Family Secret


AN: Dedicated to all those that complained about my original ending. Let nothing bad be said about the power of reviews.

Chapter Five, Conclusion

His hand shook as he neatly and somewhat obsessively straightened out all nine of his slightly chewed pencils for the seventh time in the last few minutes. She wasn't here yet. She was always here before her students, usually leaning against her desk with some ancient text in her hand. But not today. Today she was missing and Kuwabara was left sitting and sweating in his desk in the front half of the classroom.

It was your typical university classroom, the desks were too close, the chairs were too small and there was a funny smell in the air. Normally Kuwabara would be reading the comments written and carved into the desks, his pencil in hand really to write the word, "loser," or, "smells," next to the males name in the, "blank loves blank," messages. Never the females name though, Kuwabara had to his morals after all.

But yesterday... yesterday he and Kurama went Spirit World to see Koenma. And there they had found out the truth about Kurama's aunt. Kurama's super powerful, super secretive, knows a bunch of very, very powerful demons, aunt.

Who just so happens to be his Demon Lore professor!

It hadn't really sunk in yesterday. Too busy trying to wrap his head around Kurama's father being murdered by Spirit World, the blanks in the life books and the war to really stop and realize that the women they kept on mentioning, Kurama's aunt, was, in fact, his professor. She just didn't seem real at the time. Like a fairy tale princess, only less like a princess and more like a ninja. A super powerful ninja.

A powerful ninja who could hide powerful, 'A' and, 'S' class demons, rip open the Kaki barrier and never even blip on Spirit World's monitor. A ninja who knew demon lords and played an important role in a war, a war in which Spirit World Lost. A woman who lost her younger brother to the aforementioned Spirit World. A woman who probably hated that world and anyone associated with it.

And then there was him. A not so powerful ninja, hell, not even a ninja, who just so happens to work... for... Spirit World.

Kuwabara gulped.

He was so glad he remembered to wear deodorant today.

It wouldn't have been so bad if Kurama was in the university with him but he had gotten a call late last night from the fox saying he wouldn't be going to school today. Turned out the tell-all meeting went all sweet 'n sour. With Shiori dissolving in horrified tears when she was told her son was in fact a demon. Not that she had any problem with demons specifically but the whole, 'oh ya, your son is technically a dangerous monster and involved with the same people who killed your husband,' is kind of shell shocking. Kuwabara was just happy Kurama's step-father was out of town working and Shu-chan was staying the night at a friend's house. It got better once Kurama was able to calm her down, a lot better. Kurama was actually giddy on the phone last night if you can believe it. Kurama, The Thief Lord, was actually babbling when he was telling Kurama all about the conversation and their plans on having a true mother and son/demon avatar day out. Hence why, Kurama was spending the day having a picnic in the park instead of slaving the day in school.

Not that Kuwabara wasn't happy for him. He was beyond ecstatic but... Hello? Super Powerful professor, who probably has a grudge, would have been nice to have had some backup.

Kuwabara glanced up at the clock, 5 minutes after. She was late. Kuwabara was just about to start packing up, unable to withstand the tension anymore. But a shuffle from the doorway caught his and the rest of the class's attention. The figure that appeared made his slam back down fast and try to shrink his massive 6 foot plus body into his way too tiny seat.

"Sorry, I'm late." Mrs. Tashio called from the door, trying to get to her desk without dropping the pile of papers and scrolls in her arms. She managed to dump the pile onto her desk without too much trouble. The couple of scrolls that did roll off were eagerly picked up by a couple of nerds and one really weird Otaku extremist who gave her a sly wink after. Gross, she had to be over forty-five, you hormonal brat.

Mrs. Tashio ignored the sad advances of her student and took the scroll. She set it beside the pile, then smoothing a hand in her hair making sure it was still up in her clips, she turned back to her class.

"Sorry I'm late," she said again. "I was on the phone with my sister-in-law and lost track of time." She gave them another smile before heaving a large sigh. "Alright." She clapped her hands for their already undivided attention

Kuwabara was still bunched low in his chair and trying to get lower, causing the girl sitting beside him to give him few odd looks and lean away from him. Kuwabara was so nervous he didn't even notice when she kicked her backpack so it was between them.

"Please get out your note books. We are starting a new discussion today." Mrs. Tashio turned to the white board and started to write page numbers for the at home reading. "The last couple weeks had been dedicated towards the study of the more ancient demon legends, like the war against netherworld and the legend of the Shikon no Tama. Today we will be learning about more recent tales."

She finished at the board and turned to face the class, sporting a bit too large smile on her face.

"Today we will be covering the tales of a special Spirit World task force lead by King Enma's son. It is known as the Spirit Detective."

~ OoO ~

"Mr. Kuwabara, are you alright? You're looking a little pale."

It took all of Kagome's skill not to burst out laughing at the visible paling of the poor boy. She really shouldn't, it wasn't professional or even nice for that matter but she just couldn't help but tease the boy. And can you blame her? The boy was all heart, not really brains, but definitely one with a heart of gold.

He gave her a wide eyed stare. So wide Kagome momentarily feared his eyes were going to fall out of his head. Before literally squeaking out an, "I'm OK." The sound of his own voice, not to mention the giggles from the girl beside him seemed to snap him back to reality. He sat up in his desk and closed his eyes, a look of brave resolution crossed over his face.

Kagome turned towards the white board to hide her smile. It was just too much fun teasing him. Truthfully, she might have been a bit confused about her student's behaviour today if it wasn't for the conversation she had just had with her sister-in-law. The secret was out. Apparently Shuichi had overheard their conversation yesterday and had decided to come clean himself about his demon half. Kagome had rolled her eyes at the explanation, there was no way anyone could have overheard them directly, unless of course, they were using some Spirit World spy technology. Just because Spirit World had no idea about her, didn't mean she knew nothing about them.

Kagome was happy for Shiori, truly happy. She knew how hard it must have been for Shiori to have had that secret and not been able to tell anybody. Now with her son's confession, Kagome hoped Shiori would finally be able to let go of the past. Though she did have to wonder if Shuichi had confessed everything to his mother.

Kagome started to write Spirit World's management system on the board for her students, so she could explain the difference between the Spirit Detective and the SDF. Peeking over her shoulder she saw Kuwabara with a look of confused concentration as he took down notes.

Speaking of the Spirit Detective, she really had them to thank for everything. She had known about them for awhile, how could she not. The leader wasn't what you would call subtle. So when she had heard that two of the members were attending the university she had to see them for herself. And what she found was life changing. To think the famed avatar Youko Kurama was her own nephew. She never even made a connection, but to tell the truth Shuichi looked nothing like his parents not to mention she hadn't even known he existed.

And Kuwabara... Kagome stopped writing for a second and turned around to watch the boy, taking in the image of his scrunched brow and the tip of his tongue poking out between his teeth.

He reminded her so much of her younger brother.

Not physically they looked nothing alike. But spiritually, Kagome gave a bittersweet smile and turned back to towards the board, defiantly spiritually.

And the fact that Kuwabara was such good friends with Shuichi... well.

Maybe Fate wasn't such a bitch after all.

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~ OoO ~


For those that didn't get the last part. Kuwabara was the child that gained Souta's reincarnated soul. That Fate comment refers to the fact that even though Souta couldn't see his son grow up, his soul was still able to be there for him as a friend.

Poetic right?

Towards Kagome being so Powerful, she really isn't. I just blew it a bit out of proportion in Kuwabara's thoughts because it was funny. I mean Kuwabara himself can cut though the Kaki barrier and we know how inept Spirit World is. Do you really think Sesshomaru couldn't find some way to hide his army? The big mystery is how Kagome knows about demons and where she got her training, but we know the answer to that story, don't we?


I wasn't going to write this. Chapter four was the ending that I had planned from the start. Then I got a review from SnowBlizzard saying: "Really? The end? But I guess there's nothing really to say that the readers shouldn't already know. Well, I really enjoyed the explanation on Souta's death. It would have been quite interesting if he reincarnated to be someone they knew though." (Not to mention, I believe three other people gave reviews along the same line.)

As soon as I read that last part all I could think was... Kuwabara. What if Kuwabara got Souta's soul? So I went back and looked over my story and it fit. The time line fit! And this scene popped into my head. As I had some other stuff planned I put this scene on hold. I was planning on having it finished so when I got my 100th review I would post it as a thank-you but I stumbled on a major case of writers block. So, sorry it took so long but this Was an extra gift, dedicated to everyone who complained about my original ending and more specifically to SnowBlizzard for the muse.

Speaking of extra gifts, No, I'm NOT planning a sequel but a one-shot prequel just may appear as a chapter six. It will give more information about the war and Kagome's part in it. It will also answer questions like. Why did Souten betray Sesshomaru? Why didn't Spirit World use Kagome's life book to get information? And I might even answer, How did Kagome get the last name Tashio?

Again this is a maybe as I do have other things planned including another YYH x IY staring Hiei and Kagome with a much darker twist. It will be titled; "Jewels are Breakable"

Not to mention I do have writers block. I guess it just depends if anyone can inspire me like the review from SnowBlizzard did. Hint, hint.


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