Greetings! I'm RaeMina, and for you new guys that are intimidated on the long read, I have written a script summary of the first 5 chapters, hopefully filled with lulz! And if you like it, please pick up the reading from Chapter 6: One Thing After Another! Or you can even read everything, 'cause it's not a BAD read, just lengthy and I'm too lazy to edit it into cohesive chunks! :D

Thank you for checking out my fic! And enjoy your stay!

~Chapter 1!~

Wondertwins, Eli and Nora: Wow, Nordopolica is IMPRESSIVE!

Old Friend, Terrence: Go scamper, you little kids! I gotta do something with Alise

Wondertwins: Okay!

*They run off*

The Freelance Fighter, Alise Murain: What do you want with me?

Terrence: There's a package to deliver, and I need to find it, and talk to you about stuff.

Alise: 'Kay

Terrence: Why are the wondertwins with you? You usually travel alone, right?

Alise: Yes, but they wanted to fight the Giant Enemy Crab. I thought I could be useful in killing it.

Terrence: Sooooo a vendetta?

Alise: Why not?


Terrence: That must be Miss Sloan! She has a package from the the Magistrate of Heliord

Miss Anita Sloan: Gimme my package nao don't break it you swine.

Terrence: Can do!

*He does, and Miss Snooty runs off cradling the box like a CRAZEH person*

Alise: That was odd. G2G kill Giant Enemy Crab nao

Terrence: Say hi to Uncle Garrett for me!

Alise: Yeah, sure...


Anita Sloan: *opens the box* MAHGAWDHE'SBEAUTIFUUUUUUUL

~Chapter 2!~


Nora: Calm down, we have to find the Giant Enemy Crab

Alise: Yeah, so let's go.

*They do*

~In the Weasand of Cados~


Alise: Watch out, you'll slip-

*He does, slipping straight into the Giant Enemy Crab*

Eli: WAT

*They Fight against the Giant Enemy Crab*

Alise: Boy does fighting against a Giant Enemy Crab bring back memories

*Flashbacks hint that Alise's whole family was killed by the Giant Enemy Crab when she was just a wee baby*

Alise: Flashbacks suck ¬_¬ And we're losing, so we have to get away-

*BIG DAMN HERO Moment: A bunch of guys and their pet wolves kill the Giant Enemy Crab easily*

Alise: That was quick o_o Who are they?

~Chapter 3!~

Beast Master's Son, Lawrence Anders: We just saved your life from that Giant Enemy Crab! You're welcome!

Nora: You work with monsters, to kill monsters?

Lawrence: Not quite. We're a guild called Beast Legion! My father created this guild to prove that not all monsters are horrible, and we can live with them in piece always! ^_^

Eli: Then Y U kill Giant Enemy Crab?

Lawrence: Gigantos are very territorial, so if we can, we just distract the attacking monsters to keep them away from bystanders. Also we're investigating an increase in monsters attacks in this area. SAY, wanna come with us as we investigate to show you the WONDERS of the natural world?

Wondertwins: Sure, sounds fun!

Alise: 'Kay bai guise.

Eli: Y U NO Coming?

Alise: Job is done, and I have places to go. Have fun with that weird guy(That looks so familar to me somehow...)

Lawrence: You sure? You're missing oooooout~

Alise: I probably am.

*Beast Legion and Wondertwins leave for Mantaic, Alise heads back out of the Weasand od Cados*

Alise: Guess I should head back to Nordopolica. I haven't talked to my uncle since I left three years ago...

*Remembers why she left in the first place: to find her old friend...*

Alise: Still haven't found him either -_-

*A wild mugging appears*


Thief 1: Don't make this hard, we only want your money~ ^^

Theif 2: Heeheeyeah, so give it, butt munch!

Alise: Hold this for me.

*Alise punches Theif 2 in face, and beats up the other one. The theives run, leaving Alise alone with their target*

The Nervous Squire, Gordon Brune: You saved me! Good thing too, they were about to steal Dawn's necklace! -o-;

Alise: Fascinating. *Starts to leave*

Gordon: Hey wait! You're going to Nordopolica? Let's go together soI don't get mugged again okay?

Alise: *SIGH* Sure.

*They go to Nordopolica, and are approached by a wild cameo*

Lieutenant Boccos: Gordon! We thought you were eaten or something and I thought I was gonna get fired D:

Gordon: I'm sorry Lieutenant ;_; At least I'm here, thanks to Alise. Think we can take her with us to Zaphias?

Alise: Wait what? *glare*

Gordon: I, eeeerrr, want you to meet my father, Lieutenant Brenton Brune, 'cause I'm sure he'd like to thank you for saving me ;

Alise: Weeeeelllllllllllllll I was gonna go see my Uncle for the first time in three years but I'm still awkward around him with all of my misplaced guilt so I'll go with you, I suppose..

Gordon: Oh good! Let's go then! Too bad I hate traveling by boat _

Alise: I get the strangest feeling this is gonna screw me up BIG time... ¬_¬

~Chapter 4!~

~On the Imperial ship at night~

Alise: The cool night breeze feels nice~

Captain Mordred: Hello there, I figured I should thank you for saving young Gordon.

Alise: He's lucky I just happened to pass by...

Mordred: Indeed, and I thank you.

Alise: Sure... (This guy's acting kind of awkward, like he's trying to get at something...)

Mordred: Not at all an awkward question, but is your last name Murain? Even though no one on this ship actually knows you're full name...

Alise: o_o Uhm. I'm going to bed...

*She does, and Mordred shrugs*

Mordred: I would suppose it is then? She looks so much like her father, too...

~The ship pulls into the Imperial Harbor, which is made form the remains of the old warship Heracles~

Gordon: My dad should be somewhere...! OMG IT'S DAWN o0o

The Brune's Maid, Dawn: Hey Gordy~! ^^ Welcome back to Illycia *Hugs Gordon*


Dawn: I came instead of you dad, since he had some business to take care of.

Gordon: *voice cracking* Oh that's fine _

Alise: *just shows up* Thanks for running off Gordon ¬_¬

Gordon: Sorry about that... But hey, we can go to Zaphias and wait for my dad there!

Dawn: *looks at Alise supiciously* Who's she? And why is she coming with us?

Gordon: I'll, er, tell you aloong the way...

*He does, finishing by the time they reach the Middle Quarter*

Dawn: You were attacked? I'm glad you're safe!

~Inside the Brune household at mid evening~

Dawn: I'll get your dad. You wait in the parlor with... that lady *dashes off*

Alise: (What am I even doing here? -_-)

Lieutenant Brenton Brune: *Enters* Hello, you're name is Alise? Dawn tells me you saved my son's life

Alise: Yeah (But now I'm kinda starting to regret it...)

Gordon: I am ashamed to have brought such danger upon myself ._.

Brune: I'd be more ashamed if you had died, if I were you...

Gordon: yessir ._.

Brune: As to thank you, Alise, I don't have much...

Alise: That's fine. I don't need much. Just to get moving...

Brune: Very well, I-


Alise: glaaaaaaaaaare

~Chapter 5!~

Gordon: I'm serious I think that if I go with Alise I'll be able to be less dependent! I woun't be able to respect myself

Alise: (So trying to be independent by following me around? Perfect -_-#)

Brune: Gordon, I think you're moving through this too fast.

Gordon: But if I don't push myself, I'll never be able to get the guts to enroll as a knight, like you! I'll never be able to find what I'm looking for!

Alise: ! (When I left home, it was to find Ray... Three years have passed, and I have yet to find him...) *Turns to leave*

Gordon: Wait, Alise! Please wait!

Alise: If you follow me, you'll never find what you're looking for...

Gordon: ...What?

*Without turning back, Alise leaves the parlor to find Dawn listening in*


Alise: I don't need this now -_- *Heads for the door*

Dawn: Just wait! Have you no heart? Gordon just stood up for himself! Can't you at least show some sympathy for him? Sure he's a little funny, but he'll never give up!

Alise: I know you're upset with me, but trust me, Gordon's better off just staying home.

*Alise leaves the house, on edge. She goes to the Lower Quarter for the inn, but ends up chillaxing by the fountain*

Kiddles: Heh! Tag, you're it! No, not fair! You didn't even touch me! Nah, I totally did!

?: Make way! Get the hell out of the way! :D

*The kiddles scatter, and two gruff men strut into the Quarter with two gnarly wolf monsters at their heels*

Alise: Are those members of Beast Legion...?

*The thugs walk up to a food stand, and start taking some food*

Shopkeeper: You have to pay-

Thug 1: Oh yeah that's a good idea, isn't it?

Thug 2: That would be a good idea...


*They throw the shopkeeper to the floor, laughing*


*The thugs get their rumps handed to them by a man in black and a blue dog, and are soon apprehended by patroling knights*

Knight: At least he didn't kill them this time... *Carts them all off*

Alise: (There, see? I've been attracting a lot of trouble lately. Gordon should just stay home...) *Goes stays the night in the inn*

~That Night, in the Gordon's Bedroom~

Gordon: Why do I try? Why? Nothin' ever works out, why expect it to now? I should have just waited. I shouldn't have said anything. I was rushing, which was a stupid idea. I wouldn't even say 'Yes' to me! How could I expect Dad, or even Alise, to let me go? Dumb idea, horrible execution, terribl- ACK!

*Gordon, in his rantings, tripped over something HEAVY*

Gordon: OW OW OW OW WO OW! _ Good thing I taught myself some Healing Artes... *heals his injury* Better... At least I can do that...

Dawn: Knock knock, Gordy~ Are you okay? I thought I heard a thud...

Gordon: I'm okay... Come in, what is it?

Dawn: Well are you reaaaaaaally sure you want to leave again? You won't be with the knights this time...

Gordon: I know, but to be honest I feel stupid about the whole thing _ I wish I never brought Alise with me...

Dawn:...But do you still want to go? 'Cause I have a plan if you do

Gordon: O_O You're not serious?

Dawn: Of course I am~ I'll just make the Lieutenant think you're still upset by it and knowing him he'll let you alone until you "calm down" and show up on your own. Little would he know that you went off with that woman 3 and hopefully you'd be long gone by the time he notices!

Gordon: ...Why is it that you plan sounds like it would work _;

Dawn: Really, I just want you to be happy, okay? And if this is what you think you need, then I'm behind you all the way The only thing is I'll miss having you around...

Gordon: ...Wait, your necklace. I don't want to lose it, like I almost did.

Dawn: Naaah, keep it! All the better to remember who helped you take hold of you're life, right?

Gordon: Yeah... Yeah! Thanks so much, Dawn! I won't let you down!

~The Next Morning~

Alise: Why do I feel like I'm being followed...?

Gordon: HUFF HUFF Wait! *runs after her*

Alise: Gordon! You're not seriously following me?

Gordon: Not just following you *pulls out a bag o gald* I'm hiring you.

Alise:...Wow, are you sure this is what you want...?

*Alise takes the money*

Gordon: You mean...!

Alise: I've been hired, it's official. So let's keep moving, okay?

Gordon: Y-yes! o3o

*They Do*