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Normal POV

"Today is a very glorious day for the Luxury Rocket Industry! Please join me in welcoming our newest investor, Mr. Mallard Megabucks!" declared a woman standing at the podium. She held out her hand to welcome Megabucks to the stage while a large floating table of gold bricks sat behind him. The crowd applauded as Megabucks took the podium.

"Thank you! Thank you! I am happy to invest over 200 quazarlinium bars to build more of these crazy rocket doohickies, naturally I'd like the next model to have my face on it, so I-"

"Duck! Don't adlib! Stick to the plan!" scolded Ace from the audience through his communicator.

"Right-o," Duck replied in a whisper. "So in closing," Duck went on, continuing his speech.

"You sure this plan will work?" asked Lexi, dressed in an elegant red dress with a bow around her ears, who was sitting next to Ace, who was dressed in a light brown suit and hat.

"Mist's our best chance at knowing how a guy like Massive will operate. If she says he'll be here, then we've gotta take that risk. Hopefully, he'll take the bait. Everyone in position?"

Slam, Tech and Skye all confirmed while Rev proceeded to ramble on, "This is Rev in position and man I just want to say, Ace, that this is exciting!"

"Yeah, thanks for the update, Rev. So is our little surprise ready?" asked Ace.

"My specially made, hand crafted gravity stabilization gyro is all set and good to go!" boasted Tech.

"Man, you talk about that gyro like you're the only one who worked on it," said Skye.

"Yes, where would I be without my lovely assistant?" Tech said with a smirk. He was thankful that the rest of the team was in their positions so that no one could actually see the expression on his face.

"Ok, now you're just being a smartass… but you could stand to mention it more."

"Uh, Tech…?" asked Ace, awkwardly.

"Oh right, as I was saying, any gravity affected by Massive can be instantly restored by the gyro," answered Tech.

"Then we are good to go," said Ace. "And what perfect timing, look who just showed up!"

"Well, well, well, what have we here? Massive amounts of quazarlinium and massive amounts of me," announced Massive as he floated down onto the stage, causing people to run away in a panic. "That's right! No one stands up to Massive!" Massive raised his hand, ready to take the tray of bars.

"Hey Meathead! You gotta have an invitation before you can join the party," said Ace, firing a laser blast at Massive's chest.

Massive laughed as the blast had little effect on him. "My body's so dense I'm invincible," he proudly boasted. Ace jumped onto the stage, ready to strike Massive with his sword, but Massive easily knocked him aside with his thick, muscular arm. "You honestly think you puny attacks will do a thing to me? You have no chance against someone with my powers!" Massive was suddenly knocked into the wall by a surprise attack from Slam.

"Quick, everyone, while he's down!" ordered Ace as the entire team rushed Massive.

Massive quickly raised his arm, catching Ace, Lexi, Tech, Rev and Slam in a gravity field. "Feeling a little light headed?" he taunted. Massive felt something hit his chest and head and turned to see Duck holding eggs in his hands while Skye pointed her blaster at him.

"Ahem, forgetting someone?" asked Duck.

"Not exactly," Massive answered, blasting Duck and Skye with another gravity beam, causing them to fall to the ground as the concrete crumbled beneath them.

"He's made us super heavy!" cried Duck.

"Way to state the obvious!" shouted Skye, as she strained under her own weight.

"You see, all their weight has to go somewhere. Since you superheroes work so hard, I think you all deserve a vacation. But where to go? Oh, how about the moon? I hear travel prices are rising! Farewell Loonatics!" Massive raised his arm sending the five Loonatics flying higher and higher into the air. "Oh, don't get up," he said, looking at Skye and Duck, still trapped on the ground, "I'll show myself out, thanks." Massive grabbed the table of bars and floated off, laughing as he went.

"Duck! Skye! Can you guys point Tech's gyro up at us?" asked Ace through the comm.

Duck and Skye looked at the cart Tech had kept the gyro in. "No, unless I can do it by lying here and not moving," Duck answered.

"Duck… the Rocket Industries ship," said Skye. Duck slowly turned his head, fighting the powerful force of gravity that pulled him down.

"I'm on it. Hang on guys! Danger Duck is coming to save you!" he declared, teleporting into the ship.

"Yeah… I'll just… stay here…" sighed Skye.

Duck landed over the controls of the ship. "Oh yeah, the Duck has landed! Whoa!" he cried, as his weight dragged him over the controls and into the seat. As he fell into the seat, Duck activated the ship's engines and the ship dove into the air. "Hang on, I'm coming… just as soon as I can steer this thing!" he shouted, trying and failing to life his arm and grasp the steering stick.

"Everyone grab hands!" ordered Ace, as they all grabbed onto each other. Once the ship neared, Slam punched his fist into the side of the ship, dragging the rest of the team with him. "Ok, only one shot at this," said Ace, firing his laser blast into the side of the ship. The heat from the blast burned a hole in the ship as he climbed in and dragged the rest of the team inside with him.

Tech floated over to the main controls and pulled himself into the seat. "Wait, where's Skye?" he asked with worry.

"She's still down below," answered Duck.

"Oh," Tech said, strapping himself into the seat. "Duck's weight has crushed the controls beyond repair, so it's gonna be a rough landing!" cried Tech as Duck shot him a glare. The ship roughly crashed by the Rocket Industries building where their fake event had just been held.

Tech got out of the seat and floated over to the hole Ace made, reaching his hand out and using his magnetism to bring the cart with the gyro closer. "Now to restore us to normal gravity. That's it, come to papa," Tech said, as the gyro radiated a blast that instantly returned them all to normal. The sudden return of normalized gravity brought the Loonatics raining down on each other. Tech rushed out of the ship and grabbed the gyro and frantically searched the area. He immediately spotted the purple light from Massive's gravity powers and ran over to Skye. "Skye! You ok?" he cried.

"Just peachy…" she replied.

"Give me a sec," he said, activating the gyro. He reached his hand out and helped Skye up on her feet as the other joined them. "Well, the gyro works. We have gravity."

"That's Massive: two, good guys: zero," said Lexi, annoyed.

"So we know his powers are all about give and take: making something lighter or heavier," said Ace.

"Actually, he's not making anyone lighter or heavier. He's simply increasing or decreasing the force of gravity on specific objects and people," corrected Tech.

"Like it makes a difference," said Duck, crossing his arms.

"Yes, it does," added Skye.

"Maybe we can find a way to use that against him," said Ace.

"Got that right! It's about time we throw our weight around," remarked Lexi.

"He stole 100 million quazarlinium from the bank, the egg was worth 150 and we just set him up with 200," said Ace.

"So he keeps one upping himself. What's worth more than that?" asked Lexi.

"Not sure… but I know someone who might know," said Ace.

Mist ducked into her apartment window and she crouched as flat as she could against the brick walls until the sound of the sirens disappeared into the distance. She sighed and pulled off her mask before setting down her loot bag.

"You know, I see why you stick to the small stuff." Mist heard a voice in her apartment and snapped her head to the dark shadows by a nearby corner. "You're good enough to outrun a small patrol unit, but anything bigger than that, and you're toast," said Ace, as he came out of the dark corner.

"You! How did you-" Mist cried, frantically looking for her mask.

"I'm pretty good at finding what I need. That seems to be something we share, Rana."

"How? What do you want?" she snapped, growing impatient. "I heard your little sting operation didn't go too well. Back for more advice?"

"Not exactly. I already knew the sting wouldn't work. It would have been far too easy for Massive."

"So if you knew the sting wouldn't work? Why did you even do it? Why come to me for advice for something you knew was going to- Wait a minute. You already had the idea didn't you?" Rana asked, cocking her eyebrow and suspiciously pointing her finger at Ace.

"Haha, you've got me there."

"So, you used Massive as an excuse to get to me," Rana concluded.



"I was hoping to convince you to stop this life of crime," started Ace.

"Oh, of course. You're little hero speech. Well I've got new for you, I don't do this because I want to. I do this because I have to!" she nearly shouted.

"Mom?" Rana and Ace turned their heads to see a little boy with black fur, pointy ears and a tail, holding a teddy bear standing in the doorway. "Why are you yelling?" he asked innocently.

Rana rushed over to the child and knelt down beside him. "Uh, mommy's just talking with someone. Go back to bed, honey."

"Whoa! Ace Bunny!" the boy exclaimed with wide eyes, running over to Ace. "Wow, the leader of the Loonatics! You guys are so cool!"

Ace bent down to the boy's level. "Is that so? What's your name, kid?"

"Felix Nox!" he proudly answered.

"Felix, sweetie, go back to bed while I speak with Mr. Bunny," Rana spoke, lightly pushing her son towards his room.

"Aw, but mom! I wanna talk to Ace Bunny!" Felix whined, lightly stomping his feet.

"Hey Felix, how about this? You let me and your mom have some privacy and I'll let you come to the Loonatics Tower to meet the rest of the team. How does that sound?" Ace proposed to the ecstatic young boy.

"R-really? Promise?" he asked, holding up his pinkie finger.

"Cross my heart," Ace replied, giving Felix a pinkie swear.

"Now, you heard him, off to bed," said Rana, as Felix ran off excitedly into his room.

"Well, that explains a lot," said Ace. Rana snapped her head, ready to fire a derogatory remark at the superhero but he continued speaking. "You're a good mother, Rana. You do whatever it takes to me sure you boy's got food, clothes and a warm bed to sleep in. I get it now."

"So what now?" Rana asked.

"You get some help," answered Ace.

"You don't think I've tried that? I've been to every help center in Acmetropolis but nobody wants to hire a high school drop out on the verge of homelessness with her kid! I can't even afford to send Felix to a good school! I can barely afford to give him everything he needs, everything he deserves," she said, casting a sad look at her son's bedroom door.

"I might know someone who can help," Ace said, hanging her a small card. "You don't have to listen to me. Just do what you think is best for your son. You're a good mother, Rana, but you wouldn't be a very good one from behind bars," Ace said, climbing out the window to leave.

"Good luck with Massive," she said. Ace nodded his head in response before taking off in his jetpack.

"You ready, Tech?" Ace asked. The Loonatics sat in the crowd of the MondoBowl just as the Basherball championship match was about to begin. They had determined that Massive would likely come after the 250 million quazarlinium worth trophy and were lying in wait for the villain to show.

"Yes. These gauntlets use the same gravity stabilization technology as my gyro. I based it off the gauntlets Skye was able to make to subdue Poison Oak. All we have to do is get them on him and no more gravity powers," replied Tech.

The Loonatics looked as the announcer spoke and the match began. The ball flew across the field, changing hands along the way while both teams managed to score on each other. All of a sudden, the ball stopped in mid air and was surrounded by a bright purple glow. The crowd and players gasped in shock and awe.

"He's here," whispered Ace, narrowing his eyes. "Get to your positions!"

Massive suddenly floated into the arena and waved his hand, bringing the championship trophy closer to him.

"Slam, take him down!" ordered Ace, as Slam spun up to Massive and knocked him in the back, causing him to drop the trophy. "Rev, go!"

"All right big guy, let's see how you like having your weight thrown around!" Rev ran over and kicked Massive into the air just as he came falling down. He quickly ran across to the other side of the stadium to kick Massive again.

"Time for you to slow down," said Massive, blasting Rev with his gravity, causing him to fall roughly into the ground. Slam tried to strike Massive from behind again, but Massive used his gravity to send Slam right into the roof. "Not this time big guy!"

Tech flew up to Slam with his jetpack. "Don't worry, Slam. I'll use my gyro to-" Tech stopped when Massive shot him with his gravity powers as well. "Going down…" he muttered, as he rocketed down to the ground below.

"Tech, you ok?" asked Ace.

"Define ok…"

"Hey, hope you don't mind. I'm just gonna borrow these," said Ace, grabbing the gauntlets.

Skye flew over to them and landed just as Ace ran off. "I've got you, Tech." Skye opened her palm and fired a light purple energy wave that enveloped Tech. "Good thing you installed the gyro tech in my arm too," she said, helping him up.

"Yeah, thanks. I'll get Rev, you help Slam," Tech said.

Lexi organized the basherball athletes and fired several balls at them, which she empowered with her brain blast. Massive only recoiled in response for a second before shooting his gravity at them.

"Game's over, Massive!" Ace cried, shooting a laser blast into Massive's back.

"I told you: you can't hurt me!" Massive laughed.

"No, but I'm working on a new number that should be you very uncomfortable. Duck, Lex, Skye, blast him!" Ace, ordered as his laser blast, combined with Lexi's brain blast, Duck's egg and Skye's energy cannon, knocked Massive off into the distance.

"My trophy!" Massive cried, as he flew off. He reached out to grab the trophy with his powers before he burst through the stadium walls and fell into the streets below while his trophy clung to the hole in the wall. "All right, I've had just about enough of-"

"What's the matter, don't like chili?" taunted Duck, who just threw an egg into Massive's face. "You wouldn't see me eating any of that stuff," Duck said casually.

"Oh, you want to lose a few pounds? I can help with that!" Massive said, sending Duck flying.

"Did you get him, Duck?" cried Lexi from above.

"I'm going to have to say no to that one."

"Come on down and join the party!" Massive said as he grabbed Lexi with his powers, bringing her down as she collided with Duck.

"Wait! Don't move, I think we're holding each other in place!" cried Duck as Lexi struggled to get out of his grip.

"Ew! My face is in your armpit!" shouted Lexi in annoyance.

"Now, where was I?" Massive looked up and saw his precious trophy sitting in the hole. "My trophy!" he exclaimed as he used his powers to bring it out of the hole and towards him. "Ha, when are they gonna learn? Massive always gets what he wants," he said with a smirk.

"You know you didn't win that!" said Ace, as he jumped onto the floating trophy, firing his laser beams at Massive. Massive fired his gravity at Ace, but he jumped out of the way and Massive ended up hitting the trophy instead, bringing it crashing down on top of him as a thick cloud of dust covered the area. Massive roughly pushed the trophy off him, but before he could do anything else, Ace locked the anti-gravity cuffs around his thick wrists. "You think these will hold me? You can't control gravity!" Massive shouted.

"Yeah, but they'll do for now," said Lexi.

"All right, the bad guy's been caught. Now let's get back in there and watch the rest of the game!" boasted Duck as the rest of the team groaned gave him disappointing headshakes. "What? I want my money's worth! Is that too much for an action her to ask?"

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