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This one happens three months after Booth woke up from his coma. But differently from the show, he wasn't only 4 days in coma, but three months. I think this is all you need to know by now.

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"Her name was Alice Jean McCann, she was 28 years-old when she was murdered. Hodgins found out she died seventeen days ago. Marks on her wrists suggested she was tied to a wall for a long time before being murdered." Dr. Temperance Brennan told her partner at the Royal Diner, a place where they would go to have lunch almost daily.

They were working on a new case. A woman was found dead in an abandoned farm two hours away from Washington. The owner had been dead for five years and his only son had moved to Australia a few months after that, not caring about the lands. The remains were found by a group of kids who were playing near the lake.

"That means torture. It doesn't make things look any better for the asshole who killed her. We are not dealing with a passionate murder or an accidental one. It was all predicted." Agent Booth clenched his jaw thoughtfully before taking another bite of his steak. After years on this duty, it was still hard to accept some people could be so evil. "Any guesses on cause of death?"

"You know I don't do guesses, Booth." Brennan said. "We found scratches on her pelvic bone, which means she was forced to have sexual intercourse against her will." She added sadly. "The histology report showed decreased bone mass and a marked deficiency in calcium. He was letting her starve. Her right leg was broken and Cam found that there was still blood flux when that happened. Her right hand's middle finger phalanges were ripped, also when she was still alive. Traits on her left hand suggest that she tried to stop the aggressor. She was undernourished, weak, raped, fingerless and broken legged. He left her on the grass like a dirty and useless shoe. She bled to death."

"Bastard." Booth said between his teeth. He would catch the jerk. Since he and Bones started working together, they never lost a case. This wouldn't be the first. "A psychopath. We caught the Gravedigger just a few months ago and now we have another crazy one to get. It's like it never ends."

The old woman sitting in the nearest table looked at them disapprovingly. Booth gave her an apology gaze. Sometimes they forgot some subjects like that shouldn't be shared in public places. Especially in a place where people would usually be eating.

The waitress took off their dishes.

"We'll catch him too, Booth. We always do." Brennan assured him.

"Yes, we will. We aren't called the best crime fighters, quote yet an unlikely match close quote, in the country for nothing." He smirked.

Brennan felt nauseated when Booth's apple pie was placed in front of them.

"Gee, Bones, you don't need to look like you're gonna puke. I know you don't like pies but-" He rolled his eyes.

"It's just the smell…" She brought her hand to her mouth. "It really nauseates me."

"Awesome, Bones, just awesome. You can talk about dead bodies and terrible murders while having lunch; you deal with smelly remains all day. But my apple pie makes you sick." Booth said offended.

"I'm sorry, Booth." She looked up and breathed deeply, trying to make the nausea go away. It's been like this for almost three months now. "It was supposed to stop two weeks ago. I don't know why I'm still feeling like this."

"What? It's been happening often?" Booth asked worried. "Are you sick?"

"No, I'm not sick." Brennan looked at him like he was crazy. "It's a common thing to feel nauseated in my state. But my doctor said it was going to stop after the first trimester."

"Wait a min-" Booth choked with his pie. Nauseas. Doctor. First trimester. "Are you pregnant?"

"Yes." She said like it was a very known and not important fact and took a sip of her water. The bad feeling had finally gone away.

"You're pregnant?" Booth repeated.

"Yes, Booth. I just said I am. Are you having hearing problems? Maybe you should see your doctor again, three months in coma can give you some damages. You did have memory issues… maybe there is something with-" She started saying but he cut her off.

"My hearing is working perfectly fine, Bones. I just repeated because I didn't believe when I first heard." He said still in shock.

"I don't lie. You would know if I was lying, anyway." She shrugged.

How could she act like that? Like it wasn't huge news? But, most of all, why on Earth she didn't tell him she was expecting a child?

"How far are you?" He asked. Maybe she just found out. Maybe that's why he was still unaware of the situation.

"Three and a half months." She opened a smile. In that morning, she finally saw a little glimpse of a bump in the mirror. People who didn't know would think she just gained a little weight, but she knew it was her little baby starting to show he (or she) came to stay and that made her feel irrationally, yet wonderfully, happy.

"Three months?!" Booth spilled coke all over the table. Three and a half months! Knowing Bones, he knew she was aware of the pregnancy for at least two months already.

Oh no.

Now it was his time to feel nauseated. Three and a half months ago he was still in coma. How could she go and find a man while he was in that hospital bed? How could she get knocked up with another man's baby? He knew they weren't romantically involved (didn't mean he didn't want them to be), but she asked him to give her a baby just before he found out about the tumor. She said she didn't want a baby anymore if didn't want her to. Why would she change her mind so quickly? Unless the baby wasn't planned… yeah, that was probably what happened. An unplanned baby. Not that it made him feel any better. She was still having someone else's child.

"Why didn't you tell me?" He asked hurt.

"I told you you wouldn't have to be involved in my baby's life." Brennan explained. "I am having a baby, it's not like the rest of the world is. This is my responsibility."

"But I am your partner!" He cried. All the faces in the diner turned to them. Brennan bit her lips and looked down. Booth lowered his voice. "And I thought I was your friend."

"You are my friend, Booth." She told him. How could he think he wasn't her friend?

"It doesn't seem like it. Friends share big news like this." He said still feeling betrayed.

"I'm sorry, Booth. I didn't know it was something so important to you." She raised her head to look at him and pursed his lips.

" How long ago did you find out about it?" Booth wanted to know.

"Hmm… I know since three weeks after the fertilization." She said after thinking for a while. She never knew she would be so happy seeing a positive pregnancy test in her life. But she was. She realized she wanted to be a mother and now her wish was coming true. If everything went well, in less than six months she would have a beautiful and extraordinary baby.


"Fertilization?" Booth gasped. Everything started to round inside his head. He felt like his brain was being shaken up on a surgery again. "You had fertilization?"

"Yes." She creased her eyebrows. Why was he reacting like this? It's not like he didn't know she wanted to have a baby through in vitro fertilization. "You allowed me to use your sperm donation just before you entered the operation room."

Booth's face went completely white. His heart stopped. For a moment, he forgot how to breathe.

"Booth? Are you okay?" Brennan reached her hands to hold his now cold ones. He was looking everything but okay.

Blood started running again inside his veins when he felt her warm hands against his. He finally remembered how to talk:

"A- are you telling me that the baby you are carrying is mine?"