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Jade was walking round the hallway alone with no one by her side. She missed Vicky having not seen her as an angel since last year. The year that she died.

But what she didn't know was that there was someone who missed her.

She didn't think Vicky would miss her. But she did. Vicky missed Jade more that Jade misses Vicky. How Vicky wants to see her again so much. But she couldn't see Vicky.

Because Vicky could only find Jade. The teachers would be mad if she left school to find 'a ghost' and would start thinking she is crazy. A girl looking for someone who died and is apparently 'a ghost'. That would just be stupid.

Jade kept trying to wipe these memories out of her mind but they wouldn't disappear.

She kept walking. Jade heard a rattle.

Jade turned. She saw something transparent with a black outline

"V-vicky" she asked

"Jade" Vicky answered in a sort of mocking tone.

"Vicky, why haven't you been with me since last year" Jade questioned

"Look Jade, I haven't been completely honest with you" she said looking disappointed

"W-what do you mean" Jade stuttered

"There's other people who can see me too" Vicky replied

"Who" Jade asked

"My mum, dad, My cousin Chelsea and..." Vicky went quiet

"and...... who?"

"Yourmumanddad" she said quickly


"Your mum and dad" answered Vicky

"And what does it matter that my mum and dad can see you" Jade said

"That you might think I have been spending time with them, but I wouldn't do that because

your my best friend forever" Vicky replied

"Your my BFF too" Jade said hugging her