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"The right to be a god, that right is mine, and mine alone. With the right, I shall write for this world with my right hand because I have the right to be a God. And since its my right, I shall write. I shall write with my right hand because I, Albert Wesker, have the right! None of you fools can stop me now, Albert Wesker said, staring straight ahead at the face of a God, his face to be exact.

"The right to be a god, that right is now min- oomph!" Wesker was interrupted in the middle of his "Right to be a God" speech by a rock that was thrown at his head from the neighbor across the way. Wesker reached for his injection gun that had darts filled with lethal amounts of Uroboros. He aimed it directly at the culprit and fired.

"GOD! SHUT UP ALREADY! I HEAR THAT SHI-" the neighbor stopped suddenly, grabbing his neck and fell to the floor where his body exploded from the lethalness of the dart.

Wesker went back to what he was doing like nothing happened. He continued to stare for a moment at himself like a weirdo before continuing to shave.

His body, harder than a composite of steel, rock, and other hard things (like Chris' muscles) was shining in the dim bathroom from steamy shower that he had just finished. Despite the shower and shave, however, his glasses were welded to his face as usual. Even though he had many knicks and tiny cuts from the razor, still those glasses didn't come off. It would be so un-Wesker like. He'd just let the razor cuts heal themself since it only took seconds.
He left the bathroom and walked over to the kitchen of his flat. Opening the fridge, he picked up the milk carton, and drank from it. A small dribble of the white liquid escaped his lips, and made its way out of the corner of his mouth and down his chin.

"Milk, it does a body good," Wesker said while posing and flexing his sculpted to perfection hard rock abs and arms.

Placing the carton back in the fridge, he wiped the milk from his chin, and walked over to the closet.

Pulling open the doors, he was met with the site of his long trench coat which looked to be made out of plastic leather snake skin, a black jumpsuit, and some black leather boots. It was labeled, Midnight in big bold letters.

"Later," he whispered, as he pushed them to the side, and pulled out his S.T.A.R.S. uniform.

In a montage fitting for a five star film, he got dressed, however, as he pull his shirt on, disaster struck. He watched in horror as his glasses fell to the floor and shattered into pieces.

Remaining calm, he walked over to the phone, picked it up, and dialed a number.

"Your assistance is required," he said and then hang up.

Five minutes later, there was a knock at the door. Wesker walked over to it, opening it.

"What's up boss?" Joseph Frost asked, stepping inside.

Wesker moved like lightning, snapping his neck out of the frustration of his sunglasses breaking. He then drug Joseph, who was still alive, over to the window.

"Aw! Come on Wesker! Captain Marini killed me a couple times just before I came here," Joseph said, his head in an awkward position after Wesker had done the famous neckbreaker move that Chris stole in Resident Evil 5 from HUNK in Resident Evil 4.

Wesker then lifted Joseph by his shirt collar and pants, throwing him out the window.

"AAAAHH! Ooomph!" Joseph yelled after hitting the ground, looking like a human pancake with a broken neck on the side walk. He then tried to get up but was hit by a police cruiser.

Inside the police cruiser

"Its raining men! Hallelujah! It's raining men! Amen-"


Chris stopped singing as he looked in his rearview mirror to see what he ran over.

"Hey Joseph! Can't give you a ride today buddy. You should really get that neck looked at," Chris yelled out his window as he parked his cruiser.

Joseph just laid there, moaning. He lifted his hand and weakly stuck his middle finger in Chris' direction.

Meanwhile at Weskie's

Wesker closed the window, walked over to his dresser, and pulled open the top drawer, revealing hundreds of pairs of identical sunglasses. Scanning over them with his eyes, he finally chose one, and closed the drawer. He placed the glasses on his face, and walked back over to the door. He opened it to leave and was surprised by what he found.

Chris had his back turned to the captain as he cupped his hand and blew into it to breath check himself. He took out a tiny can of minty freshness and sprayed it twice. It missed his mouth and went straight into Wesker's face.

"Hiya Alby... uh, cough cough, uh, Captain sir!" Chris Redfield said, saluting. I thought I would come pick you up and drive you to work sir, Chris said, standing on attention.

Wesker eyed him for a moment, kind of creeped out.

"Are you wearing," Wesker began, "sniffing the air. Perfume?"

Chris' eyes flew open, before he bolted down the hall, down the stairs, to the car, grabbed wet naps from the glove box, and wiped himself down to remove the perfume, before bolting back up the stairs.

"No sir, why do you ask?"

Wesker said nothing, instead just walking past him, and down the stairs.

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