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If The Shoe Fits, Wear It.

Being a princess was much harder then he had first realised, not due to all the commitments they had of cheering on the clubs or appearing in school ceremonies and events.

No, it all came down to the sheer amount of effort they had to put into looking the part of the adored princesses of the school.

They had to learn how to use a skincare routine, make-up and different hairstyles. They were even given lessons on how to walk more femininely. The only thing they were exempted from was putting together what girl's clothes they would be wearing, as all the princess's costumes were chosen and made by sempai, including all the accessories.

Still, even without having to clothe themselves it was exhausting keeping up his new image.

Not to mention that the clothes chafed or that at times it felt like the make-up was melting off his face or that his wig made his head hot and itchy.

However if there was one thing about dressing up that he did enjoy, although he'd never admit it to anyone, it was the shoes.

The flat ballet shoes and sandals didn't do anything for him; they were too cute with their pastel colours, bows and flowers. The heels on the other hand were genius, whether they were boots or shoes.

He'd never understood why girls had such a fascination with them before, why would you want to wear something that made it hard for you to walk let alone run. But they made his legs look longer and more toned while pushing his bum out just that little bit more to seem rounder. Forcing him stand straighter in order to keep his balance, it was what made him feel confident enough to pull off the rest of the outfit.

It was just his little secret; he tried not to think about what others would say about his surprising affinity for shoes. Especially when looking at his reflection in the mirror before having to join the other princesses all he could think was: 'damn, my legs look good!'