12: Graduation Ceremonies

Ah, finally. The day long awaited by every cadet. It seemed just like yesterday that we were ticking off how many thousands of days left till we become full-fledged officers. But now, here it is. We're finally graduating from this Academy, and we're finally soldiers.

No more morning reveille, no more square meals. Goodbye, strict officers, goodbye barracks.

Although this is a day I've been anticipating for some time now, I can't help but think that I'll miss training. Sure, it was hard, and it was like living in hell, but when I look back at it, it was actually quite fun. They say there are many ways of leaving the Academy, graduation being the most difficult, but nevertheless the most fulfilling. Perhaps the feeling of having accomplished and overcome those tasks and obstacles is what really made it memorable.

This is the end, but also a new beginning. The tasks and duties of being a cadet are past me now, but I am faced with new responsibilities. Well, I'm not that high up yet; I probably won't be having my own troops till later on, but I'll work my way there.

For my dreams, my ambitions… and for this country, I'll do my best. I will protect the citizens, and I'll bring happiness to them too. As a soldier and as an alchemist, this is what I ought to do.


Caps flew into the air as the Fuhrer, after his final message, extended his congratulations. Now, we were no longer mere cadets. We were soldiers who would serve the country and help Amestris reach its goals.

The hard training is over. Now it's time for some real action. It's time to face the battlefield.

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