In her room, it was dark. Darkness is always all encompassing, it embraces all, never discriminating against anyone, anything, idea, or action. Vampires are creatures born of darkness, and darkness is chaos. Maybe this is what is the deepest fear within human beings, fear of chaos, what cannot be controlled or is unknown.

Perhaps this is why Seras found her body aching and tingling throughout. Her body moved almost of its own accord in the dark; she twisted and turned, distorted and contorted. Her breathing escaped her lungs in bated breath, not out of necessity of air, but from the sheer ecstasy in the dark. Her coffin opened, and her torso rose over the lid, while it moved in rhythm.

She let out a gasp, "Master!" Her well endowed figure shook as she was overcome by orgasms, her hands squeezed imprints into the coffin's rim. Her head rocked back and forth, red eyes aglow. Then, with the lull which followed her body's scream of pleasure, her tongue's considerable length became apparent as she rent it seductively about her consort's frame. White cotton gloved hands grasped her upper arms as they pulled the torso of a 500 year old Wallache General, which rose to stand impossibly tall in comparison to the small coffin from which it came forth.
His bride gazed upon at him with the eyes of a satisfied woman, which soon began to grow heavy lidded. It reminded him so much of death taking her, her features became as placid as those of a corpse. He set Seras inside her coffin, and secured the lid then left for his own chambers.

The years have taught Seras Victoria much of the charms of a sex life. Alucard still knew more about the pleasures of the flesh than most creature walking this Earth, and never failed to bring his knowledge upon his childe in response to either's whim.

Seras began to dream, and so Alucard, this time, watched from within her thoughts as a shadow in her memories. Her dreams took her to a time after the London invasion of '99. Part of the recovery actions taken by Hellsing to bolster personnel, they turned to foreign allies for assistance. As risky as it was for Integra to invite so many personally interested agents of self-interested governments, she knew that hired help would not be as useful in matters of experience. France, America, Russia, and China all agreed to assist with her roster in these matters. The British Government was back logged as it were with the rebuilding; there were hardly resources to allocate soldiers and specialists without proper training. The round table was short on resources for repression in response to an upsurge in paranormal activities, normally this they could easily suppress. In came Leon Scott Kennedy from America, he made Seras into a real woman, curing her of that disease of virginity. Shortly after, he died during a joint operation raid on a corporate group using the reconstruction of London as a front for other more insidious purposes. From there more and more supernatural forces made their way out of the woodwork, and onto the forefront of Hellsing's cross-hairs.

Her dream took her back to those sterile hallways and mysterious puzzle doorways, which she plowed through like tissue. Ghouls were infesting the place, and she expected the Vampire controlling them to eventually reveal himself. Leon was working the rear, coordinating alongside the representatives of the other countries, and ensuring minimal losses while cleaning up the remaining Ghouls left in Seras' wake. She reached the end, only to having found only a large room with a large glass tube in the center, the tube remained empty at the ready for whatever it was supposed to contain.

A scratching sound fills the air around Seras, like metal on metal. The grinding was coming from everywhere and nowhere at once.

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