This is another one of my submissions for the FMABBC. 8D

The events recorded here are… well, both products of my hyperactive imagination and by several of my own experiences with my cadet training. (No, I'm not a soldier. Close, but not quite! Haha. XD)

A big thank you to all those who inspired me with this—my fellow cadet officers, NCOs, senior officers, commandants, training staff… oh, and my subordinates too!

And special thanks to my beta, Mere. :]

Permission to Sympathize, Sir!

01: Reception

All was peaceful. It seemed like it was going to be a good day, a good start of a life as a soldier. But then they came.

Double time!

They were shouting, and heading towards us. We were totally clueless. We were formed into groups. Two to three officers were assigned to each group; there were older cadets too. We were instructed to imitate what the senior cadet did; it differed from every "station".

Is that the best you can do?!

They were barking at us like mad dogs. I was scared as hell, but I had to do what they were saying. If there's one thing I knew about the military before I entered, it was that soldiers never complained, and that soldiers always did what was told. So I did just that.

Can't take it? Might as well quit, while it's early.

This tells me it's not going to be an easy life in here. Oh well.


It was then that I realized they were preparing us for death at the very beginning. They were taking us to the Gates of Hell themselves, only to pull us back out. And when you think you're getting that glimpse of Heaven, they start punishing you again.

Crawl! Duck walk! Log roll!

I wonder if they'll make us do something like, "human walk", or play dead, or sit down.

A/N: I hate receptions the most. XD

"Dying" – this is a special phrase to me. XD Since I was once the Medical Officer of our Cadet Corps, I had to be alert if anyone was "dying" (or dead, lol). "Dying", though quite… morbid, doesn't mean what it does literally in the course of training. (In my case, at least.) It just means you can no longer take or continue or go on with the drills or exercises due to some… reasons. (Mostly health. XD)