Phantasy Star III was the very first console RPG I ever played. Yep, before that, it was just the old Commodore 64. It hooked me from the very beginning. Maybe it was because the hero was actually somebody, with an actual name and a place in life and a story to tell rather than a nameless, faceless avatar for the player who moved through events that really had nothing to do with him. Maybe it was the cast of characters with actual names and faces. Maybe it was that light blue hair looks really good on a princess.

So, it was basically inevitable that I'd write fanfiction for it. My PSIII fics have been less numerous than for PSIV or Online, but there were a good nineteen of them, and I figured, hey, why not present them for a new audience? So, I'm herewith presenting the Alisa III Chronicles, basically a collected edition of all my PSIII fics, and also allowing me a structure to post new PSIII fiction if by some chance I write any. I'm editing them to eliminate a few odd typos and careless words, and sorting them by generation: the "prologue" stories about Orakio and Laya, the Gen. I stories about Rhys and his crew, the Gen. II stories about Ayn, and the Gen. III stories about Sean, which was the first way I played the game through and remains my favorite (though, y'know, if I could marry Sari without having to get stuck with Crys as a kid...). I've also completely rewritten "Dawnbringers" from scratch, it's basically a new fic at this point, which is good, because it was one of my very worst PS fics ever in its original basis.

These stories are based on the English-language timeline of the game. That means that Mieu is 1000 years old rather than 440-some, making her a contemporary of Orakio (which actually plays into some of the storylines—and if you ask me, makes more sense anyway; I mean, seriously, Landen's post-apocalyptic civilization being able to build a Mieu-type?). It also means that it's only been 1000 years since the exodus from Palm rather than 2000 (which also makes more sense, since in Phantasy Star IV, the Profound Darkness, source of Dark Force's existence, was destroyed, meaning that Dark Force's "I'll return in 1000 years!" claim made no sense due to the retcon—but if we assume that the final generation of III happens just before the end of IV...which we can since 1000 is one of the round numbers...then it all fits!).

These stories are chock full of theories about the world of the Alisa III. Any of those theories that aren't mine are identified in the Author's Notes, which are plentiful. Each of the "Generation" fics also begins with a section entitled "Game Information," so that newbies to the series will know what the heck is going on. More importantly, I hope that you'll find drama, excitement, humor, and enjoyment at following the quests of these characters.

Damn, Phantasy Star III could use a remake!