Title: Gentlemen Are Just!

Word Count: 300

Character(s): Sanji, Bonney

Topic: Just

Media: fic

Spoiler(s): Supernovas

Rating: T

Warning: AU where Luffy never recruited Sanji

"Captain! Marine warship in range."

Bonney cursed and swallowed her lamb roast whole. She knew they'd been taking a risk planning their course to pass so close to a marine patrol route. Unfortunately her impatience had won out over her common sense which is why they now had a warship riding their ass.

"We can take them." She snapped "It's only a small ship. We've taken out bigger groups and we have a whole division with six vessels from Franky himself."

Her first mate squinted into his telescope before blanching "C-captain, t-that's…"

There was a whistling sound and one of their ships sailed…over the horizon, in shattered pieces.

"Oh hell." Bonney muttered "Only Smoker, Garp and ol' sea-stone heels do that."

In response to her comment a second and third ship went flying, shattered by well placed kicks and accompanied by amazingly fluent cursing.

There was a blur and suddenly a chef(?) stood on the deck of their flagship. Bonney blinked. No, it wasn't a chef but it seemed the officer had put on an apron and was in the midst of preparing lunch when they crossed paths.

(Aside from the apron he was brandishing a ladle.)

"You shitty pirates should know better than to cross my patrol routes." he snarled and exhaled a spiralling plume of cigarette smoke "Do you have any idea what I do to those that interrupt meal preparations."

His gaze fell on Bonney and she cringed back as he…present her with a delicious cake.

"Radiant Queen of the seas how dare those filthy brutes dare to cast a shadow in your radiant presence." The Commodore twirled and presented her with a pizza "Please accept this minor apology from your unworthy servant."

A marine standing in the background placed his forehead in his hand and groaned.