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Recap: Skye and Lexi are fed up with the boys and feel that they don't appreciate everything they do for the team. So, they leave to form their own crime fighting duo and end up doing a better job than the boys.

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"Ah… this is the life: no loud girls messing with my style. Just a cool bachelor pad!" Duck sighed, leaning back onto the couch and putting his feet up on the table.

"This isn't supposed to be a bachelor pad, Duck. And the girls only left because of you!" Tech scolded, "And have you noticed how much of a pigsty this place has turned into since they left?"

"Please, they'll be back crawling on their hands and knees begging us to let them come back by the end of the day!" he boasted.

"Eh, I'm not so sure about that Duck. The girls have been gone for a week AND they're doing a better job at fighting criminals than us! By the time we find out about something and get there, Skye and Lexi will have already caught the crooks!" said Ace.

"They wanted to prove that you guys didn't give them enough credit and they did," added Tech.

"Hey now, don't you mean we?" Duck eyed Tech suspiciously.

"Actually no. I agree with Skye and Lexi."

"What? You traitor!" Duck exclaimed in an overdramatic tone, jabbing his beak right into Tech's face.

"I'm not a traitor and Skye and Lexi are both right. They do most of the work when we're off duty and none of you guys even give them as much as a 'thank you'."

"And you do?" asked Ace.

"Let me put it this way: every morning when you guys come out for breakfast, the machines are all prepped and the food is all ready. That's because Skye gets up earlier than the rest of us to get everything ready. And since I spend my mornings in my lab, she brings me my breakfast and I thank her every single time."

"I knew it! They got to you didn't they? What did they offer you? Tickets to a Basherball game, Galaxyfest? What?" Duck cried.

"They didn't offer me anything. I just agree with them. Look Duck, you started this problem and you're the only one who can fix it. The girls aren't going to come back until you apologize to them and admit that we need them."

"Never!" Duck insisted.

"Then you've dug your own grave. Look, I'm not going to sit here and argue with you guys either. I'm going for a walk," Tech said, making his way towards the elevator.

"Tech's got a point, Duck. You drove the girls away. You might as well do their chores: the dishes need cleaning," said Ace.

"Oh all right. Let's see, add one cup of detergent… Pshaw, yeah right. I'll throw in all the soap and that'll clean everything in a second!" Duck boasted, pouring all the detergent into the dishwasher.

"Uh, Duck I don't think you're supposed to put that much soap in-"

"Sh, let him figure it out," said Ace, interrupting Rev.

"Heheheh, Duck stupid," blubbered Slam.

"Are you serious?" cried Lexi.

"Duck actually thought that if he put more soap into the dishwasher that it would clean faster?" Skye asked.

"You should have seen it when the dishwasher practically exploded on him! He was covered in bubbles! And the dishes weren't even clean; he set it to the wrong cycle. And then… And then he tried to clean it with his eggs!" Tech bellowed, barely able to hold in his laughter while Lexi and Skye leaned so far back into their chairs in laughter that they nearly fell backwards. "The same thing almost happened to me when I was watching it through the security footage in my lab!"

"Oh, I wish I could see it!" Skye said, wiping a tear from her eye.

"Oh, but you can! I sent you both a copy from the security cameras."

"Skye, if you're not going to say it, I will! Best boyfriend ever! HA!" Lexi cheered.

"You got that right," she said, kissing Tech on his nose.

"I should get back to HQ. The guys'll probably get suspicious."

"All right, talk to you soon and thanks for the gear!" Skye waved. "It's nice of Tech to give us some equipment. There's honestly only so much I can do. I'm more of a theoretical mind; Tech's the practical one."

"That's because unlike the rest of those boneheads, Tech actually agrees with us. And thanks to him, we're not falling for Duck trying to trick us into thinking that they are better off without us."

They recognized Zadavia's incoming tune and pressed the button on their communicators as Zadavia's hologram appeared over them. "Ladies, I've just received a message that one of the trains of the Underground Tram Expressway is caught in the middle of a cave-in. The tunnel is collapsing and people are trapped on the train. You must get them out before the tunnel collapses and they are trapped."

"We're on it Zadavia!"

Getting to the tunnel was easy enough. Stations were frequent and they easily dashed down the tunnels with the rockets of their bionic suits. They spotted the train car ahead and saw a large piece of debris on the track that kept it from moving forward.

"I'll start getting people off here. You head to the other end and do the same, then we'll meet in the middle!" Lexi ordered.

"Got it! Be careful of the debris. It doesn't look like the supports will hold long." Lexi and Skye forced the doors of each cart open and helped all the trapped passengers out. "That's all of them, let's get out of here!" But before they could start up their rockets, part of the tunnel in front of them collapsed, blocking their way out.

"No problem, I'll Brain Blast our way through!"

"No, Lexi wait!" However, Skye was too late. Lexi's Brain Blast struck the debris, which made the ground around them shake with a fury. Cracks rippled through the tunnel above them as more debris broke off and surrounded them. "Get down!" Skye cried as she and Lexi ducked to the ground and covered their heads with the arms. When the earth finally stopped shaking, they carefully lifted their arms and stood up. "That last Brain Blast much have set off a chain reaction."

"We're caved in. Best to avoid the Brain Blast until we get out," said Lexi. "Speaking of which, how do we do that?"

"Well we can't blast out way out without burying ourselves and suffocating, so we'll just have to dig," answered Skye.

"That'll take days! Weeks even!"

"It's our only chance."

"Loonatics, we have a problem," Zadavia's hologram appeared on the television screen.

"A problem that the girls don't already know about?" asked Duck.

"This problem concerns them. One of the train cars of the Underground Tram Expressway became trapped as the tunnel structures began collapsing. Skye and Lexi were able to evacuate the passengers, but they are now trapped beneath the debris," she explained.

"Hang on, how come we didn't know about this earlier?" Ace asked.

"Because I informed Skye and Lexi first."

"What? Why would you do that?" Duck shouted before quickly stammering and recomposing himself, "I mean, why did you do that, madam?"

"Skye and Lexi told me of your treatment of them, Duck. I am not one to tolerate gender inequality. I fully supported them and provided them with news before you so as to help them teach you all an important lesson. Well, all of you except Tech that is. Where do you think they got all their equipment from?"

"Tech… you traitor!" exclaimed Duck in an overdramatic tone.

"I'm not a traitor! I already told you that I agreed with Skye and Lexi's point, so of course I would supply them with gear!"

"Plus Skye's his girlfriend so he has to support her!" exclaimed Rev, before quickly clamping his hands on his mouth.

"WHAT?" cried Duck, Ace and Slam.

"Rev, I'm going to kill you!" Tech ran over to grab Rev, who quickly zoomed across the room and out of the way.

"Hang on, you and Skye are dating?" Duck cried, his jaw dropping.

"That is for another day. Time is of the essence Loonatics. Zadavia out."

"Man, I need a break. We've been digging for hours!" exhaled Lexi, plopping onto the ground in exhaustion.

"Yeah, and you've gotten nowhere. Typical girls." Skye and Lexi turned when they heard the familiar sound of Duck's Quantum Quack and saw the duck standing behind them.

"Duck! What are you doing here?" asked Lexi.

"Uh, rescuing you of course. Nice job of getting yourselves stuck by the way," Duck said, examining his nails.

"At least we got here in time to get all the people out!" Lexi retorted.

"So are you going to get us out of here or what?" Skye asked.

"Maybe… if you apologize."

"Apologize for what?" Lexi asked, insulted.

"For throwing a stupid girl fit and wasting all our time with this silly point of yours!"

"It's not a silly point!" Skye added.

"You know, Duck," said Lexi as she grabbed Duck's forearm, "this tunnel isn't that stable. I could accidently fire of a Brain Blast or Skye's arm might malfunction and this whole place could come tumbling down on top of us."

"Yeah," said Skye, putting her arm around Duck's shoulder, "Lexi and I might manage to make it with our bionic armor, but you'd be squashed like a bug!"

"All right, all right! But I won't do anymore dishes!" Duck declared.

"It's either that or the laundry. And you know how stinky Slam's laundry is," said Skye with a wink.

"All right… deal," Duck conceded as he quacked himself and the girls out of the tunnel.

"So I guess what we're trying to say is that we're sorry and you were right. We're lost without you two," said Ace as the two girls sat on the couch before him.

"That's good, Ace, but we'd like to hear it from Duck," said Lexi.

"Ugh… I'm sorry and you both are right. We're lost without you," he muttered.

"We accept your apology," said Skye.

"Now back to more important business: you and Tech are dating?" Duck asked.

"What? How did you-?"

"Rev just couldn't keep his mouth shut," Tech muttered.

Skye turned her head sharply to Rev, glaring at him before jumping out of her seat. "I'll filet you alive!" she shouted as Tech and Ace held her back and Rev zoomed out of her path.

"There's no point, Skye. The cat's out of the bag," said Tech.

"Well I'm happy for you both, just uh, don't let it interfere with the job, eh?" said Ace.

"Of course," Tech and Skye said in unison.

"I still can't believe it…" muttered Duck.

"Believe what, that I have a girlfriend?" asked Tech.

"Not just that, but that you got a girlfriend before me! I'm clearly the most attractive member of the team! I'm a perfect 10!" Duck exclaimed.

"You're a solid 3 and that's with being a Loonatic," said Lexi as the rest of the team laughed with her.

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Next Chapter - Competition: The Loonatics are charged with protecting a princess while her planet is ravaged by civil war. The princess takes an immediate interest in Ace, putting strain on his relationship with Lexi.