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Harry Potter was not happy. He did not have a happy life, even though he had killed the most evil Dark Lord ever, Lord Voldemort. Why wasn't Harry Potter happy? He had after all fulfilled his lot in life, made the prophesy come true and saved his friends from certain death and pain.

He was not happy because he was betrayed.

Betrayed by those he thought of as his best friends. Those he had been willing to die for at any time. They had taken his money, his inheritance. They had taken everything he owned because they said he was dangerous and out of control.

Of course he was out of control. Ha was not some kind of pet that followed orders after all, he was a human being.

His friends and the Light side had abandoned him the moment his "task" was finished. He had been used as a tool since the night he was placed at the doorstep to the Dursleys'. He knew that now. Knew with frightening clarity and had promised revenge.

Revenge for his crap childhood, with beatings and degrading, making him weak for affections and friendship. Leaving him weak mentally, physically and emotionally. Revenge for the false friendship they had kept him in seven years, seven years of hell and manipulations that again left him weak. Revenge because they had used him as a puppet, just brainwashed him and then sent him on his way to do all the jobs for them.

Revenge for making him killing his own soul mate.

And afterwards just leaving him in his own blood, telling him to either die or survive on his own without help from them. They would make it so that he would be forgotten, they had told him, make him into a traitor and take all the glory of the kill from him. They would be heroes with the help of Dumbledore, and he would not be able to come back to the wizarding world.

And that was what had happened.

Harry Potter did survive, with the help of his own magic he had made himself stay alive until a black clothed man apparated right in front of him. The man had took one look at him and sent him into a magical sleep. He had woken tree months later in an unfamiliar infirmary.

There he had talked to the black clothed man, who was Severus Snape, and Snape had told him what had happened both in the wizarding world, but also what had happened to himself (Harry). Snape had taken him to the Elves. The true High Elves, guardians of the balance in the world, where he was told he was born the True Light Lord, like Tom Marvolo Riddle was born the True Dark Lord, it was a part of the balance. Without the Light the Dark could not exist and the Light could not exist without the Dark.

But because of all the manipulations his true powers never revealed themselves, and he didn't get his true place in the world. There was placed many blocks on him, making him use less of his knowledge and brain than he could, his magic had been dampened. It was nearly remarkable that he had been able to kill Voldemort at all.

But because he had, the balance was out of control. And the world would slowly crumble itself, not only the wizarding world, but also the mundane world, the Muggles. And there wasn't anything they could do to stop the destruction.

Except one thing.

Therefore the Elves took away the blocks placed on him, and started to train him in everything they knew. After five years with training Harry Potter became the last Mage walking on earth. And he could take his place as the True Light Lord.

Harry Potter was not happy. He knew he never would be truly happy before he had taken his revenge on the people that had done unjust to him, but he needed to be free of the need for revenge for the plan to save the world to work.


Hadrian Jove Potter looked up at the castle he had thought of as a home since he saw it when he was eleven. The castle had been a true home to him, it had always protected him and made him feel safe and wanted.

Slowly he walked towards the high doors leading into the castle. He was unsure how the castle would welcome him. But he hadn't needed to worry, a strong feeling of warmth and hands holding him in an embrace, told him the castle welcomed him home.

Inside he looked at the doors into the Great Hall. They were closed and inside the students and teachers were gathered celebrating the Halloween feast. He knew with certainty that all those that had betrayed him was inside those doors, celebrating something they had forgotten the true meaning of, just because the Muggleborns was used to celebrate the night like that.

Slowly he took a deep breath, before he mentally asked the castle to open the doors.

They opened slowly, making everyone inside turn to look at them and the person standing in the front hall waiting for entrance. He was clothed in dark grey robes and underneath you could see green leather trousers, black boots, a white shirt and a sword.

The man had tick black hair standing out from his head in almost a glory. And when he slowly lifted his head to sweep his eye over the tables, you could see them shine a dark green like the killing curse. This was a man to be afraid of, was the collective thought coming back to Hadrian.

"Harry Potter!"

His former name came as a gasp from the teachers table. He let his eyes meet the terrified eyes of Hermione Weasley, born Granger and slowly smiled.

"Hello, 'Mione. How nice to see you again."

"What are you doing here? You are an outlaw!"

This voice came from beside the young woman, Hadrian let his eyes wander to the red headed man sitting there.

"Good day to you, Ron. It seems like the years have done you some good."

And it had. The awkward Ron Weasley with height and to small cloths often second hand, didn't exist anymore. Now he was clothed in handmade cloths especially made for him, obvious expensive.

"Welcome Harry, is there anything you wanted?"

This time his eyes became harder when he looked at the man he thought had been his mentor.

"Albus, I see you are still alive. Would believe you had perished years ago Old Man."

"I am still young, Harry. And have many years left here."

"I am sure you have."

He looked his eyes on the Headmaster. They were fighting a battle with of wills just with the eye contact. The blue eyes of the Headmaster were cold, not like the twinkling, all-knowing stare Hadrian had known while he grew up.

"Why are you here, traitor?!" Rons' voice sounded like he tried to appear strong, like a hero.

"I'm not here to fight with you. I just wanted to say goodbye before I leave. I'm also getting something of mine, that you have kept here thinking it was yours. And of course to give you all a little present as a thank you for everything you have done for me.

I give you the gift to See, I hope you will appreciate the gesture."

While he said those words, all the teachers except Severus Snape, started to shake and their eyes rolled up in their heads, before they collapsed. The students panicked.

"Silencio." The screaming stopped. "They will be fine in a few hours. Sit down and just relax; I haven't done anything that will kill them."

He turned from the students that had calmed down with the help of the older students and prefects.

"Are you ready to leave, Professor?"

"Have been ready the last five years, Mage, what took you so long?"

"Sorry had a few things I needed to take care of before I could go." And way he said it made the ones who heard it shiver.

Together Severus Snape, Potion Master, and Hadrian Nexus Potter formerly Harry James Potter, and now a Mage, left Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft, after Hadrian mentally promised he would come back when the time was right.

"What did you do to them?" the question was not condemning or angry for what he had done, just curious. With a small smile Harry answered.

"I made them experience my whole life from my point of view."

Severus Snape choked, before a devilish smile spread his mouth and he started to laugh.


He had now gotten some kind of revenge on those who mistreated him. And it was time to move on. He needed to go. Everything was ready.

It was only he who hesitated.

And he could not go if he was not sure.


"Have I not told you to call me Severus, Hadrian?"

"Yes, but…"

"No buts." The dark face scowled at him before he sighed and smoothed out his sharp edges, grabbed Harry and made him fall onto his lap. "What is wrong, Little One?"

"I am afraid, Severus."

"Of course you are afraid. Who would not be?" The voice sated Harry's nerves. "What are you afraid about?"

"About you hating me again, about Him not liking me, about…" the words wouldn't come, but it seemed like Severus understood him anyway.

"You are nearly twenty three years old and you are still insecure? I have told you I won't hate you if you go to another house than Gryffindor. I will, if I know myself, ignore you because you would not be like your father anymore. And you know He will like you, there is no one else who can complete him the same way that you can. And don't be afraid of your own power, you know you can control it. You don't need to be afraid of being manipulated either, because you will know if it happens."

Harry felt safe and warm in Severus embrace, and he knew the older man spoke the truth. He would not get too much problems because he had done it already, he would be like a Seer. Heh, he could win some bets with this.

Suddenly his face was grabbed turning him so that he looked directly into the face of Severus Snape. "Remember, Hadrian, you are the Light Lord and a Mage. You don't have to limit yourself, but you have to hide. And the He is your destined mate, He can't dislike you, after he gets to know you."

"Thank you, Severus."

Severus studied his face for a while, before he nodded and let him go. "Go Hadrian, before you are too old or it is too late."

"Goodbye Severus. I lov…"

"It is not goodbye, Hadrian; it is 'see you again another time'."


"Are you ready, Hadrian?"


"Nothing you feel you need to do here?"


"Remember when you are fifteen…"

"To send you a letter and tell you I have come into my inheritance."


Hadrian turned away from everyone he had gotten to know the last five years and walked without hesitation towards the archway at the wall in the sacred chamber of time. When he walked through the archway he would be where he was needed to change the balance once again in the right path it had gone from.

He did not look back, because he knew if he did he would never get on with it, he would just turn away from it yet again, and this time for good.

When he passed the stone opening, blackness surrounded him, took over his senses. He did not know where he was, if he was up or down or standing at all, everything was just black and a jumbled mess. He closed his eyes.

Suddenly there was light, and he opened his eyes looking up at the black beetle eyes of Rubeus Hagrid, the half Giant and Gamekeeper at Hogwarts.

The half Giant had tears in his eyes, and a deep sadness looking down at Hadrian. He looked a bit scruffy and insecure. "I'm sorry, 'arry. Lit'e one. I'm sorry." And then the umbrella was in his sight, with a small light at the end of it. He yawned and slowly closed his eyes going to sleep, too weak to fight against the spell put on him.


He woke from his slumber by a shriek coming from a thin horse faced woman who had opened the door of her house to get the morning newspaper. Petunia Dursley looked exactly like he remembered her. And that hated shriek was just the same that had hunted him in his younger years.

He looked up at her calmly, waiting for what was coming next. He knew he could do about nothing, since he was just fifteen month old, and the baby body did not tolerate a lot of anything, especially magic.

"What is it, dear? Came the booming voice of Vernon Dursley. And soon after the man himself came to the door to see what made Petunia scream. He was still a fat man, Hadrian thought looking from his aunt to his uncle. He was quite calm, making him seems abnormal. He knew if he frightened them enough they would do what he wanted them to.

"Take it inside, before the neighbors see it!" He was grabbed hard by hands that was not interested in his welfare and taken inside; the door was looked with a boom, making the door vibrate slightly.

"Where does it come from?"

Petunia took the letter from Hadrians' hand where it had been placed by the Headmaster.

"It is their child!" she shriek again after reading the pargament. "It says they got blown up and killed by magic, and since we are the only living relatives he has, he has got to live with us. I don't want this child, we have enough with Dudley!"

"Of course, Petunia dear, we are not going to keep the child." Vernon said in a voice that was trying to be soothing. It did not help.

"We have to keep the child; it says so in the letter. If we don't keep him they will come here!"

"Absolutely not! I don't want those freaks in my home!" Vernon was getting quite red in the face, making Hadrian wonder if is heart would stop at any moment. Petunia looked like she was going to say something more, but a scream from upstairs made her close her mouth.

"I'm placing him in the broom cupboard; there he will be out of the way."

"And when he starts screaming?"

"Ignore it; he will soon enough learn to be quiet."

Hadrian saw the cupboard door getting closer, then it was opened and he was placed inside. Perfect! Now all he had to do was staying quiet. He looked at the blanket he was tucked inside and saw the initials HJP.

Happily he yawned, and closed his eyes once more to sleep a bit more.


Three days in the cupboard, and no one coming to get him. Hadrian was hungry and he needed to shift clothes. But did the Dursleys care about him? Letting him get food, or other necessities? No, of course not.

He felt like screaming, but he knew he should not. If he did, nothing would go after the plan. He needed to do something much more, something to terrify them enough.


Maybe he should try that.

Hadrian concentrated very hard, picturing the kitchen he remembered very well after working in it for ten years and apparated.

He landed on the kitchen bench, close to the food. Slowly he crawled over to the bread and took a slice and started to munch on it happy to finally get some food.


The shriek from Petunia made him look up from the slice of bread. She was standing with the kitchen table, clutching a hand to her breast, breathing hard. She is in shock, Hadrian wanted to grin, but thought better. He started to eat again, slowly munching looking at the white faced Petunia Dursley like she was a funny tv-program.

"What is it Petunia, dear?" Vernon came storming in like a hippogriff, ready to protect his nest. Hadrian wanted to laugh even more at the sight. What would his uncle think if he knew he looked like a magical creature?

He caught sight of Hadrian sitting on the kitchen bench, and Petunia hyperventilating with the kitchen table, and got instantly red in the face. "I don't want that abnormal thing in my house! It is someone else burden, I am going to throw it at the doorstep of some orphanage in London!"

"But they…"

"No, my words are final!"

And then he walked out of the kitchen without another glance.


That night Hadrian was smuggled outside to the car. Vernon Dursley looked carefully up and down the street, making sure that no one was looking at their house before taking the bundle that was Hadrian and placing him in the backseat. Hadrian was once more wrapped in the blanket with his initials. He wanted to see where his uncle was going to place him, before he went to sleep.

The drive to London felt like hours. Hadrian just lay there, looking up at Vernon, who made sure he did not look at Hadrian. Hadrian thought it was hilarious. Finally they stopped and Vernon left the car. Then he opened Hadrian's door, picked him up and placed him on the cold stone doorstep of an orphanage in London's worst rookery.

Hadrian looked at Vernon with a knowledgeable stare before giggling happily. His uncle shuddered once, before he walked back to the car and drove home without looking back at his nephew.

Everything went after the plan and Hadrian was happily sleeping at the doorstep.