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Rain slicked the floor to ceiling window, blurring the world outside into an endless expanse of grey and white. Grimmjow sat stock still in an armchair near the fireplace, eyes trained on the vampire sitting casually opposite him.

"You were injected with a blood parasite, which causes something called blood fever. The parasite does something to your blood cells. You will generate five times the blood amount of a human. You will need to be bled twice a week or the pains, headaches and high temperature will kill you. Am I clear?"

Grimmjow could only stare in mute horror, his mind still blank and unwilling to register those words falling from the vampire's mouth. So that was the reason he kept waking up during the middle of the night, mind muddled and pounding in pain. He carefully ignored the small voice at the back of his head that all those occasions had ended with him and the goddamn vampire in a fairly sexual position and that his lower body ached for more every time.

"And what is your role in all this crap?" Grimmjow couldn't help but be sarcastic. XII, the vampire sitting gracefully in front of him merely shrugged.

"I am you host until your female parts fully mature. I am to record your progress and symptoms in order to make a better drug replacement." he hesitated, "not all men can survive this. You are very fortunate to be alive."

"Fortunate?" Grimmjow laugh was so bitter it even surprised himself. He stood, pacing restlessly toward the window. "I would have given anything to die instead. I'm a proud soldier; I've done nothing that I regret. Who do you vampires think you are, the hand of god?"

There was a moment of silence and a small part of him feared he had gone too far. Then he froze when a smooth hand gently touched the space between his shoulder blades.

"I don't know." XII replied quietly as thy both looked out the rain blurred window.

He had been staying with XII for about three weeks when the first checkup had come. When the vampire told him the news, he felt a sense of dread settle liquid metal in the pit of his stomach. He was terrified of going back to that place where everything had gone wrong and God had decided to spit in his face. He knew why they wanted to check him. Grimmjow wasn't stupid. He knew fully well what the drugs were doing to his body.

To put it bluntly, he had literally grown a fucking vagina.

There was a small opening about the size of his thumb right beneath his ball sacs and it had given him pain beyond imagination when he had been bleeding. The thing was silky soft to the touch and when the bleeding had stopped and he had slid his middle finger against it, his hand came back wet and there was an unfamiliar ache in his abdomen. That had been downright scary.

And so he found himself standing outside the shiny building with its gray metal statue of a handsome male vampire with ridiculous gravity-defying locks embracing a naked human that looked creepily familiar to the Virgin Mary. He shivered momentarily and felt something heavy wrap around his shoulders. XII had draped the dark black coat he had been wearing seconds ago onto Grimmjow's shoulders. He nodded at the ex-soldier but didn't smile. Then, enveloping Grimmjow's hand in his smooth cool marble-like one, they took the steps up to the door in silence.

It was moments like these that really confused Grimmjow. The vampire was like no other he'd ever met. He seemed to have genuine feelings, something that Grimmjow had come to believe when he observed the way XII behaved around Rukia. And there was that visible layer of thoughtfulness and concern that really wormed its way under the sturdy wall of defense that Grimmjow had built around himself. He had woken in the past week, constant pain in his stomach and the vampire would be at his bedside in a heartbeat. Grimmjow struggled the first two nights when the vampire tugged his night shirt up and started to gently rub the aching area in a desperate attempt to salvage whatever dignity he had left. But the feeling of firm cool hands against his burning skin and how good it actually felt made the soldier give up grudgingly, although he did dish out some highly offending verbal abuse during those massages. If XII was angry at Grimmjow for saying all those horrible things he didn't let it show on his face. It remained the handsome expressionless mask he always wore, but Grimmjow could see little flashes of hunger and something darker in his eyes.

But he couldn't help thinking that he was a thin strip of humanity left in XII, if you looked deep enough. And he was different from the others. That was something Grimmjow realized the moment he laid eyes upon the vampire.

Judging from all the sideway glances and some openly gawking stares he was getting, it wasn't common for a carrier host to have skin-on-skin contact with his charge. Grimmjow could care less what anyone thought of him, let alone a handful of vampires. And XII didn't seem to mid the contact, his hand firm around Grimmjow's.

They reached a small corridor with the words 'Check-up Area' printed on a small metal sign overhead and the vampire led him to a small silver door with a white knob and pushed it open. It was a small room that resembled a physician's office. There was a white bunk in the middle; a light fixture overhead that Grimmjow knew would literally blind him if it were turned on and a handsome man with almost transparent skin sitting in a steel chair. XII greeted the man with a small nod of his head and Grimmjow blinked.

He was pushed gently forward and sat down on a cold metal bench. The blonde man vampire turned a flirty smile toward XII and pulled out a thick needle. Grimmjow's stomach did a hard lurch. The vampire standing over him froze for a moment before excusing himself and turning toward the door. Grimmjow watched as XII slipped out and shut the door with a faint click. It was odd. He acted almost as if he was afraid of catching the scent of Grimmjow's blood again. Was he afraid of losing control again?

The blonde vampire was obviously immune to the scent of blood as he drew out a thick tube with a straight face and slapped a band-aid to the needle wound. XII entered a few seconds later, his face a smooth mask of indifference. Grimmjow was asked to sit on the examination bunk next and he was reluctant until XII took a warning step forward. Grumbling under his breath, he pulled himself onto the bunk, crinkling the paper laid over it in the process.

"Alright, now if you would just remove your pants and spread your legs wide." The blonde said in a velvety voice. Grimmjow froze, his heart pounding in his chest as he saw the doctor take a long steel stick with a round thing in the front and attach it to an electrical cord. The blonde vampire frowned.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Do I have to do everything myself?" he reached for Grimmjow with one hand. Grimmjow shook his head, clutching at his slacks. But the vampire's strength was too great and the belt broke under a vicious tug and he jerked.

He didn't know what came over him, the thick wave of panic and dread that washed over his heart made him lash out and kick the blonde doctor in the temple. The vampire's head jerked to the side and he dropped the silver probe in his hands. The thing fell to the old marble floor with a crisp crack and the doctor was turning back to Grimmjow with murder in his eyes. He glared back, jerking his now useless belt back over his ruined pants.

A hand closed firmly over the blonde's wrist, stopping him in whatever he was going to do. XII looked him in the eye and spoke, his voice in a tone that left no argument.

"Let me do the rest of the check up." he said evenly and the blonde vampire jerked his hand away with an ugly sneer in Grimmjow's way and a respectful nod toward XII. He left the room after exchanging a few words with XII. Grimmjow tensed his body.

"If you think I'm going to let you touch me instead, you're so fucking out of your mind." he snarled but the bright haired vampire just gave him a disarmingly handsome smile and moved without Grimmjow even realizing. The air in his lungs were forced out of them when the vampire bodily slammed him onto the inspection table, securing his hands with some clear rubber wires on the edges of the table.

His expressionless mask was back in place as he loomed over Grimmjow. For a moment the ex-soldier was reminded of a frog being dissected by a particularly curious nine-year-old. He struggled with the binding but they held firm and he snarled and spat in anger. Grimmjow watched helplessly as the vampire donned a pair of elastic gloves and forced his legs to spread as he tugged off his pants, revealing the vulnerable opening above his anus.

There was a sharp intake of breath as the vampire set eyes on his body and Grimmjow felt horribly violated. Tears sprain into his eyes and he knew he was helpless to fight back. He hated this. He wanted so very much to die right there and then.

"You're beautiful." the words that came out of XII's mouth startled him out of his misery and he felt the steel tip of the probe touch the delicate opening, tracing something wet over the sensitive flesh. His back arched in pain as the sharp probe entered and dug its way through layers of newly grown ad very delicate flesh. The feeling was as arousing as it was painful. Grimmjow choked. He bit his lips hard enough to draw blood as h thrashed his legs but the vampire kept to his job, the probe felt like it had gone in miles deep when suddenly Grimmjow let out a half scream and moan.

White hot pleasure seared through his body as the now warmed tip of the thing pressed into his core. He was rapidly becoming wet; the thick clear fluids leaking out of him sliding against the metal of the probe had his face burning with humiliation. Grimmjow's biceps and abdominal muscles flexed as the vampire purposefully dug the probe deeper. Blood rushed to his cock and he had to bite down on his severely damaged lips to prevent himself from screaming again.

It felt like ages until XII pulled the steel thing slowly out of his now very wet and thoroughly swollen opening. Grimmjow couldn't help but clench around the retracting tool as it left the warm cavern of his body. The vampire seemed to be struggling with some internal battle as he slowly placed the tool back onto the plate. He jerked the soiled gloves off his fingers and stood shakily. Grimmjow noticed he was breathing rather hard, although it was unnecessary and his eyes had turned from clear orange-ish red to dark muddy brown. XII glanced at the computer readings and cleared his throat before speaking in a rough strained voice so unlike his normal tones.

"Congratulations, it seems your body has accepted the changes quite well." he massaged his temple before turning o Grimmjow and it took the vampire a few seconds to register the scene before him. Grimmjow's cock stood proud and flushed in a nest of pubic hair. The wet glistening entrance underneath was opening and closing slightly as if it missed the feeling of being filled. The ex-soldier's usual hawkish blue eyes were hooded and glazed, making him look oddly vulnerable. He was panting slightly.

XII swallowed, his mouth suddenly feeling a bit dry. And before the vampire could stop himself and repress the maddening urge to claim Grimmjow as his, he leaned down and pressed his lips to the human's.