Chapter 21: Sex Kitten

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Previously (real quick):

Henry was hit by a car. He broke his arm and got a concussion, and was in hospital overnight. Edward blamed himself. Rose, now back from Switzerland, saw Bella and Edward locked in an intense kiss/moment at the hospital. Rose fired Bella and later made up with Alice. Bella moved out of Rose's and into a motel near Angela. Bella later found an apartment of her own and had fun shopping by herself for furniture and paint. Rose was unusually understanding and civil towards Edward. He liked her civility, but was confused by her change in attitude towards him.


Week two, Friday, 4thJuly.


Ever since Bella and Henry left my house, things had never seemed so quiet. Wednesday had been horrendous. Henry had been hospitalized, Rose had fired Bella after catching us together, and Bella later moved out on her own. Now, without Bella and my boy's laughter and vivacity filling my home, loneliness was crushing me.

Yesterday afternoon, when Henry left the hospital and returned home with Rose, I'd sidetracked myself late into the night by working on my Chevy that had been returned from the spray painters.

Leaning against the side of my truck, I could've stood there all day and admired the new, glossy black paintwork, but I had to hurry if I was going to make it to Bella's motel by eight.

I threw the sleeping bags into the back of my truck. They were the last of the camping gear. Impatient to see Bella again, I pulled myself up behind the wheel of the truck, heading for Emmett's place first.

At Emmett's little house, he emerged in nothing but his favorite army cargo pants that he'd cut off below the knee and a pair of black flip flops, carrying a small backpack.

He waved. "Happy Fourth of July!" He bundled the tent gear leaning beside his door under his arm.

I shook my head at the crazy bastard, wishing him the same sentiment, and strolled around the back of the truck to unclip the tray's cover.

"Where's the little monster?" he asked.

"At Rose's. We're picking him up on the way to Bella's."

He flung his stuff into the bed of the truck. "For real? Huh. I'm finally gonna meet your ex. Do I need to bring my anti-bitch-foil glasses?"

"Heh! Maybe not. She's been... different since Henry broke his arm."


I knocked on Rose's door, and Royce opened it, knotting his tie. "Ah, why hello, Edward."

He smiled.

I nodded.

He opened the door all the way. "Well, come in, come in. Rosalie's still packing Henry's bag, I'm afraid. She hasn't stopped cuddling him all morning. I personally think she's a little sorry to see him go again, especially after… well, you know. Yes. Yes. And who is your friend, there?"

I motioned to Emmett, who followed me into the white marble foyer. "Emmett, Royce." Royce cast his eyes over Emmett's 6'2'' frame of muscle, doing a double take at Emmett's flip flops. They were complete opposites. Emmett was so casual I'd had to bribe him with two burgers just for him to put a shirt on before leaving the truck.

"Hey, man." Emmett held out his hand to Royce. "Good to finally put a face to the name."

Royce's gold rings were engulfed in Emmett's firm grip. "Nice to, er, meet you, too. Can I get you both a drink while you wait for Rosalie? I'm afraid she may be awhile."

Henry's giggle echoed from down the hall. The pull to see him after two days apart was insurmountable. "I'll just go see my boy."

"I could go a coffee," Emmett said as I left. "Thanks, man."

"Yes, of course, Evett. I might have a tea."

Henry cackled. "Mommy! Why you hugging mypillow? Your pillow's on your bed. 'Member?"

"Aww. Can't I hug your pillow?"

I stopped outside Henry's room, grinning. I'd always wanted to be a fly on the wall here.

"Nooooo. My pillow's a boy pillow."

"But yours smells so much better than mine."

"Lemme smell… It's like Daddy's house."

"Oh you're so cute!" Rose chuckled. "Come here, Henry Edward Cullen!"

Henry's high-pitched squealing could only mean he was being tickled. As I rounded the doorframe to his bedroom, I eyed the scene I was no longer privy to as Rose's ex-husband. She sat cross-legged on the floor in nothing but a tiny red satin and lace teddy, her loose blonde curls barelycovered the see-through lace over her fake, inflated breasts. She had our son lying across her lap while she tickled his bare belly. Henry was only in flannel pajama pants himself. But seeing Rose so exposed made me feel like an intruder.

I cleared my throat and diverted my eyes. "Uhh, hey. Sorry for interrupting. I didn't know you weren't dressed, Rose."

"Psh!" She flopped her hand. "Nothing you haven't seen before. Daddy's here, Henry!"

Henry jumped up. "Look, Daddy! Mommy drawed pictures on my cast!" He dove into my arms with no care of his broken arm.

"Hey, buddy." I lifted him up and hugged him to my chest. "How're you feeling today? Does your arm hurt?"

He shook his curls. The bruise on his forehead looked better. "Uh-uh. I'm tough, hey, Mommy?"

Rose winced as she eased herself up, using the bed for support. "I gave him some special Tylenol at breakfast." She slid into a matching satin robe, leaving it untied. "Tylenol makes little boys strong and tough, doesn't it, Henry?"


I chuckled, really looking at Rose for the first time. Was she sleeping in her make-up nowadays? No. It was too fresh.

"Well…" I rubbed my chin. "I might have to borrow your Tylenol for the camping trip. Just in case."

"I've already packed it. It's in his toiletry bag with an arm sling and an ice-pack." She winked. "Just in case."

Rose never winked at me... anymore. "Er, thanks. How'd he sleep last night?"

"Like the angel he is. No problems at all."

"That's my boy." I kissed his chubby cheek and he tightened his good arm around my neck. "Aw. I missed you, too, bud."

He leaned back and stared into my eyes, serious all of a sudden. "Bella still coming camping?"

I brushed his locks out of his eyes. He needed a haircut. "Yep. We're picking her up next."

Rose ambled over to the two backpacks at the door and dropped Henry's pillow on top. "Right, well… Sorry he's not dressed yet. Everything else is done, but—"

I waved off her apology. "It's fine. I'll dress him. You might want to get dressed yourself. I've brought a buddy with me."


"Emmett. He's out there having coffee with Royce."

"Uncle Emmie's here?" Henry squirmed to get down. "I wanna see him! I wanna see him!"

"Royce doesn't drink coffee," Rose said.

I struggled to hold onto my boy. "Yeah, I think he said something about tea, but… Henry!" He stopped writhing, so I put him down, bending to talk to him face to face. "Let's get you dressed first, then you can see Uncle Emmie. Okay? He's not going anywhere."

"But, Daaad-dy." He stomped his foot. "I wanna see him nowww."

Rose paused in the doorway. "Henry's clothes are on his bed," she said before leaving us.

A while later I was getting impatient with the sleeve of Henry's T- shirt, trying to fit it over his cast, when Rose re-entered. "Hold still, Henry," I said.


"Just… a little… more… Damnit."

Rose gave a soft laugh. Her blonde hair shone golden against the knee length yellow dress she wore. In the short time it'd taken me to dress Henry, she'd drawn eyeliner on and tamed her curls into glossy waves. She'd have Royce salivating and wanting us to leave them alone. "I thought you'd be done by now."

I grunted. I'd hoped to be at Bella's by now. Every time I thought of her, I got butterflies like a thirteen-year-old meeting a pop star. "This shirt's too small. It won't fit over his cast."

She stepped forward. "Here. Let me." In a few swift motions, she had Henry's bulky cast through the narrow sleeve with the rest of the shirt over his head and pulled down. "There you go, darling. Now off you go." She patted his bottom as he skipped from the room.

"Uncle Emmie! Uncle Emmie! Look at my cast…!"

Rose smiled as she turned to me. "I missed him so much. Two weeks was far too long to stay in Switzerland."

"Yeah. But… I loved having him for that time."

She nodded with sadness in her eyes. "Well... guess you better get going."

I sandwiched Henry's pillow under my arm and picked up the two backpacks by his door. "I'll call you when we get there, okay?"


Walking out of Henry's bedroom together, I looked to the end of the hall and balked. A large photo frame hung at the end of the 'L' shaped hall, illuminated under two pin-lights. My heart gave a painful squeeze. I recognized the petal pink clothes—the tiny knitted socks, the fine cotton dress and the matching pink bonnet.

They'd been Cynthia's.

Our baby girl.

I didn't understand. After three years, now Rosedecided to remember our daughter? "When did you get this done?" My voice rasped.

"Shortly after we divorced. But I've only been able to hang it this week."

Studying it again, I noticed Rose's hospital wrist band half concealed under the little bonnet.

In slow motion, I turned to my ex-wife. She took a step closer and gazed deep into my eyes. "I'm sorry," she whispered. "I wanted to talk to you before now, but…"

"But what? You're suddenly ready? When I was upset about her, instead of comforting me or talking with me, you got angry and stormed off. Do you have any idea how hard that was to deal with when I needed to talk to you? When I needed my wife?"

"I know. It's taken me a long time to be able to speak about her. Your step-mom told me how hard it is for her not to know her child, or children, and hearing her story... Enough time had passed for me to open up to her. It's been so hard… dealing with the guilt and the grief." She rubbed her hand over her forehead.

"Guilt? What guilt? What do you have to feel guilty about?"

Her brow remained motionless—Botox—as her eyes filled with water. "The blood clot in Cynthia's umbilical cord had to have been caused because I lazed around all day, giving into my cravings. That's how people get deep vein thrombosis on long flights, right? I didn't look after myself, after her." A tear slid down her cheek.

Before I knew what I was doing, my thumb wiped her cheek dry. "I never everblamed you, Rose. That kind of thing during pregnancy can't be avoided. I just wanted to grieve with you."

She sniffled. "You got so angry. And I thought you had every right to be. It's only since talking with Esme… she told me you didn't blame me."

"You believe her, right?" The lump in my throat made it impossible to keep talking. I took a few deep breaths, swallowing the pain for a later date.

Rose dragged in a shaky breath and wiped the new tears that dripped down her cheeks. "Sorry for blubbering."

"Don't be." I rubbed her arm. It was such a big deal for Rose to show her vulnerable side—even more so with me. "Have you told Henry?"

"No. He hasn't even noticed the frame. I hoped we could tell him together."

"Okay. When we get back…"

She looked up at me with her glistening blue puppy dog eyes. "If I could do it all aga—"

Footsteps stopped her. "Sweetheart?"


"Mm?" Rosalie surged forth a happy face, batting her lashes to dry her eyes.

He was studying the small, pottery vase in his hand. "What was the name of the English town you bought this from?"

"Canterbury. The name is stamped on the bottom."

"Oh, so it is." He smiled while his eyes flickered between us for a moment. "Oh, honey? I can drop you at Esme's on my way to the surgery, if you want. I have to leave in five minutes though, so..."

"Great. I'll just see Henry off first. If that's okay?"

"Of course. He's playing trains with Evett."

I frowned. "Do you mean Emmett?"

"Ohhh. Yes. Yes. That's what I said."

I left Henry's gear at the front door and overheard Royce briefly introduce Rosalie to Emmett. But by the time I rounded the corner to the open living room, Royce was talking again. Rose held the counter next to Royce, arching her back and rubbing her spine with her arm twisted behind her, while Emmett nodded along to Royce's story. Near the ten-foot long dining table, Henry amused himself with a wooden train set on the floor.

Royce's voice echoed through the large, minimalistic space. "…but the moment she realized it was me—her plastic surgeon—she invited me to join her at the Hamptons." He grinned.

Emmett nodded, blank-faced. "Wow."

"You guys ready to go?" I asked.

Emmett clunked his coffee mug down. "Yep!"

"Daddy! Oh, Daddy! Look. Can you fix it?" Henry held up his broken toy train.

Shit. Would I ever get out of here?

My boy looked at me with his big blue, puppy dog eyes. No doubt as to where he got them from. I sighed. "All right then. Give me a quick look." At the head of the table, I pulled out the leather chair and sat, placing the train on the shiny wooden table top. While Royce started on another one of his stories—this one about his recent trip to Vegas—Henry stood at my elbow, watching my every movement as I inspected the damage.

"Can you fix it, Daddy?"

"Yeah. A bit of super glue should do it."

"Here's some, Edward," Rose said.

She pulled a tube from a drawer, but dropped it on the floor. She groaned, parting her feet and bending with one hand on her knee. Looked painful.

"You all right?" I asked, but Royce's excited story-telling drowned me out.

"…not only that, but then the concierge said to me," Royce continued, "'I'm so sorry, sir. If I'd known it was you, I would have given you the penthouse suite for free!'" He slapped his leg with humor, waiting for Emmett to laugh with him.

Emmett swooped down and grabbed the glue off the floor for Rose. He passed it to her. "There you go."


"Now, Emmett," Royce said, "This is the good part. You'd never guess who I ran into next."

Emmett kept his eyes on Rose. "Bad back?"

Rose blinked. "It's nothing. I think I just over-stretched yesterday at yoga."

"Emmett?" Royce asked.

Emmett held his palm up to Royce, eyes on Rose. "If it's a strain, you should rest for a while with a heat pack on your back. Put your feet up for a while." He scratched his chest. "If the pain doesn't ease up in a couple o' days though, you should go see your doctor. You got anti-inflammatory gel? It works a treat."

Royce snapped his gaping jaw shut and tilted his head on the side, staring at Rose. Now all concerned, he rubbed her back. "I didn't know you'd hurt yourself, love. I'll nip down the drug store for some anti-inflammatory gel and give you a massage when I get home." He kissed her forehead. "My poor Snoopy-poo."

Did Rose realize he just called her dog shit?

"Do you get sore back's too, Emmett?" she asked.

"Nah, I'm a physiotherapist. Most my patients have spinal injuries from car accidents." Both Royce and Rosalie gawked at him, so he held his hands up with a chuckle. "Don't worry. I won't bill you for my advice."

Rose gave Emmett a rare giggle. "Gee! Thanks!"

"Anytime." He gave her a lopsided smirk.

Royce swallowed.

I grinned.

Who needed paid entertainment when you had access to Rosalie's apartment?


The several hour car drive and ferry trip to San Juan Island went too fast.

When Bella emerged in a cute dress with her dark hair loose down her shoulders, my eyes bulged and my heart rate took off. God she was beautiful. And then she smiled at me.

"Hi, Edward." Just hearing her say my name stirred the butterflies in my stomach.

I wasn't the only one affected. Henry almost wet himself with excitement at seeing her again.

He catapulted into her arms and she wrapped him in a hug, hauling him off the ground. "Oh!" she said. "I've missed you so much. How are you? I heard how brave you were in the hospital." She pulled back and clucked her tongue at the sight of his arm. "Aw. Lemme see…" She ran her fingers over his cast.

Henry placed his hand on her neck. "It's okay, Bella. I'm tough."

She choked on a chuckle and kissed his cheek. "I know you are."

After we secured Bella's things in the back, Emmett gave me a wink and squeezed into the rear seat with Henry, letting Bella sit up front with me.

At first it was kind of awkward, with both of us sharing shy smiles, but Emmett's teasing and hilarious commentary soon had us roaring with laughter. I hadn't had so much fun on a road trip. Ever. We all shared embarrassing camping stories and sang along to the blaring tunes on the radio. I don't even think Henry stopped smiling.

The sun was low in the afternoon sky by the time we finished setting up the four tents on our adjoining two campsites. The grassy sites were only a couple of meters apart, linked by a sandy path. We were right on the edge of the lake with a rocky shore at our doorstep, surrounded by pine trees and thick underbrush. Even the hundred or so other sites in the park weren't as private as ours.

Relaxing in my camping chair around the blazing fire pit, nestled between Jasper's and Emmett's tents, the view across the lake hypnotised me as the sunshine danced on the water of the lake. A breeze cooled my balmy skin, and I took another pull of my cold beer. Tomorrow would be perfect for swimming.

Bella and Alice had taken the boys for a walk to let them explore, while us guys got a head start on celebrating. It was the Fourth of July after all.


I spun my head at Jasper. "What?"

Jasper chuckled with a knowing look at Emmett. "Little Eddie boy's lost in Bella land."

I cocked my eyebrow at Jasper. "Do you blame me?"

Emmett laughed. "You're falling, dude. I'm happy for you."

"Me too," said Jasper, saluting me with his beer. "How was Rose this morning?"

"Oh, crap! I promised to call her." Whipping out my phone, I punched in her home number. No answer. Could she still be at Esme's?

Esme answered on the third ring.

"Hi, Esme. It's just me. Is Rose there?"

"Oh, Edward. Yes, Rose is here. We've been hard at work, trying to find a new florist for the charity event. It's next Saturday, you know." I pictured her adjusting her red framed glasses and leaning back against the kitchen bench with her ankles crossed.

"Yes, I know. How are you doing?"

"Oh, I'm fine. You know me." Esme never complained, even after her horrific ordeal, she just kept smiling. "Have you arrived safely?"

"Yes. I was just gonna let Rose know."

"Aw. That's nice." She lowered her voice. "Rose told me you two talked this morning. I'm so proud of her for speaking to you about Cynthia. I've been encouraging her for a while, but you know how these things take time."

"Yeah, I know. Well, if you can pass that on to Rose for me…"

"Okay, I'll let her know. Give Henry a kiss for me."

"I will. Thanks, Esme."

I disconnected, unsure what to make of the close relationship Esme and Rose had formed. Esme needed someone to talk to just as much as Rose did. And if they were helping each other heal, then it was a good thing. Right?

"How's Esme?" Jasper asked.

"She says she's fine."

Jasper nodded, knowing that didn't mean much. "Carlisle told me he found her in a daze the other night, wandering the gardens and muttering about her baby girl. Apparently, she had no memory of doing it either."

I pressed my lips together. Poor Esme. "Was she sleep walking?"

Jasper shrugged. "Sounds like it."

"My uncle used to sleep walk," Emmett said. "He was killed after walking right out the front door and onto the train tracks."

"Shit," Jasper and I said in unison.

We were interrupted by thundering feet as Jasper's two boys invaded the camp. Liam and Brody were giggling and puffing as they collapsed into their little fold up chairs. Their half eaten ice-creams dribbled over their fingers and dripped onto the brown pine nettles and grass.

"What are you doin' with ice-creams?" Jasper asked Liam, his eldest. "It's almost dinner time."

Liam licked his chocolate ice-cream. "Mom said we could have dessert first."

Jasper smirked. "Yep. That sounds like your mom."

Being the youngest of the boys, Henry arrived a moment later and plonked down next to me, his ice-cream melting big time.

"Henry!" I said. "You know you're not supposed to run with your concussion."

"It's okay. I'm tough." He sucked his ice-cream and got it on his nose.

God he was cute. I nudged his good arm. "Just don't run anymore, okay? Doctor's orders."

I looked up at the sound of muffled voices to see Alice and Bella deep in a serious conversation beside Jasper's truck. They were out of ear-shot. I was too intrigued to look away. Alice gave Bella a comforting hug before Bella meandered over to us around the fire while Alice headed under her tent's annex and into our makeshift kitchen.

"Hey, Jasper?" she called. "Can you get the watermelon out of the truck for me?"

"Sure." He got to his feet, pulling keys from his pocket. "Watermelon sounds great."

Bella lowered herself into the chair beside Emmett and snuck a glance at me across the flames.

Emmett tapped her thigh with the back of his fingers. "What? You didn't get an ice-cream, too?"

She scrunched her nose. "Nah. Alice offered, but… I really just wanted to go for the walk."

"But what about me?" he asked. "You could have brought back a white chocolate ice-cream for me. Gee. And I even let you sit shotgun in the car."

She laughed, her eyes rising to mine and staying there. I held my breath and gave her a crooked smile. I couldn't tear my eyes off her. She adjusted her glasses and looked away.

The urge to stroke her blushing cheek was incredible.

Emmett took a swig of his beer and looked at the three boys. "Who's up for a game of UNO?" He was met with an excited chorus of "Me!" "All right. Go get the cards, Brodes." Brody jumped out of his chair and ran past his parents before diving into the tent.

"Bring your chairs around," Emmett continued, "and we'll use the ice-box as our table."

Bella stood. "Here, Henry. You can have my chair."

"But I wanna sit on your lap."

"Oh, maybe later. I've gotta ask your dad something."

He gripped his hands in a pleading gesture. "Aww. Please?"

Emmett tapped Henry's knee. "You can be my partner, dude." Henry didn't say no. "Come on," Emmett said, pulling the chair closer to him. "You can help me deal."

Henry climbed up into the chair. "I know how to shuffle. Can I shuffle?"

Bella slid her eyes my way and walked over. "Hey. Do you know what Alice has planned for dinner tonight?"

I shrugged, channelling calm. "She mentioned something about steak burgers." Bella grimaced. "What's wrong?"

She sat down next to me and rubbed her thighs. "Um. It's just I'm feeling like something fresh. I might make myself a garden salad or something instead."

"You all right?"

She nodded. "Oh, yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. Just a bit… funny. I don't know."

Emmett lifted the lid on the ice chest and pulled out a beer. "Here. Have a beer. It'll help."

"Ha!" She chuckled. "I doubt it. Thanks anyway."

Emmett bobbed his shoulder. "Your loss. All right, boys. Who wants to throw the first card?"

"I need to use the bathroom," Bella whispered. "Do you know where it is?"

"I'll show you."

She smiled. "Thanks."

As I got to my feet, nerves erupted in my stomach. We were finally going to be alone.

"Henry?" I called. He looked up from his cards. "I'll be back shortly, okay?"

"M'Kay. No, Brody! It's my turn!"

Glancing at Bella, I nodded my head to the dirt gravel road that linked the coastline campsites with the rest of the park. "Let's go."

She walked beside me, fiddling with her hands, her shoulders raised and tense. Was she nervous too? My hands started to tremble, so I jammed them into my pockets. This was ridiculous! I'd seen her naked—and done explicit things with her—and she'd lived in my house for the past several days.

I was a grown man. I knew she liked me. I knew what she liked in bed. Suck it up and make a move.

The close forest opened a little to a small clearing where barbeque tables and a large playground were set back from the road. On the lake's side of the road, a thick log had been placed on the grassy shore line, acting as a seat to the lake's unhindered views. "Bella. Wait." My heart started galloping around in my chest, my mouth void of moisture.

She slowed her steps to a stop and turned to face me. Her chest was rising and falling at a rapid rate, and it couldn't have been from just walking a few yards. Right? She pushed her glasses further up the bridge of her nose. "Yes, Edward?"

God, I loved it when she said my name.

"Sit with me?"

Her eyes softened. "Okay."

We got comfy on the log, side by side, but there was still space between us. May as well have been an ocean. I placed my hand on the log's smooth bark, millimetres from her bare thigh, and leaned a little closer. The low sun illuminated her face and hair, the cool afternoon breeze lifting her hair off her bare shoulders. How'd I ever think she was plain?

"So what do you think of this place?" I asked, my eyes roaming over her face. "Glad you came?"

"Mm-hm." She took a deep breath. "It's gorgeous."

"Yeah it is."

Facing her lap, she raised her fingers to her glasses. My breathing deepened as she slid her glasses off her face, folded the arms and placed them on the other side of her.

I swallowed. "Bella…"

Her dark brown eyes flickered between mine, her chest rising and falling as fast as my own. In slow motion, I raised my free hand and tucked her hair behind her ear, smoothing the backs of my fingers along her jaw… backwards and forwards. For someone so strong, she felt so delicate, so fragile.

A quiet whimper escaped her and she leaned into my open palm, pressing it to her cheek. With a deep breath, she clenched her eyes shut. My chest overflowed with warmth at how much she wanted my touch. How much she wanted me. I cupped her other cheek and with her beautiful face in my hands, she slowly opened her eyes. Gazing deep into her kind, caring, loving soul, I lowered my face to hers.

Her hands slid down my forearms, and I had to remind myself she was really here. This wasn't a dream or a fantasy. This was real.

The blood humming through my veins became electrified, charged, sizzling from adrenaline. Her eyes closed just before I kissed her.

"Mmm." She placed her hand on my neck and pulled me to her. I almost lost control when she turned to face me more and fisted the hair at the nape of my neck.

Holding her face tighter, I tilted my head to the side, desperate to taste and feel her tongue. As our mouths moulded together, our tongues slid together.


We explored each other's mouths as my hands slid to her waist, giving her a slow squeeze.

She gripped my hair. "Ung!"

I sucked her bottom lip between my own and she moaned into my mouth, scratching her nails down my spine. I arched my back and gripped her hip, remembering that sound of hers—I loved that sound—and many others I knew she could make.

She pulled me closer. I needed her closer.


"Ooof!" I was knocked forward an inch by a ball slamming into my back.

Children shouted nearby.


We both looked over at a kid's soccer game. They were watching. And snickering.

"I didn't even hear them," I said.

"Me either."

We both chuckled at being caught out.

A little red-headed boy ran up and grabbed the ball before bolting back to his buddies.

Turning back to Bella, I ran my thumb over her bottom lip. "Hey…"

The smile in her eyes was like glittering diamonds. "Hey."

I blinked. "Oh, shit! I forgot about showing you where the bathrooms are."

She ran her fingers through my hair and smirked. "I didn't need the bathroom."

My heart skipped a beat. Her half-lidded eyes swirled with molten lava. Dangerous and scorching.

I knew this sex kitten.

This was Marie.


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