoulder as I sprinted—very quickly, if I may add—and I noticed they weren't pursuing me. "Thank goodness for that!" I breathed, although my legs wouldn't be stopping until I was on the main road and under the watchful eye of the main road's rushing crowds.

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