Chapter 6

In English first period, I had Mr. Dinkin. He was about 50 – 60 years old. He had grey hair and bluey-grey eyes. He kept cracking jokes that were actually funny. First he did the roll and then he had an announcement. "So, this Friday night is the autumn dance. A notice is going around advertising price of tickets and the rules of suitable clothing. The money you pay for tickets will go to the MS society. MS is a ..."

After all of the announcements the rest of the day went as usual. When lunch came around I went strait to the gym to tryout for the gymnastics team. I did gymnastics in Australia and didn't want to fall behind. When I walked into the gym, all of the mats were placed on the floor and the Bars, Vault and Beam were already set out. There were about 20 kids already in the gym they all started whispering to each other when they saw me. It wasn't as annoying anymore because it was the same everywhere I went.

I walked up to the teacher who was in the Sports storeroom. "Excuse me. My name is Amanda. I'm new at the school and I would like to tryout for the gymnastics team." I said trying to hide the shake in my voice. I was so nervous. The gymnastics coach was big and what if she said no. That would be so embarrassing.

"I'm Ms. Tara. Have you ever done gymnastics before?" she asked without looking at me.

"Yes. I did gymnastics for a club in Australia." I said louder. Finally she looked at me.

"Do you have something else to wear? I mean you look great but how can you do your routines in that?" She said indicating my jeans.

"Yeah I brought my leggings. Do you want me to go and change?" I asked loosening up a little.

"Yeah that would be a good idea." She said.

I headed strait to the change rooms with my handbag. Ms Tara was really nice. I was definitely in. I changed into my black long leggings and went back outside.

"What level are you in Amanda?" Ms Tara shouted from the other side of the gym.

"Level 4" I shouted back. I walked to her. She was standing next to the bars. All the other kids were stretching near the bars staring at me. It was very uncomfortable.

"Wow. Level four? Do you need spotting?" Ms Godfrey said amazed.

"No. I'll be ok." I answered.

"Let's see what you got." She said indicating for me to start.

As soon as my hands were on the bar, it was like it was only me in that room. I had done this routine a million time before. Kip, cast, back hipcircle, tuck on, 2 Swings, pullover and fly away. When I finished it all came back to me, all the eyes staring at me. I could feel the blood rushing to my face. "That was amazing. How did you learn to do that soo well?" said a guy with Black hair and red tips.

"At my old gym in Australia." I said quietly. I kept looking at the floor and biting my lip.

"That was fantastic Amanda. How about we do this tomorrow because class is about to start." Ms Tara said.

She was right. Kids were already coming in. Amongst them, Nate was looking my way. I smiled and walked to him. "Hey, Nate." I said.

"Hey" He said looking at me. I could see the sadness in his eyes. This was the time I was dreading.

"Nate about yesterday, I'm..." he stopped me.

"I don't want to talk about it" He said looking away from me.

"Ok" I said a bit uncomfortable. "Well..." I wasn't sure what else to talk about.

"Are you going to the dance this Friday?" He asked looking back at me.

"Um...I was actually thinking of skipping it." I said not knowing what else to say. Was he going to ask me to go with him?

"Why?" He asked. He looked really interested in what I was going to say.

"At my old school things like this were pretty boring" I answered. It's true. The last dance we had was so boring; my friends and I went to a night club instead.

"Not our dances. There is dancing and punch and ..." Nate couldn't seem to think of anything else that was fun.

"I like punch" I said laughing. "But I don't have a date and I don't really have a group of friends to tag along with." I said looking at the ground.

"I don't have anyone to go with. Would you go to the dance with me?" He said. His eyes locked with mine and it was like no one else was in the room. It was like he was looking into my soul. I didn't know what to say. My heart was pounding 2000km per minute. My lips had gone dry.

"Yes" was all I was able to say. He laughed and took my hand. His hands were warm around mine.

"Come on, we've got to stretch." said Nate.

We went through that lesson talking about plans for the dance and about passed dances. Five minutes till school ends and I realized that we were going to leave and won't see each other till tomorrow. The same urge from the afternoon before came back and I didn't want to leave him. "So, do you want a lift home?" I asked hopeful that he would say yes.

"How can I say no? Your car is awesome." He said with enthusiasm. I wave of relief went through me. The bell went and he went to his locker to get his bag. I got changed and waited for him outside. I started to think of things we could do. Yesterday we went to the beach and ate. Today we could... walk around the shops, hag out at his place, go to a restaurant...