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And I don't know why but with you I'd dance

In a storm in my best dress


Fearless – Taylor Swift


It wasn't like I had chosen to go along to this thing – Jess and Ange had pretty much dragged me here, insisting that ever since I started University my social life had begun to resemble one of a crazy cat lady. Though I had disagreed profusely at the comparison, I acknowledged that I had spent the majority of my time studying for my degree in English Literature, and little time being a reckless British teenager reccently. So here goes, a weekend of recklessness.

"Here's to Bella, and what will probably be her first ever weekend of recklessness." We clinked our drinks together after another infamous toast from Jessica Stanley.

We were gathered around a table in the corner of a small central London music venue named Indigo. Apparently some musician called Masen Cullen was playing tonight. According to Jess's Art College friends, six years ago, when he was sixteen,

he lied about his age to perform at Indigo. He was a huge success, but no-one's heard of him since, so Jess acted like it was a huge deal when we discovered he was performing tonight - we only found out this afternoon, too. Clearly this Masen Cullen wasn't advertising his appearance this evening.

Indigo was only small, but tonight was obviously a busy Friday night. The room was full with people, and I felt completely uncomfortable, in the hot and noisy atmosphere. I left the stuffy room to find the toilets.

I stared at my reflection in the mirror. Why had I let Jessica persuade me into coming tonight? I could be at home right now, curled up in front of a pointless reality TV show in my pajamas, instead of being stuck here watching some nobody singer who's waiting for their big break that will probably never come.

I instantly felt guilty after thinking that. I didn't know anything about this Masen Cullen – why was I making assumptions? Don't judge a book by it's cover, Bella – especially when you have yet to see that cover, I reminded myself.

I heard the muffled sound of a crowd applauding and realized that Masen Cullen must have been introduced. I exited the toilets, determined to enjoy myself tonight. If he was good when he was sixteen, he will probably be really good now, right? It should be fun...

I made my way through the crowd until I reached our little group, now stood at the front near the stage. I was just about to turn to Angela and ask what I'd missed when the audience suddenly gasped.

I looked up at the stage. There was one person stood in the center, altering a microphone and clutching his guitar. I searched for what everyone was so shocked at – he looked like the stereotype unknown musician: dark skinny jeans, a plain white t-shirt, hair in a random disarray.

And then I really saw him.

He had the palest skin I'd ever seen, that clashed beautifully with his bronze hair. His eyes were the strangest color – almost gold – and completely gorgeous.

I don't believe in perfection – or at least I didn't.

"Oh. My. Gosh." Jess breathed. I wanted to turn my head to see her reaction, but couldn't take my eyes off of him.

"Jess? Bell?" I heard Angela question, her voice an excited squeak. "Is that Edward Cullen?"

I registered Angela's comment – Edward Cullen? As in the Edward Cullen? Hollywood actor? Most famous man in the world? He had millions of screaming fans and paparazzi following him every minute of the day.

So what was he doing here?

"EDWARD WE LOVE YOU!" Several girls suddenly screamed.

Edward gave the girls a wary smile before stepping up to the microphone. "Um... thank you." He stated in a clear voice that rang in my ears like bells. The girls screamed again, and someone shouted at them to shut up.

A scary looking body guard stepped up on stage, warning us that the police would be contacted in anyone tried to get onto the stage. Edward cleared his throat once he'd finished, and spoke into the microphone again.

"Okay. So this song's called 'Echo'. Hope you guys like it."

He looked so nervous – how weird is that? I've seen him doing interviews on TV shows, and he performs all day as his profession. I couldn't understand why he would look so cautious now, just singing in some unknown little music venue for a handful of people.

Edward reached for his guitar and started to play the first few chords. The melody began slowly, softly.

Then he began to sing, and my eyes opened wide. His voice … I'd never heard anything like it. The sound was beautiful, just like bells – but had a hard edge to it, making the song completely unusual.

And I thought he was perfect before.

I stared at him. This person I'd never spoken to before had completely taken my breath away. How many times must I have seen him? A poster on the side of a bus, promoting his new blockbuster? Or an advert for the release of the DVD? How could I have missed the feelings that I was suddenly experiencing now?

It must be something about actually seeing him for real, in the flesh. Nothing is real on the television, is it?

Just as the chorus of the song started, as my eyes were still gazing up at him, something amazing happened. Our eyes locked and huge sparks electricity seemed to fly through the air, connecting us.

He stared right back at me, and my heart flew. It couldn't have been more than a few seconds, but that moment seemed to last a lifetime.

I still couldn't tear my eyes from his face as I danced to the music with everyone else. I wasn't thinking, I didn't even know if I was breathing... I was just watching him. And no-one else. It suddenly seemed as if nothing else mattered.

Amazingly, his eyes kept returning to meet mine too. Each time he looked at me, his face would have the same bewildered expression on it: mouth opened slightly, eyes wide. He was on the third verse before he managed to form his lips into a heart-capturing smile – directed straight towards me.

Honestly, if it wasn't for the fact that Jessica kept accidentally stabbing me with he lethal spiky heels, I would have sworn that I was dreaming. That's how the atmosphere felt: dreamlike. When you haven't got a clue what's happening, nor can you remember what happened a moment ago or wonder what's going to happen next.

Throughout each and every song he sang, I kept my eyes fixed on Edward. I could feel my eyes shining; my lips pursed into a seemingly permanent smile.

As the final song came to a close, the crowd applauded again, and Edward smiled shyly, nodding thankfully. "Thank you for listening. Hope you all like it, and, er, thanks." He shot his audience a breath-taking grin before leaving the stage.

"Bella! Can you believe that? Edward Cullen!" Angela's voice caught my attention, and I tore my vision from the now empty stage to see her eyes twinkling with excitement. "He's such a talented musician... Who'd have thought?"

"I know," I breathed.

"I love him," Jess sighed. "I knew he was from around this area of London. But Edward Cullen? And he's Masen Cullen. Wow. I love that song too!" Jessica started to sing the lyrics very loudly.

Suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I spun around instantly to see who it was.

"Oh!" I stumbled backwards, not expecting to see anybody stood so close to me – particularly not him...

"Careful!" Edward caught me before I could fall backwards. He held me to his chest, and looked into my eyes, a smirk playing at the corners of his mouth.

"I'm sorry," I managed to gasp. My eyes were already lost in his, and I was finding it increasingly difficult to think clearly.

Edward glanced over his shoulder once. "Sorry? What are you apologizing for?" He was mocking me.

I bit my lip. He was still supporting most of my weight in his arms, and though I felt I really should move I didn't think my legs could take it. I felt weak at the knees.

Edward didn't seem to be waiting for an answer. He shifted my body so I was stood next to him, and wrapped an arm around my waist.

His eyes bored into mine as he spoke. "You look a little faint. Would you like to come backstage with me? It's a bit... noisy in here."

I quickly found myself nodding, and Edward walked us through a set of tall doors. I didn't steal another glance at the rest of the audience who were suddenly green with envy.

We both sat down on a wooden step behind the stage. I clutched my head, suddenly feeling dizzy. It's really not everyday that you meet a celebrity, especially not the biggest celebrity in the world right now.... and he'd asked me to come backstage with him...

Edward laughed lightly at my gesture. "I'm Edward."

"I know," I mumbled stupidly. "I mean – I've seen you on TV and … and stuff." I blushed the brightest possible shade of crimson. Why did I always have to go and embarrass myself?

Edward smiled crookedly, and my heart fluttered. Oh, my gosh. I could easily see why teenage girls and their mothers alike were practically in love with Edward Cullen without him even having to utter a single word.

"It's slightly crazy," he shrugged, as he raked a hand through his gorgeous bronze hair. Get a grip, Bella. I sounded like one of his overly-obsessed fans. How ridiculous – I'd never even seen any of his films before. "When you just want to come back home and relax – play a bit of music, you know – and everyone just instantly recognizes you. Impossible. The crowd were pretty good tonight though – no trouble."" He suddenly leaned closer into my shoulder and winked at me. "Except you, of course. You were very distracting."

I gasped, my mouth forming into a small 'o' shape. "Ex-excuse me?"

Edward chuckled lightly as he let his eyes fall to the floor. "I did feel like I was ignoring the rest of the audience, to be honest." He returned his eyesight to meet my face, just as that crooked smile reappeared. "But I suppose it's not your fault – you can't help being utterly beautiful."

His words didn't effect me the same way his smile did – only because I was thinking clearly enough to know that it wasn't truth. Utterly beautiful? Sure. He didn't really mean it; I knew the throwaway comment was used by males across the world without any thought or reason put into it.

I scoffed and raised my eyebrow, careful not to let the other one rise with it – now that would be embarrassing.

Edward chuckled once. "I wasn't joking, you know." He obviously spotted that I was about to protest, and so changed the subject quickly. "You never did tell me you're name, by the way..."


Edward smiled, and I caught a flash of his pearly white teeth – kind of essential when you're in the Hollywood spotlight, I guess.

"See. I told you you're beautiful; even your name says so."

I rolled my eyes, trying to hide the fact that I was actually amazed by him.

"Sorry," he chuckled. "I guess you get that a lot. It's a poor and overused chat-up line – I usually do better, I swear."

I laughed lightly, unsure of how to answer otherwise. The truth was, unlike any other Bella in the world, I really didn't have to live with that unoriginal quip. Not a lot of people flirted with me, honestly. So naturally, I was feeling a little suspicious as to why Crystal Magazine's World's Sexiest Man 2009 was even bothering to talk to me. Strange.

"You don't see yourself very clearly, do you, Bella?"

"I think I do," I disagreed. "Isabella Swan: small; shy; blushes a lot; hardworking student; very shy; very clumsy..."

Edward watched me carefully after a trailed off, studying my face. "Funny," he almost whispered. "I've only known you for an evening, and I already see an awful lot more than than."

I opened my mouth to reply, but couldn't find the words. "Oh -"

Edward cut me off, talking swiftly and matter-of-factly. "Clearly, you are dangerously clumsy – luckily, I was there to catch you earlier." I pouted as he teased me. "You've already blushed several times tonight, so you're right about that too. Small? Absolutely tiny – and that's with heels on." I took a moment to glower at the offensive shoes I had been forced into before returning to Edward's mesmerizing face. "Shy... possibly, though not terribly so. And I'm sure you're a very hardworking student..."

"But?" I questioned, raising my eyebrow.

He grinned. "You forgot amazing. Or remarkable . Or … I don't know." Edward frowned as if the thought process was paining him, before returning his eyes to mine and forming his lips into a small smile. "Words can't describe you."

Embarrassingly, I realesed an audible gasp. Forget his status in Celebville, even if Edward was just an ordinary person he wouldn't be. I'd never seen such a perfect-looking person before, and his music... he was extraordinary. And what did that person just say about me? "Words can't describe you."

Edward loosely encircled me in his arms and somehow managed to pull me closer to him. Keeping one hand on the small of my back, he moved the other to cup my chin.

I stopped breathing. This wasn't happening – it couldn't be happening...

Edward had a thoughtful, serious expression on his face. He sighed deeply before looking directly into my eyes.

I gazed back at him. It was only then that I realized I still wasn't breathing. Panicking, I quickly exhaled, causing my sweet breath to wash over his face.

I guess he took that as his cue.

Ever so softly, Edward pressed his lips to mine. I kissed him back, marveling at how perfect the moment felt. I'd kissed boys before with my very few past boyfriends. But those kisses had always felt awkward and planned; I'd never kissed like this before. It was freedom, completely fearless.

When I felt his tongue brush against my bottom lip, silently asking for permission, I instantly agreed. I didn't even have to think about it.

Just as I was expecting the kiss to deepen, it disappeared. Edward pulled himself away, quickly untangling his arms from my frame.

I gasped. What was wrong? Had I done something wrong? Was I an awful kisser? I probably was – it wasn't like I had had a lot of practice. And Edward had kissed all those Hollywood starlets in his movies...

I was so stupid to kiss him. Why would he want to kiss an average looking nineteen-year-old kid like me? He was at least twenty-three, and light years older in professional terms.

I didn't dare look at him. If I kept my head down, I could easily mutter an apology and rush out of here without having to embarrass either of us any more.

"I'm sorry," Edward said before I could follow my plan. Sorry? What for? I lifted my head very slowly, only to see him staring at me intensely. "I'm sorry, Bella. That was stupid off me. Not to mention ungentlemanly."

I frowned. "What?"

"I shouldn't have kissed you. You barely know me. And you're a lot younger than I am, Bella."

"No, I kissed you back. I'm sorry. I know I'm not – I mean, I know you're an actor and... I didn't mean to. I know it was just a mistake. I'll just go-"

I tried to stand up as quickly as I could with shaky legs, but Edward caught my arm, stopping me from leaving.

"Bella," he breathed, watching me from under his eyelashes. "I hope you don't think that I didn't want to kiss you."

I refused to allow my eyes to return to him. I refused to allow myself to hope, too.

Edward stood up opposite me. He released his grip on my arm to capture my face and pulled it upwards to meet his. Watching me carefully, he spoke slowly and deliberately. "Because I did. More than anything, Bella. You have no idea." He smirked without humor.

"When I saw you earlier, I could have sworn I'd never seen anything so beautiful. I couldn't take my eyes off you, as hard as I tried. But you're just so innocent, so naïve. You're a nineteen-year-old student. And my life Bella... Well, I love my life. The opportunities I've had; I'm incredibly lucky. But I wouldn't want to drag you into it. I couldn't do that to you." His voice broke on the last word, as his face screwed up for two very different reasons, two emotions. I was certain one was anger, but was the other... regret?

I don't know where all my confidence came from, but I managed to muster up enough to speak my thoughts. "Edward," I practically whispered. "This is probably going to make me sound absolutely crazy, but I promised my friends that I would have a weekend of recklessness. And … if I let you walk away tonight, I'll be wondering for the rest of my life what could have been."

Edward was still searching my face carefully. He seemed to understand the sudden bond between the two of us as surely as I did. He glanced down at the floor, exhaled deeply, and when he met my eyes again he was wearing his famous crooked smile.

"Okay." He spoke very simply, but I could almost taste the intensity in his words. "One weekend. We'll see how it goes."

I smiled, feeling a mixture of feelings all at once; triumphant, amazed, excited... and fearless. I don't think I've ever felt that way before, but it's the perfect word to describe tonight and how I feel when I'm with Edward. Just a little more brave, a little bit stronger.

* * * * *

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