What We Did

This story is the behind-the-scenes of what happened when Chad and Sonny went backstage on Gotcha! (Revised)

Disclaimer: I don't own anything.

Sonny P.O.V

"Look, we need to make a pact so that we don't rat each other out." I explained. "Tawni and I made a pact too."

"Yeah." Chad blushed. "Alright then. Any secrets?"

"Umm… Well…" I didn't want to tell him about my slight crush for him, that would just be awkward.

"I know how to resolve this!" Chad grinned. I really wasn't sure what he was planning. This is Chad Dylan Copper we're talking about.

"Close your eyes" he said. I hesitated but closed my eyes. I felt a soft, warm hand on my chin, then soft lips on mine.

I was shocked at first, but I can't say I didn't enjoy it. He was a wonderful kisser.

I sighed into the kiss, and my hand slipped into his hair. We stood there for a while, until the lack of oxygen became too much and we broke apart.

"So… I really like you, Sunshine," Chad said.

"Ditto, CDC," I replied.

"So, does that mean we're-"

"Yeah. We won't tell anyone yet."

"Can I tell Chasity? She knows I like you."

"Only if I can tell Tawni. She's my best friend. She knows I like you."





We smiled.

"I'm glad I got that over with."

"What, so you didn't enjoy our fun?"

I glared at him. He was still a jerk-face – just a cute one.

"I thought so." He gave me an affectionate peck on the lips as we walked back on stage, much to Tawni and Gilroy's liking.

"HAHA! I was right!" Gilroy rushed back to his desk. "Hey guys! Have I got news for you! Here is a little sneak peek."

He showed the picture of Chad and I kissing just now; I guess that meant our secret was blown. The audience cheered, and Chad held my hand.

"Okay, fine. We're dating," I said, and Gilroy clapped his hands.

Nico and Grady ambushed me when we got back to the studio, demanding to know why I was dating Chad. I gave them the shortest explanation I could and walked away.

"Hey Sunshine." Chad said, and pulled me in for a kiss. We were in his dressing room, and nothing could be more perfect.

"I have to ask you something." He said.

"What, CDC?"

"I love the way you say that. Anyway, remember that fake date we went on?"


"Do you wanna go on a real date?"

I squealed and hugged him.

That's it! Hope you enjoyed!