Rating: K+

Genre: Romance/Comedy

Author's Note: A note to the readers: there's no blood spilling or the act of killing. The chapter title is just the chapter title. If you read the chapter, the title will make sense. Well, I didn't want to stray this much from the light, romantic comedy I had planned but… this is just how things worked out. I want the next chapter to somehow be warm and friendly but… I'll try. Anyway, read, review, and please enjoy.

Operation: Riku

Chapter 3

Can You Kill Me Now?

We finally made it… Have I ever felt so tired before?

Our group was on the ground and before we knew it, a giant puddle had formed around us from our wet clothing. Man, why do I feel extremely hot and cold at the same time? I started to shiver.

Before anyone could recover, we heard footsteps coming from upstairs. I looked toward the sound and saw a girl with short brown hair staring with wide, worried, and a bit surprised pair of eyes. Her mouth slightly opened. She quickly ran downstairs toward us. As she did so, I suddenly felt jittery and my heart couldn't stay still. Was it because I hadn't seen her for a while? It must be…

"Risa! Are you okay?! I was just about to have someone pick you up!" cried Riku, rushing to our side. Seeing that we were all dripping wet from the snow, she ran to the nearest bathroom for towels.

Risa sneezed softly.

"Bless you." Daisuke said, getting up with much trouble. His pants were soaking wet which made everything that much harder for him. Well, for me too.

"Thank you." Risa replied, getting up herself with Satoshi's help. Looking out toward where Riku ran away to, she called out to her older sister. "Sorry Riku, but everyone wanted to come visit you today so we all walked."

Riku came back with several towels in her hands. As she handed one to Satoshi, she looked at everyone mysteriously. "In this kind of weather? Why the sudden need to visit?" she asked with raised brows.

Should I say something?

"Uh, I… We were all worried since you haven't been to school for two days." I explained, avoiding Riku's gaze.

"Oh, that's what it was?" she laughed. "No, don't worry; I'm fine, just fine. Anyway…"

Riku peered outside the window with a worried expression in her eyes. "The weather forecast said that the snow storm won't stop for a while… So, if you all don't mind, please make yourselves at home," she smiled nervously.

Satoshi threw his towel over his head. "By the looks of it, the power for this area will probably be interrupted by the storm."

"Don't jinx it, Satoshi…" Daisuke warned uneasily.

"Oh, don't worry." Satoshi replied. "The power for this house is stable. It'll be at least a few more hours before everything shuts down. That includes all electricity and we'll be lucky if the water doesn't freeze in the pipes-"

"Okay, who's ready for a shower?!" Risa interrupted, clearly worried about what Satoshi said.

If I didn't know any better, I'd say he was teasing everyone. I eyed him eerily, imitating the way he did for me back at school.

"Dark, why do your eyes look so dead?" Riku asked, looking into my eyes.

Crap, I'm not feeling so good right now.

"No reason. Just trying to imitate someone." I laughed.

"Hmm…" was all she said. She handed me a towel and my fingers accidentally brushed against hers.

It may just be because I'm freezing cold right now but, her fingers felt really warm.

"Your fingers are freezing, Dark!" Riku cried, taking my hand.

Yikes! She has the courage to do that to a guy? I thought only guys could do that. Being on the receiving end of things felt strange for me since I was always the one giving things away.

"But that's only because your lovely hands are so warm." I said with a majestic smile. If I was acting humble, Riku sure didn't notice… or care.

"Take a bath before you catch a cold," she commanded.

What's with this dizzy feeling in my head?

"Are you sure? This isn't my house." I commented.

"That doesn't matter! What matters is that I don't want you getting sick!"

"Uh, Riku…"


"Too- late…"

I felt my strength being released from me as temperatures of both hot and cold entered my lifeless body. Before I crashed onto the floor, I felt someone's warmth against my body, holding me up.

I can't believe I blacked out in front of her.


Someone's there…


I can hear their voice…


Who is it?


I opened my eyes but was greeted with an extremely bright light and quickly shut them again.

I was lying on a bed. I felt warm and dry. Blankets were covering my body and I had a feeling that the storm outside was still raging like mad. As I kept my eyes closed, I groaned because I felt an incredible sensation of light-headiness.


I heard a cute and familiar laughter next to me. I wanted to see who it was but because I couldn't get my eyes to open again, all I saw was darkness.

I felt someone's small and warm hand place itself atop my forehead. Who is it? Their hand felt so soft and kind. I almost wished to myself that it was Riku who was next to me. The person removed their hand from my skin and I was left with an empty feeling in my heart.

"R… Riku?" I muttered. Something must have been wrong with me because if I was my normal self, I would have never whispered her name aloud. Was I being delusional because of my cold?

"Yes?" someone replied.

I forced my eyes to open, almost hoping to see her the moment I woke up.

"Finally, Dark, you awake now?" Daisuke asked, leaning over me with wide eyes.

Kill me now.

"You…" I muttered, my voice dry and crackly.

"What was that?" he asked, leaning his ear in toward my mouth.

"Bastard!" I shouted at the top of my lungs.

Daisuke jumped away, knocking over the stool he was sitting on. He was grinning at me. Why the hell was he grinning?!

"Were you expecting someone else?!" he asked, trying to keep in his laughter.

"What are you talking about?!" I snapped angrily, sitting up from the bed.

"Dark!" came a sudden voice from the corner of the room.

I quickly turned my attention to whoever it was and saw Riku. My heart felt like it would jump out of my chest because of her. I held it in place with my hand. Why was she here?! Oh, yeah, this is her house…

"Dark, are you okay?" she asked, walking towards me.

"Y-yeah." I replied, touching my forehead.

From the ground, I heard Daisuke snicker when I touched my head. I cast him a glare which clearly but silently told him, "Get out. Now. And shut up while you're at it."

Daisuke, reading my face like a book, quietly breathed in and out and finally, after much delay, left the room.

Riku waited for everything to settle down before picking up the stool and setting it down next to my bedside. She sat on her, looking intently into my eyes. Man, does she do that to everyone she knows? It's nerve wracking! I suddenly felt nervous being with her.

Just then, I remembered why I had come to her house in the first place: to find out how she feels about the boy who confessed to her.

My spirits sunk down again. Why am I making myself feel depressed? First of all, why am I even depressed when I think about Riku dating other guys? Should I even care about that? Thinking this, I realized that I had no real reason to be here… except for the fact that I… I what? What's wrong with me?

Has my cold made me this delusional already?

"Dark?" Riku called to me, almost in a whisper.

"Y-yeah?" I replied. I need to think of something to say. I should just ask her and get out. Being here is making me feel uneasy. But even knowing this, I couldn't bring myself to ask about her feelings.

I changed the subject.

"Where are the others?"

"They're in the living room. After you passed out from your cold, Daisuke and Satoshi changed your clothes and put you to bed. Everyone else is already washed up."

No… Did she just say… 'Daisuke and Satoshi changed your clothes'?

I shivered and pulled the blankets up toward me.

"You were asleep for a while. About three hours," she explained.

"Oh, wow. I can't believe I just knocked out like that. That's really un-cool, especially since it's me, Dark." I covered my face with my hand in shame.

"Well, it's because you're Dark that I worried about you. Even if you're 'cool', or 'un-cool', I wouldn't have acted any differently than I am now."

My heart felt like it would fly away from me.

"So, what's been going on with you? You don't look at all sick." I joked.

Riku turned her face from me, furiously red with embarrassment. "If I told you, you'd just make fun of me!" she said.

"Try me."

My heart was headed back towards my body now.

Riku looked at me, un-persuaded by my natural acts. I sighed and smiled at her, showing her the true me. To this, she turned her body to face me but she kept her head down, staring at her tightly wound fists.

"About… three days… ago?" she started.

The wings of my heart felt like they were painfully burning within myself.

"One of my friends…"


"Told me he…"


"…Liked me…"

Kill me now.