Water Serenity Ch.1

Every single day I would remember that my mom and my dad died in a ship accident leaving me alone. None of my relatives didn't want to take me in saying that I shouldn't have been born saying that I was curse to this family; I believe them, since I am like a ghost who curses people and kill them. My friend Nobuko Kimura let me stay with her until I have enough money to pay for my own apartment.

For once I saw a dream that had a book in it something was weird cause when the book opened by itself, I saw a light that blinded my eyes and woke up. It was 7:45. Crap!! "I'm going to be late!!" I ran downstairs seeing Nobuko's parents. "Nobuko already left without you, here's your bento." Nobuko, you promised me that you would wake me up! "Thanks, ." I said about to grab the bento when all of a sudden I saw the book again appearing becoming more clear. "Mizuno-chan?" I snapped out of it and saw with a worried face. "Ah, sorry I just remembered something, anyway, thanks for the bento!" Then I head out the door.

I catched up to Nobuko. "Nobuko!!" I pounced at her and she was surprised. "Why did you leave me?! You said you would wake me up, you liar you!" I tickled her and she laughed. "I did but you wouldn't wake up no matter what tactics I used." "How mean!" We made it just in time for class, whew, we almost got yelled at by the teacher. Yay, we have choir, joy. We're doing I won't say I'm in love and not only that but I'm doing the solo, I hate doing it, but I didn't have a choice in the matter.

After school, me and Nobuko went to the school library. Nobuko needed to do a report on some sort of Chinese story about a priestess falling in love with the person who protects her. Then I felt the presence, I felt in my dream and this morning. Then I heard someone say my name, but who? My legs were walking on their own, until I came to a stop to a door that said, 'staff only do not enter without permission.' I entered and found a lot of old books lying around the shelves.

"Wow, you found a really interesting place, huh, Mizuno?" I turned around to Nobuko. "I guess I did." I turned around back to look around and found that certain book. I took 2 steps back. "Huh, what's wrong, Mizuno?" She came closer, "Don't come close, this book is evil!!" "Hey, that's the book I need! Good job, Mizuno!"

"Don't open it!!" Too late she opened and then the book flipped the pages itself and then a flash of light came coming from the book.

When I opened my eyes there was snow everywhere I look. "Where…where am I?! More importantly where is Nobuko?" I called Nobuko but she wouldn't answer at all no matter where I am. Yes, this loneliness is so familiar, the loneliness when I lost my parents, tears came down and couldn't take it anymore and cried. "Are you ok?" I looked around and saw a middle aged woman. "Um…" She looked at me and then said, "Oh my, aren't those weird clothes, where ever did you get them at?" It's not like her clothes were weirder than mine.

She took me to a cave for shelter then I heard a voice, it was defiantly female and the middle aged women went ahead of me and throwed wood at some boy who looked my age. "Mother!" Mother? Did he just say mother? You got to be kidding me!!

After everyone calmed down I looked at the boy first, he was decent looking, but not my type. His name was Chamuka, weird name. The girl looked my age as well, she was wearing a kimono. Then I asked her, "You're from Japan aren't you?" She looked at me amazed that I would know such a thing. "I also came from Japan. Which city are you from?" We became good friends but Chamuka and his mom was confused. Then they were talking about some Genbu priestess. It would seem that Takiko was the priestess.

I remember in the internet that they talked about Suzaku Priestess adventures; it was based on real life. From what I remembered the Seiryuu devoured the Seiryuu Priestess after making her 3 wishes, I hope it doesn't happen to her.

After a while we got to a village it would seem it was Chamuka and his mom's village, it was small compared to Tokyo. Everyone was nice to me and of course to Takiko. Then we were led to a hot springs. I went with Takiko but I didn't want to go in that much so I just waited for them to finish.

Then I saw Chamuka doing what boys naturally do when a women takes an outdoor bath. I was so close to going to beat him up, but then I saw a villager covered in blood and rushed over. His pulse is low but not dead, I tried to stop the bleeding as much as possible. He survived but if he lost a little bit more blood then he would've died. Chamuka was pulling me up and told me, "The village is in trouble! He'll be fine, let's go!"

It would seem that Takiko noticed one of the soldiers, a guy named Rimudo. Then a guy was aiming for Takiko I closed my eyes I couldn't look, then Chamuka's mom protected her from any danger. The only problem is she had 2 arrows on her back and it looked really painful. When she passed out I had to act fast.

The only I thing I had left was a band aid and some disinfecting spray that wouldn't work. I ripped some of clothes and then took the arrows slowly, took off her jacket or whatever that was and sprayed her back and wrapped the cloth around her. The only thing left is to pray that she will be ok.

I saw a glimpse of Chamuka's real power, no words can explain it. But it was a lot of ice. And I asked Takiko, "Who's Rimudo?" She blushed and then said, "Rimudo is one of the Genbu Seishi Seven." Now that makes sense. "He can also turn into turn into a woman and has the power of wind." Didn't expect that to happen, I mean to turn into a woman it sounds like Ranma all over again!!(Ranma is a boy who turns into a girl when he gets splashed with cold water.)

When I woke up the next morning I was in the library. "Huh?" I looked all around and then I saw Nobuko. "Nobuko! Are you all right?!" "I should be saying that idiot!" She yelled at me. Then I felt warmth around me. "Don't make me worried like that! When I read what happened, I thought you were going to die!!" She wasn't mad anymore she was just as lonely as I was. I hugged her back crying a little. Hopefully I won't have to go back there. But little did I know, it was just the beginning.

Will Mizuno go back inside the book and be killed to death? Will she go back and be completely be fine? Or will she be staying where she is now? Find out next chapter. See you soon!