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Pairing: Ichigo Seme/Grimmjow Uke Mpreg!


"Those that are called upon, please report to the front line."

Grimmjow glanced curiously around him and frowned. The room was filled with soldiers from different ranks and divisions but none of them knew why they were here. He frowned and checked his watch as the list started. A few at the end of the room shuffled aside to let two men into the room.

They were about the same height. One had wavy blond hair and a slightly bored expression on his face as he strode slowly into the room. Obviously being in the same room with a bunch of sweaty soldiers was not his ideal vacation. The other man, slightly taller than him stood at his right, wearing a simple black uniform with gold embroidering and lots of shiny little badges fixed to the front of his breast. There was a simple military hat over his hair and hid his eyes in the shadows. They stopped and the man in front took out a long sheet of paper before giving the men a smoldering once-over. Grimmjow knew he was one of those leeches. The eyes slid over the list and he began calling out names in a rich deep voice. The teal haired man snorted and glared at the smudge of dirt on his shoe as the list went on.

The ones called were assembled in front of the military man. He stood straight, legs slightly apart and hands behind his back. It was the usual posture for someone in the higher ranks.

"Ya think we're in trouble or something?" a guy next to him nudged Grimmjow and he snorted.

"Doesn't matter. Them leeches are probably just bored." The man next to him laughed nervously and swallowed.

"Grimmjow Jeagerjaques." The words rang out in the silent room and Grimmjow glowered as he stood and spat casually to the side. He sauntered to the end of the line and ignored the blond man's obvious look of disgust. The tall one in the uniform hadn't moved an inch but up-close Grimmjow could see the shiny gun attached to his belt and the whole thing suddenly didn't feel too right.

"Alright, those in the line follow closely." The blond waved off the rest of the soldiers in the room and turned to the ones assembled in the line. Grimmjow followed the line into the glass doors and frowned as he passed the tall uniformed guy.

"Hold out your hands while you pass through the arch."

There were three arches and Grimmjow was soon filed through the fourth one. Nothing beeped as he passed. On the other side, only half of the men were still standing around. Apparently some weren't qualified. As they stood around, Grimmjow noticed a few more men in dark uniforms had appeared in the room, standing as eerily still as the first one. The blond cleared throat and gestured toward a door.

"Hold out your left hand when you enter. There will only be a small sample check, nothing to worry about." The line of men shuffled slowly into the room. Grimmjow narrowed his eyes and squinted at the front of the line. The checker was slotted onto their finger. Grimmjow was perfectly familiar with the process. He didn't wince when the small razor broke his skin and the processor hummed before spitting out the silver strip with a small star at the edge. He smirked smugly. So drinking the beer that morning had been effective to lower his blood quality down a level. The small sticker was fixed to his wrist and they filed into the room where the men in black uniforms had already filed in silently.

"Sit, gentlemen." The blond gestured to the chairs and Grimmjow slowly settled himself into one, keeping his eyes on the leech at the front.

After seeing all of them were seated, the blond motioned for the men to stand behind each chair. Grimmjow stiffened when he heard the sound of boot heels clicking as the one with the shiny badges stopped behind him. Then the blond smiled and clapped his hands, twice. Grimmjow knew there was something wrong the instant the door to the room slid close with a soft hiss and he managed to draw his wrist off the chair arm just in time before the shiny metal cuff snapped over his wrist. Instead it snagged his shirt sleeve.

"What the fuck is this!" the teal haired soldier struggled with the cuffs that had wound over his right hand and ankles. Suddenly a shadow hovered over him and the man in the uniform reached out and took his left wrist. The touch was gentle but firm.

Needless to say Grimmjow snapped. The soldier was human but he still went through twelve years of training. It wasn't for nothing. He ripped his hand out of the man's grip and swung it furiously. The guy ducked faster than the human eye could follow but Grimmjow managed to knock off his hat.

The man's bright orange locks seemed oddly out of place in the pure white room. It clashed with his own teal hair and Grimmjow's body froze when the dark crimson eyes fixed themselves to his casually. He saw hunger and clear warning in those eyes.

I would appreciate it if you behaved like the rest.

The words echoed in his mind and Grimmjow drew in a sharp breath before he tore his eyes from the leech's. The man cradled his wrist, a calloused thumb running teasingly over the sensitive underside of his wrist as the other hand casually pried the thick metal cuff open and guided Grimmjow's hand in place before bending it into place again. The touch lingered a bit longer than necessary before the leech straightened again, retrieving his head wear and dusting it off.

"Now, I'm sure you are all wondering why you're here." the blond leech at the front of the room started slowly, not reacting at the least to the small scuffle. "The last human woman has died." He paused and glanced around. "As we all know, they are essential for producing the next generation of children. As of now, we have finally sunk into full panic. In order for the survival of our race, our scientists have developed a drug to help us along."

His sergeant in command had always called Grimmjow slow but the realization was dawning on him and the man started struggling anew. Warm hands landed on his shoulders and forced his body to remain still.

"Get off me, you sick fucker! I'd rather die than allow you to make me your fucking experiment rat!" he tried to turn his head and a hard blow to his face made the man's head snap to the side. Grimmjow saw stars. Then the foreign feeling of another's presence invaded his mind. The vampire forced him to go still but the damage had been done. The fearful murmurs became louder but the blond went on without giving them any reaction.

"----you will be subjected to the tests and sent off to your normal positions with a patron. There's really no need to be afraid. You should feel proud to help keep the population alive." The words were lost to the hard pounding of Grimmjow's heart. But no matter how hard he struggled, his body didn't listen.

A woman in white passed around a tray of strange yellow shots and each of the men in black took one. Grimmjow watched in silence as the orange haired leech took a needle and offered the woman a small nod. She blushed and went onto the next.

The leech knelt gracefully in front of him and Grimmjow bared his teeth savagely. The crimson eyes were void of emotion as he took one of Grimmjow's wrists and drew back the sleeve. Grimmjow tried to move but his body was still slack and he watched in horror as the cuffs drew hack and his own hand went to the man. Warm fingers gently probed his skin, searching for a visible vein. The leech rubbed an alcohol pad over the skin before pulling the cap off the needle.

Don't even think about running.

His shoulders slumped as the words echoed in his head. What had he done to deserve this? Grimmjow's eyes became wet with panic as the needle pressed briefly against his skin before going in. the yellow liquid slid into his body slowly, the cool feeling spread rapidly from his wrist to the rest of his body and Grimmjow clenched his teeth, shooting the leech his most venomous glare. The bright haired man merely stood up, depositing the now empty needle into the silver tray. His eye flickered to the small bead of blood on Grimmjow's wrist and the teal haired man saw hunger flicker in those crimson eyes before the man pressed a cotton wad over his wrist.

He reached into a left pocket and drew out a belt thing. Grimmjow watched helplessly as the leech pulled his pant leg up and wrapped the thing over his ankle. There was an audible click before the thing tightened around his ankle.

This will immediately shoot a tranquilizer into you if you try to run.

The words explained silently in his head and Grimmjow tried to ignore the uncomfortable ache that was starting to flare in his abdomen.

I am called XII. I will be your patron from now on. The next few months, you will be spending under my close observation. For now, sleep.

Grimmjow snorted at the name and tried to fight the urge but it was impossible and he found himself fading off to sleep almost immediately.

The feeling of searing pain awoke Grimmjow from his deep sleep and the man groaned deliriously as he curled into a ball. The ache in his abdomen was starting to intensify. The foreign sheets were soaked with sweat and Grimmjow cracked open a blue eye. The room was dark except for a small lamp to the side of the room. He was lying in a king-size four poster bed, half naked. His stomach tensed again as a wave of pain washed over him. Grimmjow's hands shook as he struggled up, tripping over the sheets in the process. The tracker device felt heavy on his ankle as he dragged himself toward the only door he could find.

It led to a huge bathroom with mirrors on all sides and Grimmjow froze when he turned to look into one. He was wearing a pair of soft grey sleeping pants but the back of the pants was covered in red. The sudden panic made the world spin and he nearly fell. The soldier breathed carefully as he steadied himself and forced the fear to back down. Grimmjow could smell the bitter metallic tang in the air as he stepped into the large bathtub and fumbled off the ruined pants. His lower body ached as the hot water washed over him. Rivets of red slid down his legs and traveled to the drain. Grimmjow fought the urge to cry.

He didn't need to look to know why his abdomen was aching so much. His sister used to complain every time she had her period before she died. The drug's purpose was clear. Suddenly Grimmjow felt dirty. He soaped his hands and pressed them between his legs, frantically trying to rub the blood away.

Maybe it was just a trick; please let it be a trick.

But no matter how much he tried, his hand always came away bloody. The pain was intensifying and he gave a wild sob as he stumbled out of the shower. In his haste, Grimmjow lost his balance and toppled. For a few short seconds, he thought there was going to be pain but there were suddenly warm strong arms wrapping themselves around his waist. A hand fell to his naked hip and Grimmjow froze.

"The change has begun so soon?" the figure behind him nosed his earlobe before licking it. "You smell…fertile…" Grimmjow froze as warm breath washed over his neck and the lips descended, complete with the fangs.

He had forgotten about the vampire.

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