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Warning: If-you-squint amount of 'Malice' mention.



Wind Alias


Why did she long for Underland?

Maybe it was the colors, the light, the fragrant air, or the mostly amiable nature of its inhabitants. Or perhaps it was the devastating beauty of that gorgeously pristine sea, the writhing mass of water that, even in her moment of peril, hanging almost still in mid-air above the Jabberwocky, she could recognize and all the same fall in love with.

Or perhaps it was the fact that it was a place she could be free. A place without stockings or carriages or arranged marriages or cheating husbands or a prudish society. A place where she got so lost and caught up in everyone else that she had no time to worry and fret over herself.

Or maybe it was the sense of danger, the exhilarating feeling of imminent peril that attracted her to it. The rush of wind at her cheeks, the black pit in her stomach that whispered that the odds were against her, that she was the underdog.

Or, perhaps, it was the feeling of being needed. At home, everyone was much too busy living their life the way everyone wanted them to live it that they had no time for anyone of importance, much less Alice. But in Underland, they needed her, whether they admitted it or not. The white rabbit needed her because he was the Resistance; The White Queen needed her because she must slay the Jabberwocky, and so many others needed her that it had made her head go fuzzy. Because for once in her life, everyone looked to her.

Or was it the sense of love? The undeniable truth that, in some way, shape or form, they all loved her. As Um, Iracebeth had loved her as a pet, Bayard had loved her as a companion, and Mirana and Tarrant loved her as…well, maybe something a little more.

Why did she long for Underland?

She didn't know. Perhaps she never would. But whatever it was, it tugged at Alice's heart continuously until the day she died alone, and, eventually, it was that feeling, that feeling of something, that brought her home again.