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From the Mind of Lord Pain…


Voice: Eons ago, a mortal man gained the power to defeat a god… and then that same mortal rose up and defeated the gods of his land… And once all had lay defeated before him, he vanished into history, never to be seen nor heard from again… But this is a tale of a much different sorts, one of a boy whose life was nearly identical to that of the great mortal, his life filled with hardships beyond any other he had tried to prove himself time and time again, only to fail, but now a new destiny awaits him…



Upon a high mountain a woman looked to the sky, her eyes narrowed and a twisted smirk across her lips. She was a truly beautiful creature, with pale flawless skin that had three black stripes over each cheek, her shoulders, forearms, and thighs, and eyes of ruby with slits for pupils, purple markings placed over her eyes like eye shadow while her lips were painted a deep red, her nails were black and sharp like claws, while her ears bore a slight point to them, her long hair seemingly black at the roots yet as it falls downward it slowly turns as if blood red at the very tips, her body seemed to be fully developed, having all the curves of a full grown woman, yet the muscles of a warrior…

The woman was dressed in odd garb with a leather armored corset with a black shoulder / backless halter top that wrapped around her neck, a thick obi around her waist with two daggers sheathed at her lower back, her hands were covered by simple black gloves, steel chains around her forearms, with black leather bands around her wrists, chains wrapped around her waist to form a belt while ten long hanging ends fell behind her, her "Skirt" looked more like an old red Kimono top wrapped around her waist with short black bicycle shorts under it, and last was a pair of black zoori sandals covered her feet with black leather shin guards with chains wrapped around them over that…

Chuckling lightly, the woman crossed her arms and then turned her head, her long have trailing behind her almost like a tail. "So my dear "sister" Amaterasu is foolish enough to send a broken mortal to stop me…" She noted while crossing her arms across her chest and turning to see the "Broken Mortal" with her own eyes…

A warrior walked forward and stood before her, his body was well muscled, though he had ashen white skin and hair with a red stripe curling over his left eye, up his head, down his neck and back, over his chest, and then onto his arm with three red stripes over his cheek right, his azure blue eyes dulled by time and the horrors he'd seen after so many years, his hair was formed into a messy array of spikes, most of them pointing backwards but a few coming down to cover his left eye. He wore a pair of old orange pants that had been ripped off below the knee, forming them into shorts, an old tattered black cloth hung at his right side and was worn over his hip and thigh, the cloth being the remains of his old shirt and looked almost like a loincloth now, a black belt was wrapped around his waist was partly obscured by the cloth and held a Shinobi Kunai Case and Weapons Pouch on it's side.

The teen also wore a pair of aged black calf-length Shinobi sandals, with a single obviously old AnBu style greave on his left leg, forearm length fingerless black gloves covered his hands with orange bands around his wrists and metal plates on the backs of them… Wrapped and burned over his arms, the youth wore heavy steel chains attached to two flame shaped double-edged short-swords that were stowed on his back. A long double-edged sword was sheathed at his side with a Katana on his other side, a lamp of some sort placed at the back of his waist, a white Hanya mask worn over his right shoulder and bicep, a dagger sheathed in its teeth, a jeweled necklace around his neck, and a mirrored shield strapped to his left forearm.

"Yami…" The young man growled out, eyes narrowed in hatred while the woman rolled her red eyes and then looked to the sky.

"Surely you can do better than this sister! A fallen Ningen like him is hardly a threat to a true Goddess! Let alone The Goddess of Darkness herself!" Yami shouted to the heavens before hearing a familiar sound, one of a pair of familiar blades being unsheathed behind her. "Do you honestly think you can hurt me with those?" She asked calmly and the ashen warrior crouched down, his furious eyes and scowl clear.

"Lets find out!" The young man cried out while running at the woman, her quickly turning and grabbing the young man's wrists to stop him.

"Honestly now, is this any way to treat me? Naruto-Kun." Yami mocked while briefly taking the voice of someone long dead, and Naruto grit his teeth in fury, eyes twitching as visions of his sins passed before his eyes.

"Shut up!" Naruto roared while kicking the woman away from himself, her sliding back with a smirk.

"Aw, did I strike a nerve?" She asked in that same voice and Naruto roared while lunging forward, swinging his Blades of Chaos at her. Laughing to herself, Yami held up a hand and Naruto's Blades of Chaos flew back, embedding themselves into the side of a cliff. "Pathetic… your every bit as weak as on the day I saved your pathetic life." Yami noted with a frown while Naruto's eyes hardened even as Yami opened her hand, the Blades of Chaos pulling his arms and spreading them wide.

"I… I am not the same man you saved that day…" Naruto growled out angrily and closed his eyes as decades of memories flashed forward. "The monster you've created has come back to destroy you." Naruto stated and Yami scoffed while giving the ashen skinned young man a look.

"So you say." She muttered while clenching her fist, Naruto gritting his teeth as the chains on his arms pulled on his arms and the red marks on his body faded and flowed into the two blades as if they were water, leaving his skin completely ashen white. "But you have no idea what a monster truly is." Yami said while throwing her arm to the side Naruto screaming in pain as the Blades of Chaos were torn from his forearms and then flew and hovered at her sides as she unsheathed her own blades from the back of her waist and held them in a reverse grip.

"So allow me, to enlighten you, Ningen!" Yami shouted while the chains around her waist rose up as if they were tails, Naruto looking up and growling as he pulled the Kusanagi no Tsurugi itself from his side and leaned it along his shoulders.

"Fine… just don't complain when I kill you!" Naruto roared out while also pulling Hachiman's Katana from his waist as well and lunging at Yami with both blades. Scoffing, Yami moved her "Tail-Chains" pushing her back as Naruto slammed his weapons into the ground. Lashing out, Yami pointed at Naruto and the Blades of Chaos flew straight for him. Cursing under his breath, the young man flipped back to avoid them and then thrust the Kusanagi forward, the blade lengthening and nearly impaling Yami through the heart.

Twirling out of the way gracefully, Yami slammed a foot into the ground, causing a miniature tremor while Naruto barely held his footing. Laughing, the Dark-Goddess then held her arms to her sides, the Blades of Chaos twirling around them as she threw them forward. The Blades shot from her arms instantly and straight towards Naruto, the youth flipping over them and then lunging at Yami, swinging his blades at her. Rolling her eyes, Yami blocked Hachiman's Katana with one of her own blades while moving slightly to the side to avoid the Kusanagi, a smirk on her lips while Naruto scowled.

"Aw, what's a matter Naruto-Kun, still sore about your trashy little mortal friends?" Yami asked mockingly and Naruto's eyes flared, turning bright amber and making the goddess blink. "How…" She whispered only for Naruto to roar out loudly and kick her in the stomach, sending her flying back. Skidding to a halt, Yami looked back to the boy and was surprised to see black mist start to rise off his skin; eyes still a dark amber gold color.

'Wait… those eyes, I know them, they're… no… No! Not him! Anyone but HIM! I can't let this happen, I must stop him now!' Yami thought as her own eyes widened as the ashen warrior sheathed his blades before he lunged at her with a roar. Quickly flipping to her feet, Yami slammed her foot into the ground, causing a tremor that tripped Naruto. Rolling into the trip Naruto flipped up with a kick to the side of Yami's head. Narrowly evading that, Yami slammed a hand into Naruto's waist, sending him flying back. Using a single arm to flip back, the immortal landed in a low crouch, eyes narrowed dangerously.

Holding out his hand, a large fireball formed in it before he through it at Yami. The Dark-Goddess quickly ducked out of the way of the fireball before throwing her arms at the ground. Her chains unraveled slightly as she did and then lengthened into the ground before coming up and slamming into Naruto's chin, sending him flying into the air. Grinning, Yami then crouched before jumping into the air after him, opening one eye as she came at him, Naruto reached to his right shoulder and pulled the Shinigami's dagger free of its mask before lunging at her.

Eyes widening as Naruto came at her with the Totsuka blade itself, Yami cursed and rolled out of the way as he swung it at her. Twisting into a kick, Yami knocked Naruto into the air and then forced her chain-tails to lash out at the blond. Opening one eye Naruto only had a second to prepare before the chain-tails slammed into him and sent him further into the air. Righting himself in midair, Naruto swung the Totsuka and caused several souls to form before lunging at Yami.

Growling, the Dark-Goddess slashed the souls with her blades and then widened her eyes as Naruto came at her stabbing the Totsuka into her chest. Widening her eyes as they slammed into the ground, Yami grabbed Naruto's wrist as he started to tug on the weapon, her soul slowly following it. "The Shinigami's wretched fate… will not be my own!" Yami roared out while knocking Naruto off of the Totsuka and kicking him away, ripping the blade out of her chest, Yami placed a hand over where it had been and visibly grimaced for a moment while Naruto slid to a halt nearby.

"Maybe not… but then again, I don't want your soul sealed in me ever again Yami!" Naruto growled out darkly before lunging at the Dark-Goddess with a roar. Slamming a foot into her face Naruto then reached out and grabbed the front of her Corset before slamming his knee into the side of her face. Grunting, Yami narrowed her eyes and the Blades of Chaos flew towards the ashen warrior once more, Naruto ducking out of the way and rolling to the side as they came at him. Landing in a low crouch, Naruto frowned as the two blades came at him once more and then flipped over them before grabbing their hilts.

Slamming the two blades into the ground, Naruto brought out Hachiman's Katana and swung it, shattering both blades instantly while slinging the weapon over his shoulders and looking back to a shocked, and now fearful Yami. Black wisps wafting off of his skin once more, Naruto stalked closer and closer to the dark-goddess. Shaking her head and gritting her Teeth, Yami rose back up before holding her arms to the side and sent a ball of dark energy flying towards Naruto. Narrowing his eyes, Naruto held up the mirror on his left arm and smirked.

The mirror, or truly the Yasakani no Magatama, instantly caught the blast and Naruto brought his arm into a twist before redirecting the blast right back at Yami. Cursing loudly, the dark-goddess rolled out of the way and then widened her eyes as Naruto came at her with a swing of Hachiman's Katana. Attempting to block with her own blades she was sent flying back and her swords were shattered. Throwing their useless hilts to the side while Naruto kicked the Totsuka up and caught it in his left hand.

Backing away slowly, Yami kept her eyes on the ashen warrior even as he sheathed the Totsuka and then crouched. Lunging forward a fraction of a second later, Naruto roared while swinging the Katana at her. Yelping, the Goddess ducked back while her eyes widened in fear. Growling, Naruto twisted the blade and lifted it up, Yami quickly using her Tail-Chains to catch the blade this time. Narrowing his eyes, Naruto then concentrated as two "Will-O-Wisp" like objects, known to most as "Hitodama", appeared and began to spin around him.

Roaring out, the two "Hitodama" spun around him and Yami rapidly, causing a burst of lightning to erupt in a concentrated burst. The power simply known as "Susanoo's Fury" erupted from him and the Dark-Goddess, making her shake before being thrown back and landing in a heap. Panting, Naruto noticed his Hitodama became dim and then vanished entire before the ashen warrior roared and lunged forward, Yami looking towards him threw her hands forward and swung. A miniature hurricane was unfurled from her arms and slammed into Naruto lifting him off of the ground and then into the very air.

"Beat that, Ningen." Yami mumbled out only for her eyes to widen as the black wisps over Naruto's body twirled and twisted while he gritted his teeth. Grasping the handle of Hachiman's Katana with both hands, Naruto roared out while twisting his body in the opposite direction of the flowing wind, slowly twirling down and then breaking it entirely while Yami looked on in no small amount of shock. "No… it's already started… he really is…" Yami muttered to herself before rolling back as Naruto thrust Hachiman's sword towards her chest.

Lashing out, Yami used her Chain-Tails to attack Naruto, the chains lashing out and slamming into him from all sides. Narrowing his eyes before closing one, Naruto twisted around one of the chains before twisting around Hachiman's Katana and having the chain-tails wrap around it. Quickly stabbing the Katana into the ground Naruto then lashed out and grabbed Yami by her neck before slamming a fist into her face, knocking her back and into the ground.

Coughing, Yami looked up, only to widen her eyes as Naruto placed a foot on her chest, the Kusanagai no Tsurugi poised to run her through… "Any last words, Yami?" Naruto questioned while the Dark-Goddess looked up at him with wide, eyes, the memories of the past flashing before both of their eyes to the day that this all started, the day that Naruto's true destiny became clear…


(The Past…)

Voice: Before his destiny had come to pass, the boy had been both a Ninja, and a Sage to the great ninja village of Konohagakure no Sato. His was a Jinchuuriki, baring the great Bijuu the Kyuubi no Youko sealed into his belly. All his life, he was seen as a monster, the Kyuubi incarnate, or even just it's servant by the very people he had sworn to protect. And then finally he came face to face with his most dangerous opponent, Uchiha Madara, the true leader of the infamous Akatsuki and a threat to his home. Their battle was great, but even with his Sage Powers the boy was unable to face the first of the once great Uchiha Clan alone and win unaided…

"Such a fool you are, you're not your father. You won't be able to stop me on your own, Naruto-kun." A man in a hood with an orange spiral mask mocks while looking down at a blond, lying bloodied and beaten on the floor. "However, I will admit you surprised me with your strength. But this was inevitable." Madara mused while looking at his own wounds and tattered clothes before quickly forming several hand seals and then jumping upwards, a statue rising from the ground where he lands on its head.

"Now I will finally claim the Kyuubi's Power, and then along with the other eight Bijuu's power at my command, this world shall fall to its knees before me." Madara then says while Naruto grits his teeth as a Jutsu is activated, his body spasming all over as Madara uses not only the Jutsu, but also his Immortal Sharingan to quickly draw out the Kyuubi's power from his body and into the statue…

"Kyuubi…" Naruto whispers as he looks towards the swirling energy as the beast is pulled towards the statue… "Destroy Madara…" He grunts out before spitting out the blood that had pooled in his mouth. "And my life is yours…" Naruto offers weakly eyes unfocused and hears cold, cruel laughter echo from the red energy as he grits his teeth in pain as flames rise up around him. Breathing, he notes that time seems to have stopped and then sees he is no longer wounded. Looking all around with confusion written over his face Naruto then sees the Kyuubi before him, seeming pale however as he is now slowly pulled towards the Statue.

"Yes. It's about damn time you gave in…" Kyuubi muses with a psychotic, evil grin splitting it's face while looking down at the blond haired boy, only to grunt as it's soul is pulled towards the strange statue behind it. "But I have no need for your life or for your soul, Ningen…" Kyuubi then muses and Naruto's eyes widen till flames arch off of the Kyuubi and then surround Naruto. "However, a servant… Now THAT I have a use for." Kyuubi says as then chains shoot out of the flames around them and quickly wrap around Naruto's forearms, then pulls both his arms out wide and cause Naruto to scream out in pain as the chains were seared and fused to his flesh.

"What is this?!" Naruto demands falling to his knees and then crying out in pain as the chains were fused to his arms…

"This is a gift for my newest servant. A pair of weapons unlike any other, formed from my flames, and from the fires of Makai itself! They will serve you well…" The Kyuubi says with that same demonic grin still splitting his face as smoke rises from Naruto's arms, the searing and fusing of flesh to the steel chains finally over with. "Now take heart my servant. For true power is at long last within your grasp!" Kyuubi offers with a laugh as Naruto pulls his arms into an X over his chest, a pair of blades flying out of the flames and into his awaiting hands.

The blades were each made of a near obsidian colored stone and were both dual edged, both were only about two feet long in total length, the blades started at a sharp point, then curved in a rounded arc downward and then curved into two inward arches then into the hilt at the front of the blade, while at the back they came down into three inward arches before curving into the hilt. The Hilt itself however was shaped like some kind of monsters skull, the sharp pointed teeth resting at the back of the blade and pointing upwards, while odd gems were placed into its eyes on both sides, a part of the skulls curved over the top of Naruto's hands, before jutting down into an arched spike, and at the pommel of the swords they formed into a curved sharpened arch…

"No sword nor shield shall do for MY servant, Ningen. These on the other hand, these are your weapons, these are The Blades of Chaos!" Kyuubi says while Naruto looks at the blades with a disbelieving expression, wondering what was so special about the blades. "Those swords shall be your own. With them you will destroy all in your path or in my way, starting with that wretched fool, Uchiha Madara!" The Kyuubi says loudly to the blond before a wide grin spreads over his face once more while looking at the boy darkly.

As he does, more red energy spreads off of its body, and then suddenly coils along the ground before lunging at Naruto, making him scream in pain and fall onto one knee, feeling as though fire were flowing through the veins of his body. "Now for my second gift my servant… I give to you power, Raw POWER!" Kyuubi intones ominously as Naruto grits his teeth, as the strange red energy starts to spread over his form. As the energy did the gems in the sockets of The Blades of Chaos starting to glow a brilliant amber color. And then something suddenly formed over the blond, the energy staining his skin and leaving a bright red tattoo of some kind.

The Red Energy first forms into three stripes on each of the boy's cheeks, almost like his whisker marks had been yet were solid red and thicker and longer, all of them starting at the middle of his cheeks before ending at the middle of his neck. The energy then forms over his left eye, arching and curving over his face before curling back over his head to the back of his neck, it then curls in a downward arc, reaching under his arm it then curves over his left pectoral before then curling over his left shoulder and onto his arm, finishing with a spiral point.

"Now. Now you are ready." The Kyuubi praises while Naruto pants heavily, eyes wide as he kneels before the massive fox. "Now rise my servant. Rise and spread Chaos over the lands! Spread Death and Ruin in the name of your new master!" The Kyuubi orders with a manic grin splitting his face and Naruto looks up, the form of the Kyuubi and the flames vanishing while Uchiha Madara stands before him once more. Looking to his arms and grunting while slowly sitting up as the Kyuubi is forcefully ripped out of his guts, Naruto sees The Blades of Chaos in his hands and then glares up at Madara vehemently.

"I will not die here… I still have far too much left to do…" Naruto says through gritted teeth before swinging both of his arms forward, teeth gnashed together and eyes narrowed in fury. The Blades of Chaos soared from the boy's hands as soon as he did, both arching from his fingertips towards a surprised and shocked Madara. Unable to move because of his Jutsu, and unable to attack Madara was at the mercy of the young blond boy's blades… Seconds later and with a splash of blood, Madara's head fell from his shoulders, his single Sharingan eye looking towards the blond in shock even in death as his body falls to the ground lifelessly.

Breathing deeply at this Naruto grits his teeth and then screams as Kyuubi is still pulled from him. However, rather than death, the boy falls forward, still very much alive and yet feeling almost totally drained of energy. Breathing heavily and looking upwards towards the statue Naruto hears a deep menacing laughter echo in the air. Naruto takes a quick gasp of air as a red energy sphere has appears above him. Seconds later, the statue holding the other Bijuu suddenly cracks and the laughter grows as more power expands from the sphere. The blond is sent flying back by the power, only to throw his blades to the ground and hold onto the chains for dear life, eyes wide in shock.

Before him, the massive sphere of Energy suddenly starts to compress, laughter still echoing as the King of Hell claims the power of the other eight Bijuu as its own, at least from what Naruto can guess… Closing one eye Naruto watches on as the sphere soon takes the shape of numerous wisps of energy, almost seeming like tails forming into countless numbers well beyond merely nine. "The Power…" The voice of what sounds like Kyuubi echoes out with dark laughter as Naruto watches on, utterly helpless to do anything.

"The Power of all nine of the Bijuu! The Power of all the lords of hell is finally mine again at long last!" The Kyuubi calls out loudly before laughing evilly, his voice still echoing as then the power compresses once more, now a form of some kind hidden within the glow of red energy and dozens of wispy tails. "No longer am I a mere Kyuubi no Kitsune, nor am I the Juubi, a mere King of Hell…" The Kyuubi's voice echoes before then the energy explodes outward, nearly pushing Naruto back once more as he's barely able to see what has happened. Clouds of dust hang in the way, leaving only a shadowed figure of what was once Kyuubi visible…

"Now I am more, now I am a Kami, no, I am THE Kami! I am now power incarnate! A Kami of Darkness and death, a Kami of bloodlust and destruction, a Kami of carnage and chaos! I am no Kyuubi! I am no Juubi! Now and at long last I shall finally take a true name!" The beast calls out, it's voice different in pitch and tone, while the figure of what lay beyond the smoke is slowly revealed to a shocked young blond…

The "Kyuubi" that had once existed seems to have been completely altered from the form of a fox. In it's place, Naruto sees a woman, a woman with the Kyuubi's blood curdling red eyes with slits for pupils, purple markings placed over her eyes like eye shadow while her lips were painted a deep red, her skin was pale, paler than he'd ever imagined with a set of stripes on her face like his own only black, more of the stripes over her shoulders, along her ribs, over her forearms, and finally at her thighs, her nails were black claws and her ears bore a slight point to them, her long hair seemingly black at the roots at yet as it reaches downward he sees it turn to blood red at the very tips, it reaching down over her bare breasts, her body seemed to be fully developed, having all the curves of a full grown woman, yet the muscles of a warrior, and without any of the tails of a Bijuu…

"K-Kyuubi is that you?" Naruto wonders aloud while looking at the woman in obvious shock and she merely stops to turn her head to the blond boy and then smirks at him in response.

"I am no longer the Kyuubi no Kitsune, my servant." She states, her tone a demonic one still, but more feminine sounding. "Now I am Darkness and Destruction incarnate." She then says with her arms raised up above herself and a familiar demonic grin splits her face. "So I believe the name Yami is perfect for one of my new stature and power." The newly dubbed "Yami" says with a chuckle while Naruto looks at her with shock on his face. However, "Yami" then reaches a hand forward to Naruto's cheek and gives him an odd little smile.

"Now my servant… we have much work that needs to be done…" She offers in a low whisper ominously while she leans forward towards the young man, her lips very nearly touching his own…



"Why… why must we fight?" Yami suddenly questions, while opening her crimson eyes and looking to the ashen skinned warrior pleadingly. "Remember… it was I… It was I that saved you Naruto… in your time of greatest need…" The woman reminds and the ashen warrior merely grits his teeth while digging the tip of the Kusanagi into her chest, eyes nearly glowing in rage, both still the same dark amber-gold color as they had been before.

"I haven't forgotten what you did that day… Yami…" Naruto growls out angrily, teeth and face set into a snarl as the memories pass before his eyes… memories that had haunted him for decades… "I will NEVER forget it!" Naruto suddenly uttered, eyes wide with rage as he stalked over to Yami. "You destroyed EVERYTHING that I ever cared for! You took everything I ever loved away from me in one fell swoop and damned me to an eternity of servitude to the Kami!" Naruto roared out angrily and Yami bit her lips while looking up at the ashen skinned warrior sadly, even as he glared down at her with pure hate in his golden eyes.

"What I did… I did for a reason Naruto… I was only… only trying to make you a great warrior… one worthy of being with me…" The former Kitsune mumbled out weakly as Naruto came closer to her, his eyes narrowing dangerously. Said eyes slowly closing as the memories came once more, his mind feeling as though it was being torn apart by them…


(The Past…)

Voice: Yami was a fierce goddess, her first command to her servant had been to build an army for her, and after a mere two years it was done. The army traveled across the lands, rending all of Yami's enemies into nothing. The warriors were emboldened by their great Leader, who seemed as if invincible. But, on the final day of their campaign, Naruto felt ill at ease, the next village looming ahead made him feel as if something forbidden was inside…

Looming up on top of a building, a pair of glowing red eyes glared down at an unsuspecting woman before he attacked. Jumping to the ground he quickly rounded on her, swinging his blade into her neck and leaving a splatter of blood upon his skin. Seeing an old man nearby he lunged once more, knocking him to the ground and gutting him mercilessly. His breathing echoed in his head, his eyes glowed red, and as he continued forward he felt his humanity slowly slip away. Breathing heavily the young man stalked towards another human he dug one of the blades into his gut then lifted upwards, easily slicing him in half.

Stomping forward, Naruto carved a bloody path through all that would dare to appose him, slicing and cutting his way through the many weak fools that dared to impede his path, the path of his Goddess. Nothing seemed to harm him, for he was empowered by the Dark-Goddess, her might flowing through him to bring ruin to all but those who served her. Grunting and panting, his eyes glowing a fierce crimson, he saw a tower in the distance. More ninja stood in his way but The Blades of Chaos quickly brought them down as he stomped forward, cutting through more and more bodies. His soldiers, his brothers in servitude to his Goddess, they were just as brutal as he, none were spared, none were left alive as they razed the village to the ground.

He could hear his heartbeat in his ears, thumping against his mind, it only served to agitate him further, to fuel his rage. Rushing forward, eyes still a brilliant crimson he kicked the doors to the tower down. Man and woman alike stood in his way, and he cut them down just as he had so many others. Making his way further into the tower he swung the Blades of Chaos, hitting and breaking all of the main posts for the Tower and causing it to fall inwards, quickly he ran out and rolled out of the way just in time for it to come crashing down to the earth.

Panting and breathing heavily, the blond turned to see people had survived the fall. Growling he lunged at them, swinging the blades of Chaos wildly, swinging them in deadly arcs and ripping through his enemies as though they were nothing. They fought back, they hurt him, but the power of his Goddess healed him far too quickly for them to do any kind of lasting damage. Roaring out he swung a final time and ended the life of the last living thing in the village. Still panting as his brothers and sisters in the army of Yami burned the village to the ground, Naruto fell to his knees at the sight of his final victims…

"Oh Kami no…" He whispered while looking around, the rage now no longer blinded him; the village was familiar to him. The familiar five faces on a nearby mountain, the familiar academy nearby set ablaze. The familiar tower he had single-handedly destroyed… and the familiar faces of those that he had slaughtered… "My friends… no… why? How?" He whispered seeing some of his friends, his "Baachan" the Godaime Hokage all lay dead before him, done in by his own hands…

"You have done well, Naruto-Kun…" Yami's familiar voice echoed out as he form appeared in a nearby flame, Naruto looking to it in shock. "Without these pathetic Ningen in the way, you will only grow Stronger. Soon you will become worthy of your ultimate reward…" The Dark-Goddess said as Naruto watched her vanish before his eyes, and then bowed his head, unable to move for the deed that he had done…



Opening his eyes Naruto formed his face into a snarl, eyes wide in hate as he looked at the weakened and prone form of Yami. "And you succeeded… a monster is the only thing fit to be with a demon!" He growls out angrily before plunging the sword forward, piecing her heart and stabbing it downwards, through the very earth beneath her. Her eyes widened in shock for only a moment as he did so, before he ripped the blade free and backed away from her.

Shaking, Yami gazed to the sky once her heart was pierced, blood flowing freely from the wound into the ground. "Yes… you are him… The Killer of Gods…" She mumbled before her head fell back and her body was still for a brief moment. Seconds later however, her body suddenly arched upwards as blood exploded out from her open wound and energy and darkness began to collect into her body before a beam shot up into the sky, reaching up and into the heavens.

Watching on coldly, Naruto saw Yami explode and raised his arms as the beam spread out for a moment, before vanishing. Opening his eyes, which had returned to their original azure hue, Naruto saw only a few lingering particles of light, and the dark-goddess's clothing and armor lying where she had once been… nothing else was left of her, he had succeeded in killing the Goddess of Darkness at long last. Sighing and falling to his knees, the ashen warrior closed his eyes and let out a bitter laugh.

"I won, and yet I still feel no happiness…" He mumbles to himself before looking to the sky and spreading his arms outwards. "Hear me Amaterasu! I have done as you asked! I have killed the Dark-Goddess, Yami! Now keep your promise and release me from my curse!" Naruto screams into the heavens, awaiting the goddess to finally free him from the torment he'd endured for so long…


(The Past…)

Voice: Broken, Naruto looked upon the ruined forms of his friends, unable to believe the horror he had unleashed. And as he looked upon the faces of those he had slaughtered, he knew he could no longer serve his mistress… instead he would have a new purpose… he would kill the one who had saved him. He would kill the Goddess he had served for so long. But, not all was as it seemed, and a new, more damning fate still awaited him…

Naruto stands outside the ruins of the Hokage tower, the bodies of his friends burning as he closes his eyes. 'What have I done?' Naruto wonders to himself softly before slowly turning around, only to quickly take a step back when he sees a strange woman now before him.

What he was seeing was a woman, with pale nearly white skin that had odd red markings over her face and even against her long ivory white hair, her eyes were a brilliant golden color and she wore a white kimono with a red obi around her waist with a black rope over it, her visible shoulders bore red markings like her face, a white fur pelt was looped between her arms and around her back, a mirror is held in her arms, against her chest allowing Naruto to see his own blood soaked form clearly within its depths, and last, a mysterious glow seemed to emanate from the woman, making Naruto wince for reasons he couldn't really fathom.

"Who are you?" Naruto asks, his voice hoarse, causing him to grimace and take hold of his throat while the white haired woman looks at him strangely.

"To mortals. I am known as Amaterasu." The woman offers, her voice warming and ethereal, yet Naruto still feels cold. However, upon realizing what she said, Naruto's eyes widen before he takes a step back, fear obvious in his eyes. "And you have committed an unforgivable act." Amaterasu then says pointedly and Naruto looks around the destruction before falling to his knees and hanging his head.

"I understand…" Naruto says pitifully while looking to the ground and holding his arms out to the sides. "I place my life at your mercy Goddess, kill me if you wish… I would deserve it, for I have killed not only my enemies… but also my loved ones and friends on this day." He offers with a weak tone and Amaterasu frowns.

"No." She states and Naruto instantly looks up, only to moves his arms to block the brilliant light now emanating from her body. "For your crimes, death is a release from pain, not a punishment…" Amaterasu says, her voice a strange ethereal tone while Naruto has to grit his teeth before looking to see the woman's eyes, his own blue eyes widening seeing a blazing inferno like that of the sun within the amber depths of her shining orbs…

"For your crimes, I deem your punishment to be, not death, but ever lasting life." Amaterasu says pointedly before holding up a single hand, the flames all around them rising higher and higher. "An endless life of misery and sorrow, where you shall never forget the terrible deeds you have done and carry a mark of shame as testament to your crimes today. Where the Ash of your friends, and your loved ones shall be forever fastened to your skin to show all what you truly are, so you may not ever hide your sin from either mortal or godly eyes." Amaterasu says darkly and ash starts to rise from the many fires all around them and flow towards him.

"You shall bear the weight of their deaths upon your shoulders for as long as it takes warrior… Your power, all of your Chakra shall be sealed inside of you, never again to be unleashed. Now it shall reside inside of you, something to bind your body and soul to this world even after death for as long as it takes for you to redeem yourself." Amaterasu says while the ash suddenly moves, spiraling and coiling until it hits Naruto, covering him in a white dust cloud.

Gritting his teeth Naruto was soon released by the dust, panting and heaving Naruto looks back to Amaterasu's mirror, only for his eyes to widen in horror at what he now sees. What he now sees in the mirror isn't the blood soaked warrior he had seen before, but something much, much worse. He notes his blood red markings have remained somehow, but his hair, his skin… now both were the same color as if made of ash, his lips a deep grey color. Looking down, Naruto sees his hands, his arms, everything about him is now this color as well, that of ash… like a ghost…

"Now you shall live on, not as Uzumaki Naruto, nor as a mortal, but instead as a Yurei… A ghost." Amaterasu says simply before turning her back to the now ivory skinned man as he looks at his form with horror. "And your army shall suffer as well, they will be as beasts rather than men, monsters in body to match their own monstrous acts. And as long they live they will forever more hunt you, seeking to destroy their former leader, the one who led them to their own wretched fate." Amaterasu says darkly while Naruto quickly looks back to her and grits his teeth.

She suddenly raises her hand once more, a bright light spreading from her hand and shooting outwards in a wave, all of the army of Yami instantly changed, turning into misshapen beings, all of them falling to their knees as their skin sinks in on their bones, the fingers become claws and still worse begins to happen to them…

"Amaterasu, please no! Don't punish them for my mistakes!" Naruto shouts out and lunges at the goddess, only to fall forward as she vanishes and then reappears behind him. Looking back to the army he'd led he grit his teeth as man and woman alike was changed into misshapen beings, spikes and sunken skin, appearing like skeletons with skin wearing the grab of soldiers, spikes and flames growing off many of them. "What have I done?" Naruto whispered before turning to Amaterasu as she looked down at him harshly.

"Now, Ghost of Konoha, your punishment begins. Until a time for which you can redeem yourself arrives, you shall live in this place, all alone, with only the army you once led against the lands shall forever hunt you." The woman states while light begins to surround her body, the ashen skinned warrior slowly turning to her.

"When will that day come?!" He called out in question only for her to vanish, leaving the Ghost of Konoha behind as he then looks at his hands, then to the Blades of Chaos and closes his eyes, his body quivering with unshed tears as he does so. 'What have I become?' He questions only himself before roaring out into the distance in agony and horror…



It had been sixty years since that day, and not one went by where he would age. He was timeless, immortal, and cursed to wonder across the world in search of his final penance so that he might some day be allowed his rest. He had done so much, he had freed Amaterasu from the Shinigami and then killed her, he had helped Susanoo by destroying the Yamata no Orochi that had terrorized the seas, he had reclaimed the Three Imperial Regalia and used them to destroy the false goddess, Yami, and now, all he wanted was his past forgiven, his curse lifted so that he might rest at long last…

Falling to his knees upon the war torn battlefield, the boy held his arms out wide while looking to the sky. "Amatersu!" He called out, to both the goddess of the Heavens and The God of War himself. "I have finished it… I have done all that you have asked of me, now free me of this curse, rid me of these memories at last!" Naruto called out into the sky, panting lowly as he did so and looking to the heavens for aide.

Seconds later, a beam of light shown down upon the earth and the familiar form of Amatersu was now standing before him. Bowing lowly the blond looked to her through the bangs of his stark white hair. "Amatersu Omikami… please… free me from the memories that haunt my every dream and nightmare…" Naruto begs while on his hands and knees before the goddess, tears clearly threatening to fall, Amatersu merely walking forward and then kneeling down before him.

"Naruto. You have done great a service to the Kami of Heaven, you have given up everything, lost everything, and now you are forgiven for what you did." Amaterasu states but then sighs while looking down at the pair of darkened azure blue eyes looking to her bright amber colored orbs. "But… I cannot remove your memories from you; no mortal nor Kami could ever forget what you have done…" The woman states softly and Naruto looks up at her in shock.

"B-but why!? I've served the gods faithfully for, ten years! Ten years I've suffered and died in more ways than I can remember! Why can't you do this one thing?! Why can't you free me of these memories? I would gladly spend the rest of eternity serving the kami, just PLEASE take these memories from me! I saved you, I went through Hell and back for you milady, this is ALL that I ask of you Please!" Naruto calls out while looking to her pleadingly and Amaterasu gives a pained look to the boy before shaking her head.



Voice: For fifty long years Naruto wandered Konoha, slaughtering the beasts that attacked him night and day, his heart consumed by guilt and his mind plagued by the memories of his greatest sin. Nightmares plagued him every night, and monsters who were once his army plagued him during the long days… He had stayed in Konoha, haunting the village, and chasing all away from it as if a guardian… A guardian who had nothing left to protect, and nothing left to lose…

A sandaled foot stomps the dirt as a pale figure walks through Konoha, seeming more like a Ghost than a man with his pale ash colored features. Looking to the sky, tired blue eyes soon fell as he wandered to the Hokage Monument and sat down, leaning back into a tree while looking out over the crumbling city. "How long have I been here? How long have I guarded this place?" The pale skinned warrior wondered aloud while looking down at his hands with tired eyes.

"Long enough I think." Came a voice and Naruto slowly turned his head to see a man, dressed in traditional battle armor with a hand scythe tucked into his belt and a Katana and Katana at his side.

"Who are you?" Naruto questioned of the man darkly while rising to his feet with a deep frown across his face.

"I am Hachiman. You know me as the God of War." The man replied curtly and Naruto scoffed before crossing his arms over his chest.

"And what exactly does the God of War want with an old fool like me?" Naruto demands rudely, his face twisted into a sneer and Hachiman sighs.

"I see a few decades of Solitude have also managed to give you quite the attitude…" He noted with a thin frown across his features and Naruto clenched his fists at his sides and narrowed his eyes.

"Is there a point to this visit God of War? Or are you merely here for me to remove your head from your shoulders?" Naruto questions darkly, his arms itching to take hold of his Blades of Chaos. In response Hachiman smirked for a moment before crossing his arms over his chest.

"Hmm… right, straight to the point. I like that in a warrior." Hachiman states and Naruto raises a brow towards him. "Plainly put Naruto, milady Omikami Amaterasu has gone missing. I and the other Gods of Heaven wish for you to find her." Hachiman explains and Naruto snorts while looking at the man with an expression of disgust.

"In case you or those other conceited gods in heaven don't know, Amaterasu is the one who gave me my lovely skin tone and immortality… I owe her nothing." Naruto growls out while turning away with a wave at Hachiman and the God of War reached up to rub his temples.

"Listen Naruto, if you manage to retrieve Amatersu, I'm sure we'll be able to convince her to forgive you…" Hachiman grumbles and Naruto snorts, crossing his arms he looks out over the ruins of Konoha stoically for a moment.

"And why should I believe you? I've been lied to and used by Kami before…" Naruto reminds darkly and Hachiman grits his teeth at that remark.

"Do NOT compare me to Yami!" Hachiman growls out darkly and Naruto merely rolls his eyes while looking away from the man. "Listen Naruto, without Amaterasu the world will fall into Darkness, the world will end… and Yami will win if that happens. Do you really want that?" Hachiman questions seriously while looking at Naruto's back, the pale skinned warrior closing his eyes before reaching back to take hold of the Blades of Chaos…

"I'll skin myself alive before I allow Yami to win…" Naruto growls out darkly while looking at the man, Hachiman smirking slightly as Naruto turns to him. "I suppose I agree… I'll find Amaterasu for you, Hachiman…"



"I cannot help you Naruto, it is impossible to remove what can never be forgotten by either Ningen or Kami. Even we cannot take the memories from you." Amaterasu states and Naruto lowers his head, eyes vacant as he stares at his hands.

"Then there is no hope left…" He whispers and Amatersu places her hands onto his shoulders to comfort him slightly.

"However, the curse that I placed upon you so long ago, it shall be lifted. You are no longer a Ghost, you are mortal once more… but the ash of your friends can never be removed… just as the memories can never be forgotten…" Amaterasu explains quietly and Naruto is silent, allowing the woman to rise up, turn on her heel and walk away from him. She halts momentarily, looking over her shoulder to the boy as tears well in her eyes. "I… I'm sorry… sochi…" She whispers softly before vanishing once more, the pale skinned man closing his eyes as she leaves.

"So there is no hope left…" He mutters to himself before looking up to the heavens with dark, sullen eyes. "The gods have abandoned me…" He whispered while bowing his once more before numbly trudging away from the battlefield, he knew where he needed to go. And after all he had suffered through, no one was going to stop him from going home at the least…


(The Past…)

Voice: Naruto had gone through many perils in order to find Amaterasu, along the way he had gained Hachiman's Katana as a weapon, obtaining the ability to swim like a fish, finding the light of dawn that was needed to free Amaterasu within an old lantern. And finally, learning that it was Amatsu-Mikaboshi, The Kami of Evil himself, who had somehow kidnapped Amaterasu… Wandering through Yomi to find the Goddess of Light, Naruto was forced to face trials he'd never imagined in the faces of Uchiha Madara and Uchiha Sasuke… and yet he'd persevered as he soon found himself deep within the depths of Yomi…

Naruto made his way deeper into the shadowy land of the dead known to mortals as Yomi. Walking deeper into it with a special lantern he'd taken from a ghost along the way, Naruto soon spotted a temple deep in the bowls of the underworld. Grumbling under his breathed the ashen skinned immortal trudged forward, several more monsters heading his way. "I don't have time for this nonsense…" He muttered before twisting on one heel, spinning the Blades of Chaos over his head and dicing the beasts into pieces as he came to a quick stop. Grunting and walking forward, Naruto suddenly spotted a familiar figure walk into the temple.

"No… it… it can't be." He whispered to himself before running forward, clipping the lantern onto his belt as he neared the temple. Jumping over several ridges of earth the boy could swear he saw pink hair on a girl in the distance as she walked into the temple. Shaking his head and lunging forward the immortal gritted his teeth as several more monsters suddenly got in his way. "Out of my way!" The immortal warrior roared out while spinning his blades in his hands, slicing into the many ghosts and monsters that resided in the depths of Yomi.

Rushing up a flight of stairs and entering into the temple, the immortal looked to either side with panting breaths. Only spotting all manner of monsters in his way the warrior felt his eyes twitch while grabbing hold of the chains of his blades once more. Growling and lunging forward with a roar, Naruto lashed out at the monsters with his Blades of Chaos, tearing through them quickly. Finishing with them without wasting a beat, the former blond then ran up another flight of stairs to a door and kicked it down.

Looking around he spotted the pink haired figure walking down a hall and quickly rushed after it. However he came to a four-way room and growled as several of the monsters his army had become rose out of the ground. "Don't you morons know when to stop!?" Naruto demanded as he gripped the Blades of Chaos tightly, nearly leaving an imprint of his fingers on the handles of his blades. Lunging forward with a roar, Naruto swung the blades in a upward arc before jumping up into a spin.

Slamming the blades into the ground the immortal warrior watched as the blades impacted, an explosion following them and annihilating the beasts. Looking around as more rose up, the warrior grunted and then turned, swinging his blades, the monsters quickly blocking to save themselves from his blades. Changing his tactics the boy pulled Hachiman's Katana sword from his side and lunged forward, swinging the weapon and tearing through the monsters easily.

Spotting another wave heading his way and growling low in his throat the ashen warrior pulled the odd little Lantern from his side and held it up above his head. As soon as he did a bright beam of light shot from the flame in the lantern easily tearing through the monsters around him. Panting and placing the lantern back at his side, the warrior looked around for any signs of life, and then saw the next doorway up a flight of stairs. Rushing up the flight of stairs Naruto kicked down the next doors and saw the pink haired figure disappear into a room down a long hall.

Grunting Naruto watched as more skeletal monsters and Yurei's formed from the ground. "This is growing very tiresome…" Naruto grumbled before roaring out angrily as he lunged forward, swinging his Blades of Chaos to rip and rend the beasts in his path. Stopping and feigning an attack with a monster, Naruto pulled the Katana from his side and slashed upwards with it, lightning crackling along its length as he then turned on his heel and brought it down on the next monster. Smirking the blond then reached down to the odd lantern on his belt and held open his hand before throwing a ball of flames from it into the last monster.

Panting only slightly Naruto ran forward once more and kicked down the final door, his eyes narrowing when he spotted a figure resting within the room. The figure was dressed in a white / back kimono, rotted grey skin that had nearly sunken into its body visible on its chest and its bony hands, is face was covered by a white Hanya mask with long horns and a knife sheathed into the fanged mouth of the mask, while long spiky white hair reached down the length of its back…

"Shinigami." Naruto notes with a frown and obvious distaste as the creature sits upon some rubble within the room. Upon seeing him, The Shinigami merely shook its head and then reached up to pluck a fruit from a tree within the room. "What are you doing here?" Naruto finally asks rudely while crossing his arms and the Shinigami snaps its evil yellow eyes onto him angrily.

"Watch your tongue boy. This is my domain." Shinigami reminds curtly in a constantly shifting voice he couldn't quite place.

"I'll do as I please, Shinigami." Naruto stated with a deep frown across his face while looking at the rotted being. Glaring at the warrior proved to be useless, so the Shinigami looked at the fruit in its hand for a moment instead.

"Tell me boy… do you know my true name? Or why I'm here?" Shinigami questions of Naruto and he raises a brow towards it.

"No. And I don't really care either, I'm looking for someone." He states and the Shinigami nodded its head in understanding.

"True… but I think you NEED to know…" Shinigami replies curtly and Naruto huffs while crossing his arms.

"Make it quick, I don't have time to socialize with the dead." The ashen skinned immortal states flatly and Shinigami nods its head slowly.

"Originally my name wasn't Shinigami… my name was Inzanami, mother Goddess of all creation." Shinigami stated and Naruto raised a brow as the "Mother Goddess" continued to look at the fruit in her hand. "I died while giving birth to my last child… and I ended up here, in Yomi." Shinigami said bitterly while looking around and then to the fruit in her hand. "I stayed in Yomi for a time, awaiting someone to find me, but, I grew hungry, so I ate the food of Yomi… and thus I became one of the dead myself, my body rotting and decaying…" Shinigami said while clenching her fist over the fruit in her hand, crushing it and then shook her hand to rid it of the smashed fruit as if it was poisoned…

"So that's why you wear the mask." Naruto notes and Shinigami touched the mask over her face before nodding her head.

"The one you seek is beyond the forbidden gate, but if you wish to go to her, you must first cast off your weapons and power. Ridding you of them will allow you to enter, and see those you have lost once more… I will take them upon myself so that you may go to the ones you seek." The Shinigami explained while floating over to the said gate, halting before entering and turning her head towards him. "Of course, should you do so, all life on earth will be devoured by the Darkness…" She notes thoughtfully and Naruto narrows his eyes onto her dangerously.

"Then it will be devoured… I care little for the world and its suffering, too long I've been denied my peace by the Kami! Your children can sleep for all eternity for all I care!" Naruto growls out at Shinigami, making her tilt her head only for a moment before nodding and holding her arms out…

"If that is your choice, Ghost of Konoha, then cast aside your power, cast it into me and I shall free you of the heavy burden they carry." Shinigami states and Naruto merely nodded his head while taking hold of the Katana at his side. Looking at it for only a second he tossed it at the Shinigami, watching as it sank into her body. Raising a brow for a moment, the immortal then threw the lantern he'd been carrying, that too vanishing into the Shinigami's body. Clenching his fists over the Blades of Chaos handles, Naruto then twisted and watched as the blades were caught in the Shinigami.

Gritting his teeth and digging his feet into the ground, Naruto yanked on his arms, pulling them back and ripping the chains from his forearms. Panting with exertion, Naruto then looked down at his hands before holding them at his sides. Concentrating a bolt of lightning formed in one hand, a ball of wind in the other. Throwing his hands forward the energies spiraled into the Shinigami, making the ash skinned Immortal cry out before being thrown back into a wall as the last of his power left him.

"Now you are worthy to enter into heaven and rest… Uzumaki Naruto." Shinigami offered while lowering her arms, the Immortal slowly standing up before looking down to his arms, eyes widening as he did. The red mark that had been upon him was gone, however, so was the ash that had turned him into a ghost and reminded him of his evil deeds from so long ago. Laughing lightly at first the blond soon started to laugh near hysterically while fighting back tears welling in his eyes… he was a mortal once more, yet he'd never felt better in his very long life.

"Thank you…" Naruto finally said to the Shinigami, the ancient being merely nodding as it then vanished. Looking to the forbidden gate once more Naruto stood up and made his way over to it before stepping through, hoping to be with his friends once more after so many years of suffering. On the other side of the gate, Naruto saw a massive stairway reaching into the heavens, a large pillar of some kind behind it holding the heavens aloft. "A stairway to heaven?" Naruto questions and Shinigami's chuckle draws him to see she floating nearby.

"Yomi is the land of the dead, however, this stairway is for the Pure Souls to be taken to Heaven, another leads the Impure to the bowls of Makai or Hell itself…" Shinigami explains and Naruto nods his head slowly before rushing passed her, running up the stairway he passes numerous souls. However, Shinigami's chuckle causes him to halt and look over as she floats up passed him. "The greed and sheer stupidity of you mortals is always so… amazing sometimes. Your haste to be with your friends might just cause their death." She notes thoughtfully and Naruto narrows his eyes.

"What are you talking about?" He demands and Shinigami merely chuckles once more, crossing her arms as she does so.

"Think fool, if Darkness takes the world, what will happen to heaven?" She asks and the warrior's eyes suddenly widen in shock and realization.

"Oh no…" He whispers and Shinigami laughs.

"Yes, Heaven will be engulfed in shadow as well, all those pure souls shall be devoured, and you along with them." Shinigami says with a laugh and Naruto grits his teeth before glaring at the ancient Goddess furiously. "And then, once everything is consumed by Darkness, the world will begin anew, and I will be reborn as a true Goddess once more." Shinigami says while moving to hold her arms out wide, Naruto gritting his teeth in fury before lunging at her.

"Is that what this is all about? Shinigami, your still a Goddess, why are you killing everything you helped to create, why do you need to be reborn?" Naruto demands of the ancient Goddess and sees her eyes glow ominously through her mask.

"My husband Inzanagi came to Yomi for me. I told him it was too late, I wanted him to remember me as I was, not see me as the thing I had become. But that fool… he used the Light of Dawn to set alight the comb in that torch of yours in order to see me, and was so horrified by the monster I had become that he ran away. Since he did not leave me alone as I wished, I decided he'd stay with me forever, I and my wild Shikone chased after him to bring him back…" Shinigami explained while looking at the blond haired warrior as he glared towards her fiercely.

"He somehow managed to elude our grasp, and came out of Yomi, then sealed the entryway with a boulder, trapping me in darkness. I promised him on that day, should he leave me I would destroy one thousand residents of the living world everyday! But he said he'd give life to one thousand five hundred… and once he wiped his face to cleanse himself of Yomi's presense… Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, and Susanoo were born from his eyes and nose…" Shinigami finished before clenching her hands at her sides, eyes seeming to glow like twin pools of hellfire.

"I was trapped in Yomi for centuries, I was forgotten, I was ignored, none of the younger Kami even knew who I was! None of you mortals acknowledged my existence! They even renamed me when I FINALLY managed to escape, rather than use my real name, they called me Shinigami, the Death God!" Shinigami seethed then took a long shaky calming breath for a moment. "But now… now that all ends. I will end everything, and then from the Darkness, all things will be reborn anew. And all of the things that existed in this world, shall be no more…" Shinigami states ominously and Naruto grits his teeth before lunging at her.

"No! I won't allow that! I won't allow you to kill my friends! Not again!" He roars while running at her, only to be knocked back effortlessly by the Shinigami.

"Fool. You gave up all of your power already. You are unable to fight me as you are. The demonic power you'd been using is gone." Shinigami notes while turning and floating up the stairway. Grunting and pushing himself back up; Naruto watched her float away before closing his eyes…



Naruto had walked across the globe, he'd been everywhere, he'd done everything, but now he was heading home. Walking shakily passed the ancient ruined gates of the village Naruto looked around before bowing his head. "I'm back…" He whispered weakly before trudging forward, making his way deeper into the village. Soon coming to the steps of the Hokage Monument, Naruto looked upwards and pushed himself up and onto the steps before slowly climbing his way up. Placing a hand to the side of the cliff to steady himself, the ashen warrior made his way upwards and onto the mountain.

Ignoring everything else in favor of his trek, Naruto soon came to the exact spot where Hachiman had given him his first mission. Of course… it wasn't his last. "How many years did I serve the Kami… and all for what? Broken Promises and endless nightmares?" Naruto wondered while looking at the spot, then turned on his heel and walked over to the side of the monument. Looking down at the village below, Naruto suddenly lifted his head and stared at the endless sky. Briefly he wondered what the gods were doing at this moment before a bitter thought crossed his mind…

"They're probably watching me right now and laughing…" He says to himself before glaring at the heavens, teeth gritted into a snarl the pale warrior roars and brings both his fists to the ground, shattering the earth below him and leaving two hand shaped holes. Panting slightly the ashen warrior lowers his head and laughs bitterly. "He was right… the Kami didn't help me… they abandoned me… I'm such a fool for ever believing them." Naruto notes quietly while closing his eyes, remembering how he'd finally freed Amaterasu, how he'd lost everything all over again to do it…


(The Past…)

Voice: Knowing what he had to do and being able to do it were two different things. Naruto needed the strength to fight Inzanami and reclaim his weapons, but if he were to do so, he would never be able to enter heaven to see his friends and family. But, if he did not do so, they would all suffer in darkness for all of eternity…

Naruto grunted, as he slowly stood up, knowing what had to be done if he was to save not only the world, but also those dearest to him from the grip of darkness. "Forgive me everyone, I don't think it's time for me to join you all just yet." He whispered before clenching his hands into fists and looking to the side. "I still have a job to do." He growled out while jumping onto a soul and holding on as it flew upwards.

"What are you doing?!" The soul demanded fearfully and Naruto frowned towards it for a moment before replying.

"I'm sorry, but I need power!" Naruto roared out before then easily breaking the "neck" of the soul then bent and broke its back with his arms.

Red energy trailed out of the soul and into Naruto as he grit his teeth for a moment, then narrowed his eyes as they started to fall. Kicking back and off of the soul, Naruto grabbed another and quickly twisted its head around and once more red energy formed out of it and into his body. Kicking that one in the chest he lunged back and grabbed another soul by its legs and then ripped it in half with a great heave. Red energy formed into him once more and Naruto grit his teeth as he felt a burning sensation as the red mark he'd bore for so long returned, wrapping around his left arm.

Narrowing his eyes, Naruto then grabbed two souls on his way down and slammed their heads together, crushing them before flipping back and grabbing another soul. Breaking that one in half, Naruto grit his teeth even as ashes started to spiral around his body. Quickly climbing the soul, Naruto lunged off of its body and grabbed another, his form soon covered in ash, as it had been before, the Ghost of Konoha reborn as his eyes narrowed.

Riding that soul up, Naruto then lunged up and slammed his fists into its head, smashing it as he grabbed two souls at his sides and slammed them together as well. The red energy spiraled around his form for a while as Naruto then saw Shinigami and narrowed his eyes dangerously. 'You have no idea what you've done…' The blond thought to himself as his eyes flared. Grabbing another soul he rode it up further into the cavern before twisting its head around and jumped off of it, before slamming into Shinigami from behind and knocking her off of the staircase.

"What! What have you done?!" Shinigami demanded and Naruto grabbed her by the throat and reared a fist back.

"Shut the hell up and die already!" Naruto roared back as he slammed his fist into the side of her masked face. Quickly rearing back his fist again Naruto slammed his fist into the Goddess of Death's face once more before repeating. Again and again he slammed his fist into her masked face, the old mask cracking and slowly breaking as he then slammed his fist into it one last time and Shinigami howled out in pain. Chains then rose from behind her and suddenly wrapped around his forearms, searing and fusing to his flesh as he grit his teeth in pain.

Seeing her chance to escape, Shinigami kicked the blond off of her person and flew up into the air. Growling and gritting his teeth through the pain, Naruto swung one of his blades up and caught the fallen goddess in the back. Flying up towards Heaven, Narutto lifted himself up and climbed the chain before kneeing Shinigami in the back. The force slammed the fallen goddess into one of the sidewalls and a torch fell from her kimono. Swinging one of his blades Naruto yanked the torch up and then used a fireball to slam the fallen goddess into the wall further.

Kicking back and off the fallen Goddess, Naruto then yanked back on his Blades of Chaos, pulling her towards him. Twisting around, the Ashen Warrior slammed her into another wall before throwing her to the wall she'd hit before once more. Repeating this over and over, Naruto then used The Light of Dawn to throw a fireball that hit her back and slammed her into the stairs to heaven. Instantly a hilt formed out of Shinigami's back and Naruto reached out to take hold of it before ripping Hachiman's Katana free.

Jumping back, Naruto pulled Shinigami with him using the Blade of Chaos still embedded in her and then lifted her up with it. Quickly throwing her into the stairs he heard her grunt before pulling her back to him. Roaring out he then ripped his blade from her back before slashing into her with Hachiman's Katana, once, twice, three times and stabbing it forward. Twisting in the air he grabbed her head and then kneed her in the gut before slamming both fists into her back and thus slamming her into the ground.

Rearing an arm back and calling forth the light of dawn, Naruto then roared as he lunged down, body aflame and slammed into Shinigami, breaking through the stairway to heaven. Growling as they fell, Naruto then kicked off of Shinigami's back as they landed before an odd cave with a boulder blocking the way in. Gasping and growling, Shinigami slowly pushed herself to her feet and then turned to look at the Ashen Warrior with fury clear in her amber colored eyes.

"Gaki! I'll make you suffer an eternity of horror for this!" Shinigami roared while Naruto merely scoffed and took a stance with the Blades of Chaos.

"I already have…" He muttered before lunging forward with a roar. Growling, Shinigami reached up and unsheathed the dagger from her masks mouth. Turning she swung the dagger and numerous souls came from it and slammed into Naruto throwing him back. "What the hell?" Naruto demanded while Shinigami chuckled to herself.

"The Totsuka, a blade used by my former Husband. Though, he used it on my final child, the one who cost me my life and took his soul. Fool left it down here when he searched for me; it allows me to seal souls into others, or myself. I highly doubt even you can stand against me with this weapon!" Shinigami commented and Naruto merely grunted as the woman came at him with a roar. Blocking the Totsuka with his Blades of Chaos Naruto narrowed his eyes onto the fallen goddess angrily.

"A weapon does not make the warrior, Inzanami. Before the day is over, I will make you pay for threatening those who are precious to me. Believe it." Naruto uttered darkly and Shinigami threw him back by swinging the Totsuka. Roaring, she lunged forward and swung the Totsuka once more, only for the Ashen Warrior to lunge back to avoid its blade. Coming out in a crouch Naruto then lunged forward and swung his blades upward, slicing into Shinigami before pulling her down and kneeing her in the chest, sending her flying back. Righting herself and stopping herself in midair, Shinigami growled angrily while looking to the ashen warrior.

"Your arrogance is astounding Ningen! Remember that I am a Kami!" Shinigami felt the need to remind him, and Naruto scoffed while glaring at her.

"I don't care if your Kami, Youkai, Ningen, or even Yourei, I will kill you and end this. I will not allow those I care for to suffer because of my mistakes ever again!" Naruto growled out and Shinigami shook her head before throwing her arm out towards the blond. The Totsuka Sword piercing his chest with her hand still gripping its hilt and going through him as well. Eyes wide, Naruto looked at Shinigami before gritting his teeth as the Totsuka and her hand slowly came out of his chest.

"You speak nonsense, Ningen. Your soul is mine!" Shinigami exclaimed while a pale entity slowly started to come out of Naruto. Gritting his teeth and grabbing hold of the Totsuka, Naruto slammed both hands into Shinigami's wrists, forcing her to release the weapon. Pushing it out of himself, Naruto thanked anyone he could think of for having the strength to fight off the weapon. Seeing Shinigami vanish, Naruto quickly turned and cursed as she tried to slice him with the Totsuka.

Rolling out of the way and coming out into a crouch, Naruto then lunged at Shinigami and swung his Blades of Chaos into her. Growling, Naruto tried to pull on the weapons, only for Shinigami to quickly tug on them and yank the ashen warrior off his feet. Widening his eyes as Shinigami then aimed the Totsuka as he came towards her, Naruto twisted his body to move above it and brought a foot down on her head. The fallen Goddess was surprised by the tactic as Naruto sailed over her and landed against a far wall before lunging at her with a flying roundhouse kick.

The fallen Goddess stumbled forward from the attack for a few moments before quickly turning to face her opponent once more. Shaking her head and throwing her arms out to the side, a wave of purple energy forming from her and knocking Naruto back. Swirling souls now surrounded him and the fallen goddess looked down at him with a sneer. Crouching, she then swung the Totsuka, a bladed arc of souls heading straight towards the ashen warrior.

Growling, Naruto rolled out of the way of the attack and then ran towards Shinigami. However she then stabbed the dagger into the ground, the souls of monsters he'd killed rising out of the ground. 'Oh great…' The ashen warrior inwardly mutters to himself while rolling out of the way of an attack from the specters and then lunged at Shinigami once more. Evading another arc of souls, Naruto swung the Blades of Chaos and caught Shinigami in the chest before digging his feet into the ground and pulling back on his chain blades.

Gritting her teeth, Shinigami reached out and took hold of the chains, attempting to pull the blond back as well. Growling, Naruto narrowed his eyes as she did and then felt power explode out from within. "RAGE OF THE DEMON!" He roared out as his body changed, becoming that of a red hellish creature, its markings, eyes, claws, and fangs glowing an ominous violet color. Digging his feet into the ground, Naruto pulled back with his weapons once more, this time overpowering Shinigami and pulling her off her feet. Swinging both his blades and Shinigami he slammed her into the ground before lifting and slamming her into the roof as well.

Quickly turning on his heel, Naruto then swung and released Shinigami while coming to a stop as Shinigami slammed into the wall of souls around them. Shaking her head, the Goddess of Death screeched loudly the shock of the sound slamming and knocking the ashen warrior off his feet. Hearing only a ringing in his ears, Naruto looked towards Shinigami and cursed as she swung at him once more. Quickly rolling out of the way, Naruto then twisted into a low sweeping kick and knocked her off of her feet and down to the ground.

Quickly getting back to his own feet, Naruto lunged at Shinigami before hopping onto her back and sinking his blades into her chest from behind. Kicking off of her back to knock her into the ground, Naruto then lifted up on the chains to lift Shinigami into the air and then slam her down into the ground once more. Quickly pulling the chains out of Shinigami as she got back up and roared.

"You will suffer like no other Ningen!" She exclaimed furiously and the ashen warrior rolled out of the way as her right arm stretched and came stabbing at him with the Totsuka. Landing in a crouch Naruto lunged at the Goddess and rolled out of the way of her arm two more times before grabbing her by the front of her mask. As he grabbed her mask his Rage of The Demon finally wore off and he returned to normal. Seeing this, Shinigami quickly took her chance and sent him flying back with another screech.

Lunging at the ashen warrior, Shinigami quickly lashed out with an arc of souls heading straight for him. Rolling out of the way, Naruto then flipped over Shinigami as she lashed out with the Totsuka sword. Swinging his Blades of Chaos, Naruto caught the fallen Goddess from behind before swinging her around and slamming her into the ground. Shinigami cried out in pain as he did, and only had a second to look up before Naruto quickly grabbed her by the front of her mask once more.

Not giving her a chance to retaliate, Naruto slammed her into the ground face first and dragged her to the wall of souls. Roaring out loudly he then slammed her into the soul wall around them. Rearing a fist back he then slammed it into her mask repeatedly before kneeing her and throwing her to the side. Looking up shakily as the Ashen-Warrior came at her, Shinigami then threw her arms to her sides and let out a scream, temporarily disorientating Naruto as he covered his ears. Narrowing her eyes she then swung her arm and it stretched, the Totsuka heading straight for Naruto once more.

Opening his eyes to see this, Naruto growled while evading the sword and then grabbed her arm with gritted teeth. "This is it!" He roared while running at a shocked Shinigami and then grabbed the front of her mask once more. "This is your end!" He roared while placing a foot on Shinigami's chest and ripping her mask off, kicking the woman back as he did he used his other hand to take hold of the Totsuka. Shinigami quickly used one hand to hide her face while tugging on the other arm, attempting to break Naruto's hold.

"Th-This is not possible! I am a Goddess! No Ningen can destroy me!" She shouted and Naruto scoffed while breaking her arm with his right arm, shattering it and making her cry out in pain. Taking the Totsuka as her arm returned to her bent and broken, Naruto sheathed the Totsuka into the mouth of the mask before placing it onto his right bicep. The mask clung to him and he then took hold of Hachiman's Katana and walked towards a weakened Shinigami.

"This ends now." He said darkly while running towards her, the fallen goddess saw him coming however and her eyes widened. Letting out another scream she watched as Naruto braced himself then held up The Light of Dawn and blinded her. Gasping in pain and covering her eyes, she didn't see it as Naruto ran up to her and ran her through with Hachiman's Katana, the lifted her up and slammed her into the ground. Forming a ball of fire into his left hand he then slammed it into her gut and sent her flying back.

"Y-you are n-no human!" The fallen Goddess said while looking back with wide eyes, Shinigami dragged her body away, only for Naruto to spin his Blades of Chaos over his head then throw them at her. Each blade sliced into her back and the Ashen-Warrior slowly started to drag her back to him. Lifting up on his chains, Naruto lifted Shinigami before twisting around to slam her into the ground, and then did so once more before throwing her into the air. Pulling out his blades from her back, he then spun them and tossed them into her chest before pulling her down to him where he kneed he in the chest once more.

Flying back, Shinigami hacked up ichor as she tried to crawl away from the ashen warrior. Behind her, Naruto looked on coldly, his eyes no longer blue, they had turned a dark amber color, decades of death and murder reflecting in them. Reaching to his right bicep and pulling out the Totsuka, Naruto walked towards Shinigami before placing a foot on the small of her back to stop her from escaping. Kicking her over and onto her back, he looked down at her with a deep scowl, her face bloodied and beaten even worse than the rotting had done to her… but she stared at his eyes in pure fear and shock…

"N-No! Not you, it can't be you! You can't be alive!" Shinigami said with wide eyes while Naruto raised a brow for only a moment. Stabbing down with the Totsuka, Naruto growled as Shinigami caught him by the wrist, eyes wide. "Y-you must stop! You have no idea what you're doing Naruto!" The Fallen Goddess tried to coerce but Naruto merely pulled his arm back and then quickly slammed a fist into her face. Stabbing towards Shinigami once more as his blade came down; Shinigami caught his arm once more, her hold noticeably weaker.

"St-stop… you don't know what you're becoming!" She tried to say as Naruto then growled and glared into Shinigami's eyes, dark amber eyes bringing back memories of a different ashen warrior to the fallen goddess.

"I am what the gods have made me!" He roared out, his voice however was clearly not his own, but only Shinigami seemed to notice, fear clear in her eyes as she recognized the voice all too well. Growling in his throat while pulling back again and then slammed a fist into her face once more. Stabbing down with the Totsuka once more he pierced her chest, Shinigami screamed as not only the blade but also his whole hand started to sink through her chest. Pulling back, Naruto growled as Shinigami grabbed his arm and tried to stop him.

"M-my soul is n-not for the l-likes of you…" The Fallen Goddess managed to croak out weakly as Naruto glared at her and stepped on her head while tugging on his arm with his teeth gritted. Grunting lightly, as Shinigami wouldn't release his arm, Naruto stomped on her head, Shinigami's grip loosening for only a second before regaining her grip on his arm. Growling in his throat, Naruto then stomped on her head again, pulling out some more of his arm while she quickly regained her grip on his arm.

"St-stop… no… y-you're not… y-you c-can't… p-please… it is all… all the b-beauty I h-have l-left…" Shinigami managed to get out pitifully and Naruto merely scoffed before stomping down on her head once more and pressing in on her skull with his foot right foot.

"Then you shouldn't have threatened those precious to me!" Naruto roared out while ripping his arm and the Totsuka from her body at the same time. Quickly he backed up as a vague image of Inzanami, healed, formed out of her body and flowed towards him. "Your soul is mine!" He called out and threw his arms to his sides as the soul of the Goddess of Death flowed into his body. Breathing out as it was soon finished, the ashen warrior then looked to Shinigami's body and watched as it exploded in a brilliant flash of green energy.

Raising an arm to shield his vision he then looked up and watched as the light rose up to the heavens for a moment before shrinking back to her now mangled corpse. "Pathetic." He muttered to himself before turning around and walking towards where he knew that Amaterasu was being held. Stopping, Naruto growled as black smoke twisted before him, before taking the vague shape of a man with glowing red eyes. "So, are you going to stand in my way as well, Amatsu-Mikaboshi?" Naruto questioned of the being and he shook his head slowly.

"Of course not. I do not wish for Inzanami's fate to be my own." Amatsu-Mikaboshi replied and Naruto scowled deeply while glaring at him.

"Then move so I can finally end this madness." Naruto growled out while moving to walk around the God of Evil and Amatsu-Mikaboshi held out an arm to keep him from going to the cave.

"I suppose you believe that you will be rewarded for doing this?" Amatsu-Mikaboshi questioned and Naruto growled in his throat while looking to the God of Evil angrily, then shoved the arm out of his way and went over to the cave.

"I don't care if I am or not. They have promised to release me from my torment, that is all I need." Naruto replied and Amatsu-Mikaboshi chuckled darkly while looking at him as he placed his hands on one side of the rock.

"How can you be so naïve? You and I both know your suffering will never end. The Kami will use and betray you for decades to come, you will be their little pawn from now to doomsday or until they get tired of you." Amatsu-Mikaboshi told the ashen warrior flatly and Naruto sighed while turning to look at him, his dark amber eyes slowly returning to their original azure hue.

"That promise… its… its all I have now… what more can I do besides keep moving forward and hoping for a better future?" Naruto replied quietly before pushing the rock at the mouth of the cave and Amatsu-Mikaboshi chuckled darkly.

"I can tell you now boy. Someday, soon I think, you will be abandoned by the Kami you serve, and then you will regret stopping me…" The God of Evil uttered ominously while vanishing into the distance, fading from view as Naruto gave one final heave and pushed the rock from the mouth of the cave, then grit his teeth as a bright light from within nearly blinded him…



Naruto clearly remembered that day, the day that he'd saved the world and Amaterasu herself. Yet, instead of freeing him from his nightmares, Hachiman had given him yet another task, this time he was ordered to destroy the beast known as the Yamata no Orochi. 'I guess in the end Amatsu was right… the Kami won't free me from my memories, maybe from their curse, but I'll be forced to carry these memories forever…' Naruto thought to himself while placing his head into his hands. Memories of the slaughter he'd caused passing before his eyes even as memories of defeating the Yamata came forward as well…


(The Past…)

Voice: Naruto's second mission was by far less challenging than his first. Charged with locating and destroying an ancient serpent that had escaped the pits of Yomi when he'd killed Shinigami. Riding the sea in search of the beast, the Yamata-No-Orochi, Naruto didn't have to look far, for the beast had been seeking him as well. Followed by Ghouls, the former men and women from Yami's army, transformed by Amaterasu, the Yamata found the Ghost of Konoha and attacked…

A storm looms over the roaring seas as several ships are seen in the distance. Undead Ghouls, freakish beasts that had once been the army he'd commanded under Yami, were attacking these ships. And of course the fleet was also under siege by the Yamata no Orochi itself. From out of one ship, the form of Naruto, Ghost of Konoha walked out and looked to the distance as the Orochi hissed and spat poison at a boatload of sailors. Frowning to himself the ashen warrior reached to his back and removed the Blades of Chaos before turning around and kicking open a trapdoor to the lower deck.

Jumping down into it Naruto then runs down a long hall, soon cursing and rolling under the blades of several Ghouls. "Do any of you have anything better to do besides hunting me?" Naruto wondered of the ghouls very briefly before lunging into them while swinging his blades n two wide arcs. Cutting through the first of the Ghouls, Naruto only just braced himself as the ship shuddered, either from the waves, the storm, the Orochi, or some combination of them all, he couldn't really tell. Frowning the boy then swung his arms once more, slicing through two more ghouls apart before turning and smirking at the next pair of ghouls.

Running forward the Ghost of Konoha quickly crouched low in his swing, cutting the Ghoul's legs out from under them then swinging his blades into their bodies. Yanking the blades down he slammed the Ghoul into the ground, killing them instantly before pulling his swords back to himself. Cracking his neck, Naruto then rolls out of the way as one of Orochi's tails pierces the underside of the ship, water bursting forth with the tail thrashing around. "It just couldn't be easy for me, could it…?" The young Yurei mutters to himself angrily before running at the tail.

Roaring out he jumped onto it while stabbing the Blades of Chaos into it, the tail flailing wildly as Naruto then jumped off of the tail. Landing and holding the chains to the tail through gritted teeth, Naruto twisted and slammed it into the floor before then slamming it over and into the ships mast. Licking his lips, Naruto then pulled himself towards the tail with one chain while recalling his other blade with the other. Using his free Blade Naruto sliced through the tail, cutting it off and causing the beast to shriek out in pain in the distance.

Looking towards the beast, a calculative look crossed his features as he turned from it back to the tail he'd amputated. Nodding his head, Naruto then sent his free blade back into the tail and dug his heels down before twisting around. Spinning for a few moments Naruto then yanked the Blades of Chaos out of the tail, allowing it to fly before slamming into the Orochi in the distance. Shaking his head, Naruto then jumped into the hole in the ground and lands in a low crouch as three more Ghouls rush towards him.

'Will these annoying specters never end?' Naruto wondered to himself as the ghouls came at him and leaned back to avoid a swing of a sword. Placing a foot back Naruto then rammed his shoulder through the ghouls before turning and throwing his blades of chaos. Catching two of the ghouls with his blades Naruto pulled them to the sides, slamming them into the walls before then pulling them inwards, slamming them into the third ghoul between them before the Blades of Chaos ripped through all of them.

Pulling his blades back and catching them in hand, Naruto placed them onto his back before turning and walking down the long hall with a frown. Coming out into a room with the water knee deep, Naruto looked up to see a hole in the ceiling, only to frown when he couldn't see a way up there. 'Amaterasu, I really really hate that you took my Chakra away… it would be SOOOO useful right now…' Naruto thought to himself before cursing as one of the Orochi's heads broke through the ground and hissed at him angrily, its eyes blazing with hate.

From what he'd seen of the Yamata thus far, it appeared to be a one-hundred feet long, gigantic water snake with white scales that formed spikes down a large portion of its body, eight long branching tails and heads forming outwards, with all eight of the heads bearing bright yellow serpentine eyes only with an evil black sclera. Growling, Naruto watched as the Orochi hissed before lunging at him jaw open wide. Rolling back to evade the attack, Naruto came into contact with a wall behind him and kicked off of it. Moving forward, Naruto landed on the Orochi's face and reared back both arms before stabbing his Blades of Chaos into its eyes.

Hissing out in pain, the head thrashed around, Naruto growling as he held on for dear life. The Orochi hissed and slammed into the walls of the ship, soon moving up and breaking through the roof. 'Ha! It worked!' Naruto thought to himself while pulling off of the Orochi into a back flip. Landing in a crouch, Naruto through both of his blades of Chaos at the Orochi's head, catching it by the meat of its jaw, Naruto dug his heels into the ground and heaved back. The Orochi was caught off guard at this, struggling it pulled back only for Naruto to growl and then twist his chains to the side.

The Orochi was thus slammed into the cabin of the ship, Naruto letting his chains go slack as the Orochi moved back up only for him to pull down on the chains once more, slamming it into the ground. Yanking his chains back, Naruto pulled the Orochi's head towards him, thus ducked down and grabbed his blades by the hilt. The Momentum of the Orochi caused its head to continue moving above him, Naruto's Blades of Chaos cut through its neck as it did, slicing it open with blood flowing onto Naruto.

Shrieking in pain, The Orochi's head reared back while Naruto looked up and watched the bleeding head for a moment. It thrashed and thrashed for a while before slowing and then began to fall into the ocean. Thinking quickly, Naruto threw his Blades of Chaos at the Orochi's head once more and yanked it back onto the ship. The Head slammed into the sinking Ship and caused more water to start filling it than before. Sheathing his blades, Naruto hopped onto the neck of the Orochi and ran along it, rushing near a ship before growling, as he's too low to jump onto it.

Grunting the boy then uses the blades to pull him onto the deck of the ship and shakes his head. Ignoring the rain that runs down his body, washing the blood of the Orochi away with it. The young Yurei makes his way towards the side of the ship only to curse and roll out of the way as the Orochi has thrown a ships mast, the mast now linking the Ship Naruto is on to next one over. "That's convenient…" Naruto muses to himself before walking over to the mast and making his way over it. However, before he can get onto it, several Ghouls crawl up from the waters below and onto the deck of the ship.

Muttering to himself while pulling the Blades of Chaos from his back Naruto then lunges forward and into the Ghouls. Rolling forward to evade one of the Ghoul's sword Naruto stabs one of the Blades of Chaos forward and into another Ghoul, then stabs his other blade into it and throws both the Ghoul and the blades around himself in a circle while hanging onto the chains attached to them. Pulling the blades from the Ghoul at the last second the creature is sent sailing into another Ghoul, knocking both of them off the boat and into the awaiting jaws of one of the Orochi's many heads.

"Why don't these things ever stop?" Naruto wonders as the two remaining Ghouls lunge at him and swing their swords. Growling angrily the boy turns on his heel while bringing one of the Blades of Chaos down through one of the Ghouls, slicing it in half vertically as he then turns on his other heel and cuts the other Ghoul horizontally. Smirking the boy then crosses the blades of Chaos onto his back before then jumping onto the mast between the boat he is on and the next one over. Slowly walking over it while trying to keep his balance the young Yurei nearly falls off of the mast as it shutters from the boats it's on shaking from the Orochi's attacks, barely catching the side of it in time to keep from falling into the sea.

'Alright, I hate Snakes, and this thing is little more than a Giant water snake with a bunch of heads… I'm really going to enjoy ripping it in two.' Naruto thinks to himself while pulling himself back onto the mast and slowly walks over to the next ship. Jumping off of the mast Naruto turns to see he was just in time as the other ship and the mast both fall into the waters below. Shaking his head and turning around Naruto doesn't see any Ghouls and briefly wonders if more will come. Deciding not to look a gift horse in the mouth he looks around before spotting a single door to the side.

Raising a brow, Naruto walks over to the door and places a hand onto it, thus frowns when he finds he can't open it. Looking around the blond then sees a body at the ships helm still manning the wheel. Making his way up to the body he sees a key around its neck and takes it by ripping the string from it. Frowning for a moment Naruto then grunts as an Arrow hits him in the side. Turning his head Naruto sees Ghoul archers on a distant ship all readying their bows. Cursing the Yurei jumped over the side of the helm back to the door even as more of the strange glowing Arrows head for his head.

Landing in a crouch Naruto rolled backwards to where his back is against the door and looks up. Spotting the keyhole Naruto quickly unlocks it before getting up, only to duck under another glowing arrow. Gritting his teeth in frustration Naruto quickly opens the door then enters and shuts it behind him, panting slightly before opening his eyes. However, besides what appears to be the captain's quarters, all Naruto sees is a man sitting on what is probably the Captains bed, a pipe in his mouth lightly smoking.

The man is sitting in a lotus position, and bears a long nose, a beard and mustache with long white hair, tanned skin, and a muscled build. He is dressed in fine blue kimono, with a white haori, blue hakama pants, black Tabi with Zoori-Straw Sandals sitting down, a sword placed at his side and a pipe in his mouth. "What the hell are you doing just sitting here? This ship is being attacked!" Naruto demands then says incredulously and the person merely chuckles while puffing his pipe for a moment.

"Ah mortals. They never see what we really are till we speak or tell them." The person muses to himself and Naruto twitches while instantly recognizing the ethereal tone as one for a Kami.

"So you must be Susanoo then…" Naruto guesses and the man merely nods his head, and then looks at the necklace around the boy's neck.

"And YOU must be the so called, Ghost of Konoha." He muses and then grins upon seeing Naruto's glare, merely removing his pipe from his lips in response. "Honestly, I was really expecting Amaterasu's little servant boy to be a might bit more impressive than you kid." Susanoo then muses to himself and Naruto narrows his eyes onto the god of the seas dangerously.

"This coming from the God who was banished from heaven for pissing Amaterasu off… what was it you did again? Oh yeah, you got drunk and trampled her rice fields, filled up all of her irrigation ditches and threw excrement into her palace and her shrines. Then when she tried to get you to stop you yelled at her before killing some of her hand maidens by throwing a skinned horse carcass at them." Naruto reminds and Susanoo twitches before glaring at the young Yurei with a frown.

"Oh yeah… then she locked herself in a cave for years and it was only thanks to Tsukuyomi's quick thinking that she ever came back out." Naruto then muses aloud for a moment with his arms crossed and gives the god a look. "Don't judge me by appearances, I know enough and I'm far stronger than I look." The ashen warrior then growled out and Susanoo merely clears his throat.

"True I suppose I WAS a bit… foolish back then, and I guess I still can be. I'll keep that in mind for the future. And I feel that I should remind you that Tsukuyomi has pissed her off once or twice as well." Susanoo muses then says with a frown and Naruto smirks in amusement, seeing as they pissed her off LONG before he did. "But don't be so arrogant boy. I may have been banished from heaven, but I am still a god." Susanoo then growls out and Naruto crosses his arms while watching the long nosed god with a frown.

"Fine whatever. But you never told me why you're here exactly." Naruto then reminds and Susanoo frowns towards the human with obvious annoyance.

"Mortals… I swear you all get more blatantly arrogant every time I see one of you." Susanoo mutters and Naruto bites back the urge to remind him that he isn't technically a mortal. "But enough of this banter. I am here to give you some of my magic." Susanoo then says and Naruto blinks, smirking the god of the sea then holds his left hand out while bringing his pipe back to his lips with his other hand. Forming some lightning into his hand he then shoots it into Naruto, the boy gritting his teeth in pain before falling to his knees as Susanoo smirks.

"Heh. Maybe that will teach you some respect." Susanoo muses and the boy glares up at him indignantly till he looks to his sides, seeing a pair of Hitodama now floating beside him, each of them glowing violet in color.

"Hitodama? What are these doing here?" Naruto wonders as one of the Hitodama float under his arm and into his hand, the other doing the same.

"Bah. Amaterasu sealed your Chakra when she turned you into a Yurei, you now use Reishi as your main source of power. It's like Chakra or Yokei only it's for ghosts and spirits. Those Hitodama are a basic power for most Yurei. However, I added my magic to them. It's called Susanoo's Fury with it, your Hitodama can become lightning and destroy any Yurei you throw them at…" Susanoo explains before puffing on his pipe while Naruto looks at the two glowing sphere with and frowns.

"How do I know that these actually do anything like that?" Naruto questions of the god skeptically and Susanoo rolls his eyes for a moment.

"Throw them at that pot over there… and you'll see that this isn't a trick." Susanoo states and Naruto frowns before then cupping one Hitodama in hand then spinning on his heel, hurling the Hitodama at the pot. The Hitodama hit less than a second later, and burst into lightning, Naruto's eyes widening in shock before the Hitodama reformed beside of him. However, it now looked dimmer than it had, and Naruto looks at Susanoo for an explanation.

"Amaterasu warned me about that. You're a Yurei. You aren't meant to use Chakra, Youkei, or a god's power for extended periods of time kid. If you try I think you'll tear yourself apart. Those Hitodama are extensions of you. They can't handle the power any better than you can so try and wait for them to fully recover after every shot." Susanoo offers simply while Naruto looks at the dull Hitodama and nods his head, before opening the door and rolling out onto the ships deck.

'Why the hell would I use these? My light of dawn is more powerful and less of an annoyance to use…' Narto thought to himself while cursing and evading several arrows from the ghoul archers. Avoiding a few of the arrows heading at him Naruto then focuses on using his Light of Dawn, only to grunt as the rain keeps it from forming in his hands. 'Of course it does.' He inwardly grumbled before grasping one of his new Hitodama and then threw it at the Ghoul Archers. The Will o' Wisp like object curves into an arc as he does, forming into a thin almost arrow like shape as it then flies through the attacking Ghouls before appearing at his side once more, visibly weakened from the exertion.

"Well. That'll be useful in the future at least. Especially in or even under water." Naruto muses mostly to himself before frowning at his two Hitodama. "Even if I only have two… and my Light of Dawn is better when I'm dry." He notes to himself with a frown before shaking his head and running over to the side of the ship, then jumped over to land onto the next one over.

This ship, unlike the others, has a massive hole in the center, making Naruto groan before taking a step back, then lunge forward, grabbing onto a net still hanging on the side of the boat and pulls himself up onto the other side. However a second later, one of the Orochi's many heads comes from the hole in the ship, much like the last he'd had to fight before it. Shaking his head, the Ashen Warrior then widened his eyes as the Orochi noticed him. Cursing the young Yurei quickly rolled out of the way of the heads snapping jaws, landing in the underbelly of the ship and quickly turning back to it with Blades of Chaos drawn.

The Orochi hissed towards the warrior angrily before lunging forward a second later, only Naruto quickly rolls out of the way then flips off the wall beside him, into the air and throws the Blades of Chaos into the Orochi's head. Grunting Naruto holds on as the Oochi thrashes about, soon pulling himself to the massive beasts Snakes head, Naruto placed his feet onto its snout. Hissing once more the Orochi lunges its head forward, slamming Naruto into the wall and causing him to fall to the ground. Roaring loudly the beast then rolls its head and tosses Naruto back to the upper deck of the ship, the Blades of Chaos being ripped from its head as it did.

Landing with a grunt Naruto shakes his head and stands up as the Orochi's head hisses and lunges at him. Quickly rolling out of the way Naruto snarls towards the beast and lunges forward, swinging the Blades of Chaos into the face of the massive snake once more. Roaring out Naruto yanks on the chains of his blades, twisting them and forcing the Orochi's head into the mast of the ship, splintering it and causing it to fall, leaving a sharp set of splintered spikes in it's wake. Smirking despite himself Naruto then flips back, pulling the Blades of Chaos from the Orochi as it roars out in anger.

Turning, the boy jumps onto the helm of the ship to avoid the Orochi's head as it lunges at him. Turning around quickly, Naruto throws his blades into the beast's head once more, pulling them in like reigns. Grunting as the beast tries to pull away Naruto jumps forward, the Orochi moving back only for him to come down, bringing his chains down and the head of the orochi itself down onto the splintered spikes of the mast. Looking at the head Naruto watches it thrash for a few moments, hissing and spitting before slowly ceasing all movement.

"I hate snakes…" Naruto says to himself before yanking the Blades of Chaos from the Orochi's head and sheathing them onto his back. Turning around the yurei then walks over to the side of the ship thus giving the young Yurei a clear view of the battle going on against the Orochi. Men wielding whatever they can find as weapons against the many heads and tails of the Yamata no Orochi. Frowning only slightly at this Naruto then looks around, trying to see a way over to the next ship and spots a rope leading from the helm of the ship he's on to a very large ship beside it.

"Now to get this over with at last." Naruto mutters to himself while making his way back onto the helm of the ship, then jumps up to take hold of the rope leading to the next ship and slides over to it. Landing in a low crouch Naruto looks around, and then pulls the Blades of Chaos from his back. Stopping for a second Naruto sees a series of warriors fighting on the lower deck before him, hiding behind stacks of crates and boxes while six Ghouls throw their own Hitodama like arrows.

'I hate this damn job…' Naruto thinks to himself with a frown before looking around, spotting a large crate Naruto quickly pushes it to the ground below. Jumping down with it, Naruto quickly rolls out of the way of the Ghoul's Hitodama.

"By Kami! It's the Ghost of Konoha!" A human archer near him says with shock and fear and Naruto grunts before standing up and moving the crate he'd found. Staying behind it, Naruto then braces one of his feet against the back of the crate before then grunting as he kicks it forward. Rolling forward as well Naruto then does this once more, bracing his leg against the box before kicking it forward, sending it sailing while he rolls forward to evade the incoming Hitodama arrows. Grunting while standing in a low crouch, Naruto looks over the box at the Ghouls as they fire on him, the archers behind him, firing on the distracted Ghouls yet doing no damage to them.

'Mortal weapons can't hurt them, they're all already dead after all…' Naruto muses to himself before cursing as his crate breaks and he quickly ducks behind a stack of crates. Looking to his own Hitodama he sees one is ready and quickly forms it into his hand, rolling out from behind the crate he throws the object into an arc, the lightning like power soaring through the air and then shooting through the six Ghoul Archers. Moving quickly, Naruto quickly moved under the Archers then looks around, seeing the Ghouls have destroyed the ladder to the upper floor.

Looking around, Naruto cracks his necks before rushing forward, using the art of Shadowless Footsteps to run up the side of the wall then take hold of the second floor before pulling himself up. Looking around, Naruto makes his way to the end of the ship and sees the Orochi rise up, a smaller ship in it's jaws as it then throws the boat into another nearby ship. 'So how do I finally kill this thing?' Naruto wonders to himself with a scowl while the Orochi noticed him and narrowed its eyes, hissing as one of its eight heads came to attack him.

Cursing under his breath, the ashen warrior rolled out of the way as the head came at him snapping its jaws. Quickly kicking off of the side of the boat and then over the head Naruto landed in a crouch behind it. Narrowing his eyes as the head turned and hissed at him, the blond dug his feet into the surface of the boat and caught the head of the Orochi before slamming it into the deck. Appearing disorientated for only a moment as it backed off, the head hissed while lunging at him once more. Flipping over that, Naruto threw his Blades of Chaos down to catch the Orochi's head.

Holding on for dear life, Naruto had to inwardly remind himself he was technically immortal before shaking his head. Riding the snake's head he then saw a nearby mast and smirked slightly. Yanking on the chains, Naruto caused the Orochi to slam into the mast, breaking one of its arms off. Still holding onto the Orochi with one blade, Naruto then swung the other to knock the mast down and caught it with the blade. Yanking the mast over the Orochi's head, Naruto then flipped back as the mast impaled the Orochi's head from above, pinning it down.

Hissing in pain, the Orochi thrashed under the mast that now held it, only for one of its tails to last out and throw Naruto into the air. The Ashen warrior cried out as he sailed through the air, soon coming to a stop on another boat. Cursing as a mast from one of the other boats fell down; Naruto looked to the side and saw the main heads of the snake attacking a particular boat. However, he then frowned as several Ghouls came at him from behind.

Clenching his fists onto the Blades of Chaos, Naruto turned and swung his blades, catching two of the Ghouls before throwing them into the air. Throwing the blades once more he caught one of the Ghouls and yanked himself up to knee it in the chest, knocking it back. Wasting no time, Naruto twirled in midair and yanked another Ghoul up and started to rapidly slash into the beast before slamming his head into its face, sending it slamming into the ground where it then dissipated.

Landing in a low crouch as the other Ghoul came at him, Naruto frowned and ducked under a slow attack from it before grabbing one of his Hitodama and slammed it into the creature, sending it flying back. Finished with that minor distraction, Naruto ran and jumped onto the mast from the other ship and quickly ran along its length. Glad he was used to such narrow spaces from his days as a ninja, Naruto flipped off the mast and onto the next ship just as one of the Orochi's heads lashed out at some sailors. Ducking as the Orochi spat out poison onto the ship, Naruto then rose up and looked to the side.

Looking up and seeing a long rope leading to the ship where the Orochi was, Naruto couldn't help but smirk for a moment. 'Perfect.' He thought to himself before looking between where he was and where he needed to be. Frowning for a brief moment, Naruto saw the Orochi's head look around and noticed the positioning of its head would be ideal to get across to the rope. However, he'd need a way to pin its head down if that was going to be the case. Looking up, Naruto nodded his head upon seeing the mast to the ship was still standing.

Reaching out and grasping one of his rejuvenated Hitodama, Naruto then reared his arm back and tossed it at the mast. The Hitodama slammed into one of the arms of the Mast, tearing it apart and forming a sharp looking spike. Nodding his head, Naruto then ran and went behind the Mast while watching as the Orochi's head moved. Frowning as it then spat out poison at more sailors, the ashen warrior narrowed his eyes as he waited. Nodding his head as the Orochi's head looked down once more, Naruto unsheathed Hachiman's Katana before slicing the mast's base.

Sheathing the sword as the mast fell, Naruto turned and watched as the Mast fell on top of the Orochi's head, pinning it down. Quickly jumping onto the mast, Naruto ran along its length as the head of the Orochi attempted to free itself. Jumping to the other side, Naruto then looked up to the rope leading to the main part of the Orochi and quickly ran over to it. Jumping up and taking hold of the rope, Naruto held on as he went sliding towards the Orochi before throwing himself off at the last second and landing before three of its heads.

Looking up, Naruto scoffed slightly before crossing his arms over his chest even as the three serpentine heads coiled and circled around him. Hissing, the heads narrowed their eyes onto the blond boy even as he cracked his neck then reached back and freed the Blades of Chaos from his back. "Alright then beast, show me what you can do!" Naruto roared out and the Serpent hissed at him before the three heads all lunged at him as one. Smirking despite himself, the ashen warrior flipped over the heads and watched as they slammed into one another.

Lashing out a second later, Naruto caught one of the heads with The Blades of Chaos and roared while slamming it into the other two then lifted it up and slammed it down into the ground. Yanking on the chains he pulled the head straight towards him, licking his lips as he clenched one fist, the youth slammed it into the face of the serpent, knocking it back while the other two lashed out, lunging at him from either side. Crouching down, Naruto then jumped up over them and landed on the back of one of the snake's neck.

Riding on the neck of the Orochi, Naruto watched as another came at him and flipped off of it, causing it to bite into the neck of the first serpent. Chuckling to himself as he fell, the ashen warrior looked to the side as the other head came at him from the side. Turning in midair and catching the front of the snake's head, Naruto held on even as it then rammed him into the deck of the ship. Gritting his teeth and growling in his throat, Naruto used all of his strength and pushed back on the head before throwing it up and kicking it away.

Turning and coming to a stop, Naruto then rolled out of the way as one of the other heads slammed into the deck of the ship. Staying in a crouch, Naruto lunged at the head soon after, then jumped at the head and stabbed his Blades of Chaos into its neck to ride it. Hissing and thrashing about in pain, the snake tried to throw him off but Naruto clung to his blades and then started to climb along its length. Looking to the side as one of the other heads came his way, Naruto prepared himself before kicking off of the first snake and turned, allowing the giant snake to swallow him…

Seconds later, Naruto carved the head off and jumped out of its throat, landing in a low crouch on the deck of the ship with blood and gore covering him. "Yuck." Naruto mumbled while brushing off some pieces of the Snake off of himself and the Orochi hissed out angrily before lunging at him once more. Evading the first head, Naruto then flipped back as the second head came up through the deck of the ship. Landing in a low crouch, Naruto quickly stowed The Blades of Chaos onto his back while unsheathing Hachima's Katana and lunged forward while swinging the weapon…

Seconds later the head of the Orochi fell as well, Naruto chuckling as he leaned the blade against his shoulders and the final head hissed once more. Raising a brow and looking up at the snake, Naruto sheathed the Katana and crossed his arms, the snake attacked instantly, swallowing the man whole. Inside of its throat, Naruto rolled his eyes, muttering about the stupidity of some creatures he closed his eyes while his two Hitodama formed beside of him. Concentrating, Naruto felt the Hitodama swirl around him for a moment before causing a massive burst of lightning to shoot up through the neck of the Orochi and into its head.

The Orochi hissed and thrashed out in pain when he did, slamming into anything it could in a vein attempt to stop the pain. Soon however the lightning stopped and the head fell down on top of the ship, utterly defeated and steaming slightly while Naruto carved his way out of the throat of the beast. "Such a disappointment." He mumbled to himself while kicking the head slightly and walked away from it, only to stop as the eighth head rose up behind him and hissed.

"Why am I not surprised?" He wondered to himself while turning to the final head only to quickly crouch into a stance as it opened its mouth. However, his eyes then widened as he saw Orochimaru, naked and pale sitting within the jaws of the final head before looking up and smirking towards him.

"Ah, Naruto-Kun, your looking well… though a little bit pale." Orochimaru said then mused with a slight chuckle at the ashen warriors expense.

"Orochimaru, what the hell are you doing here? Your long dead…" Naruto growled out and Orochimaru chuckled once more while looking down at him.

"Oh really? Well, when you killed The Shinigami, it freed a lot of trapped souls and I just happened to be one of them. Getting out of Yomi wasn't so hard without that bitch of a fallen goddess in the way." Orochimaru admitted with a shrug and Naruto frowned deeply while glaring up at the serpentine man.

"Then why are you attacking ships? Don't you have better things to do with your time old man?" Naruto mocked and saw a look cross Orochimaru's features before smirking down at the ashen skinned youth.

"What I did here was simply to lure you out Naruto-Kun… after all I knew if I did enough damage those Kami would have to send their little soldier out to stop the "Yamata" from destroying everything." Orochimaru replied curtly, still smirking, and Naruto frowned towards the man before narrowing his eyes.

"So you were always aware of the Kami watching us all… weren't you?" Naruto questioned darkly and Orochimaru smirked while crossing his arms over his chest.

"Of course I knew, I realized the were watching us when I found the Legendary Kusanagi no Tsurugi in a temple. If the sword exists then so must Susanoo who took it from the original Yamata no Orochi. Don't you think so, Naruto-Kun, or do you prefer The Ghost of Konoha? An Immortal warrior…" Orochimaru questioned and Naruto frowned before his eyes widened and he quickly brought out the Blades of Chaos.

"So that's what you're really after, my immortality. Well trust me when I tell you this Orochimaru, Immortality is no gift… it's a curse and its not one you'd want." Naruto stated darkly and Orochimaru merely rolled his eyes while the final head of the Orochi rose up with him still inside of it.

"So you say Naruto-Kun, but I am perfectly willing to accept this "Curse" so that I can finally learn all the worlds Jutsu at last!" Orochimaru replied before calling out his sword, The Kusanagi no Tsurugi and held it in one hand while his massive serpent held him in its mouth.

"The way of the Shinobi is gone Orochimaru, Jutsu don't even exist anymore." Naruto growled out and Orochimaru smirked despite himself, poising his sword to strike the ashen warrior down.

"Then I suppose I'll just have to occupy my time with learning whatever else is out there. Imagine it Naruto-Kun, with your Immortality and powers and my knowledge and Jutsu we could be a truly invisible warrior." Orochimaru replied and Naruto scoffed while twirling the Blades of Chaos in his hands.

"No thanks… I'm good." The ashen warrior replied and the Orochi's head lunged at him, Orochimaru stabbing the Kusanagi towards him and Naruto flipped up and away from the head.

"To bad, I did so hope we could settle this peaceably…" Orochimaru mused before swinging the Kusanagi at him, the blade lengthening even as Naruto flipped over it. Smirking, Orochimaru made the Orochi quickly lashes out and wraps its neck around Naruto and pin his arms to his sides. Growling, Naruto glared at Orochimaru as the head of the Orochi came closer and closer to him. "Now don't worry Naruto-Kun, this won't hurt one bit…" Orochimaru commented while forming several seals and Naruto growled low in his throat before opening a pair of bright red eyes.

"RAGE OF THE DEMON!" He roared out as his body changed to that of his demonic form, Orochimaru halting as Naruto roared out and used all of his strength to push the Orochi's neck away.

"What are you?" Orochimaru questioned even as Naruto freed himself and threw himself into the air above him. "Magnificent…" Orochimaru whispered as the demonic warrior fell down towards him. "Yes, such magnificent power! Show me more of your power!" Orochimaru noted while making the Orochi dodge out of the way as Naruto came down at them swinging the Blades of Chaos. Landing in a low crouch, the Demonic Warrior looked up and then quickly flipped out of the way of Orochimaru as he rode inside of the Orochi's final head.

Growling, Naruto switched tactics, forming both of his Hitodama into his hands, Naruto threw them at Orochimaru. Seeing them coming, Orochimaru had the Orochi dodge to the side, however Naruto then stabbed his Blades of Chaos into its side when he did. Hissing in pain, The Orochi thrashed while Orochimaru tried to hang on, grinning slightly despite himself. "Clever Naruto-Kun, you've become quite clever since I last saw you." The man noted while Naruto climbed his way up the side of the Snakes head before grabbing Orochimaru by his throat, red eyes glaring into his snake like orbs.

"This ends now!" Naruto growled out and Orochimaru smirked slightly before spitting out a snake that wrapped around the demonic warriors arms.

"I couldn't agree more…" Orochimaru noted while quickly going through several hand seals with a wide grin on his face. "Now to finally have what I've always sought for!" Orochimaru said while Naruto quickly took hold of the Kusanagi and twisted it before stabbing Orochimaru with it. Coughing up blood, Orochimaru looked at Naruto with wide eyes as the demonic warrior narrowed his eyes.

"WOULD YOU JUST DIE ALREADY YOU FUCKING SNAKE!" He shouted loudly before reaching to his shoulder to unsheathe the Totsuka blade as well. Widening his eyes Orochimaru quickly finished his Jutsu, a tiny white snake flying towards Naruto as he did. Cursing, Naruto swung the Totsuka, catching the snake with it; he threw the dagger into the roof of the Yamata's mouth and watched as it was sealed into the Yamata's body. Quickly taking the Totsuka back, Naruto then jumped out of the Orochi's mouth as it hissed and thrashed before setting its eyes onto him.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME!?!" Orochimaru's voice hissed out of the Orochi and Naruto narrowed his eyes while holding the Kusanagi in one hand.

"I've just made you look like the Snake you truly are." Naruto replied before twirling the Kusanagi in hand and took a stance. Hissing out in outrage, Orochimaru lunged at Naruto, trying to bite him even as the demonic warrior flipped onto his back. Running along its neck for a short while, the immortal flipped off of him and then swung the sword in a wide arc. Naruto then focused and made the Kusanagi's blade lengthen as it was swung, easily lopping off the eighth and final head of the Orochi, killing it and Orochimaru once and for all.

Landing in a low crouch as the body of the Orochi sank into the oceans, Naruto looked at the Kusanagi for a moment before twirling it in hand then sheathed it at his side. Breathing out a sigh of relief, Naruto returned to his original form, then looked out to the sea for a moment before running to the side and hopping on a large piece of ship that was still floating. Sitting down and crossing his arms, Naruto closed his eyes and waited for the floating plank to reach land, hoping that it wouldn't take too long… even with being immortal, he still got hungry…



'After so long, Its all finally come to an end, after killing anything and everything that stood in my way, they still leave me to rot. Why? Why won't they free me of these memories?' Naruto wondered to himself with his eyes closed, then sighed while looking to his weapons and scoffed. Throwing the Kusanagi to the side, Naruto then growled and heaved a frustrated grunt as he then tore off the rest of them and tossed them away. Standing up, The Ashen Warrior stood on the top of what had once been the Hokage monument and looked down the fall to the ground below.

"The Kami of Heaven have abandoned me…" He mumbled, a strange scene similar to this one flashing before his eyes as he moved one foot forward. Shaking his head Naruto then stepped back and sighed. "No… I won't take my own life. I may have lost everything, but I won't die yet." Naruto stated darkly and clenched his fists at his sides and closed his eyes.

"That's too bad…" A regal voice commented and Naruto turned around just in time for the Kusanagi to be stabbed through the right side of his chest. "It would have been less of a hassle if you'd dealt with yourself for us." A man commented with a frown, Naruto looking at him in shock. He had strong regal features with pale, moon white skin, long midnight black hair pulled into a low ponytail and shining violet eyes like the night sky. He was dressed in black kimono with black Hakama pants, a dark blue Obi tied around his waist, overtop the Kimono was silver armor over his writs and shins, a pair of black tabi socks, and old straw Zoori sandals over his feet.

"Ts-Tsukuyomi…" He mumbled before blood began to rise up to his mouth, causing him to gurgle and spit it out. Gaping afterwards, he looked at the God of the Moon in shock. "But why? Why do you betray me?" He gargled out passed more blood and the god gave him a strange look in response.

"Betray you?" The Voice of Susanoo questioned and Naruto looked to the side and saw the God of the Seas taking a puff of his pipe. "It's you that would betray us Naruto, we've seen the kind of devastation someone like you can cause, and we cannot allow it to happen." Susanoo stated and Naruto grunted as Tsukuyomi twisted the Kusanagi and forced Naruto down to his knees.

"Yes… but our dear Neechan, Amaterasu, refused to deal with you herself. Imagine being able to care for the likes of you." Tsukuyomi muttered crisply before kicking the ashen warrior in the stomach, Naruto rolling along the ground and groaning in pain as he came to a stop. "I have seen what Mortals like you can become, all the Kami have seen what you could become someday… We won't allow you to destroy us as HE destroyed THEM." Tsukuyomi says darkly while Naruto looks at him with confusion written over his features.

"What are you talking about?" Naruto asked, clearly confused while Susanoo shook his head and knelt down above Naruto and looked him in the eye.

"And that's the good thing about getting rid of you now. You have no idea what you are yet, so if we get rid of you now, we won't have to deal with you later." Susanoo explained with a nod of his head while Tsukuyomi pulled the Kusanagi from Naruto, allowing the ashen warrior to fall forward, then pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Would you please just take your powers back already, Susanoo? Lady Amaterasu will notice we're both here if we don't hurry." Tsukuyomi reminds and the Kami of the seas nods his head with a frown before holding out his right hand. Closing his eyes and focusing, Susanoo then opened his eyes as lightning flowed out of Naruto and into his hand. Screaming in pain for only a moment, Naruto then grit his teeth while Tsukuyomi watched on stoically. Soon, the power was completely drained from the ashen warrior and Susanoo shook his head.

"Man, I don't remember putting that much in him." Susanoo commented and Tsukuyomi scoffed before looking at his brother with a frown.

"Your probably just imagining things as usual." Tsukuyomi replied and got a look from the Kami of the Seas as a result.

"But I haven't had a drop of booze all day! Seriously Tsukuyomi, I think we'd better hurry up, it might already be starting to happen to him." He reminded and Tsukuyomi waved him off flippantly before poising the Kusanagi as Naruto coughed up blood and looked at him from the corner of his eye.

"The fate of the Olympians, will not be our own." Tuskuyomi stated before plunging the blade down, straight through the blond's chest, creating a massive gash, and then deep into the ground. Opening his mouth in a silent scream, Naruto then fell forward and released a shuddering breath while Tsukuyomi removed the sword and then blinked. Closing his eyes and panting the blond clenches his fists into the dirt. "Wait, he should be dead by now." Tsukuyomi muttered to himself while a flash appeared and he cursed as a panting Hachiman landed nearby.

"Shit! What have two you fools done?!" Hachiman exclaimed but before anyone could answer, Naruto's eyes snapped open. Now each had turned a bright amber gold color, however unlike those of Amaterasu, these were filled with hate and malice.

"RAGE OF THE FALLEN!" He exclaimed as fire tore its way out of his body knocking them all back while Hachiman managed to stand his ground. Panting and looking up Hachiman saw fire-surrounding Naruto while he slowly got to his feet, his gold eyes glaring at him hatefully, tears visible at the edges.

"M-milady Omikami was right… he isn't a mortal. Not anymore at least." The man whispered as fire slowly crawled up the Ashen Warrior's's legs and over his knees. Widening his eyes, the Kami of War looked on in fear as fire then crawled up Naruto's body before soon a new creature stood in Naruto's place.

This creature was as tall and well built as Naruto, however it's skin was as black as pitch his spiky black hair pointing in all directions, while its eyes were glowing a sinister gold color, a red stripe curling from its left eye, down the back of its head and neck before spiraling over its chest to wrap over its left arm, with a white skull shaped mask covering its face, leaving only its fanged maw and lower jaw visible, its forearms and shins were covered in bright silver armor with odd designs on them, his fingers bore more silver armor shaped like claws.

It also had long silver chains tipped with sharp spikes wrapping around his arms attached to his forearm guards, a silver belt of some kind circles its waist with more of the odd designs on it, over its shoulders are a pair of small guards that cover only the shoulder and leave the rest of its upper arms bare, and finally crawling down its back are numerous spinal plates of some kind that attach to its shoulder armor and belt.

Growling low in its throat, the evil beast stumbled forward, closer and closer to Hachiman. Taking several steps back, The Kami of War soon stopped as Susanoo looked on from behind him with wide eyes as flames trailed from the beast's feet with every step. Panting as blood trickled down from the wound in his chest, the beast swung one arm, the chains moving towards Hachiman only to fall slack and hit the ground. Growling, the beast swung its other arm, the chain having the same fate as the first as he then fell forward and landed on his knees.

Looking up at Hachiman with hatred clear in his gaze, the beast pointed a single digit towards him. "You…" He let out in a hissing snarl before turning to point at all of the Kami, and then settled his eyes on Tsukuyomi. "All of you… will suffer greatly for this… I will have my vengeance, I will make you all suffer for this treachery…" He growled out while narrowing his eyes grinning dangerously as black skeletal hands reached from the very earth and started to wrap around his form. "Believe it!" He punctuated while the hands pulled him down into the ground until he soon vanished… leaving the Kami unnerved and frightened by what had just transpired…


Voice: On that day, a new destiny awaited the young hero who had fallen so far from his destiny. He would show the gods of his land their folly, he would grow more powerful than ever before, and he would reclaim all that he lost or lead the world into ruin. This is his story, a continuation of the Tale of the man who had murdered the God of War and given Hope to Humanity, Kratos, the Ghost of Sparta… this is…


Naruto Ultimate:

God of War:

NU: Rage of The Fallen



Groaning in pain, a familiar creature with black skin lay in a forgotten land. Soon however, a young girl appeared and placed a glowing hand onto his head. Her soft voice humming out a nameless tune that soothed the savage creature, causing his mind to lighten as sleep soon took him. Groaning and growling in its throat it grits its teeth as it starts to dream, an unrecognizable past flashing before his dark-amber eyes…

'Death is in my blood…' A deep voice echoes in his mind as flashes of the death of two women flash before his eyes. 'Fate… has brought me here…' The voice continued as he saw a battle between giants, one pale as a ghost, the other with fire for a beard and hair. 'I hope for nothing…' The voice continued as he saw the pale man being stabbed by an old man with a long beard and hair…

'I fear… nothing…' The man's voice returned as he saw the pale man stabbing the blade from before into a woman. 'My vengeance is everything…' He heard as he saw the same from before, riding on the back of a mountain shaped like a woman and looking to the heavens with a roar. 'Everything must come to an end…' The voice continued as he saw the strange man attacking and killing the old man from before, stabbing him through and ramming him into the heart of a great beast…

'There will be only chaos…' The voice uttered as he the man turned pitch black with a bright blue glowing tattoo and ran across a dark field before coming upon a massive box, pushing it open, the man was suddenly consumed by a blinding light. 'My vengeance… ends now…' The voice finished as the beast saw the strange man stab himself through with his own blade, a bright glow emanating from his body as he was pulled into the air, a beam of light flashing into the sky before suddenly he fell to his knees, and all suddenly grew dark around him…

"Do you remember me… Kratos?" The girl asked him softly as the creature opened its eyes and looked to her recognition flashing in its gaze.

"P… Pandora?" The deep growling voice asked through him before the creature reached a hand towards her and the girl removed her hand from his head and took it in her own while looking down at him.

"So you do remember me. Its nice to know I'm memorable enough, even if it's only to your soul." Her voice came and the amber eyes softened as memories of the girl, and his failure to save her came to his mind.

"I… am sorry… I couldn't protect you." He whispered and the girl's head tilted to one side after a moment.

"It wasn't your fault, it was my purpose to open the box…" She told him and he nodded his head silently, eyes closing once more. Seconds after, his eyes slowly reopen as fire forms over him before dissipating, leaving only the form of Uzumaki Naruto, the Ghost of Konoha behind. Grunting, the Ashen Warrior's pushed himself onto his back and stared up towards the ceiling tiredly. 'Is this the end?' He wondered to himself before closing his eyes tiredly, both still a dark amber color…

"Not unless you give up hope. Hope is what makes us strong. It is why we are here. It is what we fight with when all else is lost." A female voice said and the boy opened his eyes before quickly sitting up. Grunting as the wound in his chest burned, the Ashen Warrior's looked up with one eye and found his eyes glued to the vision of a girl who looked around his age. Her body was translucent and glowing, her features nearly invisible save she was a female with short hair, and had a thin frame.

"Who… are you?" Naruto questioned and the girl tilted her head for a moment.

"No one important." She said and Naruto could almost swear she was lying to him for some reason. "Now then, are you going to lay back and give up?" She asked him and the Ashen Warrior's snorted while closing his eyes and leaned back.

"I never give up… but I'm already dead… so what's the point of getting back up?" Naruto replied in question while falling back sown and the girl raised a near invisible brow towards him for a moment.

"Then are you a coward?" She questioned and the Ashen Warrior sat up, eyes suddenly ablaze with fury as the girl saw behind the Ashen Warrior through the massive gash in his chest straight through to his back.

"I'm definitely no coward! I've gutted demons, slaughtered ghosts, and torn apart monsters for what feels like centuries! I have faced the horrors of the Underworld, and my own worst nightmares! So I can honestly say, that I'm no coward!" The Ashen Warrior roared at the girl furiously and she merely cocked her hip to one side.

"Oh really? Then what are you doing right now?" She questioned of the Ashen Warrior and he blinked for a moment while looking to her. "Death is an escape, only a coward accepts Death. Are you a coward?" The girl asked and Naruto grit his teeth before closing his eyes and clenched his fists tightly.

"I'm no coward…" He seethed and then gasped in pain as the wound on his chest started to steam and slowly seal over.

"Then awaken and prove that you carry his soul within you, take these weapons, my gift and live once more, Uzumaki Naruto, The Ghost of Konoha!" The girl ordered as a pair of blades formed into his hands seemingly out of blue fire. The handles of these blades were metallic with segments forming the grip and arched at the pommel slightly, chains reaching off of them over his forearms, the cross-guard was of a demonic skull, its mouth opened to form the guard with its sharp fangs pointing down along the blade, an ax shaped blade behind it curving up its length as well, a blue gem in its eyes while two curled horns arched upwards from it to form the handles, the blades were much like that of the Blades of Chaos, only they seemed a bit more simple and less flame like. (Blades of Pandora…)

Briefly twirling the two blades in hand and swinging one of them to cut the hands holding his left arm, he then cut the other hands before falling further and further into a strange fiery pit. "What is this?!" The Ashen Warrior demanded before flipping in mid air and hitting the ground in a roll. Coming out in a low crouch the Ashen Warrior then slowly stood up with panting breaths and stared up and looked around to find himself in a long winding river.

"What the hell is going on?!" He demanded before quickly swimming down the river only to stop and groan as something grabbed him from behind. Punching whatever it was he then swam further on. It happened once more and the Ashen Warrior felt his head start to spin for a moment.

Soon reaching the end of the river, the Ashen Warrior pulled himself out of the river and panted lightly while laying back. "What is this place?" He wondered before pushing himself to his side and looking up at the world he'd found himself in. The world was fire and brimstone, with what looked like people falling from the heavens above. Narrowing his eyes and panting heavily, Naruto looked to either side and saw tortured souls and monsters all around him.

Looking to the blades in his hands for only a moment, Naruto then held them at his sides as he licked his lips and looked towards the seemingly endless monstrosities of this land with a dark expression, his dark amber eyes briefly showing the true nature of his soul… a soul that once belonged to a great Spartan Warrior that single handedly murdered most of the gods of Olympus…




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