YPC5 Stardust pt 1

By Linzey

Beta by Andrusi

Word Count: 1195



It has been three years since the Eternity group has been defeated, and everyone is back were they are supposed to be, and in the Kingdom of Palmier sit our two original leading Palmierians. Both finally getting a break from their jobs to relax and reminisce, though they both try to deny it and work through it, they miss being on Earth.

"COCO, NUTS WHERE ARE YOU!" yelled a bossy but sweet voice.

Both Coco and Nuts shared a look of well there goes our peace and quite. A figure in pink comes hopping over the hill with a rolling travel case coming after her.

"There you two are I have been looking for you everywhere. As your caretaker you two should tell me where you are going or take me along with you." Milk said in a huff. But as she looked onto their faces she knew what the boys were thinking about. "You miss being there with them too. Don't you." She said. They both nodded, and she sat down with them to think about the people and lives they left behind there.

After sometime past another being came over the hill running or waddling at neck breaking speeds. The yellow duckling rushed over to his friends. "GUYS, GUYS, I have an important message. Flora…" "Hello." Said the elegant pink haired woman. "is here."

"Flora!?!" The three of them said in surprise.

"Hello my young friends, we're in grave danger. We are going to need the Pretty Cures again."

(Commercial Beginning break: A little female being with bright teal hair, eyes, and shirt with a teal crystallized bottom haft comes floating across the screen while winking at us as she passes by. Chasing after her are Nozomi holding Coco, Kuruni, Urara holding Syrup, Rin, Komachi holding Nuts and Karen with all of them each holding a butterfly net.)

(Commercial Ending break: You have Nozomi tripping taking out both her and Coco, so they both have swirly eyes. The camera pans up and you see Nuts, Syrup, and Rin sweat dropping, while Kuruni is rolling her eye. Karen is just shaking her head, while Komachi & Urara are reaching down to help Nozomi & Coco.)

"WHAT!?!?!" came out of all four of their mouths.

"Someone has attacked Stardust." Flora said gravely.

"Stardust, that means, did something happen to the Crystal of Life?" asked Coco.

"Yes, there has been an incident with the crystal, someone tried to take it,"

"What, then how are the Pretty Cure going to transform without the power of Life." Said Nuts who was worried about a certain green haired girl.

"Wait, I'm not finished yet, but before the villains could grab it the crystal sphere sent out an energy wave sending all the crystal spokes away towards Earth. Then it disappeared itself going into hiding until it is needed."

"What do we need to do?" Asked Syrup.

"I need you, Coco, & Nuts to go tell the people of Palmier what is happening & that you four are going to leave again to help the Pretty Cures. I need Milk to come with me to Earth right now so she can get her new transformer with the rest of the girls, and so she can tell the rest of the girls what is going on.

Back on Earth

It's nighttime and 17-year-old Nozomi Yumehara is walking by a very familiar building. It is now very dusty like the first time they ever saw it, but the memories of this place will forever stay inside her mind as one of her favorite places to ever be. She misses the closeness that the group of nine used to have. Even the group of five hasn't been spending much time together lately. Karen as usual has been leading Student Council & preparing for college. Komachi is in process of writing a new book that she won't tell anyone what it is about, and like Karen, she is also getting ready for college. Rin has been trying to separate her time between her soccer, her family's store, and her new guy friend who she practices her soccer with. Urara as usual is living up to all her potential, she has been acting in some TV shows, singing in some local musicals, and been preparing herself for her first year of high school. While they other four have been doing this, young Nozomi has been trying to find a new dream to hold onto. She once again has been kicked out of many different groups trying to find a new dream to hold onto. She has found nothing she has really liked yet. She did OK in the arts and craft club this time, because of all the jewelry making the five did at Nuts store, but it did feel right like it did when all of them were together laughing and having fun. She guessed after being the leader of the Pretty Cures anything else just seems to be a little bit boring. It doesn't help matters much that she still is pining for Coco. As she walks away from the store she looks up and notices a meteor shower.

'But the news never mentioned anything like that happening tonight' she thought. While she was looking up she notice a light like one of the meteors heading straight for her. Her eye widens as she backs up, but then the light turns into a very familiar looking pink butterfly. She raises her hand and the butterfly lands on it and changes into a bright pink light that dissolves into an oval shaped gold locket with a necklace. On the front of the locket there is an etching of a star and at each points of the star there is a little indent like there is supposed to be something sitting in there.

When she opened the locket, the star etching glows, and out of the locket come a pink butterfly the bathes Nozomi in pink light, and Nozomi says "Metamorphose." The light surrounds her as she starts to spin. Her knee high socks and boots pop on first then her gloves. She now has a three-layer skirt, bottom is dark pink, the middle is pink, and the top layer is white. Like her first suit this on is a two-piece outfit. The top haft is now a white undershirt covered by a puffy sleeves jacket like she had in her second outfit, but instead of a full length jacket, it is a cropped jacket, and holding the jacket together is the signature butterfly, but that has changed as well, instead of just an oval center jewel the green jewel has changed into a star shape. Then it finally goes up to her hair, her hair is lengthened and is turned into her signature loops, but this time the Yellow butterflies have pink stars in the center of them. And she finishes by saying "Great Power of Hope, Cure Dream!"

She stops and looks at herself and says, "Oh My, AHHH!" she detransforms and pulls out her cell phone and texts to four important people. Get outside NOW! PC5 has been called back into action! Send!

End Pt 1