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After finishing their lunch(Though they couldn't eat satisfactorily for Konan kept on urging them to finish quickly), The Akatsuki members again started to search for Pein and Itachi.

"This is stupid un!" Deidara complained loudly. "Why do we have to do this? They'll appear in anytime un!"

"I agree with that." Sasori snarled, thinking of desserts which he had to give up.

"Tobi's not gonna complain, since Tobi's a good boy." Tobi murmured, then Hidan glared at him contemptously. "Oh yeah? It doesn't sound real with your fucking sniffings!"

"Hidan is so baaad!" Bursting into tears, Tobi hid behind Zetsu. Zetsu stared at Hidan frightfully. "Don't bully children."

"Arrrgh! Shut up, fucking plant! You two are freaking me out!" Hidan hollered, pulling his own hair out in goosebumping.

"Where's Itachi..." Kisame sniffed sobbingly. Kakuzu shuddered. "Arrrrrrgh! Kisame, stop it! It just doesn't fit with your look!"

Konan snarled lowly. "Be quiet, everyone."

"You don't have any right to shut our mouths!" Hidan growled. "We had to give up magnificent desserts becaues of your constant urging!"

Konan opened her mouth to snap out something, but then Tobi interrupted, jumping up. "..There they are!"

All of them turned their heads and looked at the spot Tobi was pointing at. There truly were the missing two, sitting on the bench in front of dango store on the seaside.

"peeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!-!-!-!" Konan shrieked out dangerously.

Pein, who's watching Itachi eating dango with warm eyes, flinched and turned, and, seeing his dear subordinates, his face contorted. "Damn."

Soon the members started to run toward them.

"Leader sama! Itachi!"

"Leader sama! How could you.."

"Itachi! Leader sama!"

The other people on the seaside stared at them as if seeing a bunch of sons desperately calling for their father.

"Itachi! Where have you been?" Kisame held Itachi's shoulders, bursting into tears.

"Itachi, here you are!" Hidan exclaimed.

"Well, leader sama and Itachi seem to have had a nice time." Sasori murmured to himself.

Chewing his dango, Itachi looked up at the members naively. "Why are you all upset?"


All of the members' jaws dropped except for Pein and Sasori.

And just then Konan approached toward Pein like a beast who found her prey. Gulping slightly, Pein smiled at Konan. "Hello, Konan."

"Oh, my.." Sasori buried his face into his hands to hide his laughter.

Konan glared at Pein frightfully for a while, then soon hollered out. "Where haaaaaaaaaaaave yoooouuuuuuuu beeeeeeeen?-!-!-!-!-!-!"

Itachi looked up at Konan with frightened eyes. Pein cleared his throat. "We just, eh, hanged around."

"Oh?" Konan growled. "You've just roamed around here for those whole hours?-!-!-!"

"We rode a motorboat, Konan." Itachi interrupted timidly.

Members jumped up. "What?-!"

"Wow, motorboat..." Deidara twinkled his eyes enviously.

"Tobi also want to ride a motorboat~!"

"Damn, so romantic." Hidan growled.

Pein gulped at Konan's frightfully flashing eyes. "Eh, Konan, I'll explain.."

"Explain?-! You've resented when I suggested you last night about riding a motorboat!-! And you've rode it with Itachi?-!-!"

"Wo, wo, don't get mad at him." Pushing Itachi behind Kisame, Pein spoke. "Be mad at me."

"Oh, no.. He doesn't know how to treat an angry woman..." Sasori murmured to himself, chocking with laughter. Zetsu nodded in agreement.

As expected, Konan became more irritated at Pein's remark. "What?-! "

"Ok, sorry, sorry. I'll ride a motor boat with you next time."

"I don't need such an offer! How could you.. How could you do such thing?-! Do you know how long we've been looking for you?-!-!"

"Who told you to look for us?" Pein snarled back, standing up. "I and Itachi aren't children, you know that."

"I'm gonna kill you, you playboy!-!-!" Finally losing the last ray of her patience, Konan jumped onto Pein's back and started to pull out his hair wildly.

"Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh!-! Stop it, Konan!-!"

"I won't!-!-!-!"

"Oh, Jashin." Hidan mumbled.

Sasori was now almost laughing to death. The other members were watching Pein and Konan blankly.

And all of sudden, Itachi, who's standing behind Kisame, slowly pushed Kisame away and opened his mouth. "Sorry, Konan."

Both Konan and Pein stopped their movements and stared at Itachi.

"It's not a thing that you have to apologize." Pein groaned, but cut short by Itachi's chapfallen voice.

"I didn't know that it would cause you a such anger. Forgive me, Konan." Itachi continued meekly. "I was just happy to ride a motorboat for the first time in my life. Well... Excuse me." Then Itachi turned back, walking away.


An awkward silence flew among the members for a while. Then Sasori calmly muttered. "You've made him cry."

"Wha.. What...?" Konan mumbled with perplexed look on her face, but then her words were buried by the other members' hollerings.

"Konan! You've hurted my sacred partner's naive heart!" Kisame hollered out.

"Why can't you do your fucking domestic dispute in some other place, hah?-! What the fuck are we going to do now?-!" Hidan barked.

"Can't you think that Itachi's just too naive to be your rival, un?-!" Deidara yelled.

"Oh, no~! Tobi's so worried of Itachi~!" Tobi broke into sobs.

Zetsu and Kakuzu shrugged. Sasori smirked. Konan scratched her head nervously. "Eh.. I think I acted so rashly."

That was when Pein, who's frozen up to this time, slowly put Konan down and started to chase after Itachi.


"Wait, leader sama!"

"Damn, let's go together!"