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And I don't know why but with you I'd dance

In a storm in my best dress



My eyes opened to a scene that was barely recognizable, yet wonderfully familiar.

Memories from last night were still fresh in my mind – I mean, how could I forget? Last night wasn't as innocent as the night before.

I was in Edward's room – it was larger than the guest room, but seemed less extravagant. More personal.

As I scanned the room, one word jumped out at me: music. Music, music, music. Each shelf was fulled almost completely with CDs or records – a total mixture, from every decade and every genre.

Next to the over-flow piles of CDs on the floor sat an impossible collection of DVDS and several books – non-fiction, as well as the classics.

The walls were full of family pictures of smiley children and proud parents, and there were random items strewn around the room. Ties, t-shirts, odd shoes – plus yesterday's outfits. I blushed as red as a cherry, though there wasn't even anyone to see. Edward had already woken up.

That's the only thing that could pull me out of the soft, comfy bed - the the fact that I knew Edward would be waiting for me. So after succeeding in prying my fingers from the duvet, I stumbled into the living area in my half-sleeping form.

I couldn't help but frown when I found the room empty. My hands found a note, sitting on the kitchen table.

If you wake before I return, I'm only at the shop just down the road. I'll be back soon.

Edward x

Smiling, I made my self a cup of tea and went to sit down with it. I felt the smooth paper surface of the note, remembering yesterday...

We stayed in the little meadow for an unmeasurable amount of time, just talking. When the sun started to set, Edward pulled me to my feet and back to the car. He then drove us back to his apartment, where I dug around in Alice's spare 'closet' for an evening dress.

He took me to a minute little restaurant that was hidden in a courtyard somewhere near Notting Hill. It wasn't a celebrity favorite – Edward didn't want the paps following us – but it looked posh all the same. The food was delicious, and every dish on the menu had a price tag nearly-equivalent to my own humble weekly budget.

We returned to Edward's apartment, and he dug out another bottle of vintage wine. One drink led to another, and one thing led to the next. But this wasn't just some drunken mistake – we were both very aware of what was happening. That was obvious.

All I could remember was that it was the best night of my life – so far...


I jumped and gasped, forgetting my early thoughts. Edward was stood behind me, with an amused expression on his face.

"Edward! You startled me!"

He chuckled as if the fact pleased him before turning to put away the shopping – boring essentials like milk and bread.

"So," I began, tucking a stray strand of hair behind my ear, "What's the plan for today?"

Edward cocked his head to one side, biting his lip thoughtfully.

"You're not telling me you haven't got anything planned?" I teased.

"No, no," Edward assured me – unconvincingly.

"I don't believe you..."

"Honestly, Bella. I do have an idea... I'm just not sure you'll actually want to do this..."

Why did he look so worried? Like I was about to run straight out of the door at whatever his prepossession was?

"I'm fine with whatever you want to do. Don't worry," I told him.

Edward sighed once, then shook his head like he was telling himself 'Just do it.'

"Well, there's this movie premiere this evening – for the new Johnny Depp film. I've been invited, and I wasn't going to go, but I just thought..." He trailed off suddenly, going silent.


"Nothing, it's stupid." He dropped his eyes to the floor, reminding me off a little school boy who'd gotten caught doing something wrong.

I stood, going to stand next to him. Ever so carefully, I reached up to wipe the mess of bronze hair from his eyes, which turned upwards suddenly to meet mine.

And at that moment, my heart stopped.

"Edward. Please, just tell me," I whispered, smiling lightly.


"...I was wondering if... you'd like to join me..."

I gasped quietly, somehow not expecting the conversation to turn out like this. He really wanted to be seen with me – in public? In front of fans and paparazzi and television crews and celebrities.

"Just forget it. It was arrogant of me to ask," Edward mumbled, and I realized that I'd been stood in a surprised silence for far too long.

"No, no," I rushed, taking his hand. "Honestly, Edward, I'd love to go... I mean, if you want me there..."

Edward shook his head quickly, his eyes serious.

"Of course I want you there. I don't want anyone else there."

My cheeks turned pink, and I smiled sheepishly.

"There's just one thing, though..."

Edward glanced at me expectantly.

"What am I supposed to wear to a movie premiere?"

Edward smiled crookedly as he raked a hand through his messy hair.

"Bella, I think it's about time you met Alice..."

"Hmm," Alice mused. "Okay, so the color's definite. We're going with blue. But the real question is what style? Straight and classy, or full and pretty?"

I was stood on what was literally a small circular platform, inside a large studio. The walls were painted white, apart from one which was just one huge mirror. There was several manikins and rails scattered around the room, all laden with clothes.

Alice was circling me, with a tape measure around her shoulders and clutching a few pins carefully. She was just as Edward has described her. Very small – Alice looked like a pixie: black spikey hair and petite features. Irritating – it was a little annoying having someone fuss over you for HOURS and being forced into beautiful but too-fancy-for-Bella dress. But sweet – Edward's little sister was almost too lovely. She had greeted me with a big hug and light kiss on either cheek like I was a long lost best fiend, and had chatted and laughed with me in between accidentally stabbing me with pins shoving scary high heels onto my feet.

"Edward, what do you think?" she questioned, holding what I presumed was the 'straight and classy' dress next to me in the 'full and pretty' one.

He was slouched on a chaise long, looking utterly bored.

"I don't know," he sighed. "She looks beautiful in both."

I blushed for the millionth time today, while Alice waved her hand dismissively as if the fact was obvious.

"Yes, yes, she always looks beautiful. I can see that; I don't need you telling me a thousands and one times!" Alice turned towards me, mouthing "boys!", and rolling her eyes, making me giggle.

"Knock, knock!" A voice suddenly called, and out of nowhere appeared a pretty blond woman, followed by a four other people.

"Rose! Thank goodness you're here, just the person I need!" Alice chimed, running over to perform the hug-kiss-kiss charade from earlier.

The blond eyed me thoughtfully. She really was beautiful, with clear, pale skin and long, luscious hair. I felt terribly ordinary in comparison.

"Bella, this is Rose - Rosalie Hale. She's my brother Emmett's girlfriend." Alice gestured to the blond girl, then Edward's super tall and super muscled older brother.

"Hi, Bella," Rosalie smiled genuinely.

"Hey," Emmett grinned, before turning to Edward. "Your friend, Edward?" He winked at him.

"Yes," Edward smiled, unashamed.

Emmett looked pleasantly surprised at this revelation, revealing some of the pressure form my shoulders.

"And this is my boyfriend Jasper Whitlock," Alice cooed lovingly, tucking on a tall, good looking, blond man's arm. "He's from America originally, but moved over here to live with me permanently a month or so ago."

"Pleased to meet you, Bella," he nodded politely in what sounded like a Texan accent.

"Pleased to meet you too," I replied.

"And this is our Mum and Dad," Alice announced, pointing to the remaining two people, "Esme and Carlisle."

"Hello," Carlisle greeted me with a nod. He was tall, with soft blond hair and a lovely smile. He looked very young for his age, as did his wife.

She was just as beautiful, with caramel colored curls and large, caring eyes.

"It's lovely to meet you, Bella," she smiled. "That dress is just gorgeous – is this one of your designs, Alice?"

"Yep. Thanks, Mum. Edward's taking Bella to a film premiere tonight, and I've narrowed it down to these two dresses. Which do you prefer?"

"They're both amazing, but I think the one she's wearing, definitely," Esme announced after circling me once, just as Alice had done.

"I agree," Rosalie chirped. "It's unusual. It makes a statement."

For a moment, I wondered if I really wanted to make a statement, before realizing that I wanted to show the world that I was worthy of Edward Cullen. I could be cool and quirky and pretty and clever like you'd expect his girlfriend to be.

Alice puffed up the tutu-like skirt I was wearing, and rearranged the velvet corset.

"I think your right. Thanks, guys. Now... for the shoes."

You can do this, Bells. You can do this. You can do this.

I was sat in a scary black car with tinted windows, my hair in elaborate curls and my feet in six-inch heels, with Edward at my side. That last fact made me feel a tiny bit better.

His family were too lovely for words. After finalizing all the details for mine and Edward's outfits, we had sat in Alice's studio, eating biscuits and drinking tea like British people do. (AN: I actually love this line :)!) Esme and Alice told me stories about Edward's childhood (earning an embarrassed look from Edward), Carlisle had asked about my University course and Emmett had wondered where we'd met. I guess that question was a pretty obvious one. Though I worried they would all judge me – Edward and I had only known each other for one weekend. How did he know that I wasn't a liar or a gold digger? A fake?

But my qualms were unnecessary. They merely laughed and smiled at Edward's love of music that started this whole whirlwind off. Thank goodness Carlisle and Esme enrolled him in music lessons from a young age, that's all I'm going to say.

But now, all jokes had passed. Because I was on my way to a film premiere – walking the red carpet and all that frightening stuff that I thought I'd never have to do.

Probably sensing my worry, Edward squeezed my hand. I needed a word better than perfect to describe him. His hair was mussed in a way that said "I don't really care how my hair looks – just be grateful I bothered to put on a tux." His suit – one of Alice's original designs – was black and fitted, with a matching silk tie.

The chauffeur rounded the corner, before edging up to where the road meets the red carpet.

This is it.

"How do I look?" I worried, fumbling around to smooth my hair and dress.

"Beautiful," Edward assured me, spontaneously reaching down to kiss my forehead. I couldn't help but smile.

And then everything happened very quickly.

Somebody opened the car door, and Edward climbed out. The crowd erupted into a chorus of ear-splitting screams.

I watched Edward cringe at the screams, before laughing easily and waving at his fans. They should be there for Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet and Orlando Bloom – well, they are, Edward Cullen is just a dream-come-true bonus.

Edward turns back to the car, and takes my hand. His eyes are asking the questions that I wouldn't be able to hear even if he spoke them – thanks to the fans. I nod my head silently, and step out of the car, onto the scarlet colored carpet.

People screaming; cameras flashing; security guards surrounding us. I'm scared to death, but Edward wraps his arm around my waist and strolls down the carpet, flashing his best smile. He acts as if it's the easiest thing in the world, but I suppose he's used to it. Maybe I'll be used to it someday, too, I can't help but think.

Because, even after a mere two days, I can't imagine my life without this man. He's funny and sweet and beautiful and makes me feel like I haven't got a care in the world. It's terrifies me to admit it, but I know I'm falling for him. Though surely he's falling for me too?

Okay, so things are probably moving too fast. I'm pretty sure Edward doesn't usually take girls he's just met to places like this (well, I'm hoping, anyway). But I feel so much happier with Edward after 48 hours than I did with my few other boyfriends over six months. Is that how it's meant to feel when you meet 'The One'? I wish I had someone to ask. I really need a good girlie chat with my Mum.

Edward guides me over to different groups of excited fans, and a pattern develops. He signs autographs, they take pictures (and scream), I smile politely and when they ask who I am he simply says, "This is Bella," and gives me a look that makes my heart melt. The female fans all melt with me every time.

It's a different story in front of the TV cameras. They want to know who I am and where we met and if we're an 'item'. Each time Edward has to tactfully change the subject and they end up complementing me on my dress, so Alice gets several mentions too.

Once Edward's signed an endless amount of autographs, smiled crookedly for a million photographs and answered too many questions, we're ushered into the cinema and to our seats.

"Did I ever warn you my life was crazy?" He chuckled once we're seated.

I laughed too.

"You might have mentioned it."

"And this weekend hasn't been too much for you?"

"Are you kidding? This weekend has been the best weekend of my life," I admit truthfully.

Edward's face lit up.

"That's good," he said. "Because I feel the same way."

I fiddled with the hem of my dresses underskirt, dreading the next question.

"So what now?" I whispered.

"What do you mean?" He questioned, brushing a curl out of my face.

I glanced up at him, my eyes wide.

"You said one weekend. It's Sunday night. Where do we go from here? What now?"

Edward answers immediately, like he doesn't even have to think about it.

"Anything." He suddenly presses his lips to mine. "Anything, anything at all. Just as long as we're together."

And with that, I bury my hands in his messy hair and pull his lips back to mine. It's hard to believe I'm kissing a guy, like this, in a public place – me, Isabella Swan!

Like I said, when I'm with Edward, I'm fearless.

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