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The Omnipotence Paradox

Chapter 1: The God's Stone

When Harry was very young, he once hid from Dudley's gang during one of their games of 'Harry Hunting' behind a rather ragged park bench and accidentally overheard two elderly men conversing. Normally such an event wouldn't bear any notice; Little Whingingwas a quiet little community, and many older citizens chose it to settle down in it to live their remaining lives quietly. What made this day different for Harry was that they weren't discussing their usual recollections of glory days past, when "life was simpler" and "youngsters respected their elders"; What interested Harry that day was their debate over philosophy: "Can God create a stone so heavy that he cannot lift it?"

Harry, being only five years old at the time, neither knew the meaning of the word 'philosophy', nor did he even know how to spell it. The question asked by the old men however did tickle his interest in ways he was not used to as such imaginative questions were highly discouraged in the Dursley home as being 'unnatural'. As the two elderly men discussed the debate further Harry was dawn in and could not help but ponder the answer. However, before Harry could ponder any further Harry's 'hunting party' found him and the chase was on once again. That night, lying in his small, dark cupboard and nursing his new set of bruises, Harry was once again free to imagine and ponder.

Naturally, as with most children, a new idea popped into Harry's mind and the puzzle the old men had discussed had been pushed aside into the dark recesses of his mind where all idle thoughts eventually go. However, in that short amount of time the idea took root, as do many great idea's, and was quietly forgotten till such a time when the knowledge would one day once again be needed.

Time passed and Harry grew. And when Harry turned eleven the impossible became real: wizard's existed. An entire hidden world, living and breathing right under the Muggles noses existed just beyond their reach. And as Harry entered this world he was swept away by the endless possibilities. What did Galileo and Newton know about gravity when he could simply place a levitation charm on any old object to make it fly? The entire magical world seemed to make a habit of turning physics and logic on its head. In this world, any dream seemed like it could become reality if you had the strength, knowledge, and determination to make it happen.

Of course, all that glitter's is not gold, and Harry found out the hard way that if any dream could become a reality, so could any nightmare. In his short stint in the magical world he had faced possessions, serpent kings, soul eaters, dragons, madmen, and a seemingly immortal tyrant all out trying to kill him.

Harry had always dreamed of being wanted when he was locked up and forgotten in his tiny cupboard; best be careful what you wish for, because this was ludicrous.

Now, after having seen his godfather die in front of him, and having been told of some ridiculous prophesy that linked him to the murderous megalomaniac that killed his parent's and destroyed any chance of a happy and loving childhood, Harry just wanted to leave the whole miserable magical world behind. Let the ungrateful bastards deal with their own twisted psychopaths and leave him in piece. Why should he stick his neck out time and again for the sake of others just to be crapped on by the higher ups? Harry really felt like sending a Howler to The Daily Prophet telling them and magical Britain where they could shove their ass-rag they called a 'news' paper.

Thinking of the Prophet only further enraged Harry - how the hell did they find out about the Prophesy? Harry had only found out about the prophesy a few weeks ago, at the cost of Sirius' life, and now every little snot in the magical kingdom knew and were calling him 'The Chosen One". How dare they! It was only a few weeks ago they were calling him 'The Mental One', 'The Deluded One', 'The Fuckin' Bat-Shit Crazy One!" It was only a few weeks ago that Sirius…

"Argh!" Harry screamed, kicking the night stand beside his bed at #4 Privet Drive. He hadn't even been back a week before the Prophet started up with their drivel, spewing out half-assed theories that just kept reminding Harry of his situation, and of dark thoughts he would rather leave forgotten, even if for just a moment.

Lying on the lumpy little cot in his bedroom, Harry nursed his now sore leg and thanked Merlin that at least the Dursley's weren't home to complain about the noise. Dudley had a regional qualifying boxing match that afternoon, probably against another bully putting their 'skills' to good use. And of course the proud parent's wanted to be there as their precious little 'Diddikins' displayed his talents obtained through years of beating up children weaker then him, which his parent's either ignored (when done to other children) or encouraged (when done to the 'freak').

Harry hoped Dudley got the crap beaten out of him.

Ever since Harry had found out that Dudley had started boxing, he had held a slim hope that Dudley had found a new outlet for his violent tendencies and would stop using the local children like punching bags; Sadly, the only thing that had improved was Dudley's aim and the strength he could use to beat the tar out of little kid's half his size, with the help of his little gang of hoodlums of course. A gang of violent sixteen year olds led by a junior boxer vs. a scared ten year old kid – doesn't that sound fair.

Apparently you can't knock sense into a senseless mind; that would be a miracle. If anything, Dudley seemed to get dumber from the repeated blows to his head. Oh well.

Harry couldn't event enjoy his reprieve from his supposed 'family', seeing as they had locked him up in his tiny bedroom, as if he was some untrained mutt that would shit on the rug the second they went away; And Dumbledore seemed to wonder why Harry hated returning to Privet Drive and his relatives with a vengeance.

Focusing on Dumbledore made Harry think of some of the last words the old fool had spoken to him. According to the Headmaster, he was supposed to have 'power the Dark Lord knows not' and Dumbledore believed it was love.

How sweet. When Harry next fought Voldemort, he would run over and give the Dark Lord a nice big hug, before kissing his pale and clammy scalp and telling him he would make his boo-boo's all better. Urgh. How the hell could Harry feel love when he was just so angry and sad all the time?

Making him feel even worse was the constant stinging in his scar. Ever since Voldemort had possessed him at the Ministry, Harry felt his connection to the Dark Lord even more clearly then before. It was as if possessing him had torn a big, gaping hole between their minds, and although Voldemort hadn't yet tried to possess him again, the connection never seemed to lessen.

Just to confuse Harry more, Voldemort didn't even seem angry about what happened at the Ministry. Although he was pissed off for a few hours after failing to obtain the Prophesy, his mood suddenly shifted and he seemed to become…excited? Eager? Whatever could make the Dark Lord feel so chipper and hyper had to be bad news for everyone else, and Harry couldn't help but feel worried.

Not even the weather was giving Harry a break; it was the longest day of the year and coincidently was also turning into the hottest.

Beautiful. Just bloody beautiful.

Tom Marvolo Riddle truly had to question the intelligence of Muggles; didn't they know what had happened at Stonehenge in ages past? Apparently not – they continued to flock here in droves, just so they could walk around the area and scratch their primitive ape-like minds wondering, "How did they get those big stones to stand upon top of one another?" If Tom still had any sense of humor that didn't involve the maiming, torture, and killing of innocents he may have been tempted to add a "Hyuk!" to his previous thought. Still, it was for the best that the Muggles were completely unaware of the monument's true purpose, otherwise they would do everything in their power to destroy the entire area till nothing but ash remained.

Stonehenge was originally located in Ireland on Mount Killaraus and was called 'The Giant's Round', but the war hero, Aurelius Ambrosius, requested that the greatest wizard of the age, Merlin, move it to a new location in Briton as a burial place for the kingdom's dead princes. Ambrosius decision, however, had been influenced by a powerful Confundus Charm cast by Merlin himself.

Very few realize the truth about Merlin: his true name was Myrddin Wyllt, but was also called Merlinus Caledonensis. Myrddin was indeed a brilliant and powerful sorcerer and prophet, but he was also a madman who hid behind the guise of a wise elderly gentleman who lived to serve others. As with most legendary figures and events, as the different story's are passed down through the ages the truth gets distorted to the teller needs, and often times villain's become hero's and hero's become villains. Tom almost found the idea of a saintly and kind Merlin laughable.

The stones from the Giant's Round were made from rare minerals whose actual name had been lost to history, but were often referred to as the 'Giant's Dance'. The stones had come from Africa and were brought over to Ireland by giants for their unique healing properties, as they had the extraordinary ability to absorb the ambient magic in the area around them which could then be harnessed by a skilled mage. Alone, the stones were powerful, but if they were placed in the right locations, the power they could potentially absorb would become immense.

Myrddin had giants move the stones to their new location on the Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire due to the fact that just underneath the plain was one of the largest magical ley lines in the world. Magical ley lines are pathways that magic travels down as it circles the earth, steadily gaining and releasing magical energy as it flows. These ley lines are often referred to as the 'veins of the planet', and it is believed that should all the ley lines vanish or be destroyed, the planet itself would perish. Due to the power they emit, numerous magical communities and monuments have been built on top of them, including the Ministry of Magic, Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade, and Hogwarts. In some rare cases, the ley lines intersect and immense magical energy is released. Three ley lines intersect underneath Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; Underneath Stonehenge, five different ley lines cross – the most intersecting lines in the world.

It was for this reason that Myrddin had the stones moved to their new location above the ley lines, where they would sit and gather power. Myrddin found through extensive research that this site was the key to unlocking untold power. Stonehenge had to be used with five other sites, all lying on the ley lines leading straight to Stonehenge: Bluehenge, about 1 mile south-east of Stonehenge; The Ring of Brodgar, in Orkney, Scotland; Avebury, about 20 miles south of Stonehenge; Arbor Low, in the Peak District of Derbyshire; and the Stanton Drew Stone Circles in Somerset. If a person could be in all six locations at the same time at a specific hour on a specific day they could absorb the power of the ley lines.

Even with all this knowledge, Myrddin was unable to accomplish his dream; the problem was how do you be in six places at once? However, before Myrddin could find the answer, he prophesized his own death: he would die by falling, stabbing, and drowning. Shortly after making his last prophesy, during a severe bout of Wizard's Flu, a gang of jeering shepherds ran the weakened Myrddin off a cliff, where he was impaled on a stake left by a fisherman, and died with his head below water.

Myrddin's life's work, however, would not go uncompleted. Centuries later, Myrddin's journals were found by Salazar Slytherin, a powerful but unknown wizard at the time. He would spend years devoted to solving Myrddin's final question, and eventually succeeded in finding a solution. Unfortunately for Salazar, his feud with Godric Griffindor over blood purity came to a head and in a fierce battle they killed each other before Slytherin could finish his preparations.

The dreams of Myrddin and Salazar would again go unfinished for another millennium, when young Tom Marvolo Riddle found Slytherin's writings hidden in his chamber. He would spend decades restoring the ruined magic's at the six monuments and preparing himself for the ritual, till another prophesy interfered with the plan's for Stonehenge, and Tom's body was destroyed by a infant: Harry Potter.

Thankfully Tom, by this point self-christened Voldemort, had avoided the pitfalls that led to the ruin of Myrddin and Slytherin's plans by using Salazar's solution to Myrddin's problem – Horcruxes. Tom's Horcrux's bound his soul to this plain of existence, and although it would take him thirteen years to restore his body, he was now on the verge of completing a goal that was over a millennia in waiting. His loyal Death Eater's were strategically positioned at all six locations, waiting for the exact minute to complete their Lord's greatest task.

Standing under a Disillusionment Charm, Tom couldn't help but snicker at the irony of the situation; the Muggles had all come to Stonehenge on this date to try and be part of something bigger then themselves, and would end up playing a part in the greatest event the world has ever known. Checking the time, Tom saw there was two minute's left to go. He led his most trusted servant, Bellatrix Lestrange, and his familiar, Nagini, to the center of the monument. After ordering Nagini to curl up directly under him, Tom Marvolo Riddle sent Bellatrix away and waited for the last minute of his existence.

At exactly 2:24GMT on June 21, 1996, during the Summer Solstice when the sun was at it's highest point, six different ruins activated and began siphoning off the magic and life force of those in the area, killing all the plant life, residents, and tourists in the vicinity. All that energy was absorbed into the stone circles and redirected towards their centers, where a Horcrux was laid. The Horcrux's absorbed all the energy from the ruins and connected to the magical ley lines beneath them. Five soul shards then left their containers and traveled down the ley lines, gathering and absorbing more power as they went, till they finally reached Stonehenge and connected with the last Horcrux that resided there. The soul shards gathered and condensed inside the Horcrux, combining each others power and strengthening their connection to the ley lines. Finally unified, the last soul shard flew into the body of Tom Marvolo Riddle, merging with him and connecting him to the magic of the planet. In an explosion of raw light and energy, all six monuments were simultaneously destroyed, leaving massive smoking craters in their wake and causing an earthquake that was felt all the way over in Mainland Europe.

At the epicenter of the Stonehenge crater, a small concentrated ball of infinite darkness hovered above the destruction, sucking in air, dust, rock and clouds; even light could not escape the pull of the miniature black hole. Static cracked through the air and lightning filed the skies, only to get pulled into the black hole along with the rest. In one final explosion that decimated a large section of Wiltshire and generated an even stronger earthquake then the first blast, the dark ball expanded and unfurled to reveal the terror that was hidden inside.

Tom Marvolo Riddle, the self-proclaimed Dark Lord Voldemort, had ceased to exist. In his place was an entity unlike any that had ever existed on Earth. Power radiated off it in waves; enough power to give dreams and nightmares physical form – the power to reshape reality and unmake the world.

The reign of Dark God Voldemort had begun.