Finding Silver in the Etherium

By Book Thief

Author's Notes: Any questions you may ask will be answered in the thing though : This is a crossover of Treasure Planet and The Little Mermaid. Main Pairing: Ariel x Jim. Don't like it? Well, try it before you start flaming. Thanks.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. The Little Mermaid and Treasure Planet both belong to Disney. I give credit to Iesnoth from Deviantart (It think she's got an account here too), who introduced me to the drug which is Ariel x Jim.


Ursula was having a bad day. Currently, she was destroying anything she could lay her hands on – Pots, mirrors, spells and even a few unfortunate souls. Her screams of frustration reverberated through the walls, creating a haunting noise that could be heard even in the kingdom of Atlantica.

Her recent victim, a young awkward merman (I believe his name was Finn) had signed a contract to make him handsome and strong in order to woo the mermaid of his dreams. In exchange for making him become his ideal self, she took away his one redeeming factor – his kindness. She would return only if the mermaid he loved would love him as well.

The sea witch was positive he would soon become the next dying flower in her garden of souls. She had given the young merman (who wasn't suddenly unlikable without his kindness) only two days to fulfill the contract. He had to make the mermaid confess her love for him within two days, and if he succeeded (Which, quite plainly, seemed unlikely), he would return to his original self, and the mermaid would fall out of love with him. This would mean he failed to fulfill his side of the bargain – and his soul would become Ursula's.

What were his chances of succeeding? None. But he did. And Ursula had lost.

She had lost. And to an ill-bred, insecure merman just out of his teenage years!

"Damn her!" Ursula howled, smashing a jar of shrimp on the floor. The mermaid her intended target was in love with was actually in love with him as well – she just never had the guts to tell him. So when he came back from Ursula's lair all macho and arrogant, she was shocked. And when he tried to court her in his now-decidedly ungentlemanly manner, she was annoyed. And when he rudely tried to win her affections by doing horrible acts, she laid down the truth ("I loved you!"). But she had confessed her love, and as stated in the contract, the merman returned to how he was originally. The mermaid then fell for him again, and now they're living 'happily ever after'.

Ursula snarled again, this time sweeping an entire shelf of pots to the ground with her tentacles. The veins in her neck began to bulge as she grew angrier, and her face turned into a color only describable as puce. She grabbed the closest living thing, an unfortunate soul hiding behind a shattered pot.

Slowly, she began to shred the soul into bits, delighting in its screams of pain. "Scream louder!" she hissed, continuously ripping the poor soul into shreds.


Her precious poopsies, Flotsam and Jetsam, cautiously entered the lair. They moved in close enough to speak to her, but far enough not to get tangled in her tentacled grasp.

"Ursssula." They hissed in unison.

The witch paused, a sudden mercy for the assaulted soul. "What is it?" she growled, the soul twitching in her open palm, the screaming reduced to a keening wail.

"Yooou have a cussstomer." hissed Flotsam, something akin to fear entering his hisses. The angry veins on Ursula's neck vanished, and a sadistic smile worked its way on her face. "Oh? Then let him in then."

The two eels exchanged looks. "Is there… a problem with that?" Flotsam drew back, realizing he shouldn't have broken the news to Ursula when she's murderous. Jetsam shrank back as he answered, "Heee can't come innnn."

The smile on Ursula's face never left, but as she spoke, her tone grew dark. "Why…?" she asked, giving the soul a kiss. Both eels couldn't answer; knowing whatever they say would fall on deaf ears. Ursula was in one of her moods... the murderous kind. They sent each other looks, urging the other to speak up.

"I asked you why!" Ursula snarled, crushing the soul swiftly in his fist. The souls all around the lair began to scream in unison, which caused the lights to dim, leaving the only visible sight the silhouette of Ursula's smile.

And that smile grew larger as Ursula approached the eels, propelling herself forward with her arms. The souls' screams became frantic, and the eels quickly began to back out of the cave. Ursula followed in hot pursuit, laughing maniacally as she gained on the eels.

"You can't escape from me poopsies!"

The eels broke through to the surface, and Ursula followed. She stood upright on the shore, tentacles still submerged in the salt water. "Now, Flotsam, Jetsam, I-" She stopped. The eels were no where to be found. But on the land…

"A human?" she hissed, tripping in surprise. She took quick note of his metal leg and floppy, un-human like ears. "No. You're not human." An idea formed in her mind. "You're an overlander!" her smile returned. An overlander, looking for her? Oh, this is going to be good!

The overlander smiled, his left robotic eye flashing red. "I prefer usin' the term 'alien' myself." He offered his hand to the sea witch. "Name's John Silver, and have I got a proposition for ya!"

"… so, do we have an agreement?" Ursula asked, putting out her hand.

"'Tis a pleasure doin' business wit' ya ma'am." The overlander answered, shaking her hand. Ursula's smile grew sinister. "Oh no, the pleasure's all mine, John Silver." She turned and sank back to the sea. Flotsam and Jetsam reappeared, swimming behind her.

"We'll be seeing a lot more of each other soon Mr. Silver… and of Triton as well…" she snickered. Then, she started to laugh. The ocean shuddered in fear, her crazy laughter echoing throughout.

Perhaps it was a good day after all.

End of Prologue


Overlander - Someone from another planet.