As a forward, I would like to give credit to the upcoming Nightmare on Elm Street movie. I was watching the NOES trailer before Clash of the Titans, and when the trailer popped up, I could not resist the thought. Well this rolled around in my mind, gestated for about 2-3 days, and then this story popped out.

Location: Northern Ireland

"I've got the little bugger in sight master! He's fast." Seras, in hot pursuit, raced through the lesser and ever receding "woods" outside of Newcastle. She raced on foot after something which has been most troubling for residents. Nothing large scale, but after a long enough time, incidents began to build up and overlap into something larger.

"Police girl, you're too slow, hardly moving like a vampire." Alucard's velvet voice rumbled through Seras's mind, she knows he's hardly anywhere far from her.

"Master, you're the one who forbade me to use any weapons, if I had a rifle this would be over by now."

Alucard's sneer echoed in his thoughts, and a visible pair of red eyes filled a darkness within the shadows of Sera's mind. "A vampire does not need such a human tool for this simple of a task. Catch the leprechaun, these are your orders."

Seras could only sigh inwardly, so far the little bugger has managed to elude her every attempt at physically catching it. Every time she would get close, her fingers just brushing his coat, he'd just become intangible. Her eyes followed his movements as though he were darting in any direction. Leprechaun magic, bah. She thought to herself, then TREE! A few loose twigs and leaves fall from the impact, but the otherwise stalwart tree betrays no further damage. The young vampire of Hellsing tenderly clutches her head for a moment while she heals and a chuckle fills her mind. This has been a frequent incident, but this was the final straw, she reached inside for what is different from humans, and her bright blue eyes grow crimson and shadows seep from her body. Alucard's perpetual melancholy smirk widened as the shadows spread to where the leprechaun was hiding, her trap sprung, the poor creature is swallowed. There is no denying it will go nowhere, much similar to how one catches a fairy in a net to nullify their enchantments, leprechauns are susceptible to the old box and twig deal.

"Well done." The monster relinquishes, "It only took you half an hour..." Not a smirk covers his face.

Normally, humans would be sent out for this sort of mission, but from the messes this particular beast made of a few residents' homes, Sir Hellsing deemed it necessary to dispatch Seras. Alucard only followed along to watch and develop his fledgling.

Carefully Seras coalesced the black bubble into a fist and in her hand, she held a tiny little man. Contrary to the traditional marketing of Leprechauns, this little mischief maker found a way to trick and then devour the flesh of humans as a means of increasing his particular influence over luck. As the luck of Hellsing would have it, Vatican Section XIII was willing to turn their noses up on such a little thing as leprechaun "mischief". Turns out, it got pretty big at times, like now, when it was trying to force its growth out of Seras's fist. Then it tried biting its way out, but the substance of shadowy blood did not suit his tastes as it choked on her. Then it spoke, "Okay, you've got me, let me go and I'll give yeh my gold." Seras raised an eyebrow, but Alucard cut her short, 'take it to Integra' was what his look said, Seras did not falter.

Sir Integral Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing was not one for fancies, fantasies or charades. One second of looking at the little beast told her what she needed to know, a priest of the Anglican Church was present as well, and he began his prayers of blessing and purification. It was then the leprechaun began to scream a scream as dreadful as those of the mandrake, but without the deadly properties. With his last breath, he gave a curse on those present, his pointed teeth fell out and he exploded, needless to say it was a gory mess. The priest wiped his clothing of the icor said his farewells and departed. Alucard stepped away from in front of Integra, and Seras, who held the culprit, caught the explosion full force in the arm, which acted as a shield of sorts.

Before dawn, Seras retires to her chambers, avoiding Alucard and the waking members of the Hellsing morning shift, she settle down with the most recent edition of the news. Newcastle's grotesque murders weren't even front page news, the Round Table's influence no doubt. Hardly a mention of it at all if you can call the paragraph an article. Seras sighed, her confrontations with death has made he numb to many of the normal plights of humanity. Aging was not a concern for her, and she has seen so much death, it is only the wasting of life not lived that bothers her, if it does at switches to more international news, only to discover a few stories about some mysterious sleep related deaths with some young adults in America, possibly from some new drugs, the article stated. Britain was already o the look out for it. Still a few details were given and they did not read like anything that could just happen in sleep. It seemed more like Father Anderson found an atheist, and then resolved the issue at hand. She had her doubts such acts of violence were performed by the Catholics, as their influence was waning in America, mush as with the rest of the world. What with their own political troubles.

Her internal alarm went off and it was time for her to go to coffin, "Hells bells toll". She chuckled as the sudden reference crossed her mind.

Little did the vampire know, hells bells were tolling and they found their mark with a curse.

Well this idea hit me and it is going somewere, those of you who know something because I talked to you about it don't go spoiling it to those who haven't.

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