Chapter 16


I awoke mid day. I pulled on my cloak and walked down the hall to the kitchen. Sitting in the kitchen was Kisame and Itachi. I guessed they had returned earlier today. They spoke amongst themselves. I walked out into the living room to find most of the others watching TV. It was some old movie or something, I didn't bother to try and figure out what it was exactly. I walked back into the kitchen.

"Itachi? Kisame? Where's Chikara?" I asked simply. "Probably in the shower or something, she was complaining about being wet and covered in blood…" Kisame stated simply. I raised an eyebrow at Kisame's casual response.

"Apparently we were being tracked, She finished him off…" Itachi said before popping his dango in his mouth. I nodded and left the kitchen. I knocked at the large wooden door to Pein's office. "Pein?" I called through the door. "Come in Konan…" He stated simply.

I entered his office, closing the door behind me. "Hey Pein…" I said simply, walking across the room. "Hey Konan…" He responded, not looking up from his paperwork. "What's that one?" I said gesturing to the form in his hand. "The next mission…" He stated still not looking up. I nodded and sat on one on the chairs across from his desk.

There was a knock at the door. Our heads turned with ninja speed in unison to face the door. "Who is it?" Pein called. "Pein-sama? Un…" The familiar light male voice asked from the other side of the door.

I stood up. "I'll let you two talk in peace…" I said before reaching the door. I opened the door and walking past the blonde with a smile.

I headed back to my room, entering my peaceful sanctuary. I sat on my bed, folding paper in the light of the bright sun, shining through my window.

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