Don´t do this, Bill!

"No one will listen to me", Bill said very sad, his eyes looking on the table. He is sitting on the chair near the table. He wept since minutes and it looks like he would never stop with it.

"Bill, why don´t you take some time off?" A voice from somewhere asked him.

"Why? I have no time for that. And I´m the stupid science guy. You and the whole world hate me. They say I can´t nothing. Why am I living when nobody likes me and talking lies about me? That´s so mean. I´ll should kill myself."

He found a giant knife on the other end of the table. Bill reached it with his right hand, catched it and held it at his left arm.

"Bill, please. Don´t do this!"

"Quiet! If you say another word, I slit open my wrists and I will finally be dead."

Suddenly, he felt warm hands touching his wrists. Bill looked around. Behind him, a young woman is standing there.

´She is pretty´ Bill thought. ´Who is she?´

"Bill", she said, her voice calm. "You shouldn´t do this."

She has long fair hair, beautiful blue eyes and the sweetest smile he ever seen in his life spread across her mouth. She wears a red t-shirt and a blue skirt. And she is very thin.

"Hello", the scientist said. "I´m Bill Nye. Who are you?"

"My name is Bianca."

"Nice to meet you, Bianca."

Now he was happy that he met her and forget all his suicidal thoughts. He lay the knife away and stood up.

"Are you wanted to take a walk with me?" She asked him.

Bill nodded. "Yes, sure. Come." She took his hand and they went outdoors.

The End