Himself to Blame

Stoick watched on longingly as his son's dragon draped an elegant black wing around the boy as the boy started to cry. The wing slowly but surely pulling his son into the warm and unconditional comfort and love that Toothless had come to represent for Hiccup.

Stoick felt ashamed as another shot of jealousy shoot up through his veins.

He wanted to be the one that Hiccup turned to for comfort and for advice, not the fire-breathing lizard that was his son's best friend. Albeit, it was because of that lizard that they were managing so well in the war against the pirates but he couldn't help but feel some resentment.

Fathers were suppose to comfort their sons when they lost friends to war. Fathers were suppose to be the ones to give their sons advice on how to battle. Fathers were suppose to help their sons when their son lost a limb in mortal combat. Fathers were suppose to be able to rely completely on their sons in return.

Fathers were suppose to help their sons and sons were suppose to help their fathers.

Still he stood silently as Toothless managed to pull Hiccup into an awkward embrace that only a Night Fury could give and as his son cried broken heartedly at his loss. Lowering Hiccup to the ground and curling around him protectively as Hiccup had cried himself to sleep.

Watched as Hiccup and Toothless practiced their flying and aerial combat. Then later at dinner as people gathered around the two and started to ask questions Hiccup and Toothless would converse about their various mistakes in the practice.

Saw as Toothless had acted as his son's crutch, always there to catch him when he lost balance with his fake leg. Watched as Hiccup started to walk less and less and fly more and more.

Somewhere along the way he had lost that right and now could only watch on in regret as his son relied solely on his dragon. Watching on in longing as Toothless allowed himself to rely on Hiccup in return. He looked on with envy at their equally dependant relationship, a relationship that he would never have with his son.

And the worst part was he only had himself to blame.