Sister of the Prince- Chapter 1

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Summary: Ryoma's sister has finally returned from America! Guess what? She's joining a middle school and she's a year older than him. ...WAIT! What do you mean she doesn't play tennis?! What's the big idea?!

Ryuu means dragon. :D (Yes, I know it's a boy's name, but humour me, OK? It's a girl's name in this fanfic!)


Emerald green hair with electric blue streaks sparkled in the sun. When she turned her head to look at the driver, he felt himself inhale air, feeling shocked, quickly. The girl had almost golden cat-like eyes which seemed to dance with life and emotion. When a smile lit up her face, the atmosphere around her seemed to lighten up with her smile.

"Excuse me; can you please take me to –fill in Echizens' address-?"

The dazed driver blinked a couple of times and raised his hand to scratch the back of his neck sheepishly before saying, "A-ano... Do you speak Japanese?"

The girl looked startled before sighing. "Aa...Gomen. I forgot I was in Japan and spoke in English. Can you please take me to –address-?"

"It's no problem. I'm just happy you can speak Japanese. It's made my job much easier! My name is Kenshin," he said, looking happy that for once he had a passenger that could speak fluent Japanese. "Hai, I can take you to that address. Please take a seat first while I load your things."

"My name is Ryuu. Ah, no need, I will help you as well. Then we can both get there twice as fast!"

The driver looked up from the bent position he was in (from reaching down to carry the bags) feeling mildly surprised that she offered to help. He tried to refuse her help, but she pouted and firmly stated that she would help, so he had no choice but to humour her. After all, the customer always comes first... right?


"Arigato, Nanako-chan, I'm going off to visit Ryo-chan!" yelled Ryuu as she slung her bag across her shoulders and dashed off down the steps, heading towards the gate.

Standing at the door, Nanako let out a sigh of obvious relief and smiled. "It's so good to see that girl again. It somehow always feels incomplete when she's not around with Ryoma and Ryoga."


-Outside the gates of Seigaku-

Ryuu stared at the sign outside the school gates. Twitching a little, she walked into the gates without attracting much attention, seeing as school was already over.

Well... Ryo-chan is probably playing tennis right now, so I guess I'll play a few songs first then go and find him. He should hear it anyway, so it should be alright.

Her sensitive ears caught the sound of a match being played and she dutifully followed the sound of tennis balls being hit. Spotting an unoccupied seat, she sat down on a bench near the tennis courts. Pulling out her violin, Ryuu placed it under her chin and started playing Ryoma's favourite song.


A hauntingly sad tune filled the air. While it was sad, it also carried a lot of raw emotion and the composer's feelings could be conveyed clearly to the audience.


Ryoma stopped running suddenly, which caused him to miss a shot and lose a point.

Momo blinked a couple of times, surprised that the freshman would suddenly stop like he just did. It wasn't like him at all.

Ryoma's ears twitched as he tried to pinpoint the familiar melody he heard, but it was a little hard with all the other sounds going on around him.

"Oi, Echizen! Why did you suddenly stop? We're still in the middle of our game!"

Ryoma had long stopped listening to him after he yelled his last name.

"Aa... Momo-senpai, can you please tell buchou I have to go somewhere for a few moments? I think she's back..." as soon as he finished his sentence, he handed Momo his tennis racket and quickly ran towards the direction of the melody, all the while no emotions showing on his face. Inside, however, was a different matter. It was bloody chaos and his mind was firing questions at him a mile a minute.

Momo's eyes went wide and his mouth hung loosely. After all, it's not every day that you see the freshman prodigy run off in such a hurry. He heeded to do as he was asked and the stoic captain kept his normal calm demeanour with no hint of emotion on his face, and said, "He said that he needed to meet someone, right?"


"Then just let him be and continue your match when he gets back."

"Hai, buchou!"


Ryoma looked around and found her sitting comfortably on a bench not far from the tennis courts and playing her violin with a serene smile on her face. "N-nee-chan...! I thought you weren't going to be coming back for a year? Why are you suddenly back today?"

Ryuu continued on as if she never heard him in the first place while Ryoma seemed to understand why she didn't reply and waited patiently for her to finish the song. When she finally finished, she placed her violin back in her bag and pouted, crossing her arms. "Mou, Ryo-chan, that's the first thing you say after not seeing your sister for 3 years?"

"Uhh... I missed you?"

"Wah, Ryo-chan is still so kawaii! You're still as hesitant as before!" she cried, getting up from her seat and hugging Ryoma tightly (glomping). Ryoma tensed and waited for the suffocating feeling, but after a few moments, he felt nothing.

"Eh...? Nee-chan, how come when you glomp me I don't feel suffocated? Every time senpai glomps me, I always feel air deprived and suffocated..." said Ryoma, deadpanning.

Looking amused, Ryuu answered, "Ara? Don't you remember? That doesn't happen to MY victims. It's just a matter of mastering the skill..." she sighed happily, adding in an additional comment. "Plus I got to practice it on Onii-chan till he turned blue... Ah~ Good days, good days..."

Ryoma sweat dropped and his mouth twitched, refusing to give in to the ever increasing urge to smile every time his sister was around.

"You still haven't answered my first two questions."

"Uhh... I just felt like it? Plus I've gotten a little bored of travelling the world..."

"Ah... I see." Ryoma definitely understood. It was actually a miracle that she had stayed away that long. She tended to get bored easily and would either go home or go somewhere else and find something more interesting to do.

"Anyway, Ryo-chan, don't you have to go back to your training?"

"Eehh... But I haven't seen you in so long, nee-chan..."

Ryuu laughed. "We'll have plenty of time to catch up later. We DO live in the same house, after all."

Ryoma scowled a little hearing his sister rebuke his reason for staying and spending more time with her so easily.

She rummaged her bag and pulled out a small bag before plonking it on his hands, waving her hands in exaggerated motions, shooing him back to the tennis courts.

When she started walking away, as she waved her hand casually to say good-bye, she called out. "That's my souvenir from America!"

Ryoma rolled his eyes at his sister's love for drama.

On his way back to the court, he mused silently that Monkey King and his sister would probably get along badly, as his sister hated the kind of people that showed off their wealth and power.


-After Tennis Practice-

"Oi, Echizen! Why did you suddenly leave in the middle of practice?" asked Momo as he ran up to Ryoma.

"Momo-senpai... I met someone. She gave me something..." said Ryoma, as he remembered the bag Ryuu gave him, pulling the small bag out of his pocket.

"Hn... I wonder what this is."

Ryoma pulled open the string and both regulars peered into the bag curiously.

-Moments later-

A shout of joy could be heard for the next 2 miles.

Kikumaru's ears perked up, hearing the shout, and he pulled on Oishi's hand, dragging him along to where the shout come from. Oishi sighed, defeated, and followed somewhat unwillingly.

Fuji heard it from the inside of the club room and made his way out, eyes curved up into two 'U' shapes, hoping that whatever happened was amusing and could keep him entertained for the next few days.

Kaidoh, who was in the middle of a discussion with Inui about his new training schedule, heard his 'rival' shout and looked mildly surprised, and Inui pushed up his glasses, making them glint in the sun, muttered a quiet, "Ii data..." both made their way to Momo and Ryoma in sync, silently agreeing that they would go there.

Tezuka had heard the shout as well, but ignored it, hearing the joy behind that shout, instead opting to head home.

Kawamura blinked as he heard Momo and spied Kaidoh and Inui quickly making their way to the freshman and sophomore. Paling, he rushed after them, hoping nothing too bad happened.


When all of the regulars reached there (excluding Tezuka), they came across an odd sight.

Some blinked while others kept their calm expression (Fuji) and one was scribbling frantically and mutters could be heard.

Fuji immediately began snapping pictures with his camera, which he rushed back into the clubroom to snag, while the rest just gaped at the sight.

Oishi was the first to break out of his stupor (since Fuji wasn't surprised and Inui was writing). "Wah...? Echizen! What happened to Momo? Why is he on the floor?!" said Oishi, giving into his instincts and going into mother hen mode in the end.

Indeed, Momo was on the floor. He had a goofy looking expression of pure bliss on his face and there was a pool of drool on the floor. He lay on the floor, face tilting up and dead to all that was happening around him, his eyes glazed over, seemingly in a trance.

Ryoma, however, was staring at Momo with an expression of pure disbelief, and blinked a couple of times when Oishi spoke.

Then, he ignored his senpai, stared at the bag again, and mumbled, "Wow..."

The rest stared at him confused. Fuji stopped taking pictures for the moment and spoke up. "Saa... Momo looks like he's enjoying himself."

The others all sweat dropped at his uhm... statement. Curious, Kawamura asked, "A-ano... Echizen-san... what are you holding there?"

Ryoma stopped being amazed and looked up. "Ara...? They're chocolates."

They blinked. "O-oh... So why IS Momo like that?"

"... He ate the chocolates."

There was silence. You could even hear the wind blow and see the dust balls roll past.

Suddenly all the sound came back at once.

"NANI?!" all the regulars (besides Fuji) shouted.

"Hai... you see, after I took out the bag, when Momo-senpai saw that they were chocolates, he grabbed one of them and popped it into his mouth. For a few seconds, he was silent, then he suddenly yelled out and became like he is now."





"Arrgh! I really want to try it, but I'm not sure if it's poisonous or not!" whined Kikumaru, looking at the small bag longingly.

"...It's not poisonous..." said Ryoma quietly, defending his sister (without them knowing).

"Why would you say that?"

Fuji spoke up this time. "Momo looks really happy, doesn't he?"

"Oh. Right..."

Kikumaru, who was staring intently at the bag of chocolates, suddenly grabbed it from Ryoma. "Waa~! Look at this! It's the famous brand 'Dream Candy'!"

All of them crowded Kikumaru and Momo, who had finally woken up, caught what he said, and immediately jumped to his feet, joining in with the crowd. The design on the bag was a cute small blue cloud with a small pink star at the top right corner.

The regulars were stunned into silence once again.

Finally someone broke it when they noticed no one was saying anything. "Wow. I thought that this brand of chocolates is really expensive...? It's really healthy and it has about sixty percent lower fat-rate than all other brand of chocolates. No other company has been able to produce something that matches or surpasses this so far."

Everyone stared at Kawamura.

After a moment or two of silent staring, he got flustered and waved his hands about, saying, "Ah...! It's not what you think! It's just that my kaa-san has recently taken to this brand of chocolates and started going on and on about it when she starts thinking about it."

Momo grinned. "What? We didn't say anything."

Kawamura grew even more flustered than before and started blushing lightly. Momo chuckled lightly. Kawamura was so fun to tease!

"Fshh... my parents have taken a liking to this brand as well..."

"I think I saw my one-chan eating that."

Almost all of them had someone in the family (or themselves) taking a liking to that particular brand.

So in the end, everyone ended up stealing a piece of chocolate from Ryoma and eating it.

Their reactions were amusing, and made Ryoma, who was the only one unaffected (as he was saving it for later) besides Fuji, laugh at them and Fuji gained a lot of future blackmail material.

Later, Inui wept at the loss of data that he failed to collect.


-At the Echizen House-

A loud "Chibisuke~!" was heard, and a moment later, a loud "BOOM!" was heard as well, as two people crashed to the floor.

"O-oi...! Nee-chan! Get off me!"

A reluctant Ryuu got off a twitching Ryoma.

Ryuu grinned at Ryoma and the younger sibling sighed, but smiled happily. "Ne, nee-chan...Where did you get the chocolates that you gave me? I heard that they're really hard to come by as they usually get sold out after the first hour of release."

Ryuu's face tinted pink and she scratched the back of her neck. "Uh... I made them before leaving America..."

"E-eh... Then why does it have the brand of 'Dream Candy' on it?"

"Oh. It's my company brand?"



The door crashed open.

"Wah! Shoujo, shounen! What happened just now?" (Guess who? I dare you.)


Seeing as how her brother was still in shock, she replied for him. "Aa... Chibisuke just found out that I was the one who set up the company that produces 'Dream Candy'."

Nanjiro blinked before heaving a big sigh. "Oh. Why was your reaction so dramatic? I already told you before, shounen..."

"Uso! When was that?"

"... about a month ago... during dinner..."

"I don't remember..."

"I think you might have had something on your mind then. You just nodded you head a few times, so I thought that you heard it. I was pretty disturbed by the lack of reaction, you know?"

"Well, oyaji, you should probably have told him during a match with him or something. You know how absent minded he gets during dinner!" said Ryuu, interrupting Ryoma.

"Aa... right... I kind of forgot."


"Chotto... nee-chan, does that mean you're a millionaire?"

"Yeah~! It sure does! I'm about on par with the Atobe cooperation!"

Nanjiro had a gobsmacked expression on his face while Ryoma looked a little lost. Ignoring them, Ryuu suddenly said, "Ano... I'm going to school."

Ryoma looked at her strangely. "Why? Haven't you already finished school and all? I mean, you even graduated in college!"

"Aah... Well, I kind of haven't gone to school for awhile already and I have to say, it really is really boring when about 7 hours that are usually filled with school is suddenly taken out of your daily life all of a sudden. Now I know why oyaji reads all those perverted magazines all of the time."

"Hey! I resent that!"

Both siblings acted as if they never heard their father and continued on talking. "So... which school are you going to, then?"

Ryuu scrunched up her face cutely and tilted her head to one side, deep in thought.

After thinking about all the different kinds of schools that she had visited during the day, she came to her conclusion.

"I'm going to..."


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