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Prologue: Identifying the Problem

Remilia Scarlet groaned angrily as she rolled over in her bed and tugged her heavy quilt over her head. Her groans increased in volume as the quilt caught on one of her wings, forcing her to roll around awkwardly as she maneuvered the quilt up her body. She hated waking up early. The sun was still out and enough light penetrated her curtains to irritate her sensitive eyes. Even from underneath the safety of her favorite quilt, she could almost feel the sunlight that invaded her room.

"Hurry up and set, already," the blue haired vampire grumbled in discontent. She couldn't very well start her night with the day still going strong, could she?

Why did her room have to have a window facing west? She should have known better, honestly. Well, it was better than having a window facing east, Remilia supposed. It was better to wake up irritated than have trouble getting to sleep... probably. Though, why was she justifying her terrible window placement when a window facing north or south would solve her problem entirely? Perhaps it was possible to find a way to shift her mansion ninety degrees over.

"Need thicker curtains…" Remilia mumbled from underneath the needlessly hot quilt after having giving up on the idea of repositioning her entire mansion. It would have required too much effort. Right now, it was too hot to think about things that required effort.

Come to think of it…

Never mind the window, why was it so hot today? It was unbearable, and the heavy quilt only made it worse! What was wrong with today? She could either stay like she was and broil to death or get up and be blinded by the sun. Some choices…

Remilia hated heat just as much as she hated sunlight, though heat was a tad less of a concern than sunlight to the vampire.

Technically, they were still enjoying the last few weeks of winter in the Scarlet Devil Mansion. In reality, however, it felt as if all of Gensokyo was well into the summer season.

Remilia frowned beneath her quilt. Yesterday, it had been snowing. Today, she felt as if she were to burst into flames at any given moment.

Against her better judgment, Remilia stole a quick glance out from underneath her safe, albeit uncomfortable, haven, but groaned again as she all too clearly made out the glowing image of the now setting sun through her curtains. Not only did it feel like summer, but the day was surely longer than it had been yesterday. Perhaps she hadn't woken up earlier than usual after all.

It was probably some youkai's doing, Remilia mused. Though, if that truly were the case…

"Reimu should work faster," the noble vampire grumbled before tossing the quilt from her and rolling out of her bed.

Regardless of the sun still being out, it was setting at least. Her sensitive eyes could bear the last rays of the sun and the twilight that followed, although a few more hours of sleep did sound tempting. However, despite the sun just now setting, her inner clock confirmed her suspicions by telling her that the actual time was closing in on the midnight hour, and that she should hurry and start her night lest she give Sakuya reason to check on her.

A gentle knock on her door let Remilia know that she had been just too late in making her decision.

"Lady Remilia," Sakuya called out from the hallway, "are you awake?"

"As if on cue," Remilia sighed softly to herself. Sometimes, her maid's unquestioning dedication to her felt a bit smothering. She was over five hundred years old, damn it. She wasn't a child. "Yes, Sakuya, I'm up." The vampire frowned in disgust as she felt a bead of sweat trail down her back and onto her wings. She hated how something as fleeting as temperature could make a noble like her feel so dirty. "Run a bath for me, if you will. I'll be out in a moment."

"As you wish, my lady," Sakuya answered, and Remilia could just picture her maid bowing slightly to the closed door. Sakuya was the type of human to perform her job perfectly to the point of it being unnecessary. Although, Remilia admitted that it was Sakuya's reliability in doing things properly that made her so irreplaceable to the vampire. She would trust no one else with her daily needs than the master of the lunar dial.

The knowledge of Sakuya's very reliability told Remilia that she shouldn't dally in her bedroom for much longer. Knowing Sakuya, she probably had already begun drawing her bath just as the sun first started to set.

Her over-dedication came in handy most of the time, Remilia relented.

"Big sister! Big sister!" Flandre exclaimed excitedly as she entered the dining room and ran towards Remilia, who had previously been seated peacefully enjoying the silence in the artificially lit room.

Remilia loved artificial lighting. It came with all the perks of the day without any of the irritation.

"Flandre," Remilia spoke to her sister in a gentle, yet admonishing tone, "that's not how we enter a room, is it?"

The younger vampire looked down at her seated sister with teary eyes. "I'm sorry, big sister." Flandre was nearly crying. "Please don't hate me."

"It's all right, sister," Remilia smiled. "Just say it right."

Flandre's smile returned full force the instant she realized she hadn't displeased her sister. "Okay," she cheered before turning and bounding out of the room, leaving Remilia to raise a quizzical eyebrow.

Mere moments after the door closed behind Flandre, it burst open again as the same girl attempted to calmly reenter the room. Attempted was an accurate way to describe the situation, since the younger vampire spent the majority of the trek trying, and failing to keep herself from giggling profusely. Finally, after many giggles that threatened to cause the blonde haired vampire to trip, Flandre once again reached her sister's side and grinned widely down at her.

"Good evening," Flandre spoke between giggles, "sister Remilia." Then, though smiles and laughter, the younger vampire sibling did her best curtsy before looking back at her beloved elder sister expectantly.

Too cute, Remilia couldn't help but think.

"Good girl," Remilia patted her little sister's head lovingly, earning the elder girl happy giggles from her younger sister as she bounced up and down uncontrollably.

It was a shame that her sister's cuteness was overshadowed by the wanton destruction she caused whenever she got the sudden urge to "play."

"Why don't you have a seat, little sister," Remilia motioned at an empty seat across the table. "Sakuya should be just about finished preparing our twilight meal."

"Okay!" Flandre cheered as she pumped a fist into the air. Disregarding her sister's suggestion to sit down at the other end of the table, Flandre opted to drag the chair from its position and instead placed it directly beside Remilia. When she noticed her elder sister's questioning glance, she merely flashed a toothy grin before plopping down in her seat and swinging her dangling legs back and forth happily.

Remilia merely rolled her eyes as she distracted her sister by giving her another pat on the head. She couldn't believe only a little more than five years separated the two of them in age, though… she probably had a lot to do with her sister's lack of maturity and low mental age with the way she'd treated her in the past. Well, at least she was doing her best to be a better sister, now.

"Ne… ne," Flandre tugged on the blue haired vampire's sleeve. "Is it ready yet, big sister?"

"Be patient, Flan," Remilia frowned. "I'm sure Sakuya is just about finished."

"Can I go check?" The younger sibling asked as she jumped out of the chair in excitement.

"No, Flan," Remilia desperately gripped her sister's arm. "If we bother Sakuya, the meal will only take longer to prepare."

"But… but… I'm hungry!"

"I know, sister," Remilia sighed as she rubbed her sister's back, causing the smaller girl to emit a pleased giggle before falling back into her seat. It looked like that was enough to keep Flandre in line for now… Sakuya better hurry up with that meal, though. For someone who could stop time to get any job done, she sure took her sweet time when it came to cooking.

"Dinner is served, my lady," Sakuya announced, wheeling a cart in from the kitchen.

Thank god, Remilia thought.

"Ah," Sakuya smiled gently when she noticed her younger mistress's presence. "I see you're already awake, Mistress Flandre."

"Yep!" Flandre grinned. "I don't need help waking up anymore. I'm a big girl, now."

"Not quite yet, Flan," Remilia patted her sister on the head once again, "but you're getting there."

Flandre crossed her arms over her chest and let out a loud "humph" at her sister's words, but she couldn't hide the smile on her face that spread wider with each pat to her head.

"Tonight," Sakuya announced proudly as she began to set the various dished onto the table, "the kitchen staff and I have prepared a medium rare pork cutlet with a side of tomato soup." Sakuya always made it a point to give all of the other maids in the household partial credit for the things she did, even if she did not allow them to help… at all.

"Can I have mine extra rare?" Flandre asked excitedly.

"I apologize, Mistress Flandre," Sakuya gave a sincere bow. "I'm afraid you cannot. The meal has already been prepared."

"BUT I WANT IT RARE!" Flandre screamed as she slammed her fist down onto the table, causing Sakuya to flinch and take a half step back from the girl.

Seeing her head maid's reaction, Remilia instantly shifted to damage control. "I-It's okay sister," the blue haired vampire stuttered slightly as she placed a gentle hand onto Flandre's shoulder. "Sakuya can just prepare tomorrow morning's meal with a lot of rare meat for you, okay?"

"Oh… Okay!" Flandre grinned completely content, with all traces of her previous psychotic anger instantly vanishing from her face.

Sakuya let out a sigh of relief and made a mental note to prepare Flandre's favorite meal for the next morning.

"I'll certainly do just that," Sakuya bowed before turning to her true Mistress. "I apologize for taking so long, Lady Remilia. I took the liberty to prepare more than usual for tonight's meal. I felt it might have been possible that you would want to dine with Lady Patchouli tonight. If you wish, I can go and fetch her now."

"Hmm," Remilia brought her hand to her chin curiously. "I suppose you should. She needs to get out of that library from time to time. Besides, it would be nice if we ate together from time to time. Of course, Koakuma and yourself are more than welcome to dine with us, as well."

"It would be an honor, Mistress."

Later, after a mostly uneventful meal (Flandre managed to keep herself entertained while the rest of the dinner group exchanged casual conversation by playing with the little black wings spurting from Koakuma's head, much to the lesser devil's chagrin) Remilia retreated to the library with Patchouli in tow.

"You know, Patchy," Remilia called out behind her as she glanced over the bookshelves, "it always amazes me how noticeably fewer books there are every time I come in here."

"Don't remind me," Patchouli grumbled to herself, her knuckles whitening as she gripped her book tighter. "Even with you as its master, this mansion has a serious problem with thieves. If it's not the black-white, it's that doll girl. You should really think about getting some better security for this mansion. That Hong Meiling is worthless."

"She's not entirely worthless, but I agree that she's not much for security against those two."

"Why do you even employ such a weak guard, anyway? With your pride, I'm surprised you don't settle for anything less than Sakuya's usefulness when it comes to the mansion staff."

"Even without my pride, there are no useless employees in the Scarlet Devil Mansion." Remilia countered, but decided to explain further when met with her friend's disbelieving stare. "Call it strategy. If the first opponent an intruder faces is so weak, then they're likely to be lured into a false sense of security. It's always entertaining to see their faces when they finally realize just what exactly they've gotten themselves into."

"You're way of thinking is a bit backwards," Patchouli sighed. "Reimu surely didn't provide much enjoyment for you in that sense at least. Besides, something like that would only incite that black-white. It's no wonder why she keeps stealing from my library."

"Perhaps, but Flandre enjoys it whenever that girl comes around, so I'll ask you to put up with a few missing books here and there for now."

"A few," Patchouli scoffed. "Fine, just tell Sakuya to keep an eye out for her. Meiling might be worthless at keeping her out, but Sakuya might be able to direct the black-white to Flandre rather than my library."

"I'll do that, Patchy," Remilia laughed. "Oh right," the vampire snapped her fingers suddenly. "Do you know anything about what's going on outside? I might have just woken up early today, true, but I'm almost certain the sun was out a lot longer than it should have been."

"I wouldn't know," Patchouli turned a page of the book she was currently absorbed in. "Other than dinner, I'm been in here all day."

"You and your books," Remilia mock sighed. Even if she didn't get any answers from Patchouli, she might as well tease her a bit before leaving. "You should really get out more, Patchy. It's not good for your health if you're cooped up in here all the time."

"We've had this conversation before," the bookworm dismissed. "I'm in here all the time because I'm anemic. I can't be too active. It's bad for my condition."

"Maybe you're anemic because you don't get much exercise?" The vampire countered.

"I get plenty of exercise, thank you."

"Oh?" Check. "What kind?"

Patchouli raised her book in an attempt to hide her face, but Remilia's eyes were too quick.

"Oh ho!" Remilia raised a hand to her mouth playfully having noticed her friend's blush. Checkmate. "Methinks the Librarian's Assistant has been giving the Librarian a special assistance with her exercises."

"Get out!" Patchouli yelled, pointing furiously at the door with one hand as the other held her book over her face as a shield.

"Shall I send for Koakuma?" Remilia teased. "I do worry about your anemia, after all. I'd feel better if there was someone here to… attend to your needs."

"Go!" Patchouli screamed again, this time throwing the book she had been holding at the vampire girl.

"Going," Remilia laughed, easily dodging the book as she made her way out of the library.

Now that she'd had a bit of fun, it was time to seriously inquire about the odd daylight.

Remilia's right eye twitched as she glared down at her gate guard, her sleeping gate guard.

"All will… tremble… at… mighty Meiling," the green clad gate guard mumbled in her sleep, completely oblivious to her employer's presence.

Why did she employ this girl, again? Oh right. Strategy. That, plus she got what was coming to her for sleeping on the job whenever she actually had to guard the gate she was currently leaning against. Remilia was surprised Meiling's face hadn't permanently adopted a black and blue hue by now. She certainly seemed to sport a new bruise every other day, though Remilia wondered if some of those were Sakuya's doing.

"nnn… Sakuya," Meiling continued to mumble. "I'll find… where you hide… your secret… breast pads."

Remilia smirked. At least the helpless guard was providing her with at least some form of amusement. Still, she came here for answers, not amusement. She wouldn't be getting anything from interrogating a sleeping youkai.

"Awaken," Remilia hissed, "Hong Meiling."

"Gah!" Meiling cried as she leaped away from the intruding voice and landing in an intimidating fist-fighting stance… before momentum kicked in and she fell backwards onto her rear. "Owie," red haired guard grimaced as she rubbed her side. However, the memory of the sudden, intruding voice returned to her mind, and she leapt back to her feet, this time successfully moving her body into her trademark fighting stance.

"You've got some guts trying to break through this gate while I'm he-" Just then, Meiling noticed the intruder's blue hair, red dress, wings… Oh crap. "L-Lady Remilia," the gate guard stuttered, nearly stumbling backwards onto the ground in shock. "Y-You grace me with your presence."

"Indeed," Remilia nodded haughtily. It seemed as if she might be able to have a little fun with this girl. "I apologize for interrupting you while you were in the midst of performing your duties so… admirably." Remilia smirked when she noticed the red haired youkai begin to sweat nervously. "However, given that you're stationed outside every day, I thought you might be able to assist me in answering a few questions."

"Of course!" Meiling gave her mistress an excited salute. "I am at your service."

"Good. Now, what can you tell me about the day? Am I wrong in assuming that it was unnaturally lengthened?"

"Eh? The day?" Meiling scratched the side of her head as her gaze drifted up to the glowing moon in the night sky. "Oh hey, it's night already? I wonder when the sun set."

Remilia had to grip one of the gate's thick metal bars to keep herself from falling over. This girl was helpless.

"I see," the blue haired vampire tried not to growl. "I shall take my leave of you, then. Please, keep up the… good… work, Meiling. I might return later to inquire more from you."

"Ah…" The door guard glanced to the side nervously. "I see. I'll be… awaiting your arrival, then."

"Good," Remilia smirked as she turned to head back to her mansion. At least she had left Meiling too scared to even think of going back to sleep for the remainder of what the vampire hoped would be a very long night. Now, she set off to continue her investigation with inquiring from her most valuable servant.

She should have just done this from the start.

"Yes, I heard about it while I was shopping in town," Sakuya explained while chopping a fresh head of cabbage for their next meal. "There were rumors that a youkai was causing problems and that the shrine maiden had been tracking her down. Some of the rumors mentioned the youkai threatening to never allow the sun to set again, so if that were the case, I assume that Lady Reimu managed to catch her shortly before I came to wake you late this evening."

"I see," Remilia smiled slightly at the mention of Reimu. "She sure took her time with catching the culprit. Though, I suppose it's fortunate that I woke up to a setting sun rather than a blazing one. I might have to pay her a visit tonight and thank her for that, at least."

"Miss Sakuya!" Flandre exclaimed cheerfully as she ran through the kitchen towards the duo bouncing up and down as she went. "I did it! I did it!" She chanted before nearly tackling the head maid to the ground in a fierce hug, which Reimu was sure would leave a bruise on Sakuya's waist. Oblivious to any sort of discomfort she could unknowingly cause, the younger vampire grinned up at the maid, who was doing her best to maintain a soft smile. "I mixed in the flour just like you said!"

Remilia simply couldn't hide her smirk. Mixed the flour? Flandre certainly had… and managed to cover herself in the white powder from head to toe in the process.

"Mistress Flandre wanted to help," Sakuya explained apologetically, noticing Remilia's smirk.

"Big sister!" Flandre yelled when she finally realized the she and the maid were not alone. She then dethatched herself from the maid hurriedly and twirled around to face her sister. "Ah… I mean," the blonde haired vampire did a cute curtsy for her elder sister, causing some loose flour to fall off her previously red dress cosmetically. "Good evening, Sister Remilia."

Remilia's eyes sparkled with mirth. "Good evening, Flandre. Are you helping Sakuya with the cooking, tonight?"

"Yep!" Flandre saluted, something she no doubtably had picked up from Meiling. "We're going to make a tasty breakfast! Just you wait!"

"Good girl," Remilia smiled warmly, patting her sister on the head a few times, though her smile waned slightly as some of the flour stuck to her hand. "I'll be extra sure to make it back in time for breakfast, then."

"You're going out?" Flandre questioned with wide eyed curiosity. "Where are you going?"

"I'm just going to visit the Hakurei Shrine for a bi-"

"Can I come?!?" Flandre interrupted quickly. "Marisa talks about that place a lot. I want to go! Can I?"

"I'm not going to play," Remilia explained, choosing to ignore Sakuya's smirk, "and Marisa is probably not at the Shrine. She's probably at her own home asleep."

"Asleep?" Flandre cocked her head to the side, more flour falling from her hair. "But it's nighttime."

"I know, sister," Remilia explained. "But she's a human, and humans sleep during the night and are awake during the day."

Flandre's face contorted into a mixture of confusion and disgust. "That's weird."

"Yes it is," Remilia nearly laughed.

"But I want to go, still. Marisa comes her during the night sometimes, so she might be there this time."

Remilia sighed. Flandre really had taken a liking to that Marisa girl. Remilia just wished her little sister had chosen to obsess herself with a better role model. At least she wasn't fawning over Reimu.

"Weren't you going to help Sakuya make a tasty breakfast?" Remilia argued softly.


"Then how can you do that if you leave the mansion?"

Flandre's mouth quickly opened to retort, but the girl froze suddenly as Remilia's point soaked in. "But… but-"

"How about this," the elder sister proposed, "you stay here and help with breakfast, and I'll go to the Shrine. If Marisa is there, I'll ask her to come join us for breakfast."

Flandre's expression instantly shifted from disappointment to excitement. "Okay!" She pumped her fist into the air and then twirled back around to face the maid. "We have to make breakfast extra tasty, Sakuya!"

"Yes, Mistress Flandre," Sakuya smiled down at the girl. "Why don't you go get the milk for me and we'll start mixing the batter?"

"Roger!" Flandre gave another playful salute before bounding down toward the other end of the large kitchen. When the girl was out of earshot, however, Sakuya turned back to her mistress, her expression turning deadly serious.

"Do make sure to return in time for breakfast, Lady Remilia," Sakuya pleaded earnestly. "Mistress Flandre has been looking forward to it ever since you promised her raw meat earlier tonight."

"I know, I know," the blue haired vampire waved dismissively. "Like I said, I'm just going to thank her for returning the night, even if it was a little late. It would have been troublesome if the day had last forever, after all."

"Lady Remilia," the head maid sighed, "you do know that you don't have to make up an excuse to visit Reimu every time you go, don't you? If you just want to go chat with her over a cup of tea, that's perfectly fine."

"I have no idea what you're talking about it, Sakuya."

"Mistress, I understand how you feel about the shrine mai-"

"Even if you are the head maid," Remilia interrupted, growling dangerously, "it's not your place to understand anything about my personal life, Sakuya."

"Yes, Mistress." Sakuya quickly remedied, bowing apologetically. "I am truly sorry for overstepping my bounds as your maid."

"Good," Remilia huffed. "I'm leaving. Keep an eye on Flandre while I'm gone."

With that, the noble vampire turned and stormed out of the kitchen.

Yes, Sakuya was far too dedicated to her for her own good, Remilia thought as she flew through the starry, night sky towards the Hakurei Shrine. It was no wonder that she had been able to pick up on her ulterior motives for wanting to visit the shrine maiden. The blue haired vampire was certain that Sakuya was well aware that her trips to the shrine weren't just for tea.

In truth, Remilia cared about the shrine maiden… more than she probably should. She was fascinated by her, though that made Reimu sound like some sort of subject of observation. Intrigued? That didn't sound strong enough. Like? Well, that was true… most of the time. Love? Hmm…

Remilia's feeling for the red-white were… complicated to say the least. Obviously she didn't even understand them, herself. The only thing she knew was that she wanted to see her… often.

It was odd… having such complicated feeling for a former adversary. On more than one occasion Remilia had faced the shrine maiden in battle, and it was to her that the noble vampire had suffered her first real defeat. Although, she had managed to remedy that loss on the night of the full moon not to long ago, though she did not care much about the victory rather than the experience itself.

Each battle had given her an opportunity to observe Reimu in action first hand. Remilia had been mesmerized by her movements at first. She still was during their second encounter, but she could better look past it and concentrate on the battle at hand. Reimu moved with such grace and beauty as she flew through the air, more than Remilia thought any human could. Yet what was so mesmerizing was the fact that the shrine maiden was obviously not trying to be graceful. Reimu's eyes shined with concentration and dedication, but what was most awe inspiring was the compassion for youkai and other creatures that Remilia saw in the shrine maiden's eyes.

It was that compassion that saved Flandre, Remilia thought.

After Flandre had broken out and started causing havoc, Reimu and Marisa had not only subdued her, which Remilia had thought impossible until that point, but they had chosen to befriend her afterwards.

Flandre's anger had been more manageable since then. Even if the younger vampire lacked the mental age to appreciate such compassion, it was obvious that the gesture still struck her.

It struck Remilia, too.

To see her sister treated so kindly by people who had been fighting her just moments prior struck her deep… too deep. Even if the outside observer had to look closely to see it, it was obvious that Remilia hadn't been the same since.

It was Reimu's grace that had mesmerized her. It was her compassion that changed her. Yet there was still something else, something Remilia couldn't put her finger on, that constantly led her stray thoughts to the shrine maiden.

Whatever it was, it wasn't altogether unpleasant.

Remilia hovered above the Hakurei Shrine hesitantly. The lights were on. How odd… Usually Reimu would be fast asleep by now. The blue haired vampire would always have to shake the shrine maiden awake whenever she came over for tea. Reimu wouldn't be awake at this hour without reason. Perhaps she was giving whatever youkai that had caused the mischief earlier today a stern talking to, or perhaps she merely had company.

In either case, Remilia didn't feel like intruding on the shrine maiden's business quite yet. The night was young, and breakfast would most likely be delayed thanks for Flandre's help. She would have a few hours yet to idle around the Shrine before she had to return. Content to wait until Reimu's guest left, Remilia flew down to a nearby tree and rested upon an outstretched branch overlooking the shrine. It wasn't the most comfortable place to sit, nor something that the noble vampire was used to, but Remilia could easily see its hidden benefits. Whenever Reimu's guest finally left, she could easily sneak into the shrine without the maiden looking and surprise her. This could be fun.

While Remilia was pondering the fun she could have at the shrine maiden's expense, the door to the Hakurei Shrine suddenly slid open, allowing the light emitting from the shrine to spill forth into the night.

Oh? Remilia's eyebrows rose in surprise. It looks like she did not have to wait long after all. Surely luck was on her side tonight. The blue haired vampire watched with curious intent as two figures made their way out of the shrine.

"Thank you again for the help today, Yukari," Remilia heard Reimu say as the shrine maiden bowed politely.

"I'm just happy I could help, dear." Yukari's reply made Remilia frown slightly. She didn't much care for the tone in that youkai. It was far too friendly. "I always enjoy working closely with you like that, after all."

"Y-Yes, you've said as much many times," Reimu stuttered bashfully as she took a step back. "I'm just glad we were able to catch the youkai at a reasonable hour. I don't think the villagers would have appreciated eternal daylight."

"That girl has always been trouble," Yukari laughed, remembering the particular youkai they chased today. "I'm sure she's thankful that you weren't too rough on her when we finally caught her."

"Yes… well, thank you again for your help in that matter."

"You don't have to thank me, dear. You've already allowed me to sample some of your delicious tea."

"About that," Reimu bowed again, this time apologetically. "I'm sorry that I was in such short supply. I was planning to visit the market today and, well…"

"Think nothing of it, dear," Yukari smiled warmly… too warmly in Remilia's opinion. "I considerate a high privilege to be offered the last of your tea leaves."

Remilia frowned deeply. That was her tea.

"Couple that with your angelic voice as we converse so intimately, and this shrine becomes nothing short of heaven."

Remilia's fingernails dug into the tree she was perched on in anger. That was her casual conversation.

"Stop it," Reimu blushed. "Such descriptions don't fit month old tea leaves and my boring stories."

"Oh, but they do." Yukari took quick strides towards the smaller girl until she was standing directly in front of her. Shocked, Reimu tried to take a step back, but was held in place as the youkai griped her shoulders sternly. "Both your tea and your voice are lovely to me, Reimu."


Remilia was growling, now, but her displeasure went unnoticed by the two below.

"You're lovely, Reimu." Yukari bent down until she was looking at the shrine maiden directly in the eyes. "I love you." And then she kissed her…. deeply… romantically… lovingly. It made Remilia's stomach churn.

This… was a problem, Remilia thought angrily. The noble vampire stood tall with wings outstretched, fangs bared, and claws digging deep into the tree as she watched helplessly as the old youkai violated Reimu's scarlet lips.

Her feelings were crystal clear, now.

That was hers.