'Anymore information?' Carolyn asked, as she sat at the table in the mess hall.

'Yeah, apparently there's a off switch' cam noted, over a mouthful of lasagne.

'Where?' she practically demanded

'Umm.. Dr. Lee hasn't....'

'Translated that part yet?' she finished with frustration.

'Uh, no' he admitted.

Attempting a change in conversation, Carolyn asked 'Where's teal'c'

'Um... tied up'

'Doing?' she pushed

Cam coughed nervously before finishing 'Lutenant colonel Ann Shaw'

'Sorry?' she asked in disbelief

'Yeah, they touched it' he smiled shyly.

'What! I was gone for less than two hours, didn't I order it to only be touched by Dr Lee?' she scolded

'Yeah... well he theorizes that, it can manipulate a situation so that people are drawn to touch it.' He explained

'Oh' she smiled glumly

'Well that makes six couples, so far right?' she concluded

'Yes' he agreed

'Well I think if it's not sorted by tomorrow we return it, it's too dangerous' she decided.

'prerhaps' he nodded, stuffing more lasagne in his mouth.

'It's more dangerous than it appears' she noted

'I don't doubt that.'


'Their health is deteriorating' she explained worriedly

'How fast?' cam asked

'Very slowly.. but enough to have me concerned' she said as she finished checking vitals

'All of them?' he inquired

'General O'Neill and colonel carter. Although vala is starting to deteriorate slowly too I think I takes a certain amount of time after they touch it to be affected.' She theorized

'I'll go see how Dr. Lee's coming along' he decided


'Ok we have the off switch' cam announced as he sauntered into the room.

'We do?' Carolyn smiled brightly

'Well.. kind of' cam admitted glumly, but quickly contorting his face into a smile again

'Sorry?' Carolyn clarified

'We have the cure, at least' he explained

'Which is?' she questioned

'Ummm...' he shifted uncomfortably

'Well' she pushed

'Each affected couple, is charged with these micro bots that are forcing them together' he began

'Ok, so what do we do?' she followed easily so far

'Ok so, because we're keeping them separate, they're becoming unwell' he explained

'You said there was a cure?' she questioned worriedly.

'Umm yeah.' He coughed nerviously

'Well, what is it?' she continued to push

'They need to come together, to have it balanced back out again' he stated gesturing with his hands.

'Come together?' she criticized

'Um, well, the actual word on the inscription is mate' he winced

'Mate?' she repeated almost with a sarcastic undertone

'Well mate lustfully, or make love..... in English' he shifted again and avoided eye contact.

'What?' she exclaimed

'That's what it says' he nodded

'I can't allow them to do that' she admonished him

'You have to' he insisted

'And what if they don't?' she questioned

'They slowly.... die' he commented

'They what?' she exclaimed with a little anger

'It's from some goa'uld.... aka cupid' he added

'Cupid?' she criticized

'Well apparently the ancients ascended this goa'uld' he began

'They ascended a goa'uld?' she repeated in disbelief

'Before they brought in the no help in ascending people rule' he nodded

'Ok..' she nodded so far following him.

'And he created this to help the humans populate the planet more quickly.' He nodded

'Interesting' she thought aloud


'So?' she questioned

'We need your signature to allow them to... uhh...' he coughed and waved the paper around.

She gave him a puzzled look

'Woo-hoo' he smiled shyly

'woo-hoo?' she raised her brow

'Yeah' he chuckled

'look isn't there some other way we can?'

He shook his head

'what about some sort of EP pulse to neutralize them or....'

'Dr. Lee's been running all sorts of tests and this is the only solution he can find' cam explained calmly.

Hours later with no change in their conditions Dr. Lam, had hesitantly signed the papers, and each couple were assigned quarters.


Jack had begun coming out of his dream and slowly he became aware of his surroundings before he saw Sam...Suddenly the world went black again all but her face, as he made his way to her..... his eyes fixed on her lips...

She slowly began to move and he pounced instantly awakening her only for her to be intoxicated with all that was him.


'How long should we give them?' Carolyn questioned

'The texts say, they will return to their normal behaviour' Dr. Lee answered

'So a gestumate?' Carolyn questioned

'The will appear when they're ready, or so I've been lead to believe' he nodded

'Ok, I trust your judgment.' She smiled as he turned and walked out of the room

'Would you like to accompany me to lunch?' cam asked brightly

'Ok,' she smiled

' you know what else I'd like your company for?' he pushed

'What's that?' she chuckled

'Moving that strange artefact' he pinched her bottom

She smiled before leaning into him rather out of character, With a evil grin whispering

'I don't think we need the device at all'

He smiled as they made their way down the passage 'not at work dear' he laughed

'you started it honey' she reminded him


Sam awoke with a splitting headache. She squeezed her eyes shut before reopening them.

Oh that made it better, seeing jacks face. She moved a little the friction of his chest hair on her arm tickling her.

'Jack..Jack baby' she smiled

'Hmm' he moaned instantly wincing

'Ouch my head' he complained

'You to?' she asked sympathetically.

'Sam?' he questioned 'I didn't remember you coming hom.... oh yeah' he nodded realizing there were allot of things he'd been forgetting lately and perhaps this was just one of them. And then again he remembered the sex...the great sex.

'You're amazing my jack' she commented, her voice lazy and husky

'You're not too bad yourself...' he grinned squeezing her

They laid in ignorant bliss for a moment before a thought crossed Sam's mind... *where were the kids?...why were they on base?..*

Jack was thinking too

*Remembering conversations some zap, and raging hormones*

'the artefact' Sam concluded aloud

'This isn't real' he questioned

'No I think... this is' she corrected

'Were not married anymore' he asked disappointedly

'you're not...are my commanding officer' she leaned away stealing the sheets a little.

More and more information filtered through their brain before jack noticed a letter addressed to the two of them on the bedside table.

He reached for it and read aloud.

It explained the situation and the reason for them awakening naked with the word probably scribbled in... it was cams writing, and that they were to come out when they were done and in position of their faculties.

They stared at each other for a long moment

'Wow' Sam huffed

'Yeah wow' he laughed nerviously

'Are you.... in control again? ' she asked

'Yes... you?'

'I think so' she nodded

He smiled evily 'Suppose you weren't'?

'Hm-hmm' she cleared her throat with a look of question upon her face

'I feel a little crazy still...although I've always been crazy for you' he laughed, his eyes heavy with passion.

'Did you call me.... your jack... before?' he asked as he slowly moved towards her

'Uhh , I think so' she nodded, memorized in his dark eyes

'I like it' he noted, placing his hand on her hip.

'Jack we can't' she pushed him back a little.

'On the contrary, we have a doctor's letter saying we can, this once.' He reminded her

'Really..... My jack' it came out as a growl

'Now that's hot' he chuckled, the vibration of his chest on her hand sent shivers through her.

And so when he leaned in to kiss her, she willingly allowed it.

Their body's tumbled and meshed in some strange lovers battle, until finally he slumped against her and sighed


'mmm?' she answered

'I had a dream while we were...'

'Me too' she admitted

'We had children' he told her

'Really?' she questioned, not hiding the disbelief in her voice.

'Yeah, two of them' he added

'William and kailee?' she asked

'Yeah, you dreamt it too?' he questioned

'I think it's the best dream I've ever had' she nodded

'Do you think...' he propped himself up on his shoulders and looked intently into her huge blue eyes. 'do you think... we really could have that?' he asked

'Could you handle the desk job?' she questioned

'Yeah, yeah.. I think so' he nodded thoughtfully

'You wouldn't miss all this?' she waved her arms, restricted by his body in the general direction that she thought the Stargate was located.

'Like I said before, I wouldn't miss this' his eyes glazed over her before kissing her again 'not for the entire universe.

'Well I think it could be arranged' she teased

'Ya think?' he smiled brightly

'Defiantly' she almost laughed

'Sam?' he asked nuzzling his face somewhere near her ear.

'Yes? My jack?' she giggled

'I love you' he admitted

'I love you too' she smiled as he kissed her again.

-------------------------6 hours later----------------------

All couples, 7 in total had been briefed, apologized to, and had their clean bill of health returned.

With Daniel being asked to escort SG9 and the artefact through the gate at 1400 hours. It was currently 1320 hours.

He walked briskly toward Dr. Lee's office to retrieve the apparently harmless- as long as only one person touched it artefact..-when vala caught him in the hall.

'Daniel?' she called brightly

'Not now' he huffed, still annoyed at allowing himself to take her so primitively.

'Is that any way to treat the lady that you just had intercourse with?' she admonished him.

Damn it she was right, but he was to embarrassed to even look at her right now. 'Vala i have to..'

'I know, I know, get the artefact' she complained

'Well if you know that, then you shouldn't you be as far away from me as possible' he argued

'Because I'm your only risk?' she asked

'Yes' he admitted as he continued walking

She smiled and bounced along beside him. 'Because I'm your soul mate?' she asked


' and because we work on the same team, and our relationship is forbidden?' she continued

'Yes' frustration strained his voice.

'Only for now?' she asked

'Yes' there was slight amusment in his voice now

'So there might be an us... in the future?' she giggled as she followed him still

He paused for a moment 'yes' his eyes were smiling as he kept his pace.

'Daniel I had a dream while I was unconscious' she explained suddenly seriouse

'Yess?' he was curious

'Did you?'

'Yeah' he nodded

'We were married' she added brightly

'u-huh' he smiled internally

'And so were Sam and jack' she smiled

'Yeah?' he asked. This was beginning to sound all too familiar.

'They had babies' she added, and with only a thoughtful look she continued.

'And we were pregnant' she added

'u-huh' he nodded

'Sam and jack had the same dream as each other' she noted

'Hmm' he made some sort of throaght noise that implied he was following her.

'Were we married in your dream? She asked

'Yes' he admitted

'Maybe it's a glimpse at our future, that's what Sam said' she decided

'It could be a possible scenario' he agreed

'Were you happy in that dream?' she asked, with a smile noting that his pace of annoyance had lessened considerably.

'Happier than I've ever imagined being' he smiled almost longingly at her

'Daniel?' she asked suddenly solemn

'Yes?' he spared her a sweeping glance

'Will you marry me... I mean not right now, but in the future?' she asked

They'd arrived at Dr. Lee's office and he'd passed just short of the door

He thought for a moment 'Perhaps' he admitted, unable to keep the endearing look from his face

'Good' she nodded brightly

'You know you're excellent in bed' she added

'Vala!' he scolded her.

'What? It's the truth!' she argued

'Were here' he waved towards the door, almost annoyed again

'I know' she laughed

'Vala you should be....'

'I know, across the other side of base' she rolled her eyes

'So why aren't you?' he questioned

'Well I thought I could help you with the artefact?' she bounced slightly


'Just as a preview to our lives?' she suggested

'Vala!' he whined

'Daniel?' she practically begged

'We had a...preview' he noted

'Can we have another?' she asked her voice reeking with anticipation.

'No!' his annoyance was back in full

'Ok darling, you'll be sorry about this later' she smiled as she turned to walk down the hall

Daniel trudged in picking up the artefact and headed to retrace his steps to the control room where a box was waiting for the strange object.

He stepped out the door. Into the arms of...

'Vala!' he yelled, angry that he didn't realize her plan.

'Opps, sorry darling' she smiled brightly as she placed her hand alongside his, watching his eyes turn from pure frustration into long awaited lust.....again.