Pein, Konan, Itachi, Sasori, Kisame, and Tobi were gathered in the Akatsuki temple. Orochimaru was at the middle of the gathering, his face obviously beaten up by someone.

Pein opened his mouth in a stern tone, looking at Itachi sharply. [Well, Itachi, now tell me what happened between you and Orochimaru.]

Itachi shrugged.[As you see, I beat him up.]

[But why? You know that I hate fightings among members. What you've done is a sign of disrespect of your leader.]

Itachi blinked naively. [I'm sorry, Leader sama. But I had to defend myself.]

[You mean it's Orochimaru who started the fighting?]

[Not really, but he tried to rape me.]

At this remark, whole gathered members uttered a cry.


[No! that's not true!] Orochimaru denied quickly, but Itachi closed his eyes tiredly.

[You're a horny jerk. You were following behind me, and then jumped on me abruptly.]

Sasori_ the partner of Orochimaru, shook his head. […So I've been the partner of that horny junk until now..? My goodness…Shame on you, Orochimaru.]

Kisame also snapped with enraged voice.[Orochimaru! How could you dare to touch my sacred partner?! You damn ass!]

[My God! Tobi is a good boy! My ears are virgin~!] Tobi blabbered, covering his ears.

However, Orochimaru still denied, almost despairly.

[Nooooooooo! I just wanted to have a training fight with Itachi, and…]

Then Pein, who'd been frozen for a while, shouted sternly.

[Shut up, Orochimaru!]

An embarrassed light passed upon Orochimaru's eyes. [Le..leader sama?]

Pein opened his mouth to Orochimaru, with dry tone.

[I thought you're a good boy, Orochimaru, but finally here shows up your true color. I can't keep a sex maniac in my group!]

[Wha.. what! Leader sama!]

[You don't belong here anymore, and I'm no longer your Leader. How dare you try raping my dearest follower?!Now pack your things and disappear in an hour.]

Shocked, Orochimaru muttered in a despair. [Le..le..le…leader samaaaaa!! How can you abandon me like this?!]

[Shame on you, Orochimaru. Shame on you.] Sasori murmured.

And that was when Orochimaru threw himself and clutched Pein's sleeves, begging despairly.

[ Noo! For the sake of what we've been through together, please don't kick me out!]

And Suddenly Konan's eyes sharpened at that moment. [Hold a minute. What's the meaning of 'what we've been through together'?]

Pein shrugged nonchalantly. [Huh..? I don't know. He's just blabbering..]

[You can't not know! Orochimaru's speaking to you! I get this feeling of... if you've had any affair with him..?!]

[Wha…what?! Nonsense! I never touch any of my followers…] Pein denied, totally embarrassed.

But Konan's eyes were already blazing now. [Don't you dare lie! You nasty play boy! Confess the truth!!]

Konan jumped, getting herself on Pein's back, and started to pull out his hair.

Pein tried to shake her off, But because Orochiomaru's clutching Pein's sleeves sobbing, Pein couldn't move freely.

[Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!! Konan, stop it!! Get off, Orochimaru!!)

[I'm gonna kill you today, you damn play boy!]

[Please don't disown me, leader sama!]

Meanwhile, The other members were watching the three motionlessly.

[Eh… Itachi…?] Kisame called uneasily. Yawning, Itachi answered. [Huh…?]

[...Don't you think that we should stop them?]

[Why? It's funny.]

[Oh, yeah. Right.]

[I didn't know that our leader could be so nagged down like this.] saying thus, Sasori crossed his arms.

Tobi was laughing slightly, loudly speaking. [Hehe~ Tobi is a good boy! Tobi won't interfere in domestic dispute!]

And that was when Pein suddenly turned his head and glared at Tobi fearsomely, which caused Tobi to flinch.

[Lea..leader sama?]

[.....Domestic dispute can exist only when there's a husband and a wife.] Pein growled between his teeth.


[Why the hell are you trying to crush my future, Tobi?!!]

As Pein barked, Konan yelled histerically.

[What!! you're not acknowledging me as your woman, Pein?!! How dare you!! I'm going to kill you!!]

[Arrrrrrrgh!! BEAT IT, YOU TWO!!!!] Pein screamed.

Soon, Finally, Pein shook both Konan and Orochimaru off. Caressing his aching head, the leader of Akatsuki opened his mouth brusquely.

[Shit, it damn hurts! Now don't try my patience too much, both of you!!]

Konan blinked, and Orochimaru sniffed.

[Le.. leader sama...]

Now finally losing his last ray of patience, Pein barked at Orochimaru in icy tone.

[Shut your mouth, you filthy snake!! I order you to pack your things and leave in a minute, or I'll make you regret it!!!]

Shocked too much to sob again, Orochimaru widened his eyes. [Oh…. Leader sama…..!!!]

[I'm no longer your leader!! Now LEAVE!! Don't dare to come back EVER again!!]


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