Chapter 1

I can't sleep. It's dark outside but I can hear the TV on in the other room. Tomorrow is the first day of school and I'm freaking out. I'm in year 12 now. It's the last year of high school. It has to be the best one. I decide to go get a glass of water. I slowly get out of bed. The wooden floor is cold under my feet. My brother is fast asleep in the next room and I can hear his snores. I grab a glass from the cupboard. From the kitchen I can clearly hear my mum and dad talking in the lounge room while the TV is on.

"She thinks that life is easy and she's getting everything she wants. She will never survive on her own" I hear my mum saying.

"She will soon learn. Just give her time." My dad says defending me.

"No she won't. We learnt from when we were little kids. She is 18 now and these schools let them get off easy. We grew up were teachers are tough on us so that we can learn to do things on our own" What were they saying, that I was weak?

"So what do you suggest we do? That we send her to Sri Lanka?" My dad says sarcastically.

"Well, of course not, she will hate it there. But we have to do something" My mum says with a sigh.

That's when I lost it. "I can take it. I will go live in Sri Lanka for a whole semester." I said as calmly as I could.

"Amanda! How long have you been listening?" My mum said panicking a little.

"Long enough. Don't think I can handle life without you guys to help me? Well I'll prove you wrong." I said feeling the adrenaline rush. Mum and dad both looked like they were about to fall of their seats, eyes popping, mouths dropped. A few moments past while they processed what I had just said. I started to imagine myself in Sri Lanka. Driving to School in my M3, all the cool parties that parents usually wouldn't allow, hanging out with the popular group...

"Certainly not! You will not go to another country without an Adult!" My mum said trying – but not succeeding – to shout.

"I am 18 now, not a little kid like you said." You could hear the venom in each word. "I will live with nana and go to school with Jesse" I suggested.

"No way am I letting you..."

"Let her go Michelle" My dad interrupted. My mum looked like she was about to scream.

"Fine. Do want you want" and with that she walked out of the room.