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The black tomcat, Sasuke stared at the ceiling from where he was lying down on his rather large bed. He was bored and he wanted to get laid, but he knew he couldn't because he was an Uchiha breed cat and they only have one mate.

He tsked. This was probably Kakashi, his owner's, fault; his pervertedness was rubbing off on him…and because it was almost mating season.

Hopefully he'd find his perfect mate this year so that those annoying pink and blonde bunnies; Ino and Sakura would leave him the hell alone!

"Sasuke, Iruka is coming over later with his new kitten so you better be on your best behavior today, understand". Kakashi shouted from the hallway.

Sasuke sighed. Great. Kakashi's female (Iruka is still a man in this fic) was coming over along with some other female cat that will be as ugly as sin.

Just great.

~1 hour later~

There was a knock on the door. Must be Iruka and his new kitten.

Kakashi opened the door and welcomed them, giving a kiss on Iruka's cheek, and ruffled the blonde kitten's hair, in Iruka's arms.

"Sasuke, come here and meet Iruka's kitten!"

Sasuke sighed but got up to go meet the little kit. Iruka smiled at Sasuke and placed the blonde kitten on the ground, in front of raven cat.

"Sasuke, this is Naruto. Naruto this is Sasuke; the kitten I told you about".

Naruto smiled brightly at Sasuke, blushing lightly. He had to admit it. Sasuke was a very handsome tomcat. With his raven hair, ears, and sleek tail, his onyx eyes and ivory skin. He didn't know why but being in Sasuke's presence made him feel hot all over.

"Nice to meet ya Sasuke"! Naruto greeted

Sasuke continued to stare at Naruto. Well, he did see this coming. He expected an ugly, annoying girl cat but instead it was a beautiful, totally fuckable submissive kitten, with golden locks, ears, and bushy tail, his sapphire blue eyes, and sun-kissed skin.

Looked like he found his perfect mate.

"We'll leave you two alone to get to know each other." Kakashi said pulling Iruka into the other room.

Once they left Sasuke began to form a plan.

"Um…so Sasuke do you-"

"Naruto would you mind if I did something to you?"

"Huh? Um…do you mean like…hit me or something?"

Sasuke chuckled.

"I would never hit you or anything of the sort, little one."

Naruto blushed and smiled.

"Okay, what do you want to do?"

Sasuke smirked and licked his lips, which made Naruto blush more. The dominant cat wrapped his arms around the submissive. Naruto watched him with wide eyes. Sasuke inhaled Naruto's scent and breathed out. The blonde's scent was intoxicating.

Suddenly Sasuke pressed his lips against Naruto's plush ones. To Sasuke's surprise Naruto didn't protest, actually Naruto started to kiss back. Sasuke traced Naruto's lips with his tongue wickedly, making Naruto open his mouth. Sasuke immediately shoved his tongue into the blonde's sweet cavern. Naruto moaned at the ravishment his lips and tongue was receiving. Naruto enthusiastically sucked on Sasuke's tongue. Sasuke groaned huskily. Who new sweet little Naruto would be so bold?

Sasuke pushed Naruto to the ground. When they separated there was saliva running down Naruto chin. Sasuke smirked. While Sasuke licked and blew into Naruto's fluffy ear, his left hand fondled Naruto's chest, with his right hand in Naruto's boxers to stroke Naruto's member, as he listened to Naruto moan his name sweetly in his ear.

Sasuke turned Naruto around to grind against his bottom.

Naruto mind felt hazy. He never done stuff like this before which made him confused but when Sasuke was touching him made him feel really hot in a very good way.

"Hey Naruto …do you feel good when I touch you …like this?"

Naruto didn't answer, he just moaned louder. Sasuke smirked.

"You must feel very good. I can tell by how hard…" Sasuke reached farther into Naruto's underwear to rub his fingers against his enterence.

"…and wet you are." Sasuke whispered huskily as he bit and sucked Naruto's neck. Damn he was so hard right now.

"Sa-Sasuke…Sasuke p-please…st-stop teas…teasing..m-me" Naruto stuttered

"Naruto…do you want to be my one and only ma-"


Sasuke was ripped off of Naruto by Kakashi.

"Ah, Naruto!!!" Sasuke yelled as Kakashi carried him away.

"Sa…suke." Naruto whispered as Iruka picked him up and held him in his arms.

Sasuke was tied to a chair with a muzzle on, to prevent him from tricking Naruto into untying him, as punishment.

Sasuke glared at the floor. He would have Naruto as his mate. He was an Uchiha. He always got what he wanted.

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