Chapter 9: The Fun is Just Beginning
Garcia's POV

We were both quiet as we rode back to my apartment in Derek's SUV. I hadn't said a word when we got back to our table back at the bar. Our friends had all been quiet, but the girls had all had huge smiles on their faces. JJ had handed me my purse, and Derek had told the other guys that they would have to find their own ways home. I'd blushed, smiling as he'd literally dragged me out of the bar behind him. The only time he'd let go of my hand was when he'd helped me into the SUV and run around to let himself in on the other side. Once he'd started the vehicle, he'd grabbed my hand again, and it was still firmly clasped in his.

When we got to my place, he helped me out of the SUV and then pulled me up into his arms, bridal-style.

"Derek, put me down. I'm too heavy for you to carry all the way upstairs!"

He shook his head. "You aren't leaving my arms until I can put you down in bed, sweetheart. I've waited too long to get you there, and nothing's gonna stop us now."

He kissed me, heartbreakingly sweetly, and strode purposefully up the walk to the front door of the building. By the time we made it upstairs to my apartment, he was barely breathing hard, but I was already trembling in his arms. He handed me the keys and held me carefully so I was able to unlock my door. I turned the knob, and once we were inside, he shut the door behind us with his foot. I leaned down to click the locks into place and then squeaked as he took off across the living room for my bedroom.

Derek gently set me down on the edge of the bed and kissed me tenderly. "God, P. You have no idea how you affect me, do you?" He shook his head and got down on his knees, pressing his forehead to mine. "You walked into the bar tonight, and I about fell over. That innocent white blouse, short skirt, sexy're killing me, woman!"

Swallowing hard, I whispered, "Undress me, Derek."

He kissed me again and then moved his hands slowly down my body, trailing them along my legs until he reached my feet. His hands went to work on the buckles, while I took off my glasses and jewelry and then sat back on my hands to let him work. As the first shoe came off, he picked up the foot and massaged it gently, kissing each toe before moving on to the other foot and repeating his actions.

I was trembling as Derek slowly slid his hands up my legs and under the skirt. His fingers teased the creases at the tops of my legs and slipped under the edges of my panties to tease the sensitive skin underneath. I lifted my hips, and he tugged the panties down my legs and over my feet.

His hands pulled my legs apart so he could slide between them, and then he moved up and began to work the buttons on my blouse. He kissed me once on the lips and then kissed his way down the column of my neck, pressing his lips to each new patch of skin revealed as the buttons came undone. When the shirt draped open, I shrugged my shoulders and let it fall down my arms to the bed behind me. With a flick of one hand, it went flying to the floor.

His warm, strong hands moved gently back up my arms, and he kissed me hungrily as his fingers pulled the straps of my bra off my shoulders. I whimpered as he trailed those same hungry kisses down my jaw to my neck, stopping to nip at the soft skin under my ear, and then continued down to the swell of my breasts. The whimpers turned into moans when one hand moved to cup my breast before sliding under the lace to pull the tip out into the air. The cool air combined with the excitement of being here with Derek pulled my nipple into a tight bud. His warm breath hit my skin seconds before he took the nipple into his mouth.

I cried out in pleasure and moved one hand up to grab onto his arm, using the other to keep myself propped up on the bed. His teeth nipped and nibbled gently, and his tongue soothed out any sting from the bites. He gave one last hard tug with his lips before licking a thin line across my chest to get to the other breast. He reached back with one hand and flicked the clasp of my bra, and it fell forward, down my arms and off my body, to land in my lap. I shivered when the cool air hit my overheated skin. He latched on to my other nipple as he dropped the bra to the floor.

I felt one of his hands slide up under my skirt, and then his finger began slowly teasing my slit. I could feel the moisture from my arousal coating my lips and his finger as he circled my clit. I whimpered and tried to thrust my hips up. I needed him inside me so much that it hurt. He sucked hard on my nipple, and when he bit down more forcefully than he had before, he slid two long fingers inside me.

"Derek!" I cried as white hot heat exploded behind my eyelids.

He nibbled and sucked at my nipple as his fingers continued their movements inside me until I began to come down from my first Derek Morgan-induced orgasm. He slowed his hand and then pulled out completely, giving one last gentle kiss to my throbbing nipple before moving away from me enough to sit on his heels and look up into my face.

"Undo your skirt," he commanded quietly as he stood up.

He pulled his shirt over his head and then made quick work of his shoes and jeans. My eyes were on his until his jeans dropped to the floor, and then my gaze slowly dropped, following the line of his body. I'd seen him in nothing but boxers before, many times, but Derek naked was enough to make a grown woman cry. He was long and hard, his cock standing at attention and reaching up his belly, almost to his navel. There was a bead of pre-cum forming at the slit, and I wanted nothing more than to taste it, but he had other plans.

Before I could blink, my skirt was gone, and I was up at the head of the bed with Derek above me. He was staring down at me, and I began to blush under his scrutiny.

"God, you're beautiful, Penelope."

He leaned down to kiss me once, and his cock brushed against me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him down toward me, whispering against his lips, "Please, Derek, make love to me."

"We need protection, honey," he mumbled, looking around.

I shook my head. "I'm on the pill, Hot Stuff. Please, I just need you."

He stared at me for a moment and then buried his face in my neck as he angled his hips and slowly, almost achingly so, slid inside me. I felt full. Complete. He waited a moment to let me adjust to his size and then began slowly moving. My hands latched on to the muscles of his upper arms, and my legs wrapped around the backs of his thighs.

I knew I wasn't going to last long, and I wanted Derek to go over with me, so I moved his face up to meet mine and kissed him again. My teeth nipped at his lower lip, pulling a groan from him. I was so slick that there was no resistance to his thrusts, and he began moving harder and faster, bringing us both to the edge quickly. I felt my orgasm rolling up from deep inside me and screamed his name as the heat exploded in my body. I grasped at his back, trying to find purchase, and my nails raked across his skin. The slight pain must've been enough to pull him over the edge with me, and he slammed into me one last time as he moaned my name.

I felt warmed from the inside out, and I pulled him down until he was flush against me from head to toe. We were breathing heavily, our foreheads touching, and I felt tears prickling at the backs of my eyelids. When he pulled away slightly, I saw the same love in his eyes that was in my heart, and the tears that had been pooling in my eyes finally spilled over onto my cheeks.

He carefully pulled out of me, causing us both to sigh, and lay beside me. He pulled me into his arms and pressed a kiss to my forehead before drawing me down to lay beside him. "Sleep, sweetheart." He pulled the sheet over us and then wrapped me in his arms. The last thing I heard before darkness pulled me under was his whispered, "I'll be here when you wake up. I love you, Penelope Garcia."

The End