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"This line of code here calls the method from the class in which this class extends. Now if we want to override a method from the parent class in the child class, what keyword would we use?" asked the professor. He was a tall white bird with long black legs and a red spot on his forehead.

A grey wolf with blond hair sitting among the thousands of human and anthropomorphic animal students raised her hand.

"Yes Miss Wolfe."

"The keyword would be super." She answered.

"Correct as always Miss Wolfe." The professor continued with his lecture while many of the students mindlessly zoned out.

The wolf girl was quite pretty and would likely have many boys vying for her attention, if it were not for her robotic limbs. A childhood accident left her without her left arm and right leg.

Thankfully her father was a lead scientist in advanced robotics. In a matter of days after her injury, he had constructed fully functional limbs that calibrated with her nervous system.

Rehabilitation for her limbs was quite painful but they worked even better than organic arms.

Just then a brown coyote in a white lab coat walked in to the classroom.

"Sorry to interrupt Prof. Krane." Said the coyote.

"Tech! No, no its no trouble at all. Please do come in. Just give me a minute, class is almost done." Said Prof. Krane.

"Please Professor I'm just here to visit my favorite professor."

"Smart and modest. Now what made you want to visit your old teacher?"

"Oh I was just in the neighborhood."

Just then a small robotic bird flew into the classroom through an open window. It was shaped like a small falcon. The falcon landed on the wolf's desk.

"Skye! Skye! Danger! Danger!" cried the little bird.

"Professor Krane. I really need to go. Family emergency." Cried the wolf.

"No problem Skye. Class is dismissed anyway. Everyone read pages 210 to 229 for Thursday."

Skye was the first to leave the class followed by the other students who pilled out of the room.

"So Prof. Krane who was that?" asked Tech.

"That is my best student in the class. Of course she's nothing compared to you but she makes all the other student look like…other students."

"Were those robotic limbs?" asked Tech.

"Yes, she doesn't like to talk about it much but I believe it was a childhood accident that left her like that."

"How did she get the parts? I've read ever paper on everything scientific and I never found anything on robotic limbs. Prosthetic maybe, but not robotic."

"You may have heard of her father: the lead scientist in advanced robotics?"

"Dr. Wolfe?"

"That's the one."

"I didn't know he had a daughter." Said Tech.

"Not many know that she is. She's a lot like you were when you were attending: smart, lonely, didn't talk much."

Tech seemed to be staring at the door that Skye left in before speaking. "Well it was nice to see you again professor but my friends must be wondering where I am. I should get going."

Skye returned to her home and found the front door open.

The robot falcon stood on her shoulder and looked as worried as she did. Skye walked in and saw tables and chairs turned over, pictures knocked off the wall and glass shattered on the floor.

"Dad? Dad are you here?" shouted Skye, her voice simply echoing through the condo.

The falcon leapt off her shoulder and landed on her father's computer, which despite the destruction evident through the condo, was just about the only thing intact.

"What did you see Arrow?" asked Skye. The falcon's eyes lit up and a hologram of Skye's father appeared.

"Skye I don't have much time. Just listen to me and do exactly as I say. Do not try and find me. I assure you I am fine and safe. Looking for me would only put you in danger.

A lot of people are after my research Skye. Scientists in advance robotics are rare these days and villains need people like me to make their weaponry fantasies come true. Many may be after you as well because you are my daughter.

I took the liberty and creating upgrades for your limbs. Arrow can show you were they are.

Be safe my daughter."

Just as her father finished his message, she saw the door open behind him and a tall figure stood in it. It was far too dark and blurry to make the person out but he did speak, "Hello Dr. Wolfe. It is a pleasure to meet you at last."

The message went blank and Arrow's eyes returned to normal.

"Did dad show you where these upgrades were?" asked Skye.

Arrow instantly flew to her room, which, too, managed to stay with minimal damage. Arrow landed on the ground next to her bed.

Skye bent down and pulled out an old storybook from underneath the bed. "I remember this, dad used to read it to me when I was little."

She opened the book and flipped through the pages remembering each and every story he read her: most of which were about beautiful princesses that married handsome princes.

Even now, she knew stories like these would only ever be stories. Ever since her accident, people shied away from her, her only friend being the falcon, Arrow, that her father built for her 8th birthday.

She flipped the pages to her favorite story and saw two microchips taped to the top of the page. She pulled them out from under the tape. One was labeled "arm" and the other was labeled "leg".

She inserted both chips into their appropriate slots. All of a sudden her arm and legs began acting of their own accord as if they were changing shape.

"That was weird…" was all she could say.

"I'm sure it was Skye." Skye turned and saw a blond woman wearing a red cloak.

"Who are you?" Just as Skye asked the question her robot hand morphed into a blaster. Skye stared at it in confusion at first but then pointed it at the woman.

"Do not be afraid. I mean you no harm." The woman stepped forward and removed her hood. She was very beautiful.

"Don't make me ask again. Who are you?"

"My name is Zadavia. I am a friend of your father's. He asked me to look after you if something were to happen to him and I'm afraid something has."

"How do you know what happened to him? Where is he?"

"I'm afraid someone may have wanted to use your father's skills in robotics for something. As for his whereabouts, I do not know."

Skye seemed to believe her, so she lowered her arm.

"Please, at least listen to what I have to say. You home is no longer safe. Other people after your father will likely look for you here."

"What do you suggest?"

"A comet will strike Acmetropolis in a few years. I'm not quite sure when it will come but it will come soon.

"Excuse me?"

"Please just consider it. I know I sound crazy but I can keep you safe. It's what your father would have wanted."

"I'll think about it. But I'm not moving out. I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself."

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