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The End Begins


Tsukuyomi landed with Amaterasu and let the goddess go before leaning down to pant slightly. Even given the boy was less than a centennial old, he'd still been more powerful than Tsukuyomi would have liked. 'But I have to wonder whether its his own natural powers, or perhaps those spells of his… given he's a Child of neechan's, who also happens to be the chief of our pantheon, I'd have to say it's his natural skills.' Tsukuyomi thought to himself before rubbing his ribs and looked over to Amaterasu.

Not surprisingly, in his mind at least, she was standing at the closest edge of their home and gazing down at the world, her glow now totally gone and a forlorn look across her features. 'How can she care so much for a child that wants to destroy us?' Tsukuyomi wondered to himself before grunting as he walked over and stood next to the white skinned goddess as she continued to stare at the earth. "Neechan, you really need to tell us when you have kids!" Tsukuyomi hissed at her and she merely flinched for a moment without looking to him, as per usual.

Seconds later the two heard a door open and turned to see the large double doors leading to their "War Room" opening up. Behind them were the Olympians and the other Kami rushing over to them. "Lady Amaterasu, lord Tsukuyomi, are you alright?" Apollo questioned as he ran over to Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi worriedly, the moon god merely grumbling something under his breath as he did.

"It appears that our enemy has grown significantly stronger in your underworld." Tsukuyomi replied before crossing his arms and looked to Omoikane with a deep frown. "Omoikane, have you been able to contact the Jade Empire? We're going to need all the help we can find for the coming threat." Tsukuyomi questioned and Omoikane sighed before adjusting her glasses with one finger.

"Unfortunately I've been unable to establish any form of Contact with the Jade Empire. I've even resorted to attempting to find any of the remaining Aesir of Asgard but I've made no progress. I even resorted to trying to contact the Neter and Neteret of the Desert. Truly, I'm beginning to worry that we have more enemies than the children of Kratos and Naruto." Omoikane replied with a frown and crossed her arms over her chest, Tsukuyomi grimacing as he heard the news. However before anything more could be said, Apollo suddenly narrowed his eyes before he ran over to the edge of Takamagahara and looked into the distance.

"Something's heading our way!" The god of Light shouted and both Kami and Olympians quickly moved out of the way as three people, all gods from the look of them, fell through an opening in the wall and skidded across the ground for a short distance before landing in a heap.

"Oh… I really don't want to ever do that again…" A strange, gold furred man mumbled to himself, a monkey's tail behind him while blood dribbled from numerous wounds covering his entire body.

"Sun-Wukong! Is that you?" Inari demanded while rushing over to the "Monkey King" and he gave a weak grin.

"Well… I'm not anyone else, so I suppose I have to be." He offered with a snicker before hissing as he held his wounded side. As Inari then helped Sun-Wukong up, the Kami looked to those who had been with him, the two were of the children of Odin, first Vidarr, God of Vengeance, and he had a very familiar hammer hanging from his belt. Nearby was another of the Aesir, Baldur himself, the Norse god of Light, Love, and Beauty, who was looking more than a little weary.

"What happened to you two?" Apollo demanded upon seeing them all either injured or very tired and Baldur slowly got up to his feet before helping Vidar up.

"Well… to be perfectly honest, that idiotic Mammon freed Fenrir, Jormungadr, and even Loki and brought about the age of Ragnarok… then when myself, Hodr, Vali, and Vidar were trying to get things back into order after it was over, we were attacked by winged warriors with odd powers and weapons… and they actually managed to kill Sol's daughter, Vali, and Hodr…" Baldur started to explain before reaching an arm up and rubbed his shoulders. Sighing Vidar then decided to continue, rubbing his legs with a frown before crossing his arms.

"Me and Baldur managed to escape and went to find help… but Olympus was destroyed and abandoned. So, we rested for a while, deciding we'd try to reach the Jade Empire since it was closest. But when we got there, the same winged warriors were already attacking them, the Jade Emperor himself was slain, and we barely managed to escape with Sun-Wukong before the entirety of the Empire was annihilated." Vidar explained and Sun-Wukong decided to finish for the rest of them.

"And on our way out of that battle zone we came here… hoping that the Kami could help us… and it seems the Olympians had the same idea." The Mokey-King offered with a slight grin and Tsukuyomi frowned deeply while cupping his chin.

"Sounds like a bunch of Tennen… But that doesn't make any sense; those are the most common mystical beings in all existence. Even the Olympians and Jade Empire had them flying around… and for that matter, what was so odd about these "Winged Warriors" don't you Aesir have those Valkyries that are like that?" Tsukuyomi questioned and Baldur frowned for a moment before nodding his head.

"We do, but these wore silver armor, with an odd bird motif to it, and none of them were of any of our realms. Not only that, but some of them were men, and stranger still were the ones with four wings or more." Baldur admitted and Apollo frowned for a moment, a scowl soon forming across his lips.

"Did these warriors "Bird Motif" resemble an owl or Eagle?" Apollo asked and saw Baldr blink before grinning towards his fellow god of Light.

"Apollo? Is that you? Hmm… I heard you were dead." Baldur noted and a smirk crossed Apollo's lips before crossing his arms.

"I could say the same to you Baldur." Apollo noted and Baldur let out a hearty laugh before nodding his head in agreement.

"Too true my friend. But the Bird Motif was for birds in general, not a singular one." Baldur finally explained and Apollo frowned for a moment while Baldur then looked over to Amaterasu and stared. "Lady Amaterasu, is that you? You're looking paler than normal…" Baldur said while walking passed Apollo to the Goddess and Amaterasu sighed wearily before looking down.

"I… well I'm just not feeling very well right now." Amaterasu offered weakly before turning back around and Tsukuyomi decided it would be best to keep any attention off of her for the moment.

"Apollo, do you think you could take Vidar, Baldur, and Sun-Wukong and heal them like you did for Artemis?" Tsukuyomi questioned and Apollo mutely nodded his head before walking over to the other God of Light and led him away with Sun-Wukong and Vidar to be healed. Hearing a sound, they all looked to the side as Aphrodite walked out of a portal with Artemis at her side.

"Good news, we've managed to get all the remaining Amazons together for this oh so grand war of yours." The dark haired Goddess offered with a bored tone as she and Artemis walked over to the Kami and Olympians.

"Where are they then?" Tsukuyomi questioned while frowning towards the goddess of "Love" and Artemis answered him this time.

"We left them in the forest area of the island below. Seemed like the best place for them to hide and prepare for the inevitable war we're soon to find ourselves a part of." Artemis offered and Tsukuyomi slowly nodded his head while Artemis noticed the blood from where Sun-Wukong and the Aesir had landed and blinked for a few moments. "Did something happen while we were gone?" She questioned and Tsukuyomi silently nodded his head before answering her.

"It seems two of the Aesir survived an assault from a new enemy. They along with Sun-Wukong, who seems to be all that's left of the Jade Empire, came here for aid…" Tsukuyomi replied and Aphrodite snorted before giggling into one hand.

"By Olympus, did they ever come to the wrong place." Aphrodite noted and the other Gods around her gave her a look as she walked off…

"Is it just me, or is she really not herself lately?" Amaterasu suddenly asked and the Olympians actually thought about it before sighing.

"It's just you…" The chorused as one and everyone turned when they heard someone snicker from the side. What they saw was Susanoo, the God of Seas and storms sitting lotus style on a stream of water that was reaching up from the ground below.

"Jeez, I'm gone for a couple hours and every Pantheon we're allied too suddenly shows up at our doorstep looking for help… hmm, where are the Neter and Neteret of the Egyptians at I wonder?" Susanoo commented while hopping from a large stream of water and onto the ground, his pipe in his mouth.

"It's good to see you unharmed, Susanoo. But I believe that I need to speak with you for a moment." Tsukuyomi said while walking over to his brother, then grabbed his arm and lead him out of the room. Walking down a long hall, Tsukuyomi looked around, making sure no one followed them, before turning to Susanoo. "So, how did your mission go?" Tsukuyomi questioned and Susanoo puffed a bit of smoke from his pipe before answering the other Kami.

"Well first off, I managed to round up most, if not all, of the Monsters around the Elemental Nations, then I dumped them all over the island. Then, I went and got all those Ghouls that are still really pissed off at Naruto for an army. And I'm talking in the thousands; the kid could really piss people off. Then, I went to Yomi, but unfortunately it looks like its somehow fusing with "Hel" and "Hades", those other Underworlds from the other Pantheons. So basically unless I wanted to chance a run-in with any of the nastier monsters down there I had to move quickly and gather only one or two souls that I could." Susanoo explained while removing his pipe for a moment and Tsukuyomi narrowed his eyes with a visible frown.

"All and all, it's going to take a miracle to get rid of Naruto this time. Not only is he pissed, but from what I actually managed to see of Hades from the fusing, he put the whole place through a ringer." Susanoo finished and Tsukuyomi hummed for a moment while crossing his arms over his chest.

"Unfortunately Niisan, Killing him is something we can't do even if we wanted too…" Tsukuyomi stated and Susanoo gave the other Kami an incredulous look in response.

"Hey, you're the one who wanted to kill him in the first place Tsukuyomi! And do you honestly think the kid will be in a very forgiving mood since you stabbed him in the back? Literally in this case?" Susanoo demanded and Tsukuyomi sighed while rubbing his temples, clearly annoyed by this situation.

"I never said that… and we can't kill him because he's Lady… no… He's Neechan's son. And just judging by the way's she's already deteriorating from what's been happening around her lately, killing him might just kill her as well." Tsukuyomi explained and Susanoo felt his pipe fall to the floor, gaping at his brother before paling.

"I had a hand in murdering my own nephew… I'm so going to Yomi for that…" Susanoo said to himself while hitting his head as he knelt down to pick up his pipe, Tsukuyomi growling as he did.

"Is that all you're concerned about?" Tsukuyomi demanded and Susanoo gave the Kami of the moon a flat look.

"Tsukuyomi get off your fucking high ass Horse. This little mess was started cause you were getting scared of that kid. Hell, as long as he left me alone I would've been fine, but no… you just had to get my ass involved as well. Now we've got a child of our sister, the sun Goddess herself, whose pissed off beyond belief, and he's most likely coming to rend us both limb from bloody limb!" Susanoo growled out and Tsukuyomi winced while the Kami of Seas and Storm then crossed his arms, eyes glaring at Tsukuyomi furiously.

"Now then, what the hell do you intend to do to fix this fucking mess you've gotten us into then, Niisan?" Susanoo demanded and Tsukuyomi sighed before slowing down and bowing his head. Reaching up he palmed his eyes for a moment before looking to the ceiling absently.

"Truthfully… I have absolutely no idea." Tsukuyomi admitted and Susanoo muttered to himself while pinching the bridge of his nose and puffing on his pipe. "However, given Neechan's current condition, and I know you've noticed how her glow has faded, we cannot actually kill Naruto, without the possibility of her falling into depression and most likely dying herself." Tsukuyomi then stated and Susanoo mumbled something to himself before puffing on his pipe once more.

"That, I get Tsukuyomi, what I don't get, is how we're actually going to be defeating him if we can't kill him." Susanoo reminded the older Kami and Tsukuyomi nodded his head with a frown across his face.

"I can think of only one way… but even then it will be very risky to try Susanoo." Tsukuyomi admitted and Susanoo groaned lightly while giving the Kami of the moon an annoyed look.

"Yeah well, whatever you've got planned it better work. Or else we're all going to have our asses kicked by a pissed off mortal and his army." Susanoo reminded and Tsukuyomi slowly nodded his head while looking out to a window nearby. Narrowing his eyes as he saw a storm heading towards them from the distance.

"Death is not an option for us Susanoo. When you're out in battle, I want you to lure Naruto to us, nothing more. We're the last of the Gods Susanoo… we Kami, those few Olympians, two Aesir, and a single member of the Jade Empire… that is all that is left of our kind. We cannot allow ourselves to be destroyed. We must survive. The Mortals below us do not know how to live without our guidance. The plan may be crazy… but it is also the only way we know we can keep him alive, without the possibility of him getting stronger." Tsukuyomi reminded and Susanoo puffed on his pipe for a moment before nodding his head slowly.

"So, the end has finally come then." Susanoo mumbled mostly to himself but Tsukuyomi shook his head and looked back outside.

"It would seem so, Niisan, but we must hope that we can defy the end and ultimately survive this battle… for that is all we have left now. We cannot allow Naruto to continue, if we allow him to escape us unpunished, all of Humanity will think us weak and all of humanity will rain down upon us as Kratos did the Olympians." Tsukuyomi said to himself while Susanoo inwardly groaned, realizing just how screwed they actually were before narrowing his eyes on the incoming storm. He hadn't conjured it after all…

(Pandora's Voice: Across a vast ocean and within the ancient land of Greece, many cities and even nations had been all but destroyed by the great flood created by Poseidon's death. Ironically, Sparta was one of the few to survive the waters. The walls of the city held the sea at bay, the mountains behind them protecting them as well. And now standing just outside its walls, is Naruto, the Ghost of Konoha, and reincarnation of Kratos…)


Naruto opened his eyes as he found himself standing on a long beaten path, smirking slightly at the red flags leading towards a stone-gateway. Behind him was a vast forest, mountains beyond even that with more mountains surrounding the bulk of the massive city surrounded by enormous stonewalls. "Home." The now familiar voice of Kratos echoed in Naruto's mind as he looked to the sides, looking to the heavy walls and the raised water that had remained since the flood caused by Kratos over eighty years before. 'Almost like they knew it would happen in advance.' The Ashen-Skinned warrior noted to himself before turning to Samael, the Demon-Lord smiling fondly.

"It feels so good to finally be home. And its wonderful to see it managed to survive the chaos that father unleashed… then again, Spartans aren't the worlds most fierce warriors for nothing." Samael stated mostly to himself before Naruto mumbled something and marched forward, towards the gates of Sparta with Samael beside him. The gates opened as if moving on their own accord as they approached and they came onto a bridge, two guards at either side standing at attention as they passed. 'They most likely recognize the marks we bear…' Naruto mused while walking across the bridge with the ever-silent Samael at his side.

"The Son of Lord Kratos returns!" A Spartan sitting at the side of the bridge cried loudly while Naruto blinked as brief memories from Kratos past came to him of a similar scene taking place… a name echoing at the back of his mind, yet it wasn't that of Zelus, who now resided in the depths of The Inferno… Shaking that off, Naruto looked forward where two grand statues of Spartan Warriors stood with their spears pointed towards another gate with fires roaring beneath them.

'An interesting way of making sure no one invades the city too easily, they have the walls to impede land based assault necessitating either ladders or some kind of battering ram, and even then its wide enough to allow Archers to stand on it and thick enough to stop the battering ram easily. Thus the Main-Gate would be the only way to get in and even then they have to take the bridge, limiting the amount of soldiers they can actually get across to the bare minimum and allowing the Spartans to effectively defend themselves… it's pure genius.' The Ashen-Warrior thought to himself as they approached the next gate, the soldiers standing beside of it coming to attention as well.

"All hail Samael, the child of Kratos, the true God of war!" A woman suddenly exclaimed as Naruto and Samael walked to the side and took a path down towards the main city of Sparta.

"Seems like your pretty popular around here." Naruto noted while looking towards Samael, the Demon-Lord smirking as he and his charge walked into the city.

"As a child of Kratos of course I am… though my father is certainly a bit more popular over there." Samael replied before pointing his thumb over towards a rather large building with woman in clothes that left absolutely nothing to the imagination and light gold jewelry distributed around their bodies, and their breasts completely exposed. 'Maybe they get their dress code from Lilith…' The ashen warrior thought with a frown as he looked at the brothel, only to raise a brow as another memory flashed in his mind… of Kratos somehow managing to thoroughly satisfy eight Spartan women, all at the same time no less, in that very same place… three times.

"Ugh… Kratos sounds like he'd be Jiraiya's hero." Naruto mumbled while pinching the bridge of his nose, even given his centuries of life, he'd never slept with nearly as many women as Kratos had managed in less than a hundred years. Of course Naruto could admit to a few flings here and there, but never quite as many as Kratos had managed to bed, and most of the time the Ghost of Sparta managed to bed twins, not to mention Twin goddesses once, and Aphrodite's daughter's no less!

"Hmmm… Jiraiya… I know I know that name from somewhere… oh wait yes I know him, Lilith has him in her circle… so you're probably correct." Samael mused while Naruto palmed his face and made a note to go pull Jiraiya out of there… wait… he was probably enjoying himself with all the half to fully naked women down there… and for some reason the image of Jiraiya being tossed around by the winds didn't seem like a big deal, hell, he was probably scribbling in a notebook while using a spyglass every now and then for entertainment… 'I bet he has several new Icha-Icha ready by now…' Naruto thought with a shake of his head at the somewhat random thought.

"That just figures he'd land himself in the one place where women dress in nearly nothing as a rule." Naruto grumbled to himself while they walked towards a large statue of Kratos, clad in his armor from his time as the God of War. Walking over to the statue, Naruto looked up at the stern face of Kratos for a moment. Silently placing a hand to the foot of the statue where an Omega symbol rested, Naruto blinked as visions of its construction suddenly flowed before his eyes.

'So many memories…' Naruto thought to himself, and then shook his head mentally reasoning that it shouldn't be such a surprise he had these memories given that he was in fact Kratos reborn… though by all rights his Blood wasn't that of Kratos so he wasn't Kratos himself. Wait his soul was but his body wasn't… now he was kind of confused. Shaking his head of those thoughts, Naruto then turned around to Samael with a frown. "Now where do we go, Samael?" Naruto questioned while crossing his arms and the Demon-Lord pointed to where a large mountain stood, an even larger statue of Kratos visible on it.

"My brothers and sisters await at the temple. And I believe that my oldest sister and her mother wished to come visit the place they lived before death, while Pandora is with them." Samael replied and Naruto raised a brow for a moment, before shaking his head and making his way towards the statue of Kratos.

Making his way along the street, Naruto saw several young soldiers training behind a nearby fountain, blacksmiths, merchants, and peddlers selling there wares to young Spartans, and even children training with spears and shields… wait… those children looked familiar. "Long live the children of Kratos!" Someone exclaimed as they passed and Naruto rolled his eyes for a moment while walking up a flight of stairs. Spotting the children from before, Naruto raised a brow as he saw them run over to the side and narrowed his eyes.

"You won't catch me!" One shouted towards the other playfully and Naruto smirked slightly.

"Come back here coward!" The other exclaimed with a mock growl, causing Naruto to come to an immediate halt, his eyes widening as he knew that voice all too well, even being as youthful as it was, he still knew that voice. Shaking his head and forgetting Samael for a moment, Naruto walked over to where the Children had been running and frowned when he saw them. The two were fighting one another, probably sparing, both of them wielding a shield and spear. One of the two was bald, however the other had short cropped hair and an odd crimson birth mark spiraling along his left side nearly identical to the one Naruto and Kratos both once bore…

As Naruto stared at the two in shock and confusion, he felt as even more memories poured into his mind, all of them from Kratos's past. And as the memories came he saw a bright flash before he was all but consumed by the memories, his vision blurring into a scene from Kratos's past…


Naruto blinked his eyes open and they widened as he found himself staring at the two children, however the world around him seemed somewhat distorted when compared to the two. "Don't let your guard down, Deimos!" The taller and bald child ordered as he stabbed his spear forward, knocking it into the younger one's shield. In response, the younger of the two chuckled slightly before stabbing his own spear forward, the older growling as he rammed his shield into the Deimos' own. Deimos then pushed the older boy back, only for him to roar out while stabbing his spear forward, knocking Deimos's shield from his hand.

"A Spartan Warrior never lets his back hit the ground." The older of the two stated while moving his spear towards the younger child's throat. "Even in death, a Spartan stands tall for battle!" The older boy declared while narrowing his eyes on his younger brother dangerously. "You are a Spartan, are you not!" He demanded of the younger boy with a snarl and the boy beneath him looked up with fearful eyes.

"Y-Yes Kratos." He replied and Naruto blinked for a moment, only to gape in shock as he looked from the young marked boy, to the slightly older bald one. 'That's Kratos…? But how, and where is Zelus?' Naruto wondered for a moment while the Young Kratos moved back from his brother then stabbed his spear into the ground before helping Deimos up to his feet. As he did, the two heard a noise and seemed to look at Naruto, blinking, the ashen warrior turned and widened his eyes as he saw Sparta being attacked, flaming arrows falling from the sky.

As the flames rose and twisted forth, Naruto narrowed his eyes, two shadowed figures riding upon horses coming towards him and the young boys. Upon seeing the two boys, the larger of the two rode forward and grabbed him up with a single arm. Deimos struggled in the behemoth's grasp before reaching out for his brother Kratos. Roaring out, Kratos lunged at the behemoth, spear raised as he jumped up, however the massive man merely switched Deimos into his other arm and batted Kratos away with the other. Kratos impacted with several large planks of wood, his right eye suffering a deep gouge in the skin where his scar would eventually be…

However just as the massive being was about to slice into Kratos with his sword, the second cried out. Her voice was female, and yet Naruto couldn't understand a word she was saying, the language completely foreign to him. The large being growled while lowering its blade to its and turning to the female of the two, also growling out the strange almost garbled language, the name "Athena" ringing out of it. The female said something else to the large being and it turned before riding off into the fire while Kratos looked on helplessly…

"Kratos! Help! Kratos!" Deimos pleaded while Kratos watched on as his brother was taken away, the female riding towards him.

"Forgive me…" The female whispered, the voice clearly that of Athena, the language now recognizable to Naruto. As Athena rode off with whom Naruto assumed to be Ares, a frown marred Naruto's features. 'I suddenly have the urge to gut that wench before I strangle her with her own entrails…' Naruto noted to himself before turning around to where Kratos was trapped beneath several planks of wood.

"Deimos…" The child whispered while reaching out for his brother, Naruto frowning as he saw one of the reasons for Kratos fury.

"Kratos? Deimos? Where are you? Come home, my sons!" The voice of whom Naruto assumed to be Kratos mother cried while the small child continued to reach out for Deimos, struggling with the weight pinning him down. "Zelus, please go find your brothers for me." The woman's voice suddenly rang out and Naruto turned and watched as a meek child came out of the home he'd been standing before. Oddly, he was nearly identical to Deimos, though the child's hair was longer than Deimos, he was also scrawnier than him, and didn't have the mark, but otherwise they looked almost identical.

"Zelus?" Naruto wondered to himself while watching the child who would someday become Lucifer looked around only to see Kratos trapped beneath several planks of wood, his eye injured and bleeding profusely.

"Brother!" Zelus cried while rushing over to Kratos and then tried to lift the beams off of his brother. Grunting, Zelus failed to do so and dropped the beam, panting heavily as he did so. "Wait here, I'll think of something!" Zelus said quickly while quickly looking around for something then saw a smaller beam and managed to drag it over to Kratos where he wedged it between a lower beam and the one pinning down Kratos. Grunting lightly, Zelus used the smaller beam as a lever and managed to lift the beam off of Kratos.

'Impressive, though I have to admit Lucifer was fairly clever as well…' Naruto mused to himself while Zelus held the plank up, Kratos grunting as he crawled out from under it. Releasing the lever, Zelus then moved over to Kratos and grunted while pulling his older brother up. Holding one of the older boy's arms over his shoulders, Zelus then carried him towards their home. "Wait, where's Deimos?" Zelus questioned while looking around for his twin and Kratos grit his teeth as they approached the threshold of their home…

"They took him…" The voice of young Kratos came out, though Naruto could also hear the voice of his older counterpart as well…

"Who took him?" Zelus questioned of his brother, only for him to pass out and a voice to echo in Naruto's ears…

"After the war with the Titans was won by the gods, the oracle foresaw the coming of the Marked-One, a mortal warrior who would single-handedly destroy all of Olympus. In fear of this prophecy, Zeus sent Ares and Athena to find and capture the Marked-One, Ares believed it to be Kratos' brother, Deimos… But because of his helplessness to save Deimos, on that day Kratos vowed that he would protect Zelus, and insure that his brother would live on… however, fate is rarely so kind." The voice echoed while Naruto blinked as he found himself walking forward through an endless abyss, white everywhere when the new voice echoed in his ears…

"Kratos would be taken into the Spartan army, but his brother Zelus was not so fortunate. Caged like an animal and taken to the mountains to die, Zelus would fall to the underworld, coming of age with a thirst for vengeance, for the brother that had abandoned him." The voice continued to explain only for Naruto to awaken from the almost dream like vision shortly after…


Naruto blinked his eyes open as he escaped from the vision, looking around for a moment, the ashen-skinned-warrior saw the home of Kratos from his childhood. 'At least between the two of us, you had a childhood… and a family, Kratos.' Naruto inwardly mused before shaking his head as he remembered how that family ended up. Scowling at the thought the ashen-warrior saw Samael giving him a strange look. "You seem troubled." The Demon-Lord of Death noted and Naruto merely frowned while crossing his arms over his chest. Gazing at the house for only a second longer, he then turned on his heel and walked away from it silently.

"Just… lost in my memories…" The ashen-skinned warrior replied while walking beside of Thanatos, over to a large gate, which two Spartan-Soldiers opened for them. Walking over to another gate, Naruto and Samael walked onto a long path winding up the side of the "Mounts of Laconia". "How far is it to the temple from here?" Naruto questioned of Samael and the Demon-Lord reached up to rub his chin for a moment before answering the ashen-warrior.

"A shorter distance than what our Father once had to take. The bridges and stairs to the Temple have been repaired and are now more properly maintained. What with the death of the majority of monsters and beasts without the gods to create more, mortals have far more time and many less worries." The Demon-Lord replied and Naruto raised a brow for a moment before silently nodding his head as he followed behind Samael. Coming out onto an old mountain path, Naruto walked with Samael up a long flight of stairs and came out on a cliff.

Frowning for only a moment when he noticed the rope bridge between the cliff and mountain to the other side, Naruto silently walked over it with Samael at his side. Looking around, Naruto could admit that there was a certain beauty to the mountains of Laconia, before humming lightly and looking to his guide. "Have you ever been to this temple before?" Naruto questioned, mostly to break the silence, and Samael smirked slightly in response.

"Only once, back when I was still mortal, for Zeus only banished myself and Agni when we were ten and father had betrayed the gods. Beelzebub and Astaroth, were conceived when my father was mortal, but their mothers were both daughters of Aphrodite, thus they are actually half-god. They lived on Olympus when they were young, probably why they are the most compelled to rule, they still enjoy being in power." Samael explained and Naruto frowned, having never noticed that about the two, but could actually see them being the controlling types.

"Mammon is also half god, he being the son of our father when he was still a God. His mother feared for her son's safety and took him to the frozen west; Zeus saw this and branded the child with the mark we all bear before warning the Aesir of him, which eventually lead him to attack them. And of course Lilith is Aphrodite's daughter, thus not only our youngest sister, but also Beelzebub and Astaroth's aunt. She was branded and then banished to the depths of Hades by her own mother almost immediately after she was born." Samael explained simply and Naruto raised a brow at the last bit for a moment before deciding not to care as what Kratos had done in the past really didn't matter to him…

"So exactly how many children did Kratos have?" Naruto questioned flatly and an amused look crossed Samael's lips for a moment before answering.

"Besides we Demon-Lords, Father also had Calliope, she being our oldest sibling. But that is all I know of for a fact, any more are just speculation and rumor, some say one of Father's Spartan daughters was taken and raised by the Amazons, another one says that a son of Kratos escaped from Hades and was given power by a woman with wings who came from the heavens… but like I said, those are just a bunch of rumors." Samael replied and Naruto frowned, wondering if perhaps there was something to those rumors, after all, Limbo, the uppermost layer of The Inferno, didn't seem to have a Demon-Lord to rule it…

Shaking his head as he walked across the bridge, Naruto and Samael then made their way up yet another flight of stairs. Naruto briefly twitched in annoyance; actually missing the constant attacks before finally seeing the temple up ahead. Naruto mentally rolled his eyes upon seeing the massive statue of Kratos standing outside of it. Shaking his head upon seeing the statue, Naruto crossed his arms over his chest while he and Samael approached the Temple. Seeing the other Children of Kratos sitting upon the steps of the temple, Naruto raised a brow upon seeing all of them in near-human forms, even Agni and Lilith, whom he'd been almost certain, were always in demonic forms.

Lilith was an oddly pale girl in human form, with no fangs, claws, wings, or anything else to truly set her apart from a normal human girl, albeit a very beautiful one, her skin was just a shade lighter than pallor gray, giving it an almost ashen quality, while the violet "Kratos brand" upon her left side stood out prominently upon her pale skin, her eyes however were still the familiar green color of her father, and that along with her long black hair, only served to enhance her now painfully obvious heritage as the child of Kratos, The Ghost of Sparta, but her features and body-structure made her into little more than a young version of Aphrodite…

She was also wearing some clothing this time, though Naruto debated on it being actual clothes, with an elegant black leather chocker around her throat with a pair of chains coming from its sides that crossed over her chest and went under her arms, crossed over her back in an X, and then came back over her stomach where they joined together, a gold anklet is over her left ankle, Lilith also wears a loincloth, this one being purple with black marks however it is mostly wrapped around her hips and crossed just over her pelvis where it curved back and was tied to form eight long tails, and still left most of her completely exposed to view.

Oddly however, an object similar to the Golden Fleece is worn over her right arm, only with Twisting snakes formed onto the pauldron, the armlet portion of it is thinner and more intricate, the final plate attached to her forearm having two snakes twisting around and forming an Oroborus symbol overtop it. Worn under the "Oroborus Sheild" is a simple black leather bracer, mirrored by one worn over her left forearm, though chains wrap around her forearms and lead to the familiar pair of weapons on her back, known as the "Nemesis Whip", a gold armlet is also worn on her left bicep a spiral object known as "Calisto's Armlet" which had belonged to her grandmother at one time, also odd is that worn over her right thigh is the relic known as "Aphrodite's Garter" from her mother.

Nearby and also in human form was Agni, and while it was clear that Samael and Mammon had a very heavy resemblance to their father, Agni clearly took more from his mother. His face was sharper somehow less "unforgiving" and more regal looking than that of Kratos, though his eyes gave off an eerie green glow even in human form, his skin was deeply tanned to a bronze color, with a heavy muscular build like his father, a black Kratos Brand wrapped around his left side with glowing orange flame like scars in it unlike his siblings, his hair resembled short swept back spikes, and was black at the roots, however lightened until they turned crimson red at the tips, much like Yami's own, with a goatee on the tip of his chin mirroring his hair in color.

However he was also less "Human" than Lilith in this form, in that he had a pair of horns, curving up from his forehead then down behind his ears before pointing forward from under his pointed ears, a third glowing green eye at the center of his brow, the many scars that littered his body gave off a fierce hellish glow, and all of his nails were long and sharp like claws while also being a deep obsidian black color, and his toes bore a noticeable talon like quality.

He was also more clothed than Lilith, for which Naruto was thankful, wearing a pair of obsidian bracers over his forearms with a single row of studs down their length, black leather armor around his waist with the same line of studs down the front, a black loincloth that formed down from his hips and wrapped into a metal rings where it formed down his front, with flaming red marks on it, tattered old black pteruges falling around his hips and ass similar to Naruto's, a pair of obsidian greaves with a row of studs down their front, a skull chained to his right greave, and a chain wrapped around his neck, holding what looked like a jade green gem at his throat.

From what Naruto could see, Agni also had weapons, his "Chains of Torment" being the most prominent of them, the obsidian black spiked chains wrapping around his forearms, then his biceps, before falling down his back, a golden "Buckler" shield on his left arm, having bolts around its outer edge, with an almost eye shaped symbol placed directly at its center. Shaking his head for a moment, Naruto then looked to the other Children of Kratos, where he saw Beelzebub sitting on Astaroth's shoulder, the Barbarian Hammer held in the dusty Demon's hand.

Shivering only slightly at the sight of the familiar hammer, Naruto turned and saw Mammon, a frown over his face and what looked like a feathered cloak falling from his shoulders, a heavy looking iron waist-cincher around his waist, and a pair of heavy looking metal bracers / gauntlets over his arms. Feeling a hand on his shoulder, Naruto looked back and saw Samael look at him before walking forward to his brothers and sisters, then turned and faced Naruto with them. "Welcome friend, to the Temple of Our Father, the Ghost of Sparta, the God Slayer, the Sinker of Atlantis, the True God of War, The Destroyer of Worlds, Kratos." Samael stated while motioning with his arms towards the Temple and Naruto narrowed his eyes.

"Why are we here?" Naruto questioned with a frown, crossing his arms as Mammon leaned forward with a scowl.

"Some of us do not have demonic magic, weapons, and relics to fight with… save for the ones I have retrieved from my lands." Mammon stated while looking around at his siblings with a noticeable glare, clearly being the child who took after his father the greatest out of The Fallen. "If I am to fight, I will need weapons and relics to do so. Otherwise I would be almost as ineffective as Beelzebub in battle." Mammon continued and the said pixie clearly took offence as she glared at her brother for the crack. Exhaling a bit of hellfire, Agni crossed his arms with a deep scowl on his face.

"I am not so arrogant as to believe that my power alone can help me stay alive in the coming war, so I also seek to better myself and bolster my powers." Agni suddenly stated, his voice a deep rumble that would send shivers down a lesser man's spine. Frowning deeply, Naruto walked forward, then reached to his left arm and pulled off Zeus's Aegis before tossing it over to Mammon who caught it and looked it over before scowling deeply.

"I already have a shield boy, the Sun Shield of the frozen west called the Svalinn, you can keep this for yourself." Mammon stated and Naruto blinked while catching the Aegis and looked to him quizzically, raising his arm, Mammon then formed a circular shield on his left arm with a woman's face in the center that gave off a soft glow. Looking it over for a moment, Naruto then reached up and rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

"How strong is it?" Naruto queried of the warrior and Mammon grunted deeply before cracking his neck, arms crossed over his chest.

"It's able to withstand the heat of The Sun itself." He responded and Naruto let out a low whistle before looking to Agni who shook his head and tapped his own Shield.

"My shield, The Ancile, is just as strong as the Aegis." Agni stated and Naruto hummed for a moment before slipping Zeus' Aegis back on over his left arm. With that done, Naruto crossed his arms and looked up to the Temple of Kratos, his eyes mirroring those of Kratos himself for the briefest of moments.

"Within is a powerful weapon…" Mammon noted and Naruto turned to him with a raised bow. "However, it is said that our father left an enchantment to guard it, as a test of any who wish to have the weapon." Mammon noted and Naruto let out a low him as he looked at the Temple thoughtfully.

"Do not forget my friend that we must also find a faster way to transport our troops to the land of your Kami… Otherwise this war shall have ended for us long before it could even truly begin." Samael suddenly reminded and Naruto silently nodded his head while looking to a visage of Kratos face upon the doors of the temple.

"Where exactly are Lysandra, Calliope, and Pandora?" Naruto questioned when he didn't see the three women among the children of Kratos and Beelzebub sighed.

"Lysandra and Calliope went to visit their old home, we sent a loyal Spartan soldier to protect them. Pandora is another story, something about needing clothes, we sent another Spartan with her and warned him she was considered a daughter by our father." Beelzebub explained and Naruto nodded his head absently before crossing his arms over his chest as he stared at the doors to the temple.

"What's inside there?" Naruto asked and Lilith chose to speak up, the ashen-warrior mentally groaning as her voice sounded even more tempting in this form than it had in her inhuman one.

"No one really knows, could be nothing, could be anything, but father supposedly left something in there." Lilith replied in a semi-riddle like fashion, smirking slightly at an annoyed glare Naruto sent her.

"I hate riddles, got enough of those from the Kami." Naruto growled out and got nods of agreement from Agni, Samael, and Mammon, each of who had had to deal with that particular annoyance from the gods before. "In any case, lets find out just what this temple holds within it." Naruto then stated while walking up the steps and stopped before the temple doors as they suddenly gave off a glow, the eyes of Kratos visage glowing as his voice thundered forth as if he were still alive.

"Face thyself, and your fate shall be sealed…" The voice echoed out ominously and Naruto rolled his eyes before walking forward and pushing the doors open. Stepping inside of the temple, Naruto looked up to see yet another statue of Kratos standing tall and clad in his God of War armor, two torches beside of it, with two staircases beside of those leading to a doorway behind the statue. Blinking at a sound, Naruto turned quickly only to curse as the temple doors slammed shut behind him. Looking around to see if anything else was going to happen, Naruto scowled before turning around with a slow shake of his head.

"I hate it when that happens." The ashen-warrior grumbled to himself, and then walked to the stairs at his left. Making his way up the stairs, Naruto soon came up behind the statue and walked through the doorway to find an old throne and raised a brow for a moment. Walking over to the throne, Naruto looked behind it and around it, then stood back with a frown. "Nothing here." He mumbled to himself before walking around, behind the wall behind the throne and saw a large mostly shattered mirror was positioned at the opposite end of the hall. Tilting his head to one side, Naruto frowned as vague memories of the broken mirror came to him before walking up to the mirror, then seeing a strange black and white colored reflection of himself within it.

"What the hell…" Naruto mumbled while walking up to the mirror and looked at himself for a moment. However, he then widened his eyes as the chains on the reflections arms started to glow brightly, then unraveled from his forearms and slid to the ground. Looking at the broken mirror in shock for a moment, Naruto then looked to his own wrists and widened his eyes upon seeing his own chains still remained. Slowly reaching towards the broken mirror, Naruto then cursed as his reflection somehow reached out and grabbed onto his wrist.

Quickly placing his free hand against the broken mirror, Naruto grit his teeth and roared while pulling his wrist back and took several steps back from the broken mirror, while his reflection began to glow… Soon in the place of his reflection, was a much younger form of him, one that made Naruto look on in shock as he found himself somehow staring at himself, but the version of him he was staring at was from back before he'd been changed into the Ghost of Konoha…

The form was of a teenager, somewhere between sixteen and seventeen years old, he had a familiar head of spiky hair, a Konoha Hittai-ate over his forehead, three whisker shaped birthmarks on his cheeks, an open Chunin vest overtop a familiar jacket with a spiral on his left bicep, a long trench-coat with a strap over his chest and short sleeves over that, flames trailing at its edge, a pair of pants with the legs rolled up, a black belt worn around his waist, wrappings over his right thigh with a Kunai case over it, calf-length black Shinobi-Sandals, AnBu style greaves worn over them, and a pair of fingerless black gloves with metal plates at the back of his fists.

"You… but it can't be, you." Naruto whispered quietly to himself while the reflection opened its eyes to reveal a pair of dazzling azure blue orbs. The Reflection then crouched down and ran out of the mirror before jumping onto Naruto and slamming a fist into his face, causing the former blond to grunt in pain. Grabbing the copies wrist with one of his own hands, Naruto glared into the azure blue orbs of his reflection, then moved back into a roll and kicked him back. Twisting into a crouch, Naruto watched his reflection flip backwards into midair and then land on the ground, one hand on the ground and a frown across his face.

"It was your fault!" The reflection growled out angrily while forming a Rasengan into its right hand, Naruto reaching back and unsheathing the Blades of Pandora as he did. "They all died because of you!" The reflection roared out while lunging at Naruto, the ashen-warrior raising his right arm and quickly parrying the attack with the Golden Fleece. Grunting lightly, his reflection stumbled back and Naruto brought one foot up before kicking him in the chest, sending him flying back. Cursing in midair, the reflection made a familiar T-shaped hand sign and suddenly two more of him appeared at his sides.

"Aw crap… and I really miss being able to use that Jutsu." Naruto muttered under his breath as the clones caught his reflections outstretched arms. Rearing the reflection back, the clones then launched him directly at Naruto, the ashen-warrior twitching as his reflection slammed into him and caused him to slide back along the ground. Gritting his teeth Naruto twisted the Blades of Pandora around in hand and dug them into the ground to slow himself down. The reflection used this opportunity to grab his throat and then started to slam his fist into Naruto's face repeatedly.

Grunting as he did, the furious Ghost of Konoha slammed his fist into his copies face with the Gauntlet of Zeus, sending him flying into the air. Getting back onto his feet and pulling his Blades of Pandora out of the ground, Naruto then narrowed his eyes as the clones ran towards him. Crouching down, Naruto then activated The Boots of Hermes and launched forward, slamming into one of the clones and bringing it down to the ground hard, where it instantly went up in a poof of smoke. Throwing his arm back when he did, Naruto sent one of his Blades of Pandora into the other clone, causing it to dispel as well while the reflection of his past hit the ground with a grunt.

Getting back to his feet, Naruto cracked his neck and rubbed his left shoulder for a moment, while his reflection twisted around and flipped into a crouch, a frown on his face. Twirling the Blades of Pandora in hand for a moment, Naruto then placed them onto his back and cracked his knuckles. "I believe this farce of a battle has gone on for more than long enough." Naruto decided while holding one hand to the side and forming a bolt of Zeus's Fury into his hand. Widening its eyes, the reflection had only a microsecond to duck out of the way as the bolt of lightning slammed into the ground where he had been only a moment before.

Frowning darkly, Naruto formed a bolt of Zeus's Fury into either of his hands before throwing them both towards his reflection. However, the stubborn creature evaded both bolts of Lightning before smirking as it formed the T shaped hand seal once more. Instantly dozens of clones appeared before dispersing around the room, Naruto twitching violently as he lost track of the original. "Of course… and I can't believe I actually forgot how much I used to use that damn Jutsu back when I was still a stupid kid." Naruto grumbled aloud as several of the clones rushed towards him, the Ashen-Warrior merely frowning as he formed Cronos Scythe into his hands and twisted into a swing, slicing them all apart where they instantly dispelled.

Smirking to himself, Naruto turned and saw two of the clones coming at him with Rasengan's in hand. "Looking back at what I used to be now… I really can't believe I was ever this stupid." Naruto muttered while forming Charon's mask into his hand and pushing his energy into the mask, sent a blast of green flames into the incoming clones, causing them to dispel as well. Putting the mask away, Naruto then formed Typhon's Bane and pulled back on the wind string, causing some of the clones to look on in confusion. Narrowing his eyes, Naruto fired multiple blasts of wind from the bow that flew into and destroyed several clones. Closing his eyes as several of the clones came running at him, Naruto then held the bow upwards.

Pushing his power up into the bow, the Ghost of Konoha unleashed a massive whirlwind that destroyed all the clones around him in one fell swoop. Cracking his neck, Naruto put the bow away as several more clones came running at him, only to duck down while several more jumped off of their backs and came at him with what looked like "Fuuton: Rasengans" in hand. "Not a bad idea, still stupid though…" Naruto mumbled while then channeling Poseidon's Rage through his body, causing Lightning to shoot out and into the mass of clones, dispelling them instantly as well.

Landing on the ground once the attack was done, Naruto cracked his neck and pulled the Claws of Hades out and crouched down. Watching as the clones stayed back, Naruto rolled his eyes and summoned the spirits of several Ghouls, which then lunged passed him and into the fray of clones. The clones and Ghouls fought against one another, tearing their way through each other evenly before finally both the clones and the ghouls dispelled. Putting the Claws of Hades away, Naruto walked forward and looked around for his reflection with a deep scowl across his face that even Kratos would have be proud of.

"Alright, I don't know what you are, and I really don't care, show yourself now before you piss me off more than I already am!" Naruto shouted while looking around, only to hear a rumble and looked down, only to grunt as the reflection came out of the ground and socked him in the jaw. Falling back, Naruto landed with a grunt, then reached up to rub his jaw while his reflection landed in a crouch, only to open a pair of familiar toad like eyes, which in turn made Naruto grunt. "Crap I really am getting old, I forgot about Sage-Mode too… how many damn tricks did I used to have anyways?" Naruto wondered to himself quietly then flipped back to his feet as his copy crouched down with a frown and then launched forward, slamming a fist into his gut and sending him flying back into the broken mirror at the end of the hall.

"Why are you even alive! You've killed everyone you cared about, slaughtered innocent people, destroyed souls! And all for what!" The reflection demanded while grabbing Naruto by his throat and slamming his fist into his face. Gritting his teeth and snarling, Naruto quickly reached up and grabbed the reflections fist before he could hit him again. Gripping the fist tightly, Naruto heard his reflection hiss in pain before literally giving the reflection a boot to the chest, sending him skidding back while Naruto pushed himself out of the mirror. Landing on the ground with a light grunt, the Ghost of Konoha then stalked forward and took several deep breaths of air, his eyes glaring at the form of his former self furiously.

"I do what I do, because the Kami dared to kill me after I had served them for sixty long years! I do this because I can no longer stomach the Gods of this or any other land and how they treat we mortals as little more than pawns! I will not wait, I will not rest until every last God or Kami has been eradicated from the face of this planet!" Naruto roared out in response while his reflection narrowed his eyes and crouched back while placing one foot against the wall behind him.

"So that's it then… all this is about is your own petty, Revenge? You're no different than Sasuke if that's all!" The reflection exclaimed before kicking off of the wall and launching at Naruto, twisting around into a kick to Naruto's chest and shattering part of the mirror behind him. "Revenge doesn't bring us anything but pain and suffering, I mean c'mon look what it's done to you already!" The reflection reminded while then motioning to the Ghost of Konoha, Naruto silently looking down to his ashen skin before closing his eyes as he stood up and faced his reflection.

"It wasn't my thirst for vengeance that did this to me…" Naruto stated while holding up his hands, showing his ashen skin before gritting his teeth as he glared at his reflection heatedly. "It was my own weakness that turned me into this thing! I wanted to live, I wasn't willing to die, and I did live, I killed Madara and saved the world, but in return, Yami changed me into a monster! Because I… no… because you were too damn weak to face your own death!" Naruto shouted at his reflection before he then pointed to the scar on his torso where Tsukuyomi had stabbed him with the Kusanagi.

"But that wasn't how I got this skin, nor was it that that gave me this scar! It was never revenge that did this to me! I pledged myself to serve the Kami, so that they might rid me of my nightmares, I saved Amaterasu from the Shinigami, I slaughtered Orochimaru, and I even hunted down Yami in order to stop her for the Kami! And then, when all I wish is to forget what I've done, they deny me even that! And then, when I'm at my weakest Tsukuyomi and Susanoo decide to so graciously repay me for all my years of loyalty and service to them, by literally stabbing me in the back!" Naruto shouted furiously, his body shaking in rage, even as familiar wisps of black fire slowly started to form over his body.

"Rage of the Fallen!" The Ashen-Warrior exclaimed loudly as the black flames completely covered his form completely. Narrowing his golden-amber eyes, Naruto then reached back and pulled the Blade of Olympus from thin air before tightly gripping its hilt with both hands. In response to this, his reflection merely took a deep breath before closing his eyes in concentration. However, as soon as he opened them he too was quickly covered in what looked like flames, only with symbols over his torso and his bangs pointing upward like horns…

"Whatever you say, Teme, but I'm not going to let you ruin the world like Sasuke and Madara tried to!" The Reflection shouted at Naruto, the ashen-warrior narrowing his eyes before lunging forward. His reflection did so as well, only to twist around and throw an arm made of Chakra at him. However, Naruto rolled forward, under the arm and then sliced it in half with the Blade of Olympus. His Reflection shouted in pain as he did, recoiling as if his own arm had been severed. Taking a step back, the reflection looked at Naruto warily for a moment, but the Ghost of Konoha then twisted around and sent an arc of energy from the Blade that slammed into his reflection, knocking him back once more.

Falling to the ground and hacking up a bit of blood, the reflection then looked up as Naruto moved forward with incredible speed and grabbed him by his throat. Lifting the fake up into the air, Naruto narrowed his eyes onto him dangerously, even as he tried to claw at his wrist. "I do not seek to destroy the world, only the Gods who lord themselves over humans!" Naruto stated simply and his reflection then kicked him in the chest, the ashen-warrior sliding back before digging the Blade of Olympus into the ground to keep himself from sliding too far back.

"Are you really that insane! Their fucking gods! You can't destroy them or you'll cause the world to whither away! Just look what Kratos caused when he destroyed only a few of the Olympians!" The Reflection shouted at Naruto and the ashen-warrior merely scoffed before leaning the Blade of Olympus into his shoulder.

"Gods or not, I will no longer allow them to torment humans, I will no longer stomach them punishing us whenever they see fit! The Olympians may have been the worst of the gods, but even our so-called mother murdered someone in cold blood when he accidentally shot an arrow at her!" Naruto stated as calmly as he was able, his reflection twitching violently at that as he formed a Rasenshuriken into either hand…

"Oh yeah thanks, I almost forgot our mother actually is a Kami! How can you say you'll kill them all when she is one herself! I won't let you murder our own mother, I don't care if she left us on this world, at least we know her!" The Reflection declared before lunging forward and slamming the two Rasenshuriken into Naruto, however then widened his eyes as Naruto blocked with the Blade of Olympus.

"I could care less about her, if she wants to leave me alone, so be it then, but that does not mean I'll ever be a family with her! She abandoned me when I was just a baby because of her "Duty", whatever nonsense she spouted about being burned by Kyuubi makes no sense, especially considering that she was the one to hold it prior to me!" Naruto reminded the reflection, before pushing down on the blade, absorbing the Chakra from his Reflection's Rasenshuriken and rammed his shoulder into him. Roaring out, the ashen-warrior then ran forward, into the wall behind the throne and embedded the reflection into it.

"It should be clear what is truly going on even to one such as you. My mother could not take care of me in her mortal form when it was dead, the Kyuubi's Tainted Chakra might burn her godly body, but I somehow doubt that's the case. She couldn't resurrect herself or people would start to ask too many questions… however, that still doesn't explain why she left me in Konoha instead of taking me with her!" Naruto growled out while rearing back his arm and slamming his fist into his reflection's face. Yelping the reflection felt his head fly back before looking at Naruto with one eye open.

"I do not know her reason for abandoning me… nor do I care. If she would rather be without me, then so be it, I will let her have her solitude… all alone, without even her accursed brothers for company, she can live an eternity in the same hell she put me in for Sixty years…" Naruto hissed before stabbing his reflection in the stomach with the Blade of Olympus, his eyes narrowed dangerously. Watching his reflection widen his eyes, Naruto then twisted the blade and sent an energy bolt through it into him, causing him to catch on fire. Quickly reaching up, Naruto ripped the Konoha-Hittai-Ate from the reflections forehead and held it in his hand for a moment.

Absently pulling the Blade of Olympus from his reflection, the blond heard him fall to the ground with a plop while putting the Blade of Olympus away. Looking at the Hittai-Ate, Naruto reached up with his free hand and traced the familiar spiral-leaf symbol on it before looking at his reflection on the metal. 'By the Kami, what have I become…?' The ashen-warrior wondered silently as he lifted a hand to his changed features then closed his eyes, the Rage of The Fallen fading away, and leaving The Ghost of Konoha in its wake.

'Death. The Destroyer… of worlds.' An aged and faraway voice suddenly echoed out in the Ashen-Warrior's mind, causing him to quickly turn and look around for who had spoken. Seeing no one, Naruto clenched his hand over the old Konoha-Hittai-Ate he'd taken from his reflection and then let out a sigh. Looking back down at the object for a moment more, Naruto then tied it around his waist, allowing the metal plate to fall onto his right hip as a reminder of where he came from…

Looking around now that his reflection was finally gone, Naruto turned around to find his reflections corpse had completely burned away. Gazing at the wall where he'd been pinned, the ashen-warrior was surprised to see something shining behind the stone. 'What the hell is that?' He wondered to himself for a moment before frowning deeply, the ashen-warrior then walking over to the wall and yanking the object out. Holding it at his side for a moment, Naruto then raised a brow upon seeing a chain blade. "It can't be…" He mumbled before breaking away some more of the wall and yanking out a second Chain-Blade, identical to the first one.

Each was a heavily curved weapon that tapered to a razor sharp point, a row of sharp spikes lining the front of the blades like a saw, the guard for each of them was simple in design, having no real unique aspect, the handle was equally un-unique in that it was simple and wrapped in black leather, a ring at the pommel attaching to a pair of long obsidian chains, the only strange part of the blades was the oddly glowing Omega symbol emblazoned on their sides…

Raising a brow for a moment as he stared at the weapons, Naruto frowned while turning them around in his hands. The blades were clearly meant to either replace, or be used in the same manner as the many different Chain-Blades that Kratos had wielded in his life, however Naruto also felt that they were also much heavier than the Blades of Pandora. However, given that Pandora was essentially the daughter of the God of The Forge, it stood to reason she was simply able to forge the Blades in a way to reduce their overall weight. That would also mean that these were most likely some kind of Mortal weapon, possibly imbued with magic by Kratos when he was the God of War.

"Not much use to me, I have the Blades of Pandora for weapons, making obtaining these all but completely pointless… unless Mammon wanted them." Naruto noted to himself before looking around and then sighed as he gripped the chain-blades hilts. Walking back to the stairs of the temple, the blond walked down their length and rolled his eyes as the doors opened for him. Walking out of the temple, Naruto looked over to Mammon and held up the weapons. "I take it you wanted these?" Naruto asked flatly and Mammon walked over and took the two weapons before nodding his head.

"The Blades of Sparta, our father had the Spartan Blacksmiths forge them before his war against the Gods began. These are his own modified version of the old "Blades of Chaos" he once wielded. He planned on giving them to a champion from Sparta, though I know not whom he had in mind." Mammon stated while holding up the blades and a frown crossed Naruto's features as he remembered those blades quiet well. Shaking his head, Naruto walked away from Mammon as the chains from the Blades of Sparta wrapped around The Demon Lord's forearms. Making his way to Samael, Naruto gave the Demon Lord of Death an annoyed look.

"I know of a way to get us and our armies both to Takamagagara." Naruto stated while looking at Samael and the Demon lord raised a brow in interest. "But I'll explain that to you later… for the moment I'll go and pay my last respects to the fallen." He mused aloud while walking passed Samael, and back down into Sparta. Samael couldn't help a slight chuckle as he watched the Ashen-Warrior make his way into the city, his fellow Demon Lords watching on behind him.

"He's an unusual fellow isn't he?" Astaroth noted aloud and Beelzebub snickered into her hands before crossing her arms behind her neck.

"For a mortal, maybe dear brother, but I sense there is more to him than meets the eye." The Tiny Demoness noted aloud and a strange smirk suddenly crossed over Samael's features as he leaned into his staff.

"Judging from the look on your face, I take it that you know something about him then, right dear brother?" Lilith questioned of her older brother and Samael nodded his head silently before chuckling lightly.

"Can none of you sense it, brothers, sisters… are you all truly so blind that it eludes all but me?" Samael questioned of them and a deep scowl crossed over Mammon's lips as he turned to his older brother.

"Stop speaking in riddles Samael, what is it that you know of him?" Mammon demanded and a sly grin crossed the features of his older brother, the very incarnation of Death itself to mortals.

"It is quite simple dear siblings… he is a God Slayer, a Ghost from the past, a Destroyer of Worlds." Samael explained darkly, the grim smile forming across his lips disturbing even Mammon. However, when he thought about the words for a moment, Mammon suddenly felt his eyes widen before snarling.

"It can't be! He can't be…!" Mammon started to say but Samael silenced him, by silently holding up a hand and commanding a chain that wrapped around his face. Growling angrily, Mammon reached up and tried to rip the chain from his face while Samael gripped the shaft of his scythe and leaned into it with that same grim smile still spread across his lips.

"Brother dear, what is it about him that makes you silence brother Mammon, it sounds most amusing." Lilith noted with a certain twinkle in her amber gold eyes, Samael merely chuckling as he looked to the sky, a set of storm clouds starting to form overhead.

"That you will have to learn for yourself dear Sister… but for now, all you need know… is that this is it… the beginning of the end." Samael replied while Astaroth looked to Beelzebub, the tiny Demoness shrugging her shoulders before yawning and leaning back where she was sitting on his shoulder. Mammon merely glared at his older brother before crossing his arms and walking over to the side, glaring out over Sparta from their position. Completely left out of the loop is Lilith, the Demoness of Lust tilting her head to one side before shrugging her shoulders and sitting down to wait for the ashen-warrior's return…


Naruto made his way across a grassy field walking through the tall grass, old memories started to come to Naruto from Kratos' past. Shaking his head as they came, Naruto soon walked to a pair of stones and knelt down before them. "I… remember this place." Naruto whispered quietly to himself, then looked up and saw a familiar tree; only it had grown as well. "It was here, he carved Calliope a flute here…" Naruto whispered before reaching a hand forward, placing it atop one of the stones resting in the field. "Calliope and Lysandra, he put these here as grave stones…" Naruto mumbled before narrowing his eyes onto the rocks and standing up with a frown.

"Since they're both alive now, maybe I should just pulverize these worthless rocks." Naruto mused aloud before looking to the side when he heard a slight noise from behind him. Turning his head slightly he watched Lysandra walk over and stop next to him, looking at the graves with him.

Idly, Naruto looked to Lysandra and saw why Kratos had been so taken with her, she was a beauty, her features were sharp and her eyes carried a softness belied by her Spartan heritage, however her physique seemed to suggest she did some kind of exercise, and her skin was fair, her long dark locks fell down her back, held that way by a blue hair band, she was dressed in a long white dress with a blue jacket of some kind overtop it, and a pair of simple sandals unlike the leather ones worn by Naruto or Kratos.

"I don't think that's necessary, its not everyday someone gets to look at their own grave and tell the tale…" Lysandra spoke while Naruto nodded his head silently, gazing at the graves without looking to her. "You're the one who helped my daughter and the… Demon Lords to free me, are you not?" Lysandra questioned of the ashen-skinned warrior and Naruto silently nodded his head while not looking at her. "Then I wish to offer my gratitude for your assistance. It is very much appreciated." Lysandra then added while crossing her arms behind her back and Naruto closed his eyes.

"It was nothing…" Naruto replied simply and crossed his arms over his chest while Lysandra looked at him strangely.

"They say that like my husband Kratos, that you're seeking to destroy the gods of your land… is that true?" Lysandra questioned of the ashen-skinned warrior and Naruto opened one eye before looking over to her.

"And what if it is?" Naruto retorted while glaring at the woman with one eye, though he felt an annoying sting in the back of his head as he did.

"You do know that in the end it will not help anyone… Attacking and killing gods will only bring destruction, look at what happened to these lands when Kratos killed the Olympians, do you want your lands to suffer also?" Lysandra replied and Naruto couldn't help but twitch as he remembered that Lysandra was essentially Kratos's voice of reason. She was the only one who could calm Kratos, who could convince him that he needed to stop, and the one time he didn't listen to her, it had cost him both her own and Calliope's lives…

"What I do now, I do not just myself. The gods are treacherous and petty, I was cursed by one of them for the horrors I created, then served them as a slave for sixty long years, and when all I wished for was that they take my memories away; instead, they literally stabbed me in the back… What's worse is they have cursed and tormented the souls of other mortals as well. Mortals everywhere, The Fallen, Medusa, Midas, Adonis, Prometheus, they have all suffered because of their whims. I cannot tolerate this any longer… I will make them suffer for their actions!" Naruto explained while narrowing his eyes on the sky, the moon silently shining overhead.

"More death and destruction? When will it finally end?" Lysandra questioned and Naruto crossed his arms over his chest, only for his eyes to widen as he recognized the tone of voice she was using and even the words she was speaking. "You say you do this for other's?" Lysandra asked with a shake of her head then gave a dark look to the ash-covered warrior. "But the truth is that you do this for yourself." Lysandra stated and Naruto brought a hand to his head as he realized Lysandra's words were similar now, to what she had said to Kratos so long ago… the one time he hadn't listened to her…

"Do you think I don't know that?" Naruto demanded while turning to face the woman, her arms crossed over her chest and a defiant look on her face. "I know, with the death of each god I'll cause some horrible plague or amount of destruction… but I can't stop! I have no choice now! My own mother was a Kami, no not just a Kami, the Sun-Goddess and leader of the Gods in my land herself! My uncle, the Moon God killed me with my other Uncle the God of the Sea! Every fiber of my being feels betrayed on some level, my very soul is screaming at me to make them all pay for what they did!" Naruto shouted and saw a surprised look cross Lysandra's features at that tidbit of information.

However it soon faded and all was silent between them, Naruto taking several deep breaths in an attempt to quell his rising temper while Lysandra sighed. Crossing her arms, the woman then turned her back to the Ashen-Warrior and walked a few paces away from him. "Vengeance won't bring you peace…" She stated and Naruto let out a breath and looked away from the woman, all too aware of that simple fact.

"I know… but I can't turn back now. The Fallen also need me for what was done to them as well." Naruto replied and Lysandra was silent, then walked away from the ashen-warrior, back into Sparta while Naruto palmed his face. "The only one able to brave your fury… right Kratos?" Naruto questioned while looking to the sky, then reached back and pulled out the Blade of Olympus. Looking at the sword for a moment, Naruto then stabbed it into the ground and created a shimmering blue portal, walking into the portal, the blond looked back towards where Lysandra had been for a moment, before leaving entirely… he still had other graves to visit after all…


Amaterasu mentally sighed as she looked out from one of the windows in her home in heaven. She gazed out over the island below, feeling the pure malice and evil radiating from the monsters that Susanoo had literally dragged to their island as a buffer for whatever forces Naruto brought with him. 'Given who he was with, it'll be a grand army that will destroy everything in its path… including us.' Amaterasu thought to herself while looking on silently, leaning her cheek into one hand as she gazed out at the island with a thoughtful frown. However these were not her only thoughts, they were not her only worries, and this whole situation was indeed practically killing her with worry as she tried to figure out a way for both her Sochi and her Brothers to survive.

She was after all, a Goddess who radiated light and warmth; she didn't have it in her to be cruel or spiteful. She couldn't even stay mad for extended periods of time, and the worst punishment she ever gave someone was that time with Tsukuyomi! Susanoo was a prankster when they were little, and always loved getting a rise out of her. This was of course something that Naruto had sadly inherited from his uncle. And yet even after Susanoo trampled her rice-fields, filled up heavens irrigation ditches, threw a dead horse into her house, killed her handmaidens, and threw his own excrement all over her temple, all she did was seal herself into a cave and cause the sun to go out as a result. Granted she kept a bow and quiver with her at all times afterwards on the off chance he decided to go back to his drunken rowdy ways.

Her father on the other hand was thoroughly pissed, add on numerous pissed off Kami and Susanoo didn't get away from THAT little stunt without punishment. He'd had both his beard and mustache cut off, his finger and toenails pulled out, and then their father had banished him from Takamagahara. Unfortunately she was easy, and him giving her the Kusanagi no Tsurugi as atonement for his actions was enough for her to forgive him after her furious father had actually banished the moron… the fact he had a wife with him didn't hurt either. Though she didn't let him back into Heaven, instead he'd made a palace for himself somewhere on earth… and she really needed to visit her nephews and nieces sometime.

Shaking her head of her absent thoughts of her extended family, Amaterasu then thought about her other moronic brother and growled slightly. Oh yes, then there was the time Tsukuyomi murdered Uke-Mochi, the food goddess. She got a headache just thinking about that mess! She had personally asked Tsukuyomi to meet with the Goddess in a meeting on her behalf, because he was one of the more levelheaded Kami, at least compared to Susanoo, and she figured he'd keep to etiquette and all would be well…

Things went to hell however when the Goddess made a feast for them to partake of, while it looked nice and smelled divine according to Tsukuyomi, she'd literally shit, barfed, and generally made it in the foulest, most disgusting way imaginable. He'd been so utterly disgusted by how she'd made the, admittedly exquisite, feast that he said she was impure before he killed the Goddess on the spot. And what did she, Amaterasu, do when she found out? How did she punish him? The idiot actually killed a Goddess, and not just any Goddess, no; she was Inari's wife as well!

So, you may ask what she did to him for doing what he did and it's fairly simple really… She moved herself to another part of Takamagahara and said she'd never look at him again! The fact that he was the moon and she the sun never even registered to her at the time, he was used to never being around her, so it wasn't like he cared, but she thought he'd freeze or something since she was the source of warmth for almost everyone in Takamagahara and on the planet below. And honestly, what was she thinking, he murders a goddess and she moves away from him! Sometimes, she could swear she was too forgiving of her brother's and their stupid antics, more Tsukuyomi than Susanoo as he at least had a problem with drinking too much Sake.

Huffing for a moment, Amaterasu tried to figure out what she did after the "Two Morons", as she currently liked to think of them, killed her Sochi! Something that she, for all rights, should've had them executed over! And while she had indeed had kids before, they were all born as adults, and she hadn't actually given birth to them, not to mention they were three goddesses and they had all come from Susanoo's Sword… yeah… she still blushed whenever she saw that stupid sword now.

Shaking her head of those disturbing memories, Amaterasu frowned when she realized she'd been so distraught over Naruto dying, she'd never actually gotten around to punishing her two moronic brothers. Add on the fact her Sochi was more or less becoming "The God-Slayer" reborn and they had quickly thought to prepare defenses against the coming storm he would surely bring, basically distracting her from dishing out punishment in the process. 'I shouldn't get so distracted… but then again, my Sochi is trying to kill both my little brothers… they do deserve it, but I don't want to see them dead…' Amaterasu thought to herself and then sighed while rubbing her face, wishing for what felt like the millionth time that her life wasn't so hard.

She also wished she hadn't had to lie to Naruto about why she couldn't have taken care of him. It wasn't that Kyuubi could burn her, well it could, but not when she possessed a mortal body. It was actually her having to resurrect her mortal self since everyone knew she had "Died" that night, and then someone figuring out she wasn't a normal human. Uzumaki Kushina had been the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi for years, as she was also Amaterasu and a Kami, she was easily able to suppress that bitch of a fox. Unfortunately, this was a double-edged sword in that while she could suppress the fox, it also meant she couldn't just magically reappear or questions would be asked.

None of those questions she wanted to have answered lest her offspring be put into danger unlike anything he'd faced until he'd grown up. Among the largest of those many fears was that Amatsu-Mikaboshi would kidnap her Sochi and use him against her. As for why she never brought him with her to Takamagahara, besides him only being Half Kami, it was also because of Kyuubi burning her godly form, she couldn't touch him, so it'd be hell trying to raise him… Admittedly she'd also thought, no, believed that Sarutobi would be able to take care of him… and every Kami in Takamagahara knew how that had eventually worked out.

Sighing sadly, Amaterasu crossed her arms and pulled her knees up to her chin while looking down to the island below. Her Sochi was now the new God-Slayer, she was a Omikami he was most likely going to slay, and her moronic brothers had gotten her into yet another mess with their antics… "I'm sorry Sochi… so very, very sorry I couldn't help you…' Amaterasu thought to herself while closing her eyes, silently awaiting the next move, either from Naruto, or her brothers…

(Voice: In the world flooded by Kratos upon the defeat of Poseidon, none were more affected than Athens. Perhaps as some final punishment from the God of The Sea for not choosing him as their patron the city was now nearly consumed by the ocean. However, Naruto came here, not for the city, but for the bluffs that overlooked the Agean Sea, the same bluffs that Kratos himself had visited, many times before…)

(Suicide Bluffs…)

Naruto found himself exiting the portal he'd created and came to a stop on the "Suicide Bluffs" from Kratos's past. Walking forward, over the ancient depiction of a phoenix upon the top of the bluffs, Naruto approached the ledge that Kratos had stood upon so many times before… Looking down to the waters below, Naruto blinked as the memories of the cliff stood out in his mind. Moving one-foot forward, Naruto heard several rocks fall down before bringing his leg back and looking to the sky. "Kami-Sama… what have I become?" Naruto wondered aloud while turning his eyes away from the sky and turning his back to the ledge.

Walking over to the side, Naruto saw a spear and shield dug into the ground and slowly walked forward, before kneeling down where they lay. 'Hello… Brother.' The voice of Kratos echoed in Naruto's mind as he looked to the old grave for a moment, then to the weapons used as a headstone. "I hope you have somehow found your freedom in death, Deimos. For your brother still has not…" Naruto whispered while looking down to the grave of Deimos, the lost brother of Kratos and Zelus…

Looking down for only a moment longer, Naruto then got up and quickly turned on his heel and started to make his way towards the steps leading down the side of the cliffs, only to stop at a sound. Looking up, Naruto narrowed his eyes when he saw two white winged warriors flying through the air towards Athens. Frowning as they did, Naruto turned to look at the grave of Deimos for a moment longer before frowning and making his way down the suicide bluffs. As he did so, and unseen by the Ghost of Konoha, a tanned hand slowly made its way out of the dirt, soon followed by yet another as a heavily muscled figure pulled his way out of the dirt…

Meanwhile, Naruto made his way down the Canyon of Sorrow with a frown, soon coming out on a path leading to a doorway that was spewing water. Looking to the side, Naruto saw a statue of Athena, its body submerged by water up to its neck. "Alright, if Kratos memories are right, then that is the way to the Temple of The Oracle… it must've been flooded when Poseidon died at Kratos's hands I guess they weren't prepared for this kind of thing happening to them, unlike The Spartans…" Naruto reasoned to himself before jumping into the water and swimming towards a doorway. Making his way over to the doorway, Naruto then launched himself into it.

Throwing the Blades of Pandora forward against the current, Naruto then had to reel himself through it. Coming to the next level, Naruto did the same, constantly making his way further and further upwards. Soon enough, the Ashen-Warrior came to the topmost portion that he could reach and narrowed his eyes. Crouching in the water for a moment, he then soared through the water and soon came out and into the remains of what had once been The Oracle's Temple. However, Naruto stayed low in the water and narrowed his eyes when he saw several strange, yet also vaguely familiar, figures walking around the ruined temple.

Each of the strange figures was as white skinned as he, Mammon, Lilith, or even Amaterasu were, however they all had on blue clothes with silver or gold armor with a strange bird motif to it, much like him they had white hair but unlike him it was long on them, and they wore helmets that completely covered their faces from view, and a pair of billowing white wings stretching out from their backs with what looked like blue ribbons somehow weaved into the feathers, but one, the female, was carrying what appeared to be the "Spear of Destiny" and had Helios Sun-Shield on their opposite arm, surprising him greatly as he thought he'd left those in the Inferno. Though the other, the male, had a different golden spear and shield in his own hands.

'Copies… they must've copied those weapons at some point since a similar being had them in the Inferno… then they could they have an army of warriors who fight like me or Kratos…' Naruto realized before quietly swimming closer to the beings, as they seemed to be looking around for something. One of the bird-armored warriors seemed to notice him and Naruto quickly ducked underwater when he turned back around to check. While he was normally not one to shy away from a good fight, these beings were admittedly strange, and he needed to know just what the hell they were since one had infiltrated The Inferno. Coming back to the surface, Naruto swam under a barrel and used it to block the being's view of him.

Keeping close enough to hear them, yet far enough that the barrel obscured any kind of view of him, Naruto quietly swam closer to the strange beings while the bigger of the two, a male this time, kicked a wall down and looked inside of it. "Have you found her yet?" The female of the two questioned impatiently and the big male grunted while twisting his Staff in hand for a moment and then placing it and his Shield onto his back with a frown.

"Had I found her, I would tell you, and you wouldn't even need bother to ask me, Cassandra." The man reminded the woman darkly while making his way around the ruins, the woman "Cassandra" stalking up to him from behind.

"Don't talk back to me, Achilles, and stop wasting precious time. This place is no longer for the likes of our kind and you know it." Cassandra reminded only for Naruto's eyes to bolt open, as he was well aware of whom Achilles was from Kratos's scattered memories. 'Wait… Cassandra, she was a mortal woman Apollo gifted with the power of foresight because of her beauty, then cursed so that no one would ever believe her when she wouldn't be his consort… and Achilles, he's a long dead hero of great renown… what are they doing in a place like this, and why do they look like that?' Naruto wondered to himself with a frown and then inwardly smirked when he saw that Achilles foot, or rather his heel, was heavily armored.

'At least he learned from that mistake.' The Ashen-Warrior mused to himself before swimming closer to the two as Achilles threw several rocks into the water before grunting and crossing his arms over his chest. "You may be happy to have been revived by our lady, but I am not so amused with this… existence I am forced to endure." The former warrior growled out at Cassandra before turning on his heel and crouching down, placing his hand onto the ground silently.

"She's one girl, a still living girl no less, Achilles, certainly a Hero of your caliber can find someone like that in this all but abandoned ruin easily." Cassandra remarked snidely and a growl reverberated from Achilles chest as he got up and turned towards her, the glare from behind his helmet clear to anyone watching.

"Girl or not, she's a child of a God, finding her will not be as simple as you seem to believe it to be." The man reminded darkly and then stomped off to the side, kicking down a wall with one quick swing of his leg. 'Nice to know he hasn't gotten any weaker with age… if anything, he's stronger than he used to be!' Naruto thought to himself as he knew of the "Trojan War" from Kratos's slowly returning memories.

"Do not forget those fools are not gods, only our lord is the one true god!" Cassandra said while walking towards Achilles as he moved several rocks around and then grunted angrily while turning back around to her.

"Leave me be Cassandra, I'll find the girl and you can take her back to our "Lady" if you so wish." Achilles grumbled out while hopping through the hole he'd made and leaned into it before looking around. Grunting once more he then came out and looked at Cassandra. "Clearly she didn't hide here, so lets move on before something else finds us…" Achilles stated while opening his wings and rising into the air, Cassandra following behind him and looking around, Naruto ducking under his barrel as she did.

"I thought you were Achilles, one of the greatest heroes to ever live, certainly you of all people don't fear anything that might find us in a place like this." Cassandra noted aloud, arms crossed and head tilted to one side, and Achilles grumbled before pulling his shield and spear from his back once more.

"I don't, but milady tends to get… aggressive, if we waste too much time. And that monster has been hunting us ever since she found out who Milady truly is." Achilles reminded and Cassandra was silent for a moment before nodding her head in agreement.

"True, I suppose we should be off then, but remember to stay low to the ground, she could be hiding anywhere in this place." Cassandra stated while flying out of the temple, Achilles looking to the ground for only a moment before flying after her, flapping his two billowing white wings as he did. Waiting for a moment longer, Naruto came back up and then narrowed his eyes once the two were gone. 'So, these people are fighting under a woman ruler, one who they believe the only "true" god, and something is out looking for her or any of her servants… lets find out what is looking for them, and who they are looking for in the first place.' Naruto decided inwardly before pulling himself out of the water and onto a platform.

Looking around for a moment, Naruto then ran out of the temple and slid to a halt when he saw that a majority of the outside was also flooded. Any bridges or passages that would've led him to the main portion of Athens had been completely destroyed, and water seemed to have completely flooded the city. Grunting in annoyance, Naruto walked forward and then came to a stop at the edge of the bridge that once led to the city and frowned deeply. "Looks like I'll have to try and glide over…" He mused before taking several steps back and coming to a stop. Pumping the Boots of Hermes with some of his power, Naruto then lunged forward before jumping off of the edge. The blond was shot forward for a moment before he then opened up Daedalus's wings.

Soaring through the air for a short while, Naruto then brought the wings inwards and shot forward. Dismissing the wings, Naruto then rolled forward, coming onto the ground in a roll before flipping up onto his feet. Nodding his head, Naruto then ran into a small canyon and made his way down its length before sliding to a halt at a broken bridge. Looking down for a moment, Naruto then jumped to the ground below, landing in Athens Town Square and cracked his neck. Looking down he saw that the water reached up to his ankles now while enormous cobwebs seemed to have somehow formed everywhere around him.

"Webs?" Naruto wondered to himself before shaking it off and making his way into the city, absently looking around and seeing citizens of the city had somehow been turned to stone. 'A gorgon was here, and judging by my luck recently it was probably a queen.' Naruto reasoned to himself with an annoyed frown crossing his features. Walking further into the city, Naruto started to notice webby cocoons of some sort and stopped when he saw one start to shudder. 'I know it's a bad idea, but what the hell.' Naruto thought while walking over to the cocoon and pulled one of his Blades of Pandora from his back before poking the cocoon with the tip of his blade.

The Cocoon shuddered when he did and Naruto quickly took several steps back as a pair of long pointed "legs" jabbed through the webs, revealing a large black spider. The Spider seemed to look around for only a brief moment before settling on him and spitting a glob of green fluid towards him. Quickly rolling out of the way of the glob, Naruto quickly swung one of his Blades of Pandora, slicing the Spider-Hatchling in half. Hearing a sound once more, Naruto looked around and palmed his face when he saw all of the web cocoons around him were starting to shake and shudder.

"I knew it was a bad idea to touch it…" The Ashen-Warrior said to himself while pulling both Blades of Pandora from his back and crouching down as the Spider-Hatchlings shot out of the cocoons and lunged at him. Several of the spiders quickly spit acid towards Naruto, only for the ancient warrior to roll out of the way and then lunge forward, twisting around and slicing his way through the Spider-Hatchlings with practiced ease.

Seeing several more crawling from the webs around him, an idea suddenly came to Naruto and he formed Charon's Mask into his hand. "Burn!" He declared while pushing a blast of green fire from the mask that flowed into the webs and set them all ablaze with emerald colored flames. The flames burned the webs and Spider-Hatchlings with ease, soon leaving nothing but ashes in their wake. Scoffing at how ridiculously easy it was to defeat the Spider-Hatchlings; Naruto put Charon's Mask away and made his way further into the city.

'Now then, if I wanted to hide in a city like this, where would I go besides the Temple of The Oracle?' Naruto wondered to himself for only a moment before thinking of well over a dozen places she could hide in the admittedly large city of Athens. Clicking his tongue, Naruto crossed his arms, wondering briefly where he should check first, then grunted as he looked around. "The Temple of Zeus is near the center of the city, it'd be the only other place to hide… unless you wanted to try wading through the sewers… or worse still the Catacombs beneath those to get to a more isolated area." Naruto mused to himself and thus grunted as he realized he'd have to trudge his way through only the gods knew how much water to get there…

Shaking his head of such thoughts, The Ashen Warrior looked around the town square for a moment. As he did he noticed a large almost temple like building with a massive iron gate barring its entrance. Looking beyond the gate, Naruto saw rubble and debris before a large open wall. Clicking his tongue for a moment, the blond then reached back and pulled The Blade of Olympus free. "Might as well check around here, Kratos knew of a few hidden rooms and the like in there…" Naruto mused to himself while swinging The Blade of Olympus and quickly carving out a section of the gate.

Climbing inside of the temple, the ashen warrior then twirled the Blade in hand before stowing it behind his back. Looking to another heavier looking gate the blond grunted before spotting the ruble and the open hole in the wall to the temple. Walking over to the rubble, Naruto then slowly climbed up and over it before sliding inside of the temple with a frown. Looking around, the ashen warrior narrowed his eyes upon noticing that everything within the temple was still practically made out of gold. Crossing his arms, the blond walked forward, scowling when he saw other precious metals and stones had also been used in the construction of even this admittedly small temple.

"I can't believe that I'm still surprised by the sheer greed and arrogance of these "Olympians", while I still hate the Kami for killing me, I believe you were truly more justified in your hatred of these gods, Kratos…" Naruto muttered under his breath while making his way through the temple, before suddenly stopping at a wall where he vaguely remembered a hidden room. Placing a hand onto the wall, Naruto then reared his other arm back and slammed it forward, smashing the wall to reveal the hidden room. Frowning when he saw there was nothing inside, unlike last time, Naruto thus scoffed and turned around. Making his way over to the next one hidden room, the ashen-warrior smashed that wall as well, finding what looked like a small idol sitting inside of it.

"What the…" He mumbled while taking the idle, then frowned when he saw it was made in the image of Zeus. "Probably some form of protection… lot of good it'll do this place with him dead…" Naruto mused while throwing the idle behind his back and made his way through the temple and to the next secret room before smashing the wall hiding it as well. Looking inside, Naruto raised a brow and pulled out what looked like armor before frowning in thought. "A warrior could've stashed this here on the off chance the city was attacked again and he needed it." Naruto decided while putting the armor back and turned on his heel, making his way over to a set of stairs. Making his way up, Naruto then cursed while rolling back as a pair of serpentine women tried to bite him.

Coming out in a crouch, Naruto grunted while looking to the floor, the gold below reflecting the image of the two Gorgons clearly. Muttering something under his breath, the Ashen-Warrior quickly pulled the Blades of Pandora from his back and crouched down as the Gorgons lunged at him once more. Flipping over the attack, Naruto landed behind one of the Gorgons and quickly dug his Blades into its tail. Yanking it back with them he then jumped onto her back and threw his blades around her neck. Placing a foot between her shoulder blades he then reared back on his arms, the chains of his blades superheating with blue/white fire as he did. Roaring out loudly, the blond then ripped the Gorgons head from its shoulders causing a burst of its magic to flow outwards.

Sadly however, the other Gorgon seemed all but immune to the magic and quickly lunged at him and slammed into his side, knocking him into a wall. Letting out a low grunt as he rolled along the floor, the ashen-warrior then glared at the Gorgon furiously. 'This place is too cramped, if they'd attacked me out in the open this would've been much easier…' Naruto thought to himself while rolling out of the way as the Gorgon came at him, swinging its claws wildly. Hissing as the ashen-warrior climbed to his feet, the Gorgon then lunged quickly and wrapped itself around his body. Grunting as she did, Naruto held up his right forearm over his eyes to block the magic of the Gorgons Gaze while clenching his fists on the handles of his blades.

Feeling as the serpentine woman started to try and squeeze the life out of him; Naruto then twisted one of the blades in his hands around and stabbed it down into the Gorgon's tail. The Gorgon shrieked loudly in pain as he did, but the ashen-warrior didn't let go, stabbing his other blade into her as well while digging his feet into the ground, the former blond then held her from moving away. Hissing and shrieking out the Gorgon struggled against him in an attempt to get free, only for the ashen-warrior to growl. Roaring out, Naruto twisted around, throwing the Gorgon into a wall before lunging at her, jumping onto her back and then grabbing her head with his hands.

Gritting his teeth as her serpentine hair started snapping on his hand, biting into his flesh in an attempt to force him off of her. However Naruto then twisted her head to either side jarringly, the pain of the action causing her snakes to stop. Once they had finally stopped, the blond placed his right foot between The Gorgon's shoulder blades and grit his teeth while heaving back on her head. The Ashen-warrior heard the pops of bones and tearing of sinew from the creature, before giving one last roar as he ripped the Gorgon's head from her neck, her final shriek echoing down the halls of the temple. Breathing heavily, Naruto then jumped off of her back and looked at the head with a frown across his face.

"Gorgons, one of the most annoying monster's to ever exist… but why are they here? This place looks abandoned, no one is here any longer for them to turn to stone… unless they have claimed this city as there own now." Naruto muttered while throwing the Gorgons head to the side and then making his way up the stairs. Coming out on a long balcony, Naruto made his way to the side and into a large room with a reflective floor like the last. However upon noticing the plethora of webs and cocoons with skeletons hanging out of them around the room, Naruto briefly considered leaving, only to shake his head and scowl.

'I'm no coward…' He thought while marching into the room boldly, the ashen warrior pulling Cronos Scythe from behind his back and started to cut his way through the webs. However as he did he noticed a strange almost hissing noise coming from behind him. Quickly turning around, the ashen-warrior then watched as several skeletons cut their way through their web cocoons. Falling to the ground, the skeletons shattered before rising back up and giving a roar. Picking up swords, shields, and even armor the skeletons then marched towards the ashen-warrior.

"Okay, walking skeletons I have to admit I've never seen this before…" Naruto noted while leaning Cronos' Scythe along his shoulders as the Skeletons approached him. Running at the ancient-warrior soon after, the Skeletons moved into spinning slashes while Naruto rolled his eyes while rolling under the poor attack. Twisting around once he was out of the way, the ashen-warrior swung Cronos' Scythe, cutting the legs out from under the skeletons.

Shaking his head, Naruto was about to leave; only to turn and raise a brow as the Skeletons started to get back up. Frowning for a moment, the ashen-warrior then put away Cronos' scythe and pulled the Blades of Pandora back out beforetwirling them in his hands. Catching them in a forward grip, the ashen-warrior crouched down while narrowing his eyes onto the incoming horde of skeleton warriors. Shrieking out, the Skeletons lunged at the Ashen-Warrior, Naruto dodging swing after swing from their swords before rearing his arm back and punching the skull off of one. Slamming his fist into the remains of the Skeleton afterwards, Naruto then twisted around and launched his blades to the ground next to the skeletons.

The Blades imbedded themselves into the ground with a minor explosion, knocking the skeletons off balance while Naruto narrowed his eyes. Growling low in his throat, the ashen-skinned-warrior then pulled himself at the Skeletons, ramming into them and breaking them apart. Slowing himself, the ashen-warrior pulled his blades from the ground and then quickly threw one of his blades back into the ground to stop himself. Watching as the Skeletons started to reform, Naruto quickly ran to one and grabbed hold of its leg. Twisting around on his heel he slammed it into the ground several times before snapping it to the side, smashing it into numerous pieces. Turning around once that Skeleton was dead, the Ashen-Warrior smashed the skull off of the next one before twisting around and smashing the skeleton's body completely into dust.

Taking a momentary breather once both of the skeletons were dust, the ashen-warrior put his Blades away and walked out of the room with a frown. "At least now I know to be wary of bones…" He muttered with an annoyed tone of voice, then turned and marched out of the room and back onto the stretch of balcony. Making his way to the side, Naruto jumped over to another balcony before walking up a set of stairs, heading the same way that Kratos had many years before. Walking out of the building and looking down to the Town Square below for but a moment, Naruto then turned to his left and hopped over to another ledge, before taking a bridge to a door on the side of the roof.

Gripping an old handle with both hands, the ashen-warrior then grit his teeth while slowly lifting it open with a grunt. Hopping inside, Naruto landed behind some old rubble where the Iron Gate from before lay on the other side. Sighing for a moment, Naruto made his way down into the catacombs of Athens, noticing that the place had been partially buried, most likely from a combination of the flood, and the many monsters now roaming the streets of Athens up above. However unlike when Kratos had been down here before, Naruto frowned upon seeing the left path was completely blocked off, a small hole in the right path his only way through the rubble…

"Great, Kratos never went down the other path… this should be interesting if nothing else." Naruto mused while walking over to the pile of rubble and pushed back against the wall where the hole was. Sidling through the small hole, Naruto slowly made his way out of the rubble and into a long hallway, more webs consuming it than there had been up above. Twitching slightly, Naruto formed Cronos' Scythe into his hands and walked forward, swinging the weapon as if he were some kind of reaper, cutting the webs out of his path. Making his way through the web filled corridor, Naruto soon came out in a large room and looked around with a frown.

The room was large and completely circular, with nary a web in sight around him, instead, the room was wreathed near completely in shadow, the only visible light source being a large fire in the center of the room, numerous pillars lining the circular rooms wall, far enough apart from one another and the wall to allow something to very easily move between and even around them. Water had flooded the floor up to Naruto's ankles, the Ashen-Skinned warrior only idly noticing a small wall around the flames illuminating only a small portion of the room.

(Pandora's Voice: As Naruto journeyed further and further through Athens in search of the Angels mysterious target, he soon found himself in the den of a fallen mortal. Cursed by Hera for an affair with Zeus, this woman had long since lost her Sanity, due to her endless grief. She who had long since lost any trace of her humanity, now less than a woman, more a beast, a monster, beyond any hope of redemption…)

Walking forward slowly, Naruto stopped and knelt down, finding a snakeskin lying on the floor; the Ashen-Warrior quickly got up and took a stance with Cronos' Scythe. "What's the matter? Does man not know where he is? Maybe she can helps you, she knows this place… come to her come to her…" A calm, almost seductive voice with a slight insane ring to it whispered from around the ashen-skinned warrior. Twisting around, the ashen-warrior narrowed his eyes dangerously while looking around.

"From the hiss and the snake skins, I'd almost say that you were some kind of Gorgon… but last time I checked they don't talk to people, just slaughter them." Naruto noted aloud while turning all around to try and find the creature.

"Oooh, how rude to compare a Queen like Lamia to such a vile monster. Man is naughty naughty, Lamia is not monster, Lamia is still Lamia…" The voice commented and Naruto blinked before narrowing his eyes, wondering who "Lamia" was as Kratos's memories were pretty vague on his life unless he found something that kick-started them.

"If your voice is anything to go on I'd still have to guess your some kind of a monster." Naruto stated while looking all around for the Gorgon-like creature Lamia had probably become.

"Monster? Why would you call Lamia a monster? She is the real monster! Mean and Nasty and Vile is She! She made Lamia devour Lamia own children! They were Lamia's! Why, how could she be so cruel… is she not mother also? Lamia didn't want to, Lamia didn't want to, why she make Lamia eat them? Lamia loved them! They were Lamia's, why she take them from Lamia? And he, he didn't help Lamia, didn't help at all, left to her fate left to her fate, all alone, all alone… cursed to dream and dream and see… and see…" Lamia's voice came in an insane rant and Naruto winced, feeling a brief since of pity and sympathy for the now twisted and insane former Lybian Queen.

"And then… then she turned Lamia into this… this thing! Lamia was beautiful before, was Demigoddess and even Queen before! Cursed to never never sleep, always see her children, always see their faces! She just jealous of Lamia, turns her into snake monster because of it! Like Medusa by Athena, Lamia turned into ugly thing because she jealous! Yes, jealous of Lamia, jealous and petty, all of them petty! Gods are not gods, gods nothing but petty petty children!" Lamia's voice rang out in an angry rant, still with a clearly insane ring to it, her voice echoing across the halls of the strange web covered building, Naruto turning around and around, trying to catch even a glimpse of the creature.

"Most of the gods are dead, the curse on you should've ended with their life!" Naruto shouted while gripping Cronos' Scythe tightly in his hands. 'Not to mention it should have also taken you with it…' The Ashen-Skinned-Warrior thought to himself and heard a hissing laugh echo out all around him.

"Foolish little mortal… my curse endures, yes it goes on! On and on and on all because of Her! She doesn't want me to be free, she wants me to suffer and suffer and suffer! Why do I suffer? How do you refuse the King of Olympus himself? HOW! If I must suffer, so should they, they should all suffer! All of them! Lamia Children taken from her, make them suffer, they children belong to Lamia, eat Lamia Children, eat all the Children!" Lamia reported with an angry hiss and Naruto frowned for only a moment before rolling his eyes.

"Get to the part where I care." Naruto stated angrily while looking around only to grunt as the snake woman moved like lightning and managed to wrap completely around his body. Gritting his teeth Naruto moved Cronos' Scythe just in time, using the shaft to block Lamia's open jaws as she snapped at him. Twisting the scythe in his hands, Naruto managed to knock it into the side of her head, causing her to recoil. Narrowing her eyes, the former queen then twisted around releasing the blond from her tail before slamming it into Naruto's chest sending him flying back. The Ashen-Warrior hit a wall, back first, and let out a pained grunt before falling to the floor face forward.

Pushing himself back to his feet Naruto looked to the former queen and raised a brow for a moment. Much like a Gorgon, her waist downwards was encompassed by a serpentine tail, the scales along it were an admittedly beautiful amethyst color and rose up over her belly, ultimately stopping short of her breasts, her hands shared in these scales up to mid forearm, her hands ending in long black nails / claws, however her ribs and down to the small of her back he could see that she still had human skin, making her significantly less snake like than a Gorgon.

Her hair was long and a dark red in color, however it was also dirty and matted down to her skin, her eyes where a luminescent green color with slit pupils and dark circles around them, and her human skin was notably dark color with dirt and grime covering her, and her upper body had a very light physical build. She was dressed in a snake-skin around her waist, gold ornaments in her long crimson colored hair, a pair of gold spiral armlets on her biceps, a gold Egyptian style collar around her neck with chains looping under her arms, a gold bracelet on her left wrist that covered the top of her hand, and last were her gold earrings. However, all of her golden jewelry was also noticeably tarnished, however contrary to her belief, she was definitely not ugly…

'For a monster she wears quite a bit of jewelry… though that's probably because she was a queen once.' Naruto thought to himself while watching Lamia crouch down low to the ground, her exposed breasts nearly touching the floor as she hissed lowly. As she suddenly opened her mouth and let out a distinctly serpentine sound, Naruto saw her near vamparic fangs and crouched down with Cronos' Scythe in hand. Hissing loudly, Lamia placed her hands flat on the ground before twisting around, showing a remarkable feat of strength belied by her arms flimsy nature by lifting her entire tail and swung her entire body at the Ashen-Warrior.

Cursing under his breath, Naruto rolled out of the way as the weight of Lamia's tail shattered the floor beneath it. Coming out of the roll with wide eyes Naruto then looked back to Lamia only she then twisted around and whipped her tail at him. Grunting as the tail connected and sent him skidding back, Naruto twisted Cronos' Scythe around and dug it into the ground before quickly getting back to his feet and looking around as Lamia slunk back into the shadows. 'How can she blend in so well with all that jewelry on anyways?' Naruto wondered to himself before shaking his head and focusing on the here and now.

"Lamia, why do you attack? I have done nothing to provoke you! The gods were the ones who cursed you, not me!" Naruto demanded as last he checked, neither he nor even Kratos had ever wronged Lamia. Although since the Gorgon's were probably her friends in some way he supposed that could've pissed her off… the fact she was clearly insane also didn't hurt…

"Man stinks, man stinks! Stinks like her! Smelly smelly! I smell her on you I smell Her! She punishes me yet you go unpunished! Why! Hate her, hate smell, stop smell stop smell!" Lamia exclaimed from the shadows, her voice loud and now clearly very insane. Blinking for a moment, Naruto backed up, keeping his back to a wall while looking for Lamia once more, a thought ringing out in his head.

"Smell…?" He questioned mostly of himself before hearing a hiss and turned to see Lamia lunge from the Shadows and ram into him. Grunting as his back hit the ground, the Ashen-Skinned Warrior looked at Lamia as she put her hand against his throat to hold him down and then leaned down and started to inhale. However, it was when Naruto saw her leaning towards the Golden Fleece that he realized what she meant. 'Crap, Hera was wearing the Fleece! And Snakes have excellent olfactory sense! Which means she can somehow still smell Hera on it! And probably Zeus on the Aegis…' Naruto inwardly realized while Lamia opened her mouth and tried to bite into him.

Twisting his neck to the side to avoid her bite, the ashen-warrior then kicked Lamia off of his body. Quickly rising back to his feet, the ashen-warrior twitched as she slithered back into the shadows and out of sight. Grunting as she did, Naruto then looked around before looking down to the water in the room with a frown. 'Water…she's a snake, she slithers, her movements make less noise than my steps, that's why I can't hear her coming. But she can hear me easily, I have to figure out some way to track her and fast…' Naruto thought to himself while closing his eyes, focusing on all of his senses save for sight in an attempt to find Lamia.

Listening for her, Naruto frowned, as he could hear nothing from the snake woman who was being silent as the grave. Trying his sense of smell, only to grunt under his breath, as his sense of smell was far weaker than her own, thus he could only smell the smoke from the fire. Next was his sense of touch, concentrating on the air around him and the water around his ankles, he finally noticed something. A ripple pattern was coming towards him from the right; it was coming closer and closer… Snapping open his eyes, Naruto then twisted out of the way as Lamia came at him, swinging her claws. Twirling Cronos' scythe in hand for a moment, Naruto then swung the weapon and caught Lamia's tail.

Digging his heel into the ground, the ashen-skinned warrior growled while throwing Lamia to the side. The Serpentine-Woman grunted as she hit the ground and Naruto quickly lunged at her, twirling Cronos-Scythe in hand and swinging it at her once more. Hissing angrily, Lamia flicked her Tail at the ashen-warrior, knocking him back before lunging at him, practically crawling along the ground as she did. Rolling out of the way as she came at him, Naruto twisted back to his feet and put Cronos' Scythe away, pulling the Blades of Pandora from his back as he did so.

"No more games…" Naruto growled out darkly while closing his eyes and focusing on his senses once more. Feeling the ripples once more, Naruto turned and lunged at Lamia, ramming into her and then plowing through one of the walls in the catacombs. The two landed on an elevator and Naruto quickly kicked a lever for it, almost instantly causing it to rise upwards. Flipping to his feet as they were brought up, Naruto watched as Lamia got back up and hissed towards him. Crouching down once more, the serpentine woman placed her hands onto the ground and twisted into a swing, her entire body flowing like a living whip.

Activating the Boots of Hermes, Naruto flipped back onto a wall to evade the attack, then launched himself at Lamia once her tail had passed. Stabbing his Blades into her arms he heard her shriek in pain before digging his heels into the ground and turning, slamming Lamia into a wall. Pulling back on the chains, Naruto dragged Lamia back to him and into a kick to the face. Falling back, Lamia let out a slight hiss of pain while Naruto marched forward and ripped his blades out of her. Reaching down, the ashen-warrior lifted Lamia up by the throat just as the elevator came to a stop on the Rooftops of Athens.

Quickly rearing his arm back as they did, Naruto then threw Lamia away, her body slamming into a wall, which buckled and fell inwards. Lamia shrieked in pain as she fell beyond the wall, before rolling to a stop on the ground and holding her sides in a great amount of pain. Watching as Lamia slowly pushed herself back up; Naruto took several steps back before crouching down. Lunging forward, Naruto launched himself at Lamia, grabbing her throat in midair and slamming a fist into her face. The force of the hit caused Lamia to fall back, the back of her head ramming into the ground. Lamia quickly retaliated by flicking her tail around, slamming it into Naruto's back and knocking him off of her.

Rolling forward and coming out in a crouch, the Ashen-Warrior quickly turned as Lamia came at him with a swing of her claws. Moving out of the way, Naruto then swung one of his Blades upwards, slicing Lamia's right arm clean off her body. The Serpentine woman's eyes widened as he did before a sudden piercing shriek echoed out as she grasped the stub that had once been her arm. Frowning at the display, Naruto then stabbed his Blades into her tail and reared her back, grabbing her by the back of her neck and lifting her into the air.

Lamia struggled in the ashen-warriors grasp, only for him to place his foot against the blade still in her tail, pinning her to the ground as she wiggled around in a vane attempt to escape from his grasp. Twirling his other blade in hand, Naruto concentrated and caused familiar blue / white flames to form over it. Narrowing his eyes, the ashen-warrior then stabbed Lamia through her back and out through her chest, the snake woman's eyes and mouth widening in a silent scream before she slowly fell limp in his grasp. Releasing the snake woman, Naruto watched as she hit the ground with a soft plop, her body twisting and writhing on the ground even as he did.

As the snake-woman twisted and writhed upon the ground, Naruto stepped over her and began to walk away, sheathing the Blades of Pandora on his back as he left her. However, when he heard a mumbling from Lamia, Naruto turned around, then blinked when he saw her eyes sparkling. Frowning to himself, the Ashen-warrior walked back over and knelt down at her side, then looked to her face and saw tears slowly forming in her eyes. "Ch-children… Lamia see you… children… mommy coming… never leave you again…" She whispered to herself even as her eyes grew dark and the life finally left the poor lost and lonely soul that had been cursed and tormented by Hera for so long.

Reaching out silently, Naruto closed Lamia's eyes and stood up, watching on as her body began to glow, before suddenly turning into sparks of light that began to rise up into the sky. Her jewelry and the Snakeskin around her waist were all that remained of the once mortal queen, while Naruto bowed his head. "Find your children, so you may finally find peace… Tragic Queen…" Naruto whispered as the sparks of light began to vanish, then turned on his heel and continued his journey through the depths of Athens…

(Pandora's Voice: And so Lamia was finally freed from here cursed fate. Her soul now free to be reunited with the children she had lost to Hera's jealous cruelty so long ago… however, as her own soul was freed, the rage within Naruto only grew. He now knew the truth, killing the gods was no longer merely for the sake of simple vengeance for himself or even The Fallen, but also for those suffering the same cursed fate as Lamia… those whom the gods had changed into beasts or tormented eternally…)

Walking through Athens, Naruto soon spotted Zeus's temple and ran over to it with a frown on his face. Hearing a sound in the distance, the Ashen-Warrior then looked up and spotted the two winged forms of Cassandra and Achilles flying into the city. "Better find this girl before they do. I want to know who they work for and why they want to find her so bad." Naruto said to himself before running towards the Temple of Zeus in Athens, seeing more and more spider-webs on his way in, Naruto frowned deeply. 'What is with all these spiders?' Naruto wondered to himself as he came to a halt on a building across from the Temple.

Looking down as well, the Ashen-Warrior grunted upon seeing the majority of the streets had been submerged underwater. Clicking his tongue, he then looked around and narrowed his eyes onto a nearby two-story building with a hole in its side. 'I can probably get in there easily…' Naruto mused inwardly and then took several steps back and crouched down with a light exhale of breath. Looking up to ensure the two "Angels" weren't watching him, Naruto then lunged forward and jumped across the gap between the buildings and into the two story building near the side of the Temple.

Brushing off his arms and looking around, Naruto mentally groaned upon finding himself surrounded by a mass of spider webs. Second later, numerous cocoons started to shake and shudder as Spider-Hatchlings started to crawl out of them. Seeing this, the ashen-warrior grumbled something under his breath while taking a stance, slowly reaching back and pulling his Blades of Pandora free. Deciding not to waste any time with the spiders, Naruto lunged forward, twisting on his heel and spinning The Blades of Pandora around. The blades ripped and tore their way through the many Spider-Hatchlings, only for more to start crawling into the building, spitting acid at the ashen-skinned warrior as they did.

Rolling out of the way, Naruto then crouched down and activated the Boots of Hermes, lunging forward at unreal speed and swinging his blades into the mass of spider-hatchlings. Tearing through the Spiders, Naruto then heard a familiar screech and quickly looked up, only to grunt upon seeing a Gorgon looking down from a hole in the ceiling above him… 'Great more Gorgons, just how many monsters are in this city, anyways?' The Ashen-Warrior wondered to himself while the Gorgon hissed before twisting around, dipping her body into the building. As she did she swung her tail and slammed it into several support pillars, causing the building to shake and shudder.

Cursing under his breath, Naruto twisted the Blades of Pandora around then threw them into the ceiling. The pillars slammed into the ground just as he did; knocking the floor down to reveal the water had flooded the floor below him. Gripping the chains on his wrists tightly, Naruto looked up and grunted as the Gorgon then slammed her tail into the ceiling, causing it to collapse and drop the Ashen-Skinned-Warrior into the water below. Pulling his chains out of the bit of rubble that had once been part of the ceiling, Naruto quickly looked around before swimming around. Slowly moving around the underwater area, the ashen-warrior soon spotted a weak spot in the wall. Crouching back in the water, Naruto then launched himself at it, ramming through the weak spot and into the water beyond it.

Quickly looking up to where the Gorgon had been, Naruto narrowed his eyes as it launched itself over to the next building, the one it'd been on collapsing soon after and making a wall path he could taken to follow her. Growling low in his throat as he glared at the Gorgon's escape route, Naruto then swam over to the side of the building it was on and quickly pulled his blades from his back. Digging them into the stone of the building he then made his way up its side, coming out on top of it. The Gorgon saw him as he did and hissed while narrowing its yellow eyes onto him, and upon hearing more screeches, Naruto turned and twitched as several Harpies flew towards them.

'Of course those damn things just had to make an appearance as well.' Naruto thought to himself while gripping the handles of the Blades of Pandora tightly and twisted into a spinning slash. Several of the Harpies were cut into pieces while Naruto landed on his feet and the Gorgon came at him, raising the Zeus' Aegis to keep from looking at its eyes he then rolled to the side, narrowly evading her tail. Coming out of the roll, Naruto turned and threw his Blade up at one of the harpies before roaring out and throwing it into the Gorgon. The blow knocked the Serpentine creature back and Naruto took several deep breaths before lunging at it.

Coming out on top of the Gorgon Naruto roared out while channeling Poseidon's Rage through his body. A bolt of lightning shot from the heavens and was channeled through Naruto, the Ashen-Warrior spinning around and causing multiple blasts to hit the Harpies and Gorgon around him. Soon coming out of the attack, Naruto grabbed the Gorgon by her neck and threw her to the ground. Jumping on top of her he then threw his Twin-Chain-Blades around her neck and pulled back on them, making sure to keep his eyes closed. Gritting his teeth Naruto then roared out while pulling back on his blades completely, severing the Gorgons head from her body while a wave of its magic spread.

The magic instantly turned the Harpies around him into stone, a few of them falling into the water while still others were shattered upon hitting the ground at his feet. Looking around and making sure that was the last of them, Naruto then placed the Blades of Pandora onto his back and turned around. Walking over to the edge of the building, Naruto narrowed his eyes when he saw more Harpies in the distance. 'Without the Olympians to control them, the monsters of the land that survived the flood must be running amuck…' Naruto realized and felt a twinge of pity for the people of this land, only to shake his head and frown.

"This is no time for such thoughts…" The blond grumbled to himself before activating the Boots of Hermes once more and launching himself in the direction of the Temple of Zeus. Soon closing in on the temple, Naruto ran forward with the Boots of Hermes before lunging forward, launching from a rooftop and smashing his way through a weakened wall. Coming through the wall in a roll, Naruto landed in a crouch before climbing to his feet with a grunt. Rubbing his shoulders for a moment, Naruto then looked around, some of Kratos memories of the building coming to the forefront of his mind as he did so.

"Some things never change…" Naruto noted to himself darkly as he walked through The Temple of Zeus with a frown. Coming into a familiar room of the temple caused Naruto to stop as he saw two statues of Zeus, each one holding a bolt of lightning and standing beside of a doorway. Narrowing his eyes for but a moment, Naruto then turned his back onto the statues and made his way further into the Temple, in search of the girl the winged-warriors were seeking. Journeying deep into the temple, Naruto frowned when he could see no sign of the woman, or of the winged warriors. Making his way deeper into the temple, the Ashen-Warrior did see something else.

He found himself in a large room, a ballista pointing towards him, one that Kratos had once used no less, and four doors, two to either side. Clicking his tongue, Naruto walked forward and looked around the room before walking over to a door. Taking a quick breath Naruto gripped the handle for the door before lifting up on it, revealing a small room inside. Inside of the room was a skeleton, a note in its hand that drew Naruto's attention to it. Walking over to the skeleton, Naruto picked up the piece of parchment and looked at a note that had been scrawled on it.

(So alone, so alone… the gods have abandoned us. The monsters, they never rest, never sleep, never tire… we're outnumbered. Lady Athena, where are you? Have we not given all that you have asked? Why do you leave your city at the mercy of these beasts? Why do you not come to our aide?)

Frowning at the contents of the note, Naruto crushed it in his hand and flicked it back at the skeletal Athenian. Walking out of the room, Naruto opened the next door with a grunt and rubbed his shoulder. Idly wondering if he was as strong as Kratos had been, Naruto frowned when he saw a room that is identical to the last. However, when he feels a cool breeze coming from the room, a frown crosses his features. Walking inside of the room, Naruto placed a hand at a series of small cracks before walking out of the room. Making his way halfway across from the room, Naruto then crouched down before lunging back at the room with the Boots of Hermes.

Throwing the Golden Fleece forward Naruto rammed it and his body through the far wall of the small room. Instantly the wall caved in, leaving Naruto trapped in a newly revealed passageway with no way of retuning back to the temple, short of trying to break down the rubble obscuring his path. Deciding better of it, Naruto made his way down the newly revealed passage, and soon found himself in a dark, dank, subterranean area. Holding up Charon's Mask and forming an orb of green fire with it, Naruto continued on with his course. Making his way through the tunnel, Naruto stopped suddenly when a bad feeling came to him, shaking his head, the ashen-warrior narrowed his eyes.

"Something… is coming." He stated and then launched himself forward, down through the depths of the tunnel, hurrying towards the end. But unseen by him, following him silently was a burly figure, his left eye glowing white, and orange markings on his body giving off a hellish glow as well…

(Pandora: As Naruto made his way through the ruined city of Athens, another being followed him. And, just out of his reach, lay the girl that the winged-warriors sought after, however, unknown to Naruto or the girl, their meeting was to come sooner than either of them expected… and their meeting with this other being would be the true Beginning of The End…)

Naruto slowed into a skid as he approached the end of the tunnel, then narrowed his eyes and looked around. 'Now way for me to get out, so it looks like I'll just have to make a way out…' Naruto noted to himself while taking a couple steps back and crouched down low. Bracing himself, the ashen-warrior then lunged forward, throwing his shoulder into his lunge and breaking down the wall. Sliding to a halt, the ashen-warrior reached up and brushed himself off before taking a quick look around. Raising a brow, Naruto frowned upon finding himself completely surrounded by thick Spider-Webs. "Wonderful…" The ashen-warrior muttered before forming The Blade of Olympus and hacking his way through the webs.

Soon coming to the end of the room, Naruto leaned The Blade of Olympus into his shoulders and frowned upon seeing a depiction of Athena with a spear in one hand and an owl in the other. "Did I wander all the way to one of Athena's temples?" He wondered for a moment before taking a step back as the statue started to glow, its eyes actually blinking open. "What the hell is going here?" Naruto muttered to himself before the statue seemed to look down at him.

"Hello warrior." A woman's voice echoed out and Naruto sneered upon recognizing it, thus leaned The Blade of Olympus into his shoulders.

"Athena… so you are still alive." Naruto muttered more to himself than the goddess who merely blinked for a moment.

"You speak as if we have met before, but I… wait…" Athena started to say before she seemed to squint while looking at the Ashen-Warrior, finally taking not of the ash colored skin and bright red mark on the man's body… her eyes widened in a mix of shock and surprise for but a moment before she continued. "I see that Death still cannot stay your hand nor take you in its grasp, Ghost of Sparta, and now you have even returned from the grasp of Oblivion, an impressive feat if nothing else." Athena noted aloud while gazing at the ashen skinned warrior, Naruto scoffing before giving an annoyed look to the Goddess of Wisdom.

"Spare me the flattery Athena, though the soul of Kratos may dwell in this body I'm my own man! And I'm here for my own reasons… and they are not those of Kratos." Naruto growled out while pointing the tip of The Blade of Olympus towards the goddess, causing the lips of the statue to turn into a familiar smile.

"Is that so Warrior, then tell me of your reasons and mayhap I can give you good council?" Athena offered and Naruto sneered towards the statue once more while turning on his heel.

"I need no more help from Gods… I'll stand on my own feet and fight my own battles." Naruto growled out while swinging The Blade of Olympus to cut through some of the webs, never seeing the amusement that formed in Athena's eyes.

"Perhaps… but take heed warrior, you walk the same path as Kratos, should you continue, you too may fall as he did." Athena's voice echoed as the glow faded from her statue, Naruto turning to it with a sneer on his face.

"Don't tell me what I already know!" Naruto shouted over his shoulder before grunting as he cut a path through the webs and came to a hallway. Making his way down the hallway with The Blade of Olympus along his shoulders, Naruto soon came out into a large circular atrium that was covered in even more webs. "I'm getting sick of all these webs." Naruto muttered before noticing numerous pods for more of the giant spiders he'd encountered earlier were along the walls. "Great more spiders." Naruto muttered under his breath before hearing a deep hissing rasp suddenly echo out from all around him.

"What now?" Naruto muttered under his breath while looking all around and then jumped back as an enormous leg came from a broken mirror. Taking a step back, the ashen warrior then narrowed his eyes as what looked to have been a woman once crawled through the window and started to move down the webs. The "Woman" was extremely spider like, having eight-legs that attached to a spider like body with a red hourglass on its back, however she still somehow managed to have the upper body of a woman with deep grey colored skin, such as breasts arms a neck and head, her nails were long and sharp like talons, her face bore a deep slash through it with eight red eyes, and her long dark hair obscured all other features save for her many sharp teeth. Moving towards Naruto, the "Woman" crouched low while glaring at him with her many eyes.

"You! Servant of Athena! How dare you come here!" The woman hissed out and Naruto scowled deeply while deforming the Blade of Olympus and pulling out the Blades of Pandora from his back.

"I am a servant to no one! Let alone that bitch of a goddess!" Naruto snarled at the mutated woman and she chuckled deviously while crawling to her side along the webs while Naruto kept her in his sight.

"So you deny speaking with the horrid one that did this to me?" The woman demanded while motioning to her current state of being and Naruto raised a brow for a moment before scoffing.

"I deny nothing of the sort, but I am not her servant." Naruto declared and the spider woman hopped from the web and landed on the ground before the ashen-skinned warrior. Taking long strides with her long legs the spider-woman looked him over before her eyes widened and she hopped back several paces before hissing.

"Ghost of Sparta! I don't know how you survived the wrath of Zeus, but Arachne won't be another of your victims!" She declared and Naruto grunted for a moment before twisting his Blades of Pandora into a reverse grip. Watching the spider-woman Naruto quickly rolled out of the way as she came at him in a lung. Coming out in a crouch, the ashen-warrior frowned towards Arachne before cracking his neck. Marching towards her, Naruto reached up and placed a hand on his shoulder as he rolled his arm in its socket; seemingly uncaring of the battle he was in. Hissing in anger, Arachne brought her arms down while raising her head upwards.

"Come children! Destroy this fool and feast upon his flesh!" She declared loudly as the many giant spiders burst from the pods on the walls. Looking around, Naruto hummed lightly before forming Cronus' Scythe into his hands and spun it over his head. Gripping the shaft of the weapon with both hands, Naruto then brought it down and lunged into the fray of giant spiders. Swinging the scythe in a wide arc, Naruto then rolled out of the way as several jumped at him and spun in a crouch, slicing at an angle and tearing through the spiders. Rolling back to avoid several more Spiders Naruto then jumped up and brought the scythe down on top of them, slicing clean through several of them with the barest of effort.

Looking behind himself as more Spiders marched towards him, Naruto scowled and formed The Claws of Hades before twisting and summoning the soul of a minotaur to his aide. The Ghostly Minotaur let out a mighty roar as he lunged forward, swinging an ax through the hordes of spiders before finally fading out. Looking on darkly, Naruto then summoned a pair of Cerberi at his sides that breathed out a torrent of fire at the remaining giant spiders. Walking forward as many of the spiders started to fall over dead, Naruto then formed The Blade of Olympus into his hand and twisted on his heel before sending a bolt of energy ripping its way through the spiders.

This did still not deter the Spiders and Naruto scowled while forming a sphere of energy around himself that held back the spiders. Twisting on his heel, Naruto sent out a wave of energy that ripped its way through all of the spiders, Arachne jumping over it only to land as all of her "children" had been cut down in a single move. Looking to Arachne sternly, Naruto dismissed The Blade of Olympus and reformed The Blades of Pandora into his hands. Hissing darkly, the spider woman jumped onto the web-covered walls and then opened her mouth, sending a wave of small spiders scurrying towards him. Raising a brow, Naruto formed Charon's Mask into his hand and then fired a ball of fire that burned through the spiders and then started on the webs.

Seeing the flames heading towards her, Arachne twisted and shot a line of web at the roof before swinging to the other side of the room. Turning towards her, Naruto then rolled to the side as she shot another line of web at him. 'She's beginning to really annoy me.' Naruto thought to himself while forming Charon's Wrath and sending a blast of green fire all around the room in a wave. The flames spread outwards setting all of the webbing around the walls on fire, Arachne widening her eyes before quickly firing a stream of web and then pulled herself up when she was trapped in the center of the room. Hissing darkly, the spider-woman glared down at Naruto while he merely looked at her with his amber eyes narrowed darkly.

Shivering for but a moment, the spider-woman then pushed off of the ceiling and dropped down on top of Naruto. However Naruto merely spread his legs and braced himself, catching Arachne who widened her eyes as the ashen-warrior then tossed her to the side. Placing The Blades of Pandora onto his back, Naruto then cracked his knuckles while approaching the now wide-eyed spider-woman. "I wasn't planning on killing you before, but since you've decided to attack me first… I'll just have to make a change of plans." Naruto noted more to himself than anyone while Arachne tried to scurry away, only for him to quickly grab one of her legs.

"And what's even more annoying is that I don't even need my blades for a simple weaver turned Spider…" Naruto noted while twisting on his heel and slamming Arachne into the ground with enough force to leave an indention of the Spider-Woman. Grunting in pain, Arachne tried to drag herself away from the Ashen-Warrior once more, only for him to step on her back and grab her by her long hair. Rearing his arm back, Naruto then smashed her face into the ground four times consecutively before then kicking her to the side. Brushing off his arms, Naruto then walked over to the badly injured Arachne as she coughed and hacked out blood from her mouth. Gasping for breath, Arachne then looked to Naruto with wide eyes as he approached her with slow deliberate steps.

Pushing herself back, Arachne then tried to climb on the wall only for Naruto to form Charon's Wrath and send flames at her, startling her and knocking her down at the same time. Seeing him coming, Arachne quickly inhaled before seeming to breath out dozens of smaller spiders towards the Ashen-Warrior. Raising a brow, Naruto merely formed Typhon's Bane and pulled back on its string. Releasing the string, Naruto sent a gust of wind forward that tossed the spiders back into the wall. Holding his hand to the side Naruto then formed one of Zeus' Thunderbolts before throwing the bolt of lightning into the spiders, catching all of them on fire as they scurried over one another. Looking to where Arachne was trying to climb out of the window from before, Naruto twisted on his heel, sending one of the Blades of Pandora into her back and pulled back.

"N-no… please… I'm sorry!" The Spider-Woman declared loudly and Naruto scoffed while gripping the chains of his blades. "Let me go please!" The woman tried to plead with him, only for Naruto to scoff and rear back on the chains, pulling Arachne from the wall and smashing her into the ground at the same time. Placing his blades back onto his back, Naruto then marched over to the spider-woman as she hacked and coughed up more blood before turning to him, eyes wide as he loomed over her. "L-Listen! Please forgive me for my actions! They were hasty, I…" She tried to plead out only for Naruto to step on her throat in order to silence her. The woman reached up and tried to pull the foot from her neck, however the ashen-warrior's strength proved too much for her.

"You only plead for mercy when you're about to be killed, yet when you attacked me before it was with such confidence in yourself. Are you really so weak?" Naruto questioned of the Spider-Woman before leaning down, arms crossed over his knee as Arachne struggled for breath. "Or maybe, you're just so filled with foolish Pride that you can't control your own actions?" Naruto questioned of her further and saw the anger that formed in the spider-woman's eyes at his words. However, rather than give her a chance to further dig her own grave, Naruto stepped inward on her throat, crushing it under his foot as she clawed at his leg, her own thrashing about, all in an attempt to try and remove him from her neck.

Soon the struggles slowed her arms fell from Naruto's leg and her own legs began to slow before finally stilling. Blood leaked from Arachne's eyes and mixed with tears as she looked up into the stern gaze of Naruto. The said Ashen-Warrior leaned up, arms crossed over his chest while still compressing her throat with his foot. Trying to gasp for breath a few moments longer, Arachne stilled completely before her head lolled to one side, all life having faded from her eyes. Removing his foot from Arachne's throat, Naruto then turned around and walked out of the atrium and into the main lobby of the large temple to Athena and finally spotted the woman he'd been seeking. Lowering his arms, Naruto ran in her direction as he saw her fighting with the two angels from before.

Behind him, the familiar figure that had been following him throughout his journey stopped at Arachne and knelt down. Looking to the damage that the ashen warrior had done, the figure narrowed his eyes before standing back up and marching out of the atrium to follow after Naruto. Said Ashen-warrior slid to a halt across from the battling warriors and raised a brow upon seeing the girl. 'If that isn't a daughter of Kratos, then I don't know what is…' The ashen-warrior mentally decided while watching the girl roll back from a thrust from Achilles and then flip back to her feet in time to grab Cassandra's spear and twist into a throw, sending Cassandra into Achilles and knocking both of them to the ground.

The girl was about his height and had an "Amazonian" build in that she was extremely strong yet sacrificed none of her feminine curves, her skin was ash white, her hair black and formed into a Mohawk that reminded Naruto of the plume on a Spartan helmet with two small ponytails at the base of her neck, her lips appeared to be painted red, with a pair of green eyes like Kratos, and a long curled red mark on her right side that started over her right eye traveled back along her spine and then curled up over her right breast stopping short of her nipple. Bandages are wrapped around her forearms and hands, a bandage over her right bicep, a barely there tattered red and gold loincloth that was held on by a thin string, a pair of black leather sandals that cover her legs up to her calves with a thick metal plate covering her instep and a skull strapped to her left knee.

She also wore intricate golden-greaves over her legs that had a golden ring hanging around her ankles, with a golden-girdle / waist belt around her waist with a leather quiver attached to it at the sides with leather straps falling from the front and back of it, a necklace around her throat shaped like two snakes that fastened together at their mouths with jewels strewn throughout it, she also has a large golden armlet like The Golden Fleece or Zeus' Aegis, only with a segmented portion like a chest plate that covered the upper portion of her chest yet left her breasts bear, the shoulder plate looked like Medusa's head with pteruges falling from it, and it was a bit more intricate in design than the other two shields.

Raising a brow while watching the girl he then noticed something that made his eyes widen. Upon the girl's arms were long chains, these chains had stained her arms a deep red from searing into her flesh and were attached to a pair of blades he knew all too well. 'The Blades of Chaos.' He realized before shaking his head as the girl flipped over a lunge from Achilles and twisted into a kick to his face, her leg cracking against his helmet and causing him to stumble back. Landing in a low crouch, the girl then rolled to the side as Cassandra fired a bolt from her spear at the girl, coming out with a frown the girl then kicked forward into a shoulder thrust knocking Cassandra to the ground.

Cassandra fought against the girl however she grabbed Cassandra by her helmet, reared her arm back and then slammed her head into the ground. The sheer force of the blow caused the temple to shake, Naruto letting out a low whistle when it did so. Kicking the girl off of herself, Cassandra scrambled to her feet while Achilles lunged at her this time, stabbing his spear towards her. Blocking with her armlet and throwing him back, the girl moved to the side to avoid the spears point and slammed a fist into Achilles helm, the ancient warrior backing up and grunting in his throat as she actually managed to dent his helmet. Looking back and forth between Achilles and Cassandra, the girl then scowled while backing up slowly.

"Cease this foolishness and come with us, Bia. Our lady awaits to make you a champion in her name." Cassandra stated while looking to the girl, now named "Bia", who merely sneered towards the other woman in a manner similar to her father.

"I'd rather die than serve that wench, I'm the daughter of The God of War, and I was trained by the amazons! I'll never serve the likes of her!" Bia stated darkly, having a rather feminine voice though it carried a strange familiarity to it. However that didn't matter, reaching back and unsheathing The Blades of Pandora, Naruto marched forward, the sound alerting those present that they were not alone. Achilles and Cassandra took a step back as he approached, while Bia merely raised a brow seeing the Ashen-Warrior. "And just who are you supposed to be?" She questioned rudely and Naruto merely looked to where Achilles was.

"That doesn't matter right now, what's say we deal with these two first…" Naruto offered while nudging towards Achilles and the woman frowned before turning towards Cassandra.

"Very well…" She grunted out while lunging at Cassandra with a roar while Naruto and Achilles circled one another.

"So it's true, a new God-Slayer has risen…" Achilles noted while looking at Naruto with a thoughtful ring to his tone, Naruto grunting as he came to a halt.

"What of it?" Naruto questioned and Achilles came to a halt as well before reaching up and cupped his chin.

"It would seem we have a common foe, our "Mistress" also seeks the death of the gods… would it not be prudent to work together rather than fight each other?" Achilles questioned and Naruto scoffed while crouching into a stance across from him.

"I make it a point to never work with gods, they always seem to turn their back on you…" Naruto replied and Achilles slowly nodded his head before twirling his spear in hand and crouching low.

"Then at least I'll be able to fight you, and whoever should win… they will carry on the fight further for honor and glory!" Achilles declared and Naruto scoffed before narrowing his eyes onto the armored angel.

"You talk too much!" Naruto growled out while lunging at Achilles, the armored angel rolling to the side to avoid the Ashen-Warrior before quickly stabbing his spear at him. Blocking with The Golden-Fleece, Naruto threw his arm forward, knocking Achilles back as he then lunged into a swing of The Blades of Pandora. However Achilles blocked with his shield, moving back from the strength of the attacks before digging his heels into the ground and lunging forward. Throwing the spear at Naruto, Achilles then jumped over a swing of Naruto's Blades of Pandora into a roll where he landed and quickly picked the spear back up while coming out in a crouch.

Twisting around, Achilles swung the spear at Naruto, the blond moving back to avoid the weapon before twisting on his heel and bringing The Blades of Pandora down on top of him. Rolling back and out of the way, Achilles raised his shield to block the flames that exploded from the ground a second later before lunging forward in a powerful jab with his spear. Moving to avoid the spear, Naruto growled while then kicking forward and jabbing the butt of his blade into Achilles' helmed face. Stumbling back for a brief moment the armored angel then shook his head and raised his shield to block yet another strike from the blades before kicking Naruto back with one foot.

Sliding back several paces, Naruto growled while forming the Gauntlet of Zeus over his right arm and narrowed his eyes onto the ancient hero. Watching him rise up, Naruto formed a ball of energy in the hand of The Gauntlet before lunging forward at him. Seeing the Ashen-Warrior heading towards him, Achilles raised his shield to block only for the energy within the hand of The Gauntlet of Zeus to tear through it easily. Falling back from the blow, Achilles moved into a roll and came out in a crouch while still holding his spear. Flipping it in hand he tossed the weapon at the Ashen-Warrior, only for him to roll out of the way and come at him swinging. Blocking with his shield, which was knocked off of him from the blow, Achilles then quickly flew up into the air.

Forming a bow into his hands, Achilles then fired several arrows at Naruto, the ashen-warrior cursing lightly as he rolled out of the way. Moving quickly, Achilles flew back down and picked up his spear and shield before turning to Naruto and jabbing his spear at him. Jumping back to evade the attack, Naruto then grabbed the spear with the gauntlet and lifted Achilles into the air before slamming him into the ground with it. Quickly releasing the spear, Achilles pushed himself into the air and kicked the blond in the face before reclaiming his weapon and twirling it in hand. Reaching up to rub at his jaw, Naruto narrowed his eyes on Achilles and formed The Blades of Pandora once more.

Meanwhile, Bia rolled around a spear-attack from Cassandra with a frown on her face. The female of the two was clearly not built for combat, probably more of a scout, and Bia was fully intending on using that to her advantage. Tensing her muscles the ash skinned girl then lunged forward as Cassandra swung her spear at her, the weapon lengthening yet missing her completely. Moving with great speed, Bia jumped onto a column to the side before kicking off of it and into a flying kick to Cassandra's face, the former prophet stumbling back from the blow. Lunging forward, Bia then got down low and kicked upwards, knocking the fake Sun-Shield from Cassandra's wrist before flipping back several times and breaking the object with her bear hands.

"What? But… how did you…?" Cassandra started to question and the ashen-skinned woman scowled deeply while glaring at her.

"I am not the same warrior that Athena tricked so long ago…" She growled out as she glared at Cassandra, her eyes dimming as memories from her past suddenly flashed before her eyes… Quickly shaking those thoughts from her head, Bia watched as Cassandra flapped her wings and rose into the air before stabbing her spear downwards. The shaft lengthened towards her yet Bia merely sheathed The Blades of Chaos and raised Athena's Aegis up to block, then grabbed the shaft of the spear and tugged on it. Cassandra was yanked out of the sky and fell to the ground where she landed in a heap, Bia flipping the fake Spear of Destiny in hand to hold it at her side. Narrowing her green eyes onto Cassandra, Bia then crouched low before lunging forward and stabbing the fake Spear of Destiny into her gut and lifted her up into the air with one arm.

Gasping in pain, Cassandra looked down to her midsection where her armor had been pierced and slowly shook her head in disbelief. "H-how can this be… milady said we would be powerful enough to face anything… how can you defeat us…" Cassandra started to say only for Bia to slam her into the ground with the spear and then pull it out of her with a wrenching motion. Walking forward, the girl then stepped on Cassandra's wounded midsection and looked at her with a sneer.

"I'm a trained Amazon warrior worm, we're not so weak as to die at the hands of someone as pathetic as you." Bia declared, sounding every bit as proud of her heritage as her Spartan father was, then kicked Cassandra to the side before narrowing her eyes on the strange fake Boots of Hermes she was wearing. Marching over to her, Bia dismissed the fake Spear of Destiny and grabbed Cassandra by her right leg. Placing a foot onto her back, the Amazonian woman then ripped her leg off at the knee, Cassandra screaming in pain as she did so. Frowning and pulling Cassandra's leg from the boot, Bia tossed the useless bit of flesh and bone behind her back before following Cassandra as she flapped her wings and started to raise herself up into the air.

However this was not to be, Bia's Blades of Chaos came from behind and yanked her out of the sky. Grunting as she hit the ground, Cassandra was then pulled to Bia who grabbed one of her wings and sliced it off with one of her blades. Screaming out in pain once more, Cassandra whimpered as Bia then grabbed her by her hair and yanked her back. Narrowing her eyes at the weak woman, Bia merely sneered while forming the fake Spear of Destiny before stabbing it through Cassandra's chest to hold her down, the angel screaming out in renewed pain. Scowling, Bia then kicked the back of Cassandra's remaining knee, snapping the limb effortlessly. Cassandra shook and spasmed in pain, Bia merely scowling at her weakness as she then grabbed both of her arms.

Placing a foot onto Cassandra's back, Bia then reared her own arms back, pulling Cassandra's back at an angle and causing her to scream before going hoarse pain as he arms were then ripped clean off her body. Screaming and coughing out blood at the same time, the angel whimpered in pain as Bia pressed her foot into her head with a snarl. "Stop your sniveling and die with some dignity!" She growled out at her before lifting her only remaining leg and then tore it off of her like the last, Cassandra only managing to gurgle out passed the blood in her mouth as she lay bleeding to death on the ground. Leaving the Fake-Spear-of-Destiny and Fake-Boots-of-Hermes on her, Bia then reached up to rub her shoulder before frowning as she remembered Naruto.

Turning to where Naruto was still fighting against Achilles, the amazon crouched down before lunging at them. Activating the Boots of Atalanta, the Amazon then jumped into a kick to Achilles' head, knocking the hero to the side while Naruto looked at her in annoyance. Ignoring her and turning back to Achilles as he got up, Naruto formed The Blades of Pandora once more before lunging at him with a swing of the blades. Flapping his wings to create a burst of speed and move back from the swing, Achilles then flapped them once more and rose up into the air where he formed a Fake-Bow-of-Apollo into his hands before pulling back on its string. Grunting Naruto raised the Golden Fleece when he did, deflecting the shot back at the man.

However Bia then lunged at Naruto, running up his back and jumping off of his head into the air. Swinging her Blades of Chaos at Achilles, the girl then growled as he flapped his wings to fly further back into the air and out of her reach. Frowning deeply, Naruto then formed Typhon's Bane into his hands before holding the weapon and pointing towards Achilles. Firing it off, Naruto sent a massive burst of air at him, catching his wings and knocking him out of the air. Twisting in the air during his fall, the fallen hero managed to land on the ground on his hands and knees, and then looked up in time for Bia to slam her foot into his face.

Grunting, Achilles rolled back from the force of the blow before coming out and aiming his Fake-Bow-of-Apollo and fired several flaming arrows at Naruto and Bia. Blocking with The Golden-Fleece and Athena's Aegis respectively, the two then lunged at Achilles from either side, Naruto re-forming The Blades of Pandora and flung them over at the fallen hero. Achilles quickly rolled out of the way, only for Bia to catch him with the Blades of Chaos through his chest and lift him into the air. Twisting on her heel, Bia let out a roar, slamming the angel into the ground, before then twisting once more and throwing him over to the side. Growling under her breath the Amazon then lunged at the fallen hero, before slowing to block another flaming arrow with Athena's Aegis.

Moving with The-Helm-of-Hades over his head, Naruto then moved it up and jumped at the angel with the Blade-of-Olympus. Stabbing the weapon through Achilles waist, Naruto then lifted him up into the air before throwing him up and then jumped into a swing, throwing him to the side with a large gash through his torso. Skidding along the ground and dropping the Fake-Bow-of-Apollo, Achilles came grinding to a halt and managed to push himself up for a moment before falling forward with a hacking cough. Dismissing The Blade-of-Olympus, Naruto reformed The Blades of Pandora and walked to the Angel with long strides.

Bia soon followed, kicking Achilles Spear up and twirling it in her hands before it vanished in a flash of sparks at her approach. Looking to Naruto, Bia frowned as the other Ashen-Skinned-Warrior knelt down and grabbed Achilles by his armor. "Who do you serve?" Naruto demanded while glaring at the angel and Achilles merely leaned his head back for a moment before chuckling lightly.

"I serve Athena… who believes herself rightful ruler… of all humanity… though it is not by my choice that I do so…" Achilles replied before letting out a hacking cough and Naruto growled while pulling him closer.

"What do you mean?" The blond haired youth demanded and Achilles let out a grunt before taking several deep breaths.

"My soul… when it was released from Hades… it was touched by the power, of Hope released by Kratos into the world… Athena used it, to pull my soul to her new kingdom, as well as others. There, she gave us these forms, using Hope, and turned us into an Army to fight the gods… imbued with the power of Hope, we could kill them." Achilles responded and a deep frown crossed Naruto's face at that information before reaching up to rub at his chin.

"So Athena is the one who sent that Angel into The Inferno…" Naruto mumbled and Achilles ears perked up at that tidbit of information.

"She was seeking to destroy Zelus, Brother of Kratos and threat to her power… as well as gather more souls for her armies." Achilles explained and a deep frown crossed Naruto's features as he released the fallen Hero and stood up.

"Then why were you two chasing her?" Naruto asked while nudging over to Bia and Achilles reached a hand up to his chest and let out several breaths.

"She is a daughter of Kratos… Athena… she wished to have a child of Kratos as her most powerful warrior… one who could truly call upon the might of The Ghost of Sparta to kill the gods in her name." Achilles replied while Naruto frowned deeply and rubbed his chin for several moments before narrowing his eyes on the fallen hero.

"Then why not seek out The Fallen, they are just as if not even more powerful than her." Naruto noted, ignoring the glare he got from Bia as a result, and Achilles nodded his head before continuing.

"Yes… but… they are tainted by the power of The Inferno, changed into Daemons by it… milady… cannot turn them into her warriors… her champions… as a result of this." The fallen hero replied and Naruto frowned deeply and then crossed his arms over his chest and hummed lightly. "Now then… please warrior… release me from this infernal existence I am bound to… let me rest." Achilles pleaded of Naruto and the blond silently looked down at him for only a moment before forming one of Zeus' Thunderbolts into his hand, then reared his arm back and tossed it into him, an explosion rocking the area as Achilles was soon nothing but dust in the wind…

As the dust cleared, Naruto lowered an arm and looked to where some ashes remained of Achilles silently. "You are free now, Achilles." Naruto mumbled before turning on his heel and rubbing his chin with a contemplative look on his face. However, Bia then marched over to him and turned him around with a deep scowl on her face.

"Now for my questions, who are you?" She demanded and Naruto felt his eye twitch for a moment before brushing her arm off his shoulder.

"My name is Naruto, Ghost of Konoha, and warrior from the far east." Naruto replied flatly the woman scowling at his answer before both noticed someone was watching them. Turning slowly they saw a hulking figure walking from the shadows of the Temple of Athena and into the light. "It can't be…" Naruto whispered in disbelief upon seeing the familiar sight of The Brother of Kratos, Deimos, The-Arms-of-Sparta held in his hands…

Pandora's Voice: Upon seeing the brother of Kratos alive and well, Naruto felt a memory from Kratos he'd yet to see. He saw visions of Kratos' mother calling on her son, visions of the brother that was taken before Zelus, and then, then he saw the death of a brother he had never known…

Like the many times this had happened before, Naruto found himself in the body of Kratos, looking up to see Deimos hanging from chains on his wrists. "Brother!" Kratos exclaimed before looking to either side and narrowed his eyes on a pair of trees that was holding The Marked One aloft. Moving quickly, Naruto felt as he ran to each of the trees, quickly destroying them and causing Deimos to fall and hang by a single chain. Forming The Arms of Sparta into his hands, Naruto then felt as he hurled the spear up and into the chain releasing Deimos at long last. Walking over to his panting brother, Naruto felt himself kneel at his side, and place a hand onto the man's shoulder.

"Brother. You are safe now." Kratos told the younger man softly while Naruto wondered just what had happened to the man before him. In response to his brother's words, Deimos merely chuckled, an almost psychotic sound echoing from his throat.

"Safe!" Deimos demanded while slamming his gauntlet-clad fist into the ground with a snarl and looking up to his brother, his eyes nearly glowing with hatred. "You let this happen to me! You were supposed to protect me!" Deimos roared while clasping his hands onto his older brother's shoulders, his body racked with heavy pants and shaky breaths. Clasping a hand onto the side of the man's face while glaring at his brother once more. "Did you think I would forget?" Deimos demanded before leaning forward to Kratos's ear. "Did you think I would forgive?" The man questioned while backing away from the man and glaring at him furiously.

"I will never forgive you, Brother." Deimos declared before pushing Kratos back and roaring out as he slammed his gauntlet covered fist into the ground. A clang echoed as Deimos suddenly jumped into the air and brought his fist down on his brother, teeth gnashed together. Rolling away from Deimos and quickly getting back to his feet, Kratos frowned while pulling the Blades of Athena from his back.

"I do not wish to fight you, Brother!" Kratos exclaimed but Deimos ignored him while lunging forward, ramming into the Ghost of Sparta before slamming him back into a large wall. "But I will if I must…" Kratos growled under his breath while lunging at Deimos, blocking a hit from his Gauntlet and knocking the blunt side of the Blade of Athena into the side of his younger brother's head. Deimos grunted while stumbling to the side from the hit, then grit his teeth and knocked Kratos to the ground. Roaring out, Deimos grabbed Kratos head before repeatedly slamming it into the ground.

Quickly flipping them over, Kratos grabbed Deimos by his throat, a look of fury in his eyes as he started to repeatedly punch Deimos in the face. Grunting, Deimos kicked Kratos off of himself and climbed up to a kneeling position. Kratos growled while lunging at his brother, however Deimos quickly threw some sand up and into his older brother's eyes. Grunting, the Ghost of Sparta backed up while clutching at his eyes, Deimos getting up and then roaring as he lunged at Kratos once more. Tackling the older Spartan, Deimos ran forward and smashed Kratos threw a wall.

As the two fell from the floor above, Deimos landed on top of his older brother, Kratos grunting as his back hit the ground. Gripping Kratos throat, Deimos glared at his brother furiously as his eyebrow twitched. "You left me!" The man roared out and then reared his right arm back and slammed it into the side of Kratos face. Grunting as his head was forced to the side, Kratos looked up as Deimos brought his arm down on top of his face before gripping the side of his head.

"Get up! Fight me!" Deimos demanded of Kratos before rearing his arm back and repeatedly slamming it into Kratos face. Again and again Deimos slammed his fist into Kratos face, the Ghost of Sparta coughing up blood as he looked to Deimos through blurred vision. "I hate you, Kratos!" Deimos growled out while lifting his arm with a roar and then slamming it into Kratos face one last time. The sheer force Deimos used caused the metal gauntlet to shatter and break from his arm. Looking to his arm for a moment, Deimos grit his teeth while lifting his arm to deliver the final strike, only for a large hand to grasp him.

Bloodied and Beaten, Kratos watched on as his brother was taken away from him once more, carried off by the large being. Grunting Kratos pushed himself onto his arm and watched as the being carried him to the edge of cliff. Holding Deimos out over an abyss, turning around to glare at Kratos as he did so. "You killed my daughter, Spartan! And now you will suffer for it!" The being declared while Kratos pushed himself up and watched as the being jumped into the abyss below. Stumbling to his feet, Kratos then walked towards the abyss, his heart beating in his ears as he slowly approached cliff.

Falling down as he approached, Kratos coughed up blood before slowly pushing himself back to his feet and ran forward. Growling low in his throat, the ashen-skinned-warrior then jumped off of the cliff and towards the abyss below. Falling out of the abyss Kratos found himself falling towards the Suicide Bluffs outside of Athens. Seeing his brother struggling with the being who abducted him. Growling lightly, Kratos slowly made his way up the side of the cliffs, towards were the two were.

"You no longer have power over me, Thanatos!" Deimos growled at the God of Death while holding the god's blade back. However, Thanatos snarled and quickly shoved Deimos back, the younger Spartan nearly falling from the cliff, barely holding as he looked up at Thanatos. Snearing down at Deimos, Thanatos growled as he watched the Spartan struggle to hang onto the cliff…

"The Oracle… Lied." Thanatos decided before unfurling a pair of wings from his back and flying off into the distance. Seeing that Thanatos was gone, Kratos looked towards his brother and shook his head of his dizziness.

"I'm coming for you, Brother! Hold on!" Kratos declared before quickly making his way towards his Deimos, the burly man holding on for dear life.

"Kratos! I can't hold on much longer!" Deimos cried out as he tried to pull himself up, only to nearly lose his grip entirely. "Don't leave me again!" The man then cried out as Kratos climbed onto the cliff and ran to his brother, catching one of his arms just as he was about to fall. Pulling him up with one arm, Kratos then quickly reached for his brother's other arm and slowly pulled him back up onto the cliff. Panting heavily, Deimos knelt down while Kratos caught his breath and then held his hand to his brother. Looking up to Kratos, his rage forgotten, Deimos reached up and grasped his brother's hand, allowing his older brother to pull him to his feet.

"A Spartan Warrior never lets his back hit the ground. Right, Brother?" Deimos questioned while looking to his brother and Kratos silently nodded his head.

"I will not lose you again, Deimos." Kratos declared while releasing his brother's hand, a slim smile spreading across Deimos lips as he did. "Come. The fight is not over." Kratos declared while holding a Spear and Sheild out towards Deimos, the younger of the two taking them and nodding his head. Running to the side, Deimos made his way up the cliff before turning to Kratos.

"Come, Brother! Follow me!" He called out and Kratos nodded while following behind his younger brother, rising up the cliffs until jumping down to where Thanatos awaited them…

Pandora's Voice: And so, working together at long last, Deimos and Kratos would do battle against The God of Death, Thanatos. But, not all was well, for Deimos would be fatally wounded in the ensuing madness, and Kratos' rage would only grow even stronger than ever before…

Thanatos, God of Death slammed Deimos into the sides of the cliffs around he and Kratos, then dropped the Spartan's body to the ground. Turning with his eyes widening at his brother's gurgle of pain, Naruto and Kratos looked with wide eyes to see him now lying bloodied and beaten on the ground. "Deimos!" Naruto heard Kratos exclaim before feeling as he turned around to face Thanatos with a snarl. The beast let out a roar while looking down at him and Naruto felt Kratos roar in fury while Thera's Bane roared to life with him. The Blades of Athena turned black with red runes, the chains upon his forearms superheated to inhuman levels, the very air around him growing hotter and hotter while Kratos looked at Thanatos with raw fury in his eyes.

Lunging at Thanatos with a roar, Kratos jumped over a swing of one of The God of Death's arms and twisted into a downward spin of his blades, bringing them down onto the beast's arm in a massive explosion. Thanatos hissed from the attack, then brought his right fist down, Kratos rolling back to evade it before roaring out as he twisted his Blades of Athena around by their chains in a horizontal spin. The Blades of Athena, empowered by Thera's Bane ripped and burned their way through Thanatos, the God of Death roaring out in pain. Twisting on his heel, Kratos then started to swing his blades into Thanatos once more, The God of Death slamming his hand down at him only for the Spartan to catch it with a snarl.

"You will pay Thanatos!" The Spartan roared while throwing Thanatos arm into the air and then twisting on his heel and sending his blades at The God of Death. The Blades embedded themselves into the chest of Thanatos and Kratos reared back on the chains, slamming him into the cliff where he fell forward panting. Roaring out, Kratos started to spin and twirl his blades into Thanatos' head, his blades exploding on impact and causing the black substance that makes up his body to start to crack and crumble from his skull, revealing a glowing yellow ichor beneath it. Roaring out, Kratos then slammed his blades into Thanatos' head, causing his body to fall back in a minor explosion, his body shrinking and returning to his original form in a wave of flames.

Chuckling lightly even as he lay on his hands and knees, Thanatos spit out ichor while Kratos approached him. "You are insignificant… Kratos…" The God of Death stated before hacking up blood, Kratos kicking him onto his back with a snarl. Pulling The Blades of Athena from his back and stabbing them into Thanatos' chest, he then threw him over to the side, where The God of Death coughed before pulling himself up to lean on a boulder. "Your brother suffered… because of you…" Thanatos stated and Naruto grimaced as the God of Death dug his own grave. Kratos however punched Thanatos back to the ground, then picked him up and slammed him into the boulder.

Reaching back, Kratos pulled The Blades of Athena free and pierced Thanatos chest with both. Flipping The God of Death over his shoulder and into the ground, Kratos then twisted on his heel, flinging Thanatos to the side where he impacted with the side of the cliff. Coughing heavily, Thanatos reached a hand to his chest before letting out a hacking chuckle as he looked to Kratos. "Your fate… is in the hands of Olympus… Ghost of Sparta…" The God of Death declared while The Ghost of Sparta marched over to him and gripped the crack in his chest with both hands. Growling low in his throat, Kratos then ripped Thanatos chest open, the God of Death attempting to stop Kratos as he then stabbed The Blades of Athena into his chest.

The flames of Thera's Bane burned into him, destroying everything, even the core of his power. Kratos snarled while glaring at The God of Death, however Thanatos merely leaned forward to glare into his green eyes, and then grinned towards The Ghost of Sparta, a mere second before exploded in a burst of power. The power spread outwards, dust scattering as Kratos found Thanatos completely gone. And then as the dust began to settle, Kratos turned around to see Deimos bloodied and beaten body still lying on the ground to the side. Silently, the Ghost of Sparta sheathed The Blades of Athena back onto his back, before walking over to his Brother's corpse.

Kneeling down at his side, Kratos gently pushed him onto his back, before slowly scooping him up into his arms. Closing his eyes as he held his brother in his arms, The Ghost of Sparta then walked forward, taking the steps that led up The Cliffs of Suicide, to The Path of Solitude. Walking slowly, silently, with his brother's corpse in his arms, The Ghost of Sparta soon came to The Suicide Bluffs, and saw the old Gravedigger waiting for him. "Come, I have a fresh spot for him…" The Gravedigger noted while waving to the empty shallow grave he had been digging. Silently walking to the grave, Kratos knelt down and deposited his brother into the grave; there he gazed at his brother's corpse for a moment, before slowly standing back up.

"You… are free now, Brother." Kratos stated before turning and making his way over to the cliff at the side, The Gravedigger silently starting his work by filling the grave of Deimos. Coming to a stop at the very edge of the cliff, Kratos gazed down at the churning waters and waves below before slowly edging his foot out over the water. Bringing his foot back, The Ghost of Sparta knitted his brow together, while a familiar question rang in his mind. "By the gods… what have I become?" Naruto heard Kratos ask himself while looking to the sky, the ashen-warrior then widening his eyes at a familiar voice.

"Death… the destroyer of worlds." The Gravedigger offered while Naruto felt himself pause before turning around, only to see Deimos grave covered, the old Gravedigger gone without a trace.

"It is done." The voice of Athena echoed out as the goddess walked out of The Gate to Olympus in a flash of light. "You have let go of that which made you mortal." She continued while walking over to Kratos, Naruto mentally frowning as she approached him. "Your ties to this world are severed." The woman continued to say before coming to a stop before The Ghost of Sparta. "You are ready, to be a God." Athena stated while placing her glowing green hands onto the sides of Kratos' head, Naruto mentally twitching as she did. Kratos himself soon scowled and knocked Athena's hands away, the goddess backing up from a furious Kratos.

"Is this all a game to you, Athena?" The Ghost of Sparta demanded in a low even tone before walking passed the goddess to stand before The Gate to Olympus. "It is not over, Athena. The Gods will pay for this…" Kratos growled at the woman before walking into the portal, The Gate to Olympus sealing shut behind him as he returned to his throne, as The New God of War…

Pandora's Voice: And so the story fully unfolded before Naruto's eyes, a story of loss, a story he now knew and understood, the full story of Kratos, the man who would become The God of War. But that was merely a passing note, as he now stood before the brother that Kratos had lost… but was it as a friend, or an enemy?

Shaking his head of his thoughts, Naruto blinked his eyes open and looked in shock as Deimos stood before them, panting heavily, the many disfiguring sores across his body opened wide and glowing. "K-Kratos…" The man managed to grit out while taking several slow strides forward, Naruto frowning as he saw him snarl. "Kratos!" He grit out angrily and Naruto glanced over to Bia while crouching down.

The Older-Deimos was even more muscular than either Kratos or Lucifer had been, the red birthmark on his left side was now glowing a fiery orange-ish red, his left eye milky white with blindness and right eye a deep green, his hair was short and a beard covered a majority of his face, his deeply tanned skin covered in glowing sores. He wears a battered white loincloth, petruges overtop it, a red and gold metal plate at the front of his waist with a ram design on it, a tarnished and cracked gold "Zoster" belt is around his waist with chains wrapped overtop it and attached to several plates falling down over his right hip, thick brown leather bands are wrapped around his left arm and left leg, red-gold armor covering his right shin / knee, a red / gold pauldron on his right shoulder with a ram motif, a red / gold bracer on her right forearm with chains, and last is a pair of old worn brown leather sandals over his feet.

"Prepare yourself!" The ashen-warrior ordered as Deimos dismissed The Arms of Sparta and crouched low, Bia raising a brow as she looked between the two.

"For what? And why does he keep saying Kratos?" The woman questioned however Deimos then roared and lunged forward, ramming his shoulder into Naruto and lunging with him straight through a wall. Eyes wide for only a moment, Bia growled in her throat before following the two to find out why the man had been all but shouting her father's name like that. As she did, Deimos knocked Naruto off of a ledge and grabbed his head as they fell to the ground, the larger man slamming Naruto's head into the ground with a mighty crash. Gritting his teeth in pain, Naruto looked to see Deimos and the man rolled away from him and formed The Arms of Sparta into his hands.

"I'll make you pay, Kratos!" The man roared out while twisting around and throwing the spear at Naruto, the ashen-warrior cursing as he rolled out of the way and flipped to his feet.

"Listen to me Deimos, get a hold of yourself! I'm clearly not Kratos!" Naruto shouted at the man only for him to lunge at him with a roar, swinging his spear at the young Ashen-Warrior wildly. Mentally cursing as he dodged and weaved around the swings, Naruto then formed the Gauntlet of Zeus and grabbed the spear while pushing back on the larger warrior. "Deimos open your damn eyes and look at me!" Naruto shouted at the man, only for him to grit his teeth, the ashen-warrior widening his eyes when he saw the flames of hope glowing in his eyes.

"They are open, brother!" He growled out while twisting his spear to slam it into the side of Naruto's head, the ashen-warrior stumbling back before rolling out of the way as he charged at him. Coming out in a crouch, Naruto frowned while looking to Deimos as he quickly turned to face him. "Fight me!" He roared out while lunging forward into a Jump before coming down with his spear at Naruto, the blond rolling to the side with a deep frown on his face. 'He has the power of Hope in him… this is definitely Athena's work…' Naruto inwardly seethed before clenching a fist with The Gauntlet of Zeus and glaring at the Marked Warrior.

"Looks like I'll just have to knock some sense back into your thick skull." Naruto grumbled before lunging forward and ramming into Deimos, knocking the larger man onto his back before slamming his gauntlet covered fist into his face. However Deimos then turned them over and started to do the same, quickly punching him in the face before Naruto kicked him off of himself. 'He's stronger than me… and he's fast, he's more balanced than Heracles, and more physical than Lucifer, this is a true Spartan Warrior.' Naruto noted to himself while Deimos then lunged at Naruto again, only for the Ashen-Warrior to swing his gauntlet covered fist into the man's face.

Deimos stumbled back from the blow and fell to one knee, however he quickly picked up some sand and threw it at Naruto. The Ashen-Warrior blinked as he was blinded by the attack and Deimos lunged at him, grabbing The Gauntlet of Zeus at the wrist and then kicking Naruto away. The ashen-warrior skidded back several paces before flipping back to his feet and grimacing as Deimos pulled The Gauntlet of Zeus onto his arm and clenched his fist with a dark look over his face. 'Great, that thing was all but made for him considering his old gauntlet…' Naruto realized while narrowing his eyes onto the man as he then lunged at him with a roar, the ashen-warrior flipping over him and kicking him to the ground.

'I can't fight like Kratos, if I do I'll just make Deimos believe I'm him even more than he already does…' Naruto thought before taking a breath and slipping into one of his old Taijutsu stances with a frown. 'This is really gonna suck…' The ashen-warrior thought to himself while Deimos got back to his feet and lunged at him, only for Naruto to dodge around the strikes before blocking with The Golden Fleece and Zeus' Aegis, throwing Deimos back several paces. Crouching down with a stern look on his face, Naruto then lunged forward, the Boots of Hermes activating as a trail of fire followed him before he rammed into Deimos and knocked him back to the ground. Quickly sending several punches to the older man's face, Naruto then kicked off of Deimos and landed in a low crouch several feet away.

Rolling into a crouch, Deimos then lunged at Naruto, forming a sphere of energy into his hand only for the blond to zip around him with The Boots of Hermes. Moving quickly Naruto lunged at Deimos and jumped into a double kick to the back of his head, causing the Marked Warrior to stumble forward. Moving quickly yet again, Naruto then lunged up Deimos' back before moving and grabbing his shoulders at the same time. Coming down in front of The Marked Warrior, Naruto then threw the man across the way, Deimos digging the gauntlet into the ground to slow himself. Brow twitching, Deimos brought himself back up to his feet while glaring at the ashen-warrior.

"You… I'll make you pay… Kratos!" Deimos declared while forming his spear in hand and throwing it at Naruto, catching him along the head as he tried to dodge. Gritting his teeth and placing a hand over his right eye, Naruto narrowed his left one onto Deimos who then started running towards the ashen-warrior. However a second later feathers started to fall before Bia dame down on Deimos head, Naruto blinking his left eye as she then brought her hands together and slammed them down on the back of Deimos' head, slamming it further into the dirt and finally knocking the marked-warrior out. Blinking for a moment, then hissing as his right eye throbbed, Naruto walked over to Bia while looking down at Deimos.

"What took you so long?" Naruto questioned and the woman scowled before getting off of Deimos and looking at the unconscious man. Kneeling down, Naruto removed his hand from his eye before pulling a blade free and then scowled at seeing the long gash that Deimos had made. 'Wonderful, and there's the scar…' Naruto inwardly muttered while letting out a breath as he placed a hand onto Deimos back and focused.

"Why did he attack you?" Bia questioned only for Naruto to raise a finger with his free hand and then move back while pulling a blue / white flame out of The Marked Warrior with a frown. "The Flames of Hope?" Bia questioned and Naruto nodded his head before crushing the flames in his hand and crossing his arms over his chest.

"This wreaks of Athena's handiwork…" Naruto mumbled and noticed the scowl that formed on Bia's face at the name before she crossed her arms.

"I thought so as well, but what do we do with him now?" The woman questioned and Naruto hummed lightly before sitting down with his legs crossed under himself.

"We wait for him to awake so we can have a word with him, I somehow doubt that Deimos attacked me of his own free will…" Naruto replied with a stern look on his face, Bia scowling as she sat as well, arms crossed and an annoyed frown on her face. Luckily, it wasn't too long before Deimos groaned while rolling onto his back and blinked his eyes open.

"Where… the sky…" He whispered while staring up at the endless sky above him, having not seen it for many years… "It looks so beautiful right now…" Deimos noted to himself and Naruto lightly kicked him on the top of the head. Blinking and looking to the one who kicked him, Deimos saw Naruto and rolled onto his front before pushing himself up to a kneeling position. "Who… you look… like my brother." Deimos noted and Naruto reached up and wiped some of the blood that had collected over his right eye before scowling.

"Yeah… you kind of did this…" Naruto stated while pointing to his eye and Deimos blinked before grasping his head with one hand.

"Why? What quarrel would I have with you?" Deimos questioned and Bia cleared her throat, the man looking to her before seeming to stammer while looking at the woman. Naruto couldn't help an amused look at this, since it seemed that Deimos was much more shy around women, specifically half-naked women like Bia, than his older brother was.

"You just randomly attacked him while shouting Kratos. And since we're on the subject, how do you know my father?" The woman responded then questioned with a frown and Deimos just started to gape before stammering and then shaking his head to collect his thoughts.

"I… I mean Kratos is my older brother. I was, trapped in deaths domain for so long before he finally came for me… I fought and could've killed him if not for Thanatos. Then, together, we fought against Thanatos but I…" Deimos responded before placing his hands over his face and letting out a groan, Bia seeming more than just a little surprised by that before frowning.

"At least that explains your inhuman strength and endurance…" She mumbled to herself while rubbing her chin and then looked back to Deimos. "I am Bia, I was trained as an Amazonian Warrior, until Athena's treachery caused me to kill Lady Hyppolyta." The woman explained and Deimos blinked for a moment while Naruto frowned deeply while looking at the woman.

"Hyppolyta… she was one of Ares' Daughters wasn't she?" Naruto questioned with a deep scowl and Deimos snarled, one of his fists crashing into the ground and causing it to crumble to dust under it. Raising a brow for only a moment, Bia then nodded her head to the two before Naruto then looked over to Deimos as he waved his hand for a moment to flick off the rubble.

"Deimos, do you know how you got here?" Naruto questioned of him and Deimos let out a shuddering breath before placing a hand onto his face.

"I know not how I've returned, I remember… I remember dying and then being trapped in The Underworld… Zelus… Zelus was there too, but… but he had been changed, he had… he had become a monster… he left me trapped down there, locked in torment… but then, then a light, and I was sudden here." Deimos started to explain before then looking to Naruto and shaking his head for several moments. "I saw you, and I thought it was my brother, Kratos, and so I followed you… and then… then everything goes dark." Deimos replied and Bia crossed her arms over her chest with a deep frown on her face, Naruto reaching up to rub his chin for a moment. However he then smirked as a sudden thought occurred to him and he pushed himself up and faced Bia and Deimos.

"Then it would seem that fate has decided to smile on me… I have need of help, The Fallen, children of Kratos have agreed to aid me in my quest to rid the world of the remaining Gods, would you both follow me as well?" Naruto questioned of the two and Bia didn't even think before she stood also and stepped towards The Ghost of Konoha.

"I'll follow, I have a score to settle with the Olympians… as well as Athena!" Bia hissed out and Deimos looked at the two before taking hold of The Arms-of-Sparta once more and then pushed his way to his feet.

"I do not know how I have returned, but I remember that it was the gods who put trapped me in Deaths Domain…" Deimos responded as his green eyes took on a familiar light, one once seen in the eyes of Kratos. "I have died once already, I have suffered at the hands of the gods… but I am a Spartan warrior…" Deimos started to say before he then jabbed the butt of his spear into the ground with a clang. "And as my brother once said, a Spartan always stands ready for battle. So I will, and I will have my revenge!" Deimos replied through gritted teeth and Naruto nodded his head silently before turning on his heel with a smirk.

"Then come, we must return to Sparta, where an army awaits us…" Naruto noted while reforming The Blade-of-Olympus, a look of joy crossing Deimos face as he was finally returning home. Bia merely crossed her arms over her chest and Naruto spun The Blade-of-Olympus in his hands before stabbing it into the ground. A sphere of green energy formed around him before shooting out around Deimos and Bia and all three then vanished in a sudden flash of light…


Amaterasu marched through the halls of her home with a deep frown on her face, she had finally decided she needed to have a word with her brothers. Mostly her yelling at them for being idiots, when she saw them talking to Omoikane and Hachiman. Also with them were Fuujin, Raijin, Sarutahiko, Ame-no-Uzume, and of course Inari, essentially the whole pantheon, which confused her as she'd heard no summons for a gathering. "Are you absolutely certain of this Omoikane, this is most distressing news if you are?" Tsukuyomi questioned with his skin having paled considerably and the Goddess of Wisdom silently nodded her head for a moment.

"Unfortunately I am, the day that Naruto was born was also the same exact day, right down to the barest of moments in which Kratos killed Zeus and died releasing hope to the mortals." Omoikane stated gravely and Susanoo backed up before falling into a seat with wide eyes.

"This… this can't be… he can't be… that would mean that we… we've done the same thing that they did…" Susanoo started to say to himself while reaching up to rub at his face with his entire body shaking from a mix of nerves and raw unbridled fear.

"By Izanagi-Sama's beard, that kid is him? But he was always so much fun! Well… before he got all moody at least." Inari noted, now in the form of a fox woman, her head that of a fox with a tail slipping out from her kimono. Briefly, Amaterasu wondered why Inari loved to appear in various different forms, before deciding she might do so as well if she could.

"It gets even worse, I went and spoke to Izanagi-Sama, he confirmed that Naruto wasn't born as a ordinary mortal at the very least… he was born as a Kinitsu-Kami (God of the Earthly Realm), child of The Sun Goddess and a mortal man, hence his warm personality and kindness before all this started happening to him and the rest of us. It also explains why he could use our abilities relics and weapons so well." Hachimon explained to the group and saw the wince from both brothers of Amaterasu who blinked while approaching them.

"What are you all talking about? And why didn't I hear a summons?" Amaterasu questioned while approaching them, and Tsukyomi quickly looked to Omoikane.

"We shouldn't trouble her more with this…" He started to say before Hachiman grabbed him and glared into his eyes heatedly.

"She deserves to know, Tsukuyomi, and she's still the chief, not you." Hachiman reminded the moon god, who silently moved to the side to allow Amaterasu to approach with a confused look on her face.

"Omoikane, what's going on?" Amaterasu questioned of the Goddess of Wisdom and she let out a light sigh before leaning back in her seat.

"We've been looking into matters surrounding your sons birth, sadly, we've discovered several disturbing circumstances." Omoikane stated while leaning forward with her fingers laced together while Hachiman nodded his head.

"First, we spoke with your father who confirmed that Naruto was born as a Kinitsu-Kami like Sarutahiko. Since he was born of a Human and you, an Amatsu-Kami (God of The Heavenly Realm)." Hachiman started to explain however Omoikane then decided to interject as she sat up and gave her another grave look.

"Unfortunately, while this is true, after Yami got her claws into him her powers seem to have awakened something better left buried within him." Omoikane started to say before closing her eyes and allowing Amaterasu to absorb the information, then continue. "As it turns out, he was born at the exact same moment that Kratos died in Greece, and it seems that the Soul of Kratos was not ready to die. It fought its way from Oblivion, and bound itself to the first body it could, only a God's body could hold his soul, that of the God of War himself, and so his choices were limited." Omoikane stated and a look of shock crossed Amaterasu's features before she shook her head and gave them a look.

"But that wouldn't cause all this! It's impossible for a soul to influence the mind of its holder unless…" She started to say before her eyes widened and she seemed to pale even more than she normally was.

"Unless his body fades and his soul and mind reside as one… Unless he becomes a spirit… a yourei, a Ghost." Sarutahiko stated from his spot to the side, the Sun Goddess shaking where she stood as memories of that day started to play in her mind, her own words suddenly haunting her. '… the Ash of your friends, and your loved ones shall be forever fastened to your skin to show all what you truly are… you shall live on, not as Uzumaki Naruto, nor as a mortal, but instead as a Yurei… A ghost.' Her own voice stated in her mind, that last word, Ghost, echoing out endlessly, the truth of just what she had wrought that day suddenly hitting her. 'I… I turned my sochi into this… this thing?' She thought to herself while slowly shaking her head and falling to her knees.

"It's all my fault…" She whispered with tears threatening to fall, Susanoo quickly rushing to his sister's side to try and comfort her while Sarutahiko reached up and stroked his beard for a moment.

"Your fault? No… you had no idea that this would happen, none of us did. Kratos wanted to live, he found a body and he was reborn. And had he lived a life without Yami, he may never have reawakened into the world again. He would've instead, passed on along with his spirit, ending the threat of The Marked Warrior." Sarutahiko noted while Amaterasu looked to the old Kami with a look of confusion.

"W-what about The Marked Warrior? I thought that was a prophecy for The Olympians destruction?" Amaterasu questioned and the rest of the Kami nodded their heads before seeing a grave look cross the old Kami's features.

"I'm afraid not… the prophecy foretold of the coming of a Marked Warrior, one who would bring the end of all Gods… we can be considered as something more akin to Titans… but we are all still gods." Sarutahiko stated gravely and Tsukuyomi's eyes widened before they all heard thunder roar and lightning strike outside. Growling in his throat the Moon God then glared at his brother Susanoo before narrowing his eyes.

"Susanoo, dispel that Storm, this is no time for it!" Tsukuyomi ordered and the God of Sea and Storms gave him a glare in response.

"I would if I could but I didn't conjure that storm…" Susanoo stated simply and Tsukuyomi looked to Fuujin and Raijin with a frown.

"You?" He questioned and both the Oni-Kami shook their heads with strange looks on their faces. Looking over to Sarutahiko, Tsukuyomi saw Ama-no-Uzume holding her husband from the side with a frightened look while the old man reached up and stroked his beard with a grave expression still etched across his face.

"And now it seems that our time has come. Now, The End Begins…" Sarutahiko said gravely, turning to look at the storm alongside the other Kami…


Naruto walked out of a portal, soon followed by Bia and Deimos into the city of Sparta. Deimos stopped when they did and looked around, soon spotting a statue of his brother in his God of War armor. As Deimos walked over to the statue several Spartans looked to them in shock as Deimos stopped before the statue and stared up at it. "So you've returned…" Mammon noted aloud as he approached them, then widened his eyes as Deimos turned around to face him. "Who are these two?" Mammon questioned while looking from Deimos to Bia and Naruto walked to the Norse Warrior.

"Bia is your sister, raised as an Amazon, while the big one is Kratos' Brother known as The Marked Warrior, Lucifer's twin, and your uncle, Deimos." Naruto replied while Mammon raised a brow while gazing towards the man, who turned to look at him and then slowly approached.

"You look like my brother… greatly like him… who are you?" Deimos questioned while still holding The Arms of Sparta and Mammon scowled for a moment before crossing his arms over his chest.

"I am Mammon, child of Kratos and one of The Fallen." Mammon responded bluntly before looking to Naruto sternly. "My brothers and sisters await us at the docks, we will be leaving soon. I suggest we make haste before your Kami can prepare for our assault." Mammon stated darkly and Naruto gave a silent nod of his head before following The Demon Lord of Greed as he made his way towards the docks. Bia and Deimos closely followed them, with the brother of Kratos looking all around at the many changes to his home over the years he'd been trapped in torment. 'So much has changed… yet so much is still the same.' Deimos thought upon seeing his and Kratos old home, and briefly wondered about the fate of his mother, before shaking his head.

The four soon arrived at the docks of Sparta, where they found several dozen ships being prepared. Numerous soldiers were also heading to and fro with armor and weapons at the ready, men being seen off by their wives or lovers while Deimos then looked to Mammon and Naruto. "We're taking so many soldiers? Won't Sparta be left unprotected?" Deimos questioned warily and Mammon scoffed while sneering towards his uncle, having never had good experiences from Kratos' direct family members.

"Sparta has more than an adequate defensive force. We are bringing only half of the army while the rest shall guard Sparta." Mammon responded while the rest of The Fallen walked towards them, Deimos and Bia both readying their weapons and causing Mammon to grunt in annoyance. "Stay your hands fools, those are my brothers and sisters, the rest of The Fallen." Mammon grumbled out while Lilith sauntered forward and looked over both Bia and Deimos with interest in her eyes.

"My my Mammon, who did our friend manage to find on his trip?" Lilith questioned while Bia grabbed the girl with a scowl on her face. Lifting Lilith with one arm, Bia was annoyed to see her interest in her grow rather than become fearful.

"I am Bia, Amazonian warrior and daughter of Kratos." The girl stated and a near ecstatic look formed in her green eyes while Beelzebub flew around her head. "What are you supposed to be?" Bia demanded with a scowl while the tiny-demoness came to a stop before her with her arms crossed over her chest.

"I am Beelzebub, and that is Lilith, daughters of Kratos and rulers of Hell. Though technically Lilith is also a daughter of Aphrodite, and my aunt…" The pixie like Demon-Lord explained before musing to herself while her sister snickered with an amused look twinkling in her eyes and Bia grunted before palming her face.

"Hera help me… my sisters are a harlot and an annoying little pixie…" She muttered under her breath while getting looks from her younger and older sisters, who both took offence before Lilith seemed to focus on her neck.

"Ooh! I love your necklace!" She declared while looking at it and Bia snorted before sneering towards her.

"That's doubtful, it's your sister Harmonia's necklace… I took it after cutting off her head." Bia noted darkly and Lilith blinked for a moment before tilting her head to one side with a confused look on her face.

"I have a sister named Harmonia?" She questioned seriously and Beelzebub palmed her face before shaking her head.

"Yeah, the one with the cursed necklace made by Hephaestus to have eternal youth and beauty and to have disaster strike everything she loved or cared for." Beelzebub reminded her and Lilith made an Oh with her mouth before leaning into her fist with a slight frown on her face.

"Oh right her, honestly, mother has so many children that I tend to lose track of them all." Lilith noted aloud and Beelzebub inclined her head, aware of Aphrodite's many misadventures in that department. However as that happened, Astaroth and Agni walked over to Deimos who raised a brow seeing them.

"So this is our uncle, not bad, Lucifer was a bastard, please tell me your not…?" Astaroth questioned and Deimos seemed to grow confused by the question, having never met his twin after he took his new name.

"They speak of Zelus, your twin Deimos, he took the name Lucifer and started tormenting them in Hell." Naruto told the older warrior and Deimos had a pained look cross his face before turning to Astaroth and Agni with a serious expression.

"I am not my brother, neither Kratos nor Zelus, I will aide you in destroying the remaining gods, because it is my will to do so. I will fulfill my destiny as The Marked Warrior and bring an end to the Olympians for my imprisonment in Deaths Domain, and for my torment, in The Underworld." Deimos responded and Agni reached up and rubbed his jaw for a moment before Samael appeared between all of them and Deimos took several steps away from him before forming The Gauntlet of Zeus over his arm.

"Calm yourself uncle, I am Samael, child of Kratos and new Lord of Death, I mean you no harm." Samael stated while gripping the Death Scythe in his hands, Deimos not seeming to calm any given his past experience with incarnations of Death. Shaking his head, The Lord of Death turned to Bia and gave a bow of his head, her brow rising when he did. "Sister Bia, I am happy to finally meet you… and I feel that I must congratulate you on killing Stethno, Ladon, Echidna, The Cadmean Vixen, Hypnos and Morpheus, oh and Hyppolyta, and I must inform you that Nemesis sends you her regards." Samael noted with a smirk and Lilith grinned widely towards her older sister.

"My my, you have been a busy little mynx haven't you?" Lilith noted and Bia raised a brow towards her before looking to Samael.

"How do you know Nemesis?" She questioned while crossing her arms over her chest, as Lilith seemed a bit too interested in her for her to be comfortable around the Demoness and living incarnation of Lust. However Samael merely smirked as he gripped his scythe and closed his eyes.

"Aw well, let's just say I've been getting to know The Goddess of Vengeance quite well and leave it at that." Samael responded and Naruto raised a brow before shaking his head, as it seemed the children weren't too different than their father…

"Why Samael, I didn't know you still had it in you!" Lilith said while giving her brother a grin and he merely rolled his eyes at the remark. Grunting, Naruto then gave Lilith a look before crossing his arms over his chest.

"Regardless we should be heading out, once we are a far enough distance away from Sparta I'll open a portal for the ships to reach Onogoroshima." Naruto noted and Deimos seemed confused by the declaration.

"Would it not be simpler to open one from here?" He questioned and Naruto turned to look at the older man, arms crossed and a flat look on his face.

"It would, but then we have the risk of anything over there just walking through and attacking Sparta." Naruto responded and Deimos seemed to realize his mistake and nodded his head in agreement. "Deimos, Bia, as you are not demon's you'll ride on a ship with me, the rest of us should split amongst the ships and keep them safe from anything that attacks us on the way there." Naruto stated while walking over to a ship, only for Mammon to stop him with a hand on his shoulder.

"We may have a problem, Pandora insists on coming with us." Mammon stated and Naruto felt his eye twitch before palming his face.

"Have you tried convincing her otherwise?" Naruto questioned and Samael decided to respond this time, a somewhat pleased look on his face.

"We tried to, but she's as hard headed a Minotaur, she stated that if any of our relics or weapons were destroyed that she'd be the only one able to repair them… However I did manage to convince Calliope and Lyssandra to stay away and took them to safety." Samael replied and Naruto grunted, mentally acknowledging that the girl could be useful, but he really didn't want her in the middle of a war.

"Did you remind Pandora that we'd be unable to defend her in the middle of all this?" Naruto questioned and Samael silently nodded his head, the ashen-warrior grumbling under his breath before walking onto a ship. "Then so be it, and if one of you can watch her it'd be much appreciated." Naruto mumbled before stating and Deimos walked after him with an annoyed looking Bia following them.

"I'll do so, I met Pandora in The Underworld, she kept me company while I was trapped in that abyss. It would be my honor to protect her." Deimos offered truthfully and Naruto nodded his head silently before turning to watch as the rest of The Fallen headed to other ships in the fleet. Naruto then heard as an order was given in the distance and the ships started off, Naruto, Deimos, and Bia watching as the started to drift away from Sparta. "So I leave only after I had just arrived back home…" Deimos noted to himself and Naruto silently looked to the man before turning and walking towards a large room with a guard before it.

"Milord, the children of Kratos had us prepare a room for you, lady Pandora wishes to speak to you inside." The guard noted while standing at attention and Naruto grunted before walking to the door, then looked to the guard.

"Find a place for Bia and Deimos, she's Kratos Daughter and he's his brother." Naruto ordered and the guard quickly nodded his head before rushing off, Naruto entering into his chambers with a frown on his face, a candle on a table beside of the bed the only source of light. Entering, Naruto saw Pandora was sitting on his bed, her hands folded on her lap and a strange look on her face. He also noted she had cleaned herself up a bit, with her white bangs pushed to the side of her face and the rest of her hair pulled back by a blue hair-band, her skin was still very pale, but she seemed to have added a blue tattoo over a majority of her body.

The Tattoo was a thick strait blue line that started over her left eye, went down over her eye, down her neck, then branched off, one going over her shoulder and down her arm to stop at the top of her hand, the other branch went down over her breast, passed her stomach, and then down the length of her leg to stop on her shim. She wears a simple black Doric-Chiton with the shoulders tied into a pair of broaches / Fibulae, three leather Zones forming a segmented girdle around her waist with a silver trinket hanging from it, and simple leather sandals. Walking over and sitting on the bed next to Pandora, Naruto watched her look up with a start and then grin nervously.

"Hello again." She offered before reaching up to rub at her throat for a moment, Naruto merely looking at the Tattoo on her body.

"That must've hurt." He stated while she blinked and then looked at her tattoo and gave a slight smile to the ashen-warrior.

"No not really, I mean at first it hurt a bit but that's cause they had to scar it into my skin and all. But I treated it with a little magic and it should be fine now, my father was actually pretty good with branding so it wasn't much trouble… and I'm rambling now." Pandora explained before rubbing her biceps, Naruto tilting his head while looking at her for a moment.

"Why are you coming with us?" Naruto questioned bluntly and the girl gave him a look before crossing her arms.

"As you know I'm Hephaestus Daughter, I watched him forge weapons and armor and relics for years, I might not be as good as he was, but I should be able to repair anything you or The Fallen manage to break." She replied with a nod of her head and Naruto frowned before reaching back and held out one of The Blades of Pandora. Holding out the blade, Naruto twirled it in hand before looking back to Pandora who was staring at him curiously.

"You forged this and it managed to survive every enemy I faced in the depths of Inferno unscathed, I'd say you're more than good enough Pandora." Naruto reminded the girl while sheathing the blade and she started to rub her arms again.

"Well, yeah, I guess those are pretty good, I mean all I had to do was make them out of some adamantine in the fires of hope, as a spirit that was pretty easy and all so I suppose those are decent enough… but it took me sixty years to make them in the first place, after I first saw you become The Ghost of Konoha I knew you'd need new blades and so I started working on them and eventually you came to The Inferno and… I'm rambling again." Pandora noted while Naruto smirked towards her as she then let out a breath and started to rub her arms.

"I take it that happens when you're nervous…" Naruto stated and Pandora silently nodded her head, causing him to let out a sigh. "Listen Pandora, I know you want to help us, but you have to remember we're fighting gods. Even with Deimos protecting you, the chances of you dying are extremely high. You should go and stay safe with Calliope and Lyssandra." Naruto told the girl and she gave him a stubborn glare before leaning up towards his face.

"No! I won't sit back and wait, I'm the daughter of a God, and I can take care of myself!" Pandora stated and Naruto bit his lip to keep from reminding her that technically a god made her, she wasn't born of one like he or Kratos were.

"Pandora, you're being stubborn and foolhardy." Naruto told her simply and she gave him a serious look.

"And attacking an entire pantheon of gods is smart?" She quipped and Naruto felt his eye twitch before palming his face. Letting out a grunt the ashen-warrior then gave the girl an annoyed glare while leaning back to lay on the bed.

"Why do you want to come with us so desperately anyways? You've only just been brought back to life, live a little before putting yourself in danger." He told her seriously while closing his eyes and Pandora looked at him for a moment.

"Would you believe I want to stay by your side?" She asked quietly and Naruto slowly opened his eyes to look at her, then reached up and wiped some of the blood from the gash still across his eye.

"Are you serious?" Naruto questioned flatly and Pandora nodded her head, the ashen-warrior sitting up with a frown. "Why?" Naruto asked the girl with a confused look on his face, even if she had known him all his life, his only memories of her were from The Inferno and Kratos' lifetime.

"You did sort of risk your life and fight my father to save me… helped me return to life, and have treated me as someone instead of something." She reminded him and Naruto grunted with a scowl at the reminder of how Zeus had treated her before.

"That sounds more like a crush." Naruto stated and Pandora scooted over and leaned into him, the ashen-warrior feeling a little uncomfortable as she did.

"I'm technically Aphrodite's daughter and Eros' sister Naruto, I already know the difference between Love and Lust." She reminded Naruto plainly and he blinked before looking at her and frowning deeply.

"Your really just too stubborn." Naruto muttered while leaning back once more, Pandora yelping as she fell onto him. Pushing herself up she then gave The Ashen-Skinned-Warrior a cross look.

"Maybe I get it from being around you and Kratos." She offered him while crossing her arms and Naruto grunted while closing his eyes.

"Ugh… maybe…" Naruto admitted given how bullheaded he and Kratos could be, it wouldn't surprise him that they had rubbed off on Pandora in some way. However the blond then opened his left eye when he felt her straddle him and frowned deeply. "What are you doing?" Naruto asked the girl flatly, his brow raised, and she gave a somewhat nervous smile.

"Thanking you." She replied before leaning down into a rather inexperienced kiss and then blushing as she leaned back. Giving her a look, Naruto then smirked, reaching up he gripped the back of her neck and pulled her down into a searing kiss, Pandora all but melting against him before he released her. "W-Wow… that was way better than when Aphrodite wanted to play with me." She mumbled aloud before widening her eyes as she realized she'd said too much that time. "I shouldn't have said that, right?" She asked him nervously and Naruto rolled his eyes before flipping them over so he was over the now very nervous girl.

"She's goddess of Lust, I'm not really surprised by it." Naruto admitted, given that the goddess was bisexual for one, and slept with her handmaidens when she was lonely for another, her "Playing" with Pandora wasn't that surprising. "Though I have to wonder why Hephaestus didn't stop anything like that…" Naruto noted and Pandora let out a breath before smiling sadly.

"On Olympus I was property, since Aphrodite was his wife she technically owned me as well…" She replied and Naruto growled low in his throat before shaking his head and then looking at Pandora seriously.

"You do realize I'm not by any means a virgin, right?" Naruto questioned flatly and she silently nodded her head. "You also realize I'm not as skilled as Kratos in this… Right?" He asked and she nodded her head yet again, then placed her hands on his cheeks and leaned back into another kiss. Leaning back a moment later, the girl gave a nervous smile while looking into the eyes of the Ashen-skinned-warrior as they slowly started to change back to the original blue hue she remembered from his youth.

"Please stop talking." The girl asked him simply and Naruto smirked slightly before snaking a hand to the back of her neck. Pandora herself smiling upon seeing the bright azure blue eyes had fully returned, rather than the golden-yellow eyes he'd had since becoming The Ghost of Konoha.

"As you wish." He replied while leaning back into a kiss, Pandora smiling into it before reaching to the side and snuffing out the flame of the candle with her fingers…


Upon Onogoroshima, an island just outside of the lands once known as the "Elemental Nations", which starts as a beach, turns to a desert, then to a hilly plain before forming into a forest, then comes a large swamp or bog before forming into a jungle, and ends in a series of mountains which circle around the center of the island, each of the areas forming a perfect circle around the island, rivers and lakes making spiders-web trails through the island to the center, and a few sparse temples and buildings lay around it. Within the circle of mountains the bridge or "Ame-no-Ukihashi" the floating bridge of heaven rises up from the land and then spirals around the "Ame-no-mihashira" the Pillar of Heaven, which leads down from Takamagahara to the land of Onogoroshima.

Over the pillar, vines now crawl up and down its length before forming into a protective net around it, dozens of different types of plants forming off of it and leading to the mountains around it. Within the forest and plains of the island, dozens of female warriors ready their weapons, sharpening their swords and preparing their spears and shields or bows and arrows. Beyond that in the swamps and bogs of the island, the souls of dead warriors, now ghouls, prepare as well, all armed by the Kami and the Olympians, all readying their weapons for the coming war. Lightning suddenly flashes as the dark sky above them fills with clouds, the strange fact that Amaterasu's light was not present to aid them filling many of the more intelligent Ghouls with dread.

Within the halls of Takamagahara, Tsukuyomi stood with Amaterasu; Susanoo sat on their sister's other side and the assembled gods before them stood at attention. Those who had been injured were healed by Apollo, and were now ready for battle as well. All who were able to fight were now dressed in armor, ready for the coming war; all were at attention as the three chief Kami stood to address them. Susanoo looked to Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu as they both stood at his sides, Amaterasu farthest from him while Tsukuyomi was between them. Sighing, the god of the seas and storms took his pipe from his lips then rubbed his eyes tiredly before looking to the Olympians, Aesir, Sun-Wukong, and Kami that now stood before them.

Amaterasu on the other hand, looked paler than normal, and felt even worse as she tried to seem otherwise. The glow that usually surrounded her was now practically dead, and her eyes were red from her tears. Looking to the numerous Gods about the room, she wanted to try to stop this, but knew it would be in vain; this was not a threat to only one god this time. This time it was to more, Naruto was going to bring about the end, he was no true god, but in her mind he deserved the title, god of darkness and destruction if nothing else. The irony was, he'd be replacing Yami in that right, the same Goddess he himself had murdered in order to obtain his revenge…

Tsukuyomi stood tall as he looked out over the assembled gods, he couldn't falter, for now they were all threatened. They could not give in, for if they did, more mortals would stand against them. If they did not fight now, then soon all of the world would fall and the Mortals would destroy their world in their ignorance. It was with this thought in his mind that Tsukuyomi took a deep breath and gripped the spear in his left hand tightly while looking to the Kusanagi sheathed at his side. Regardless of the fact this was all ultimately his fault, he would rectify his mistake, he would protect his brother and sister and stop Naruto and his path of destruction. "My fellow Gods." He started before closing his eyes in remembrance of those who had fallen.

"In the beginning there was Chaos… and then we the Gods were born of that same chaos. Born of the Earth and Sky, we came forward to end the Chaos that once ruled over these lands. We fought against it and while standing together; we eventually brought order to all the lands of the world. And though our ancestors differ, and though we do not always agree with one another, we are the same, we are Gods, and like the mountains we stand tall, and also like them we do not bow before anyone." Tsukuyomi started to say to the assembled Gods before he then crossed his arms behind his back.

"Together, we gods created this world of peace and of prosperity for mankind, and together, we kept Mankind safely in our shadows, protecting them all. Only then did we splinter apart due to our views on how the world should be run and the Mortals Treated. Where once we were all gods stood united, we then became The Jade Empire, The Olympians of Greece, The Aesir of the Frozen Lands to the west, and we the Kami of the East. Where once we had stood together, we then split the world apart and divided it amongst ourselves." Tsukuyomi then said while looking over the others within the room and then scowled deeply.

"But now, now our rule is threatened by a force unlike any other we have faced before. The Mortal, Naruto, and the children of Kratos seek to destroy us and all that we have wrought." Tsukuyomi called out even as the room began to shake around them, thunder roaring and lightning flashing in the distance. "Niisan." He then said while turning to look at Susanoo. "Neechan." He then said and Amaterasu still didn't look to him even as he looked to her. "And my other fellow gods, I ask only that you put aside the petty grievances and arguments that have splintered us all for so long." Tsukuyomi said while walking forward, stopping as the assembled gods looked to him as thunder boomed once more.

"Now we must unite once more! We must stand together! Only then will we wipe out this plague that threatens our rule! In the end, we will make this threat suffer. In the end, we will triumph. In the end…" Tsukuyomi started to say before bracing himself as with a mighty burst of thunder, lightning struck their home and the entirety of Takamagahara suddenly started to shake. Moving quickly Hachiman ran over to the edge and widened his eyes at what he saw heading their way…

In the distant clouds, Hachiman saw what appeared to be a rolling fire; the rolling fire flowed forward through the dark storm clouds and towards them. The other gods and goddess's made their way over as well and watched the strange phenomena as it continued to approach them. Soon enough the clouds started to clear to show an enormous golden gate resting before a city. However the gods then braced themselves as an enormous flaming boulder was propelled from the strange spectacle and slammed into the side of Takamagahara. The gates slowly swung open and a mass of winged warriors in silver armor with different weapons heading directly for them.

As the gods watched this approach, Amaterasu heard something familiar and turned around, her great eyesight quickly zipping across the land of Onogoroshima. Turning and running to the other side, while her brothers and allies cursed while following she then looked down further and saw several Spartan-War-Ships heading towards them from a green portal. Upon the flagship was a familiar ashen-skinned-warrior his arms crossed, and his eyes closed for only a moment before he opened them to look up at Takamagahara. 'There will be only Chaos…' Naruto thought to himself, unknowingly finishing for Tsukuyomi before turning around and walking over to Bia, Pandora, and Deimos just as Samael appeared in a burst of smoke.

"Samael, The Fallen should attack first, we'll clear a path for the Spartans to get a foothold." Naruto suggested and the Lord of Death nodded his head before vanishing in a burst of smoke, where he then went to each of The Fallen. The first to go forward was Mammon, who took a few steps back before lunging off of the ship and jumping into the ocean waters. The seas started to tremble as The Lord of Greed did so, before soon an icy hand reached out of the ocean, which was soon followed by an enormous construct of ice, a glowing white energy flowing through the cracks and crevices of his body while spikes jutted out of him, swirling water also twisting and turning around him. Now more a Titan Mammon gave a roar as he took a step on the ground and pulled himself up to his feet.

Seeing this, Astaroth smirked before swinging his arms and The Barbarian Hammer, calling dozens of souls forward that started to swirl around his body. The souls then twisted and turned as he threw his arms out, then started to shoot inside of him, The Lord of Deserts and Famine gritting his teeth as they did. He then growled low in his throat as his body began to expand, easily growing up to fifteen feet tall with glowing green crevices in his now deep ruddy brown skin. Looking up with his now glowing gold eyes, Astaroth raised an arm towards Mammon, the Demon Lord of Water and Ice looking down on him.

"Brother!" Astaroth exclaimed from the highest point of his ship and Mammon reached down and grabbed the Lord of Famine and The Desert before rearing his arm back and tossed him at the ground of Onogoroshima. Rolling forward as he hit the ground, Astaroth continued to roll forward, sand and rock and dirt flowing with him before soon enough an enormous hand of rock reached out of the earth to pull and enormous being out.

Astaroth then groaned once as he pulled himself from the ground, he was now nearly the size of a Titan and was slowly pulling himself out of the ground, rocks forming into plates along the bodies spine, into long sharp spikes from the back of his shoulders, forming into his hands, and over his face where he had them formed into sharp pointed teeth and green hellfire formed between the cracks of the rocks, some of the rocks were clearly Onyx and looked more like crystal than true rocks as they spiraled over his left side like his Kratos Brand had. Astaroth then looked up, eyes glowing a brilliant gold before he roared out a blast of wind from his mouth the caused the very island to shake. Lifting up one hand, Astaroth then put it down and pushed himself up, onto his feet to tower hundreds of feet in the air.

Lumbering forward, the two Titan Sized Demon-Lords began to make their way towards Takamagahara with slow deliberate steps. Scoffing at her brothers over dramatic entrances, Beelzebub then jumped into the air and spun upwards. Soon, The Demon Lord of Plague and Pestilence formed into an enormous spiky insect, skulls still emblazoned on its wings. Buzzing while hovering in the air for a moment, Beelzebub then shot towards Takamagahara, her body splitting up into an enormous swarm of locusts that shot straight for Demeter. Seeing this, Agni scoffed before crouching down, grunting as a pair of wings ripped their way from his back before he flapped them and shot high up into the air and growled lowly.

"Rage of The Inferno!" The Demon Lord of Fire and War declared loudly as his body was consumed with flames and the fiery beast Naruto had seen in The Inferno was reformed. Flapping his wings for a moment, Agni then shot towards Takamagahara, flying over Astaroth's shoulder in order to keep up with his brother. Seeing the others were moving out, Lilith looked to Samael who nodded his head only once, both jumping from their ships. Samael formed into a black fog that rolled across the land, while Lilith shot up into the storm clouds above. Soon the black fog on the ground began to swirl and coil forward like an enormous, a large swirl of the storm clouds doing the same.

From the fog, an enormous black armored serpent with glowing white eyes formed, its spiky body bearing no limbs save for two long extra tails ending in sharp scythe like blades. And as it lunged through the trees of the forest around Takamagahara, it easily ripped its way through both the trees and Amazons who were still within them. Soon however the serpent surfaced and roared while lunging towards Takamagahara, sending a ball of The Scourge of Erinys from its mouth and into the ground. The ground then started to buckle and bubble before hands started to rip free, The Undead warriors of Greece screeching as they pulled themselves from The Dirt.

"Tormented souls of The Underworld! Rise up! Rise and take your revenge on the gods that damned you!" Samael's voice roared out in a hiss and The Undead needed no other order and instantly ran towards the home of the Kami, screeching and howling along the way. As that happened, the storm clouds above that had formed into a long coil started to shift away, revealing a long spiky serpent with black scales and a purple mark on its left side forming, several pairs of wings were extended from its back, and as it flew towards Takamagahara it opened its mouth and a thundering roar echoed out, lightning flying from its body and wind tearing apart everything in its path as it flew forward.

Watching with more than a little shock, Naruto and Bia nearly gaped in shock as the Fallen marched forward on Takamagahara. "I had no idea they could do that…" Naruto admitted before shaking his head and taking several steps back, stopping only to look at Deimos. "Have the men ready to defend against the Amazons Deimos. And don't forget the Undead out there either." Naruto ordered and Deimos silently nodded his head, Naruto lunging forward with The Boots of Hermes before jumping off of the boat and opening Daedelus Wings to fly over the water. Soon touching down on the ground, Naruto used The Boots of Hermes and hurried towards Astaroth.

Meanwhile Bia frowned before following after The Ashen-Warrior with The Boots of Atalanta, kicking off of the side of the ship and opening the Icarus Wings to fly onto Onogoroshima and then lunge forward. Waiting for the ships to reach land, Deimos then saw Pandora close her eyes and form a familiar pair of hooked blades, the metal bearing deep red runs with demonic faces with yellow eyes taking up much of the blades save for the black handles that attached to a pair of chains. "The Blades of Exile, the last blades used by Kratos before death…" Pandora offered while holding them to Deimos, the Spartan warrior slowly reaching out to grasp their hilts.

Instantly the chains of the blades wrapped around his wrists and he gripped their handles tightly. "Thank you Pandora… I will be sure to use these with pride." Deimos stated and the girl gave a fient smile before they both looked back to where The Fallen where heading towards Takamagahara silently. Meanwhile Naruto jumped onto the side of Astaroth and began to climb up the length, of his body, soon coming out onto his back where he lunged up along The Demon Lord of Famine and The Deserts back…

Atop Takamagahara, the many gods looked down on this scene before theme, some with familiarity, and others with surprise. Frowning deeply, Apollo adjusted the shield on his arm, and then tightened a pair of cestus over his fists. Placing his fingers in his mouth, The God of Light then whistled loudly and Zeus'-Chariot roared to life and flew into the air, Apollo quickly jumping onto it and grabbing the reigns. He was followed by his Sister Artemis who held on as he flicked the reigns and flew into battle over the armies of The Fallen and towards Astaroth. However as they approached the enormous demon lord, Artemis then jumped from the chariot and into the forests below instead, forming her bow and landing on a tree branch before firing an arrow into the sky.

The arrow flew out over the forest before falling before the Queen of The Amazons who narrowed her eyes. Pulling a sword from her side she then gave the order to charge to her soldiers. With the Amazons on the move, Artemis then placed her bow onto her back before jumping to the ground. Landing with a soft plop, the goddess of the hunt lunged forward, heading straight for Bia. Shaking his head when he saw this, Sun-Wukong then flipped onto his feet with a grin before jumping off of Takamagahara. Soon a flying cloud flew towards him and The Monkey king landed on it with a wide grin before reaching behind his ear.

Pulling out something that was the size of a toothpick, he then flicked it into the air and it suddenly lengthened into a staff. Reaching up and catching the weapon in his hands, the Monkey King twirled it over his head before flying into battle as well. Behind him, Baldur and Vidar looked to one another before nodding their heads. Baldur then crouched down before lunging forward, jumping off of Takamagahara fearlessly and heading straight for the ground below. Narrowing his eyes, Baldur couldn't hide a slight grin as he then reared an arm back, forming a large sphere of light into his palm. Soon enough he hit the ground with the sphere of light, a burst of energy knocking down the trees around him as he then pushed himself up and brushed off his hands and ran towards the armies of their enemies…

Seeing Mammon at his approach, Vidar reached to his side to retrieve Thor's Hammer before crouching down. His greave covered legs seemed to shift before he lunged forward, flames trailing behind him as he jumped off of Takamagahara as well and then fell towards the trees below. Moving in midair, Vidar approached the nearby tower before moving his legs and running down it's length with unreal speed. Jumping off of the tower when he was close enough to the ground, Vidar landed on a tree and then started to make his way towards Mammon with a scowl. As they left, Hachiman gave a look to Sarutahiko, the old man nodding his head gravely before they jumped down to the earth as well.

The two impacted with the ground soon after, Hachiman falling to his ass as Sarutahiko made the earth rise up and catch them. Sitting up the earth, the old Kami then looked sternly towards the Fallen known as Astaroth before pointing his spear forward. Instantly he was carried towards the enormous Demon-Lord, Hachiman riding with him and preparing his sword. Frowning for a moment at this, Inari then gave a look towards where Samael was before lunging off of Takamagahara. However the God of Foxes then started to shift and change, soon becoming an enormous serpentine dragon that lunged at The Demon Lord of Death, Samael unleashing The Scourge of Erinys at his approach…

Seeing this, Demeter looked to the other gods around her for a moment before lifting a hand. Several vines rose up and curled around each other before her, the woman walking forward and allowing the vines to pull her down. Sitting down side-saddle, the Goddess of The Harvest then raised her arms, dozens of vines and other plants twisting and curling around her body, forming an enormous plant beast that gave a roar at Beelzebub's approach. Shaking his head at this, Eros then checked on his bow for a moment before opening his wings and flying into battle, heading straight for Lilith whom he unleashed a hail of arrows on…

As the rest jumped into battle, Susanoo adjusted his armor for but a brief moment before glancing at Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu. The God of The Moon silently nodded his head and Susanoo reached up to remove his pipe before nodding his head with a grave expression. Jumping from Takamagahara, Susanoo then brought a hand towards himself and the seas shifted and rose up, flying towards him where they quickly started to swirl and spin over his form. Much like Poseidon, Susanoo landed in water based form, his body hidden beneath a layer of mud, rock, and shells as he lumbered towards Mammon to aide Vidar in some way…

Back in Takamagahara, Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, Omoikane, Amphitrite, and Aphrodite stood back. Watching on silently as the others went to battle, Amaterasu closed her eyes as she saw Naruto riding on the back of Astaroth. 'I'm sorry Sochi…' She thought to herself as a tear fell while Tsukuyomi crossed his arms, glaring out at the sight before him as impassively as always.

'So, this is your army Nephew, impressive, but it will still take more than this to defeat us all.' Tsukuyomi thought to himself before turning one eye to look towards his sister as she looked down as well. He flinched upon seeing how pale and listless her form was becoming, regardless of how much he hated to admit it, he felt like a monster. 'Forgive me Neechan, but we cannot allow these mortals to defy us, if we do… all that we have built will come to an end… he may survive, but I fear you will never be a family with him…' Tsukuyomi thought to himself before closing his eyes as the battle below them all continued to wage on…

As The Demon Lords and The Gods marched into battle, Naruto himself stood on the back of Astaroth, The Blade of Olympus held tightly in his right hand. Lifting the blade up for a moment, Naruto then swung the weapon to point it up at Takamagahara with a snarl on his face. "Mother!" He exclaimed loudly, thunder booming and lightning crackling as Athena's army approached from the rear. "Your son has returned…" Naruto offered with a slight mocking bow, a sneer then crossing his face as he dug The Blade of Olympus into the ground. He also snarled as he saw Athena's approaching arm swoop down on the Undead and Amazons from behind, before ignoring them for a much bigger annoyance… "I bring the death of all gods!" He cried out loudly, as the battle continued to wage, which the victor of it would be, still anyone's guess…



AN: Here are a few Notes on this story you might like to know about… This will be the last Greek themed chapter in the story, I've finished with them and so next chap will have more "Shinto" style weapons and enemies than the others. This chap is also a bit "cleaner" than previous chapters as I took more time to make it than any of the others. I used concept art for the games for a majority of different characters, mainly The Fallen, though some specific enemies were also added. The Amazons were based on Concept Art for Ghost of Sparta, which I managed to dig up somewhere. Pandora's Blue Mark is also based on Concept Art for her, as it looked interesting on her, and I plan on using a few other ideas for future chapters.

Among many ideas, I've sadly had to abandon many of the original ideas I had for this story due to the amount of time it'd taken to implement them, which included gathering a larger force, gaining the alliance of the many "Cursed" mortals who would undoubtedly be angry with the gods such as Arachne, Lamia, Medusa, and others, as well as encountering some of the still living gods such as Nyx, Nemesis, Nike, Morpheus or Hypnos, however Bia has already done so.

Bia and Mammon's stories, how they got their powers / relics / weapons and turned out as they did, were also originally to be parts of this story, however I will probably make two strict God of War stories to expand on them separately as this story doesn't need something like that added too it. There are more "Children of Kratos" and at least one of them has attacked the Egyptian Pantheon, which is another group that are said to appear in a future GOW game, whether or not he/she will appear is still up for debate…

"Bia" is named after the sister of "Cratos" in greek Mythology, she was the goddess of and her name means "Force". Her design however is based after the Female-Kratos or "Goddess of War" Concept Art seen in God of War: Ghost of Sparda, since it wasn't used in game I figured it'd make a perfect design for one of his many children. Her character was based on the idea for a Female Kratos and her back-story represents it as she is an Amazon, the closest female version of the Spartan Kratos… Her mother was one of the prostitutes from Ghost of Sparta…

"Mammon" is based after the concept art for a Blue-Kratos rather than the red one we know, one of the concept arts just looked the best and I picked it to be Mammon's form. His name comes from the personified form of Greed, and Prince of Hell, which is his Layer in The Inferno. However he is not based on The Morpheus Armor Kratos. He is also based on the idea for a child of Kratos, or actually having Kratos, go and fight the Norse Gods like what happened to the Olympians, hence his Norse themed weaponry. His Mother was one of the two women from God of War 2.

"Samael" looks like the version of Death from Dante's Inferno with a white mark. He is named after The Angel of Death of the same name. His mother was one of the Persian twins from God of War Chains of Olympus.

"Astaroth" is based after the design of "The Forgotten Warrior", with a brown mark, as I thought the design looked cool. He is named after a Crowned Prince of Hell, said to be the "Prince of Accusers". In The Inferno of this story his level is the eighth in Hell, that of Fraud, his "Titan Form" is based on the "Rocky" look of Asteroth in Soul-Calibur 4. His Mother was from God of War 1, she was a daughter of Aphrodite…

"Beelzebub" looks like the character of the same name from the Spawn Manga, with a green mark. Her name is from a Demon-Lord, who is also known as The Lord of The Flies, which is why she is briefly referred to as the incarnation of Pestilence and rules over Gluttony. Her mother was from God of War 1, she was a daughter of Aphrodtie…

"Lillith and Agni" are based on two demon lords of the same name I use in all my stories, they are even mentioned as the parents of Trigon The Terrible in Red-X Rising… Lilith is rather ironically somewhat based on Lamia in Greek Mythology, thus her Snake Theme, also as a Storm / Night demon of the same name, hence "The Wind of Lust", as well as the Lilith who is mother of all Succubi, hence why she's the living Incarnation of Lust. Agni's name comes from the Hindu deity of fire; his Persian mother, named him after the events of Chains of Olympus for being able to generate flames unaided.

"Zelus" who would eventually become Lucifer, was named after the brother of "Cratos", Nike, and Bia in Greek Mythology, who was god of Zeal or Will and whose name meant the same thing. I chose this name at the time for the fact I had no idea what Kratos' brother's name was and chose a link to Kratos from actual mythology. He was more literally based after "The Birth of The Beast", from the first game, than Deimos was.

Current Weapons:

Blades of Pandora (Naruto): Chain-Blades formed in The Fires of Olympus, from the Adamantine Metal of The Gods, and imbued with The Power of Hope by Pandora.

Claws of Hades (Naruto): Taken from lord Hades, these cruel hooks grant you power over souls.

Blade of Olympus (Naruto): Forged by Zeus, it is a powerful weapon able to kill gods.

Typhon's Bane (Naruto): The Power of Typhon, Titan of Wind, given form.

Cronus' Sickle (Naruto): Based on The Mythical weapon of Cronus, used to castrate his father Ouranis. It is essentially a replacement for The Death Scythe.

Zues' Fury / Thunderbolts (Naruto): Attack enemies from a distance with Zeus' powerful Thunderbolts.

Blades of Sparta (Mammon): Forged by Spartan Blacksmiths and imbued with power by Kratos, these weapons were to be given to his champion. These are based on the original design for The Blades of Chaos during GOW's development…

Blades of Chaos (Bia): Weapons forged in the fires of Hades and imbued with great power, once wielded by both Kratos and Naruto respectively, Bia has come across them in her travels to replace the Swords of Athena that she lost.

Heracles Bow (Bia): A powerful Bow once used by Heracles, its arrows are doused in the Poisonous Venom of the Hydra.

Spear of Achilles (Bia): A spear used by Achilles, functions in a manner similar to the spear of the Arms of Sparta.

Barbarian Hammer (Astaroth): A hammer stained with the blood of The Barbarian King, Arlik.

Nemesis Whip (Lillith): Crafted from the Omphalos Stone by the Smith God Hephaestus.

Death-Scythe (Samael): The chosen and primary weapon of The Grim Reaper, Samael, The Dark Angel of Death.

Sword of Thanatos (Samael): A blade once wielded by the god of death.

Arms of Sparta (Deimos): The Weapon of Kratos, The Spartan General and coat of arms of Sparta.

Gauntlet of Zeus (Deimos): A weapon commissioned by Zeus and forged by Hephaestus after the Titans were chained in Tartarus, it is able to kill a god with its power.

Blades of Exile (Deimos): These wicked hooked chain blades were the last weapons wielded by Kratos before death…

Current Relics:

Golden Fleece (Naruto): The mythical fleece allows you to reflect enemies' attacks, projectiles, and beams.

Boots of Hermes (Naruto): Greaves taken from The Messenger of The Gods, they grant the gift of agility.

Poseidon's Trident (Naruto): The Legendary relic of Poseidon, allows the user to breath underwater indefinitely.

Daedalus Wings (Naruto): Icarus' Father also had a pair of wings yet didn't fly too close to the sun. These wings don't fall apart as easily as those used by Kratos and Bia.

Helmet of Hades / Darkness (Naruto): Seen briefly in GOW2 as a golden helmet worn by Perseus, changed into a more sinister helm by Naruto with Perseus death… It was once owned by Hades after the Great War Against the Titans, this artifact allows the user to become invisible.

Zeus' Aegis (Naruto): Based on the armlet worn by Zeus in GOW3, as well as the mythological Aegis worn by both Zeus and Athena, it is like The Golden Fleece.

Charon's Wrath (Naruto): A golden mask worn by the ferrymen of The River Styx, the brother of Thanatos, Charon, it is able to conjure ravenous green / black flames.

Power of Poseidon / Poseidon's Rage (Naruto): Power given to Naruto by Poseidon so he could traverse The Underworld. Attack multiple foes at once with this powerful gift from lord Poseidon…

Gleipni (Mammon): The Magical chain from norse Mythology said to be as light and thin as silk yet strong as all creation, it was used to bind Loki and Fenrir before breaking at the time of Ragnarok. As the one who broke them, Mammon wears the chains as part of his weapons and attaches them to The Blades of Sparta.

Armor of Thor (Mammon): The mythical Belt and Gloves worn by Thor, they are a "Girdle" known as Megingjoro which doubles it's wearers strength, and a pair of heavy gloves known as Jarngriepr that allow the wearer to wield Mjolnir Thor's hammer.

Svalinn (Mammon): The mythical Shield which "Stands before The Sun" and thus is similar to the Sun Shield of GOW Chains of Olympus.

The Falcon Cloak (Mammon): The Mythical feathered Cloak of Freyja, which allowed its wearer to fly. It functions like the Icaris Wings of GOW2 and 3.

Horn of Boreas (Mammon): This artifact summons the power of the God of The North Wind, Boreas.

Athena's Aegis (Bia): The Mythical chest-plate / shield of Athena, it is basically a feminine version of Zeus' Aegis.

Hyppolyta's Girdle (Bia): A magical Waist-Belt worn by the Queen of The Amazons, in this story it functions as the Quiver to Heracle's Bow that produces infinite arrows, a bit of irony as in myth it was Heracle's that stole the girdle from Hyppolyta after killing her.

Boots of Atalanta (Bia): In mythology, Atalanta was said to be a huntress / princess with unmatched speed, and so, it seemed appropriate for a feminine version of The Boots of Hermes to come from Atalanta.

Harmonia's Necklace (Bia): A Necklace forged by Hephaestus for Harmonia, daughter of Ares and Aphrodite, it was said to grant eternal youth and beauty but cause great misfortune to its wearers and owners as a curse for Aphrodite's infidelity.

Stethno's Head (Bia): The head of the final Gorgon Sister, murdered by Bia she now has use of Medusa's Gaze…

Icarus Wings (Bia): Wings torn from Icarus, they grant you brief flight. Recovered by Bia, they were originally used by Kratos during his war with the Olympians.

Ancile (Agni): A Roman Shield said to have fallen from the heavens, it is said to have belonged to The God of War, Mars. This is used like The Sun Shield.

Scourge of Erinys (Samael): This artifact can unleash a power no mortal nor god should wield.

Aphrodite's Ambrosia (Lilith): A brew fit for the gods, grants the power to unleash a might kick…