YPC5 Stardust pt 18

**James' Penthouse**

In the first floor study turned bedroom, a group of black & red headed people stood surrounding a bed that contained a gray headed women, who was very pale & very weak, but she still had this kind smile that could light up a room. But it wasn't working very well on the other people in the room, they still tried to smile back at her.

She spoke in a sweet but tired tone, " I'm happy you all came to say goodbye. And I ask you don't morn for long. I soon will be with my love soon, & I will be happy. I have lived a full life in two beautiful countries, but I will always be eternally grateful to you all for letting me come back to my hometown. I fell in love with America because of my love, who came from there, but I was born here & it is only right I die here as well, so thank you for honoring my last wish. But now I'm very tired, let me have my rest."

As she closed her eyes to go to sleep, the family all left the room, except a teenage boy with red hair who was still standing by the window looking out at the busy city bellow with a tear running down his cheek.

1,2,3,4, Pretty Cure 5 Stardust!

**Week later, Nuts House**

The girls where laying out on top of the roof relaxing from yesterday, when they had another special sale for the summer festival. Rin pulled herself up from her chair & stretched and then said, "Man can you believe that how busy we were yesterday, I think we sold the entire innovatory we had. Poor Kaoru & Daisuke, those boys both joined up at the worse time."

The others nodded to relax to say anything, until Karen stood up from her chair. All heads turned towards her. She saw that & raised her eyebrow. They continued to look at her inquisitively, till she answered, "Sorry guys but I have to leave encase you forgot both Cinq & Langley are putting together a play together for the festival & as Class President I have to look over it before the festival, so I got to go bye." She walked down the rooftop staircase.

As she reached the bottom, she heard Rin voice calling to her, "Say hello to James for us, also try not to kill him today, since none of us will be there to stop you. We don't have enough money to bail you out of jail." She just turned to look up at the group who were all peering over the edge of the roof with cheeky grins on their faces. Karen just shook her head & went back to walking away.

What she heard this time came from Komachi, "Well they could all ways kiss & make up. He did kiss her that one time." Karen just kept walking this time, but with a giant blush on her face & in the background she heard the others giggle & applauding Komachi's uncharacteristically move.

**Langley Academy**

Karen arrived at the auditorium to check out the play. As she looked around she saw the actor looking scared & nervous, she instinctively grabbed for locket encase of danger. But when she figured out what was causing the problem wasn't a Nin-Jin, she let it go.

Standing off to the left side of the stage was James barking at the two directors, whom were both trying to back away from him. She rushed up to them & put her hands on his shoulder to stop him.

James turned quickly & he slapped away Karen's arm. CRACK! When he saw the redness left on her arm, by the hit, he went into shock. Karen rubbed her arm a little bit, she has had worse hits before so it didn't bother her, but it did bother James when he finally broke out of his shock & ran out.

"James!" called Karen. The cast then surrounded Karen asking if she was all right. Karen answered, "I'm fine. But does anyone know what's wrong with James?" Know one knew, all they knew was he came in very depressed & then when he saw one flaw in the play he went off on it.

Out of know where came out a familiar voice, "Does no one read the newspaper anymore?"

"Masuko-san, what do you know." Asked Karen.

"Oh Karen-san, Buckley-san's paternal grandmother just died a few days ago, her funeral is tomorrow at the Toei graveyard." She said.

"Oh my!" She looked at the door that James left threw.

** The next day, Graveyard**

A group of people surround a beautiful stone obelisk that held Granny Buckley's ashes, they all had flowers to place around the gravestone. James & his family greeted the people coming, because this Grandmother was living with them when she died. He kept looking down not meeting anyone's glaze. Some people then walked up to him & the one right in front of him was a girl in navy blue slip-ons holding blue forget-me-nots & she had a light burse on her arm. He knew who this group was.

He looked up to stare into knowledgeable eyes. Surrounding her were five other girls all holding their favorite color of flowers & behind them where five guys nodding to him in apology to his lost. He opened his mouth to apologize to Karen, when she shook her head & offered her arm to him. He took it & led her and the group to front to place their flowers.

After placing their flowers, they all walked off to sit under a sakura tree. Nozomi then said, "I'm sorry about your grandmother, she must been an amazing lady."

"She was." He said.

"You could tell us about her." Said Kurumi.

James got depressed again, & snapped at her by saying, "And how would that help."

"It helped me," Said Urara. He turned to look at her as she continued, "When I lost my mother I was young, but I still went through the feelings you are, but it helped me to talk about her, because if I can talk about her, then I can still keep her memory alive. It also made me not feel so alone, maybe it would work for you as well." Syrup patted her shoulder causing her to lean into him.

James nodded & started talking, "She taught me everything I know about the Japanese culture. She was the person I could always talk to in any situation. She could make me laugh, cry, & feel safe. I have so many stories. Here is one…"

He tells story after story with the eleven of them just listening. Karen grabbed his hand during one of the stories & has yet to let go. By now everyone has left, & it was only the twelve of them as the sun starts going down. He ended with this dandelion story that his grandmother told him.

Karen tugged his hand & he turned towards her, and she asked, "Have you told her good-bye yet. Maybe you should take these to her to do so." She & the other girls lifted their hands to show some dandelions that they picked from the ground. He smiled & took them.

He left them under tree and walked back to the obelisk. He tied the dandelions into a wreath & placed it onto the grave. "Goodbye, Granny." He bowed to her for the last time.

"That was an amazingly hard thing you just did, but it was also the right thing to do." Said the sweet toned voice called to him. He looked around & he found on the opposite side of where he put the wreath was this tiny crystallized person in the color of amber.

She smiled softly & waved at him. He in shock waved back & then about two seconds later.


(Commercial Beginning break: A little female being with bright teal hair, eyes, and shirt with a teal crystallized bottom haft comes floating across the screen while winking at us as she passes by. Chasing after her are Nozomi holding Coco, Kurumi, Urara holding Syrup, Rin, Komachi holding Nuts and Karen with all of them each holding a butterfly net.)

(Commercial Ending break: You have Nozomi tripping taking out both her and Coco, so they both have swirly eyes. The camera pans up and you see Nuts, Syrup, and Rin sweat dropping, while Kurumi is rolling her eye. Karen is just shaking her head, while Komachi & Urara are reaching down to help Nozomi & Coco.)


They all heard the explosion & then they all looked at the lockets to notice Karen's was glowing white & pulling towards the gravesite. They all got up & ran.

Arriving at the graveyard they found a hole marring the land & then saw James backed up against his grandmother's grave with an amber Crystalini in his hands. Also standing on one of the graves was Kaon.

"Hey Hothead," called Rin.

Kaon turned to them & snared, "Well if it isn't the legendary warriors coming to save the day."

"Yep!" Said all the girls. While the girls had her attention the boys moved to get James & the Crystalini. The almost made it when Kaon turned back to them. Her eyes glowed red & she started powering up.

"Hey don't turn your back to us, we are the ones you should be worry about," screamed Kurumi.

Nozomi turned to the girls & nodded it was their only choice. They would just have to trust James to make the right choice. All the lockets glowed their signature color and then, "Metamorphose!" & "Skyrose Translate!" with a flash of colores lights there they were in all their glory.

"Great Power of Hope, Cure Dream!"

"Red Flame of Passion, Cure Rouge!"

"Effervescent Scent of Lemon, Cure Lemonade!"

"Tranquility of the Green Earth, Cure Mint!"

"Blue Spring of Intelligence, Cure Aqua!"

"The Blue Rose is The Secret Mark, Milky Rose!"

The girls did a high jump twist landing in formation between the boys & Kaon. With the girls ready to fight the boys grabbed the gobsmaked James & sweet looking Crystalini.

Kaon glared and pulled out a scroll she threw it & it landed on Granny Buckleys gravestone. "DOU SHA KI! Rise, Kunian, and fight for me!"

"NO!" Yelled everyone.

The Obelisk grew & started to move & roar.

Dream turned to Kaon & pointed at her, "This land is for people to come remember loved one & where those loved ones can finally find peace. And for you to disturb that, we…"

"Will Never Forgive You!" said all the girls fire up for the fight. The girls split right down the middle with Dream, Lemonade, & Aqua going after the Kunian, while that others went after Kaon.

**Kunian Battle**

The Kunian threw stones at them, so the girls had to dodge left & right. Then Aqua & Lemonade got close enough to spin kick it.

Then James voice called out, "Be careful with it inside of it is my granny's ashes." The rest of the boys grabbed him & pulled back to safety, while shaking their heads at his insanity of running into a battle.

The girls called back, "We know & it'll be ok!"

The Kunian did see where the boys where at so it turned to attack them. The boys looked on as a giant boulder was sent at them. Aqua jumped infront of them & threw out her attack, "The rock-crushing power of a young girl's outpourings...take this! Pretty Cure Aqua Meteor Shower." The blue butterflies pounded in the rock turning it into dust.

With the Kunian's attention drawn away from her, Lemonade took her shot. "The bursting power of a sparkling girl...take this! Pretty Cure Lemonade Sunbeam!" The beam hit the kunian in the back with a direct hit, causing the Kunian to be frozen.

Dream then knew it was her turn to finish it. "The great potential of a young girl's dream...take this! Pretty Cure Dream Stardust!" The stardust found the scroll at the very top of the obelisk. With the scroll gone, the graveyard went back to it peaceful calm.

**Kaon vs. Cures**

Rouge & Kaon were figthing in hand to hand combat, because unlike everyone else Kaon's firewall around her doesn't hurt Rouge. Fire can't hurt fire. But cheating quickly throwing a fireball at her teammate, so she is distracted so she doesn't see the sucker punch coming, does hurt. Rouge is knocked to the ground & Kaon starts to create a fire bomb to drop onto Rouge, but before she can do it Mint comes to Rouge's rescue.

"The earth tremors of a young girl's anger...take this! Pretty Cure Mint Planetary Pull!" The green butterfly forms a dome around Kaon & keeps in movement that makes her drop her bomb which brakes her out of the dome & sends her flying again. And to make matters worse for her, Rouge & Rose decides to give her a proper send off by combining their powers. "Let burst a snowstorm of roses, envelop the evil power! Milky Rose Sky Petal Rings!" & "The powerful flame of a young girl's pure heart...take this! Pretty Cure Rouge Comet!" combined together to make rings of fire that shoot at Kaon sending her even farther.

They then went to join back up with the others. When they found them, they saw James pacing back & forth freaking out.

"Ok, somebody explain this to me NOW!" he screeched.

"Alright," said the sweet voice causing everyone to look at the Crystalini. "These girls have amazing heart that where good enough to be picked for an amazing destiny, adventure, & power, because of the compassion that they have for life. They help people even when don't have use their powers. Hello Aqua, I'm Compassion & it was your willingness to help this boy through his pain that called me. You're probably wondering why you were chosen for me aren't you."

Aqua nodded her head, because this one could have match anyone of them.

"Because if you remember back to when you were chosen by Nozomi. She chose you because you cared more about your parents then you did yourself & that is true compassion in many peoples eyes. I think it's time for me to join the others, but before I go. James," James looked straight at the Crystalini, "Don't forget how they helped you today. They do this to keep everyone safe, so keep their secret, Ok."

"Yes." He said nodding to her.

Compassion then turned into the amber gem join both the celdon & sky blue gems that Karen already had.

End pt 18